Saturday, May 30, 2015

Anybody Seen the Thumb?

     It's apparent that the Kornerman is the only person in Boone that, previously, knew nothing at all about Teddy Roosevelt's thumb and it's departure. We're speaking, of course, of the Roosevelt statue in McHose Park.
     Greg Moore, BHS-84, got the subject started when he said something about " tackling the burning issue of who might have Teddy Roosevelt's thumb." Four folks mentioned that subject in emails this week.
     Tom Tays, BHS-78, wrote, "I'm pretty sure I know who has Teddy's thumb or, at least, had it at one time. Not talking though just in case his sister was just making up a story. That said, I think it's true." Michael Goodwin, BHS-63, wrote, "I had thought it was the glasses that were broken off by vandals. I didn't know about the thumb." Janelle Henry, BHS-70, wrote, "Teddy at the park used to have a thumb. Many rumors surround what it has been used for and what happened to it. I am sure someone knows what happened to it but no one has ever fessed up to it nor has it been seen since it was removed. I am not sure what year it happened but I believe it was still part of Teddy in the late 60's." Then there was Tony Crandell, BHS-59, other who, like me, confessed that he knew "nothing about that." However, he did have a related story to tell. He wrote, "Jim Anderson, the staff photographer at the Ames/Boone BNR, was my mentor as he knew I wanted to do news photography. He called to tell me he wanted me to go out to McHose to see if the thumb was really missing. It was and my picture of it ran in the Ames/Boone BNR that night. I think it would be fun to find a bronze casting hobby group to cast another thumb. We should have a Korner thumb contest. We could publish a link in the Korner pointing to the measurements and photos on a website and have local artists design a new thumb, suitable for casting. Soldering it on would not be difficult if it was sized right and trimmed to fit. I think it disappeared in about 1961 or 62."
     Next, the "Go Boone, Beat Ames," story which, again, got it's start in the Korner, last edition.
     Jon Welin, BHS-70, joined the talk from, "sunny but humid Tampa Bay, FL where I have resided for the last 35 years." Jon wrote, "Now, I'm feeling old after reading about the old CIC days. It seems funny to read that someone was unaware of the old CIC rivalries as that was what I grew up knowing. In any sporting event, the Ames vs Boone matchup was the highlight of the season and I do recall all of the painting that went on with that railroad viaduct at the east end of town." Tom Tays said, "that Ames/Boone message on the overpass is from the mid-70's when we still played Ames in basketball. The original message was in orange spray paint (I saw it myself). Then, the DOT brilliantly patched over it in cement paste of some sort and made it permanent. They should have patched the whole area instead of just the letters. Duh." Janelle Henry added, "that message was put up there in the late 60's. I graduated in 1970 and it was fresh then. I think it had been up a year or two at that point." Mike Loehrer, BHS-64, wrote, "I couldn't help but chuckle at today's Korner regarding the Boone/Ames message."
     Ken Aldag, BHS-54, wrote, "was just reading in the Korner about the Canakes clan. Danny's restaurant on 12th and Story was called, "Dan's Grill." Son Dean, BHS-54, was a best friend of mine from grade school days until his untimely passing from MS in 1966. Dean, sister Helen, and older son Tom, all worked in the restaurant. I was a regular customer, particularly during the high school years, when I worked at the North Side Thriftway. On Saturday evenings, the store closed at 9:30 p.m. at which time I would go across the street for a late supper and chat with Dean for a while. My standard order was two hamburgers, fries, a slab of apple pie and a glass of milk, all for about 60 cents. A great deal, even in those days."
     More food talk. John Kueck, BHS-61, wrote, "we fixed an Iowa Maid Rite sandwich meal this week, I believe, from the recipe I picked up from your blog. I was anxious to try it since I remember well the Maid Rites from Boone. Many Friday's my father picked up Maid Rites for supper. They were so good. The recipe didn't quite seem to replicate the taste I remember but it brought back great memories. I was wondering if you or a reader remembers what a Maid Rite cost in the 1950"s."
     Tony Crandell, BHS-59, has a more detailed and interesting account of his recollections of the graffiti on the bridge east of Boone that we will highlight in Wednesday's Korner.
     One business note: Virginia's Flowers, located just south of Redeker's, has closed but that building is being renovated and will be occupied soon by the former Quam Insurance group, which is no longer Quam's but is now called, "A Mic Insurance Agency."
     Boone Connected Deaths: We learned of the sudden death this week of Tom Mickle, 55, FL. BHS-78. His parents are Boone residents Kathleen Swank Mickle and Jack Mickle..........Joni Wailes, 59, Boone........Jeffrey Benson, 63, Ames. A landscape architect, he and his wife, Margaret, spent many years assisting with the Lincoln Highway Association..........Jessie Van Cannon Ulrick, 90, Battle Creek, IA. Formerly of Boone/Madrid. Born in Boone. Parents were Noah and Ida Van Cannon. Attended Madrid H.S..........Larry Klinger, 72, Ogden. Truck Driver. Lived in Boxholm, then moved to Ogden. Boone area survivors include his wife, Sandra, and daughter, Stacie Vazquez, both of Ogden, brother Terry Klinger of Boone, brothers-in-law Jerry Carlson of Pilot Mound and Jerald Pharoah of Ogden and sister-in-law Carolyn Thacker of Ogden.
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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Distant Past Exposed

     The Kornerman knows that was never his intent, but, in a note to the Korner this week, Greg Moore, BHS-84, really reminded me and others of my ilk how old we really are.
     Greg wrote, "love the stories you promote on this blog. Boone is a great little place to be, now and the last 49+ years in my experience. One of the most enduring mysteries I have wondered about over the years is the "message" on the bridge where Highway 17 crosses over new Highway 30. The east bound lanes have a message that appears to be written in globs of cement. I believe it says, "Go Ames, Beat Boone." I could never understand who would have done this, why this message needed to be written, or what Ames would be beating Boone at? Did we play each other in sports at some point in the past? Anyway, if you or other readers can resolve these questions I would love to put it behind me.Then, we'll tackle the burning issue of who might have Teddy Roosevelt's thumb."
     Wow!! It's hard for this oldtimer to believe these memories go back so far that an almost 50-year old wonders about them.
     Here's the scoop Greg and any other "youngsters" that may be viewing.
     In the mid-1920's, six central Iowa schools, Ames, Boone, Grinnell, Marshalltown, Newton and Oskaloosa formed a conference, the CIC, for activity competition. It became a renowned conference, especially for sports competition. Through the years, the CIC schools captured numerous and varied state championships. It all ended in the 1960's when, at that time, Ames, Marshalltown and Newton, became so much larger, enrollmentwise, than the other three schools that those top three sought competition with schools at a higher, more common enrollment level. These many years later, it's a rarity that Boone, Grinnell and Oskaloosa would have a meeting on an athletic field with those three "drop-outs." O.K. I know somebody is going to say Boone recently played Marshalltown in girls basketball and the Boone boys play Newton in basketball etc. etc. but it is a rarity in comparison to those older CIC days.
     Anyway Greg, for those many years of CIC existence, the Ames-Boone rivalry was intense to say the least. The messages on the bridges were just a parcel of the usually friendly but overwhelming feelings the competition between the two schools encouraged.......not just school wise, but community wise as well.
     Hey Greg, don't feel bad about "awakening" this subject and exposing some of our viewers advanced age. No apology needed. In fact, it's always rather nice to, on occasion, recall what were, truly, some "good old days." The Kornerman much appreciates hearing from you. Would like to hear from more of the "younger" crowd.
    P.S. Now I'm the mystified one. What's this about Teddy's thumb??
     (1) The holiday weekend provided lots of opportunities for gatherings. The Kornerman understands there was a great turnout of the Farley clan and friends for the late Dick Farley's, BHS-43, Celebration of Life. Lots of Boyds Dairy talk and even some mentions of the Korner we hear.
    (2) Wife Jo, DHS-61, and I, BHS-53, attended the annual Dayton all-school reunion. Also on hand were Jo's classmates, Dino Rosene, of Boone and Nancy Ferrari of Pilot Mound. Also saw Larry and Sue Ohge of Boone among the 250 plus in attendance. Sue was also a DHS grad.
     Unfortunately, it may be the last such reunion. The same brave, overworked lady, Judy Nemecheck Heidner, has been the main organizer/worker for eight years and is ready to relinquish. Nobody seems to be volunteering to take over.
     (3) Had WHO radio on the other day and former Iowa Congressman Leonard Boswell, a Viet Nam vet, was being interviewed. He spoke very highly of Iowa's Adjutant General, Boone's own, Major General Tim Orr, BHS-79. He called Tim, "the best Adjutant General, the most motivated ever." Aren't we Booneites proud. It's always great to hear of great accomplishments by our family members.
     (4) Speaking of Boone pride. How about the ladies? The Des Moines Area Community College softball team placed fourth in the National Finals. Then too, what a wonderful job by the BHS girls track team. They finished fourth in the state in the class 3-A team competition and had some top individual performances as well, including a first place finish in the sprint medley, a first by Dianna Slight in the 400 meters and a first by Bailey Schminke in the long jump. Terrific!!
     (5) At the local coffee shop, we visited with the former Mary Ann Sifrit, BHS-58, who with her husband, was in Boone from Kansas to visit her father's gravesite. She said she was a great friend of Moreen Pestotnik Behling when "growing up" in Boonetown.
     (6) And, good friend Rick Houser, BHS-63, of Fairfax, VA wrote, "in the mid-50's, my mother worked for the Chamber of Commerce above Ed's News Stand at Seventh and Story. Speaking of celebrities visiting Boone, I believe Boone hosted Smiley Burnette, Gene Autry's sidekick."
     Boone Connected Deaths: Betty Lou LeMaster, 82, Boone. Born in Boone and spent her childhood here. Madrid High grad. Boone survivor is her husband, Gerald LeMaster...........Darlene Eckley, 85, Marion. Born in Boone. Her parents were William and Mary Barger..........Marjorie Hammond, 88, Boone. Nurses aide at Boone Hospital for 20 years. Boone survivor is a daughter, Marsha Hammond..........David Sebring, 74, Boone. BHS-58. Worked at Bridgestone/Firestone in Des Moines. Boone survivor is a daughter, Melody Duncan..........Margaret Briley, 86, Boone. Worked in Dr. David Grant's dental office and as a volunteer at the Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad. Boone area survivors include a son, Larry, and daughter, Linda Van Pelt, of Boone and daughter, Cheryl Temple of Ames. Several grandchildren also survive........Richard Hover, 67, Ogden. Bus and truck driver. Moved to Ogden in 1997 and worked as a railroad engineer. Boone area survivors include his wife, Beverly, and sons, Lyle and Lance Hover, both of Ogden.
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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Have A Great Holiday Weekend

     Worldwide Korner headquarters are located at 710 Aldrich, Boone, Iowa 50036-4703. Phone number is 515-432-1530. To email your stories/memories/comment/support......
     Boone Connected Deaths:  Mary Crouse, 70, Boone. Worked at Iowa State. Boone area survivor is son Brandon Crouse of Boone........John Venema, 79, Boone. Truckdriver. Boone area survivors include his daughter Barbara and long time companion Elsie Collins both of Boone.........Dale Larry Peter, Arizona...........Jerad Ames, 32, Boone. BHS-2001. Worked at Fareway. Boone area survivors include his wife Candice, his father Jerry and Jerry's wife Patricia and Jerad's grandmother Catherine Lynch all of Boone............Ruth Boyles, 92, Boone. Born and married in Boone. BHS grad. Worked as a medical technologist in Wisconsin for 15 years...........Audrey Vera Stroble-Wilson, 97, Boone, BHS-35. A cosmetologist for over 60 years. Boone area survivors include a daughter, Carol Jones of Boone............Ron Smith, 78, Boone. BHS-56. Guardsman and worked in the family business, Chuck's Electric. Boone area survivors include daughters Patty Buchmiller of Ogden and Penny Smith and Rhonda Johnson both of Boone and his sister, Nancy Larson of Stratford.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Anyone Else Notice Any Change?

     Has anyone else noticed more and more Ames area influence on the BNR? Am I the only one?
     To me, the Kornerman, more and more news items from "outside" outlets seem prevalent while fewer and fewer Boone related items appear. Even Ames area advertisements seem on the increase in our(?) Boone newspaper. Of course, the Kornerman, because of a long, personal history with the BNR, is, perhaps, more inclined to observe any change than most.
     I understand the Ames, Boone and various other Central Iowa publications are now guided by out-of-state ownership and I also understand that their main interest is a bottom line with few strands of loyalty to Boone, Iowa residents. I'm also aware of the general change in the modern media age, including the struggles of all print media nationwide. Regardless, it's especially heartbreaking to the Kornerman  to watch the slow descent of our local paper from the Garvey/Schaub eras to it's present state.
    Reluctantly, perhaps the time has come to, at least in the Korner, refer to our newspaper as the Ames/BooneNR
     Another ex-Booneite has joined our pool.
     Jim Lynch, BHS-62, noted the Kornerman's name in one of Jerry Manriquez emails. That provided a question.
     Jim wrote, "the guy mentioned was a Mo Kelley. I thought, naw, that can't be the guy I knew. Sure enough it is. I doubt you remember me but while I was in high school at BHS, I was a transmitter engineer at KWBG, part time DJ fill-in and also spotted at basketball games for you sometimes. Good to hear you're still kicking and in the publication business. Thanks for keeping up with things while we're away. I'm in the Atlanta area now. After graduating from ISU, I wandered all over the country working. Been retired for 10 years now."
     The always inquisitive Kornerman answered Jim with the news that I did remember him and wondered if, perhaps, it was his dad who had some kind of an electrical service in Boone.
     Jim replied, "yep, my dad ran Erickson Auto Electric just across from the Olds dealer, bowling alley and liquor store. I was a ham radio operator from a young age and was part of a group that worked there including Rich Lamb, BHS-61, and Tony Crandall, BHS-59. I'm guessing you might remember Tony. I worked with computers most of my career and didn't get married until I was 41 and had no kids."
     Boone Related Deaths: Dorothy Hammond, 88, Ames. Formerly of Boone. Born in Boone, baptized at Sacred Heart Church in Boone and celebrated her first marriage there. Her parents were Charles and Mabel Yegge. Her first husband was James Baldus, who passed away in 1955. She then married Robert F. Hammond and he passed away in 1984. Among survivors is her sister Helen Carpenter of Boone..........Bobby Pyeatt, 85, Springfield, MO. Survivors include his wife, former Boone resident, Carol Miller Hopkins Pyeatt, BHS-53...........John Venema, 79, Boone.
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Saturday, May 16, 2015

No Happy Talk Today.

      No respect: This week on the BNR sports page it was stated (twice) there was no BHS tennis prior to 1955. Wrong!! Without any additional research, the Kornerman can report, just off his old head, that the BHS tennis team in 1941 won all of it's dual matches and in 1943, the doubles team of Dick Lantz and Dick Farley WON THE STATE CHAMPIONSHIP. There's probably been even more history in other post-1955 years but who cares? I do. Just because this success goes back a few years it shouldn't be erased.
       Boone Area Deaths: Word has been received of the death earlier this week of former Boone resident, Delores Russell, who passed away in Cedar Rapids...........DuWayne Bennett, California, a former Boone resident. BHS-51. Survivors include his sister, Barb Bennett Musser, BHS-52, of St. Louis.........Ruth Larson, Iowa Falls. Survivors include her husband, Dick Larson, BHS-52...............
Rev. Eugene Martin, 78, Boone. BHS-54. A carpenter and later an ordained minister. After living in numerous states, the Martin's returned to Boone in retirement in 2000. Boone area survivors include his wife, JoAnn Morris Martin, BHS-53, and a daughter, Lori Bouk both of Boone...........Loramae Morris Ward, Tipton. BHS-48. Boone area survivor is a sister, JoAnn Morris Martin.......Janel Zanker, 53, Kansas. Born in Boone. Daughter of Gerald and Carol Ross Zanker who survive..........Craig Jones, 61, Boone. United HS-72. City of Ames employee. Boone area survivors include his wife, Val, daughter Nicole Jones and son, Nicolas Jones all of Boone. His sister, Kris Geneser of Madrid and sister-in-law, Sandy Carpenter of Grand Junction also survive...........Marvin Snyder, 96, Huxley/Ames. Boone survivor is a daughter, Marilyn Carr.
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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Boone Duo's Book is Available on Amazon

     Ah yes!! Time certainly does fly.
     Remember that 1992 movie, "A League of their Own?" It featured a real all-star cast of, among others, Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Tea Leoni, Jon Lovitz and, of all people, Madonna and Rosie O'Donnell. It was all about an All-American Girls Professional Baseball League and one of the most famous lines in the movie occurred when some crying by the girls prompted Hanks, the team manager, to say, "there is no crying in baseball."
     Right here in Boone, Iowa we have some folks who claim, "that movie didn't do these women justice. This is about far more than sports. Plus, these women, in REAL life, weren't on-field clowns. They played to win."
    The end result of the Booneites concern is now complete.
     Boone authors Tom Owens and his wife, Diana Star Helmer, began collecting tales from Girls League veterans, beginning in 1988 and now, Friday, May 15, 2015, will release their book, "Belles of the Ballpark: Revisiting the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League." It's the complete story of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League from it's origins during World War II, through it's 12 seasons, to it's resurrection, thanks to the 1992 film, to it's current cult status among fans of baseball and Americana.
     Diana and Tom have written over 40 books each.
     Their newest, a collaborative effort, is already listed on Amazon and is also available in kindle form.
     The Kornerman referred to classmate Roma Achenbach Hare, BHS-53, in the last edition. After a long period of absence, we finally connected via email recently.
     I remember Roma's dedication to music while at BHS and correctly remembered that she was a cello player. In reply, she wrote, "I went to Music Ed at Drake, majoring in cello and minoring in piano and playing in the Drake - Des Moines Symphony. After two years, I switched to Elementary Education until graduation. In the late 1960's, I took up my cello again and joined our local Fairfax Symphony and played with them for 10 years.We even had the thrill of playing a concert in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall. During the summers we would play outdoor concerts down in the Shenandoah Valley for a week. Finally, I had to give that up because my work life was too demanding. I did continue to teach private cello lessons to beginners for the better part of 30 years. I don't play anymore and I miss it. I do play the piano though. I had studied piano for 13 years, two years from my mom, who was a piano teacher, and then she took me over to a professor at Iowa State for study through the 12th grade and then I had two more years of it at Drake."
     Roma has been a longtime resident of the Washington D.C. area and has been a longtime assistant to famous network news anchor Jim Lehrer, who, for many years, provided us with daily worldwide TV news via his Newshour on public television. Lehrer retired from the daily TV rigors in 2011 but is still very active and, in fact, Roma still works with him a couple days a week.
      In her role as a top assistant to one of the most respected television news anchors in the business over a 36-year period, you can imagine the numerous, famous newsmakers including U.S. Presidents and various world leaders she has been in close contact with during that time.
     While on the subject of Washington D.C., both Jerry Manriquez, BSH-57, and Mike Loehrer, BHS-64, have recently shouted praises of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall there. It honors those who died in the Vietnam War.
     According to the twosome, "in this regard there is really an amazing web site. Someone spent a lot of time and effort to create it."
     On the site, you click on a state. Then scroll down to the city where you went to high school and look at the names of those who served from that conflict from your city. It gives details of the veteran's death, a picture, or at least their bio and medals.
     Here's the site:
     Boone Area Deaths: Jane Knepper, 60, Boone...........Katherine Reichert, 94, Monroe, WI. Born in Boone and attended school here. Parents were Harry and Fannie Worsing. A service veteran, she later worked as an RN............Helen Mullenbach, 85, Ames. Born in Gilbert. GHS. Among survivors is a sister, Mary Smith of Boone........Gladys Anderson, 92, Madrid. Formerly of Boone. Worked at Bourns in Ames from 1961-87. Boone area survivors include son Brian Anderson and daughters-in-law Janis Anderson and Bev Anderson all of Boone..........David Murray, 57, Dayton. DHS-77. Among survivors is a sister, Betty Jones of Boone.
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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Reunion Time

     It's reunion time at the Korner and we love it, love it, love it.
     This Saturday's edition is made up almost entirely of, not newcomers, but folks we haven't heard from for awhile. It's great to "catch up" with them.
     Andy Anderson, BHS-62 and a Cedar Rapids viewer, simply wanted to tell us we're appreciated. He wrote, "heard an announcer's voice the other day and thought of you and all those tournaments you did in Des Moines. Thanks for the blog. I don't want you to quit.....ever. I really appreciate your columns. Keep  them coming!!"
     Ross Hanson, BHS-74, wrote from Wisconsin, "I remember in the mid-60's going to the Hamburger Inn, next to the tackle shop on Story Street by the railroad tracks. Burgers were, I think, 15-cents and chili 25-cents and there were only about seven or eight seats in the place. I also remember when Larry Kelley, BHS-64, who worked for the FM station, 104.1 in the 70's, invited me and my brother, Kirk, BHS-78, when he did the 24-hour Christmas music program during the holidays overnight to keep him company. Will see you next week as it is my niece's graduation. Alex Mullins, your neighbor, will be graduating. She plans to attend UNI next year. She did very well in BHS track the past few years."
     Quite some time ago, the Kornerman attempted to contact classmate Roma Achenbach Hare, BHS-53, who I assumed was still in the Washington D.C. area. She worked for many years as an assistant to Jim Lehrer.........yes, that famous newsman who told us about the world's happenings each evening via the PBS News Hour on television.
     Quite a period of time passed and there was no reply. The Kornerman was thinking I had an outdated email address and she never received my note. Then, this week, I very happily heard from her.
     She indicated she had been beset by numerous distractions recently and simply hadn't had time to get back to me.
     Roma wrote, "I've followed your recent discussions of the coney islands and the Canakes family. As I remember, Canakes were located at 12th and Story, next to the North Side Cleaners. My dad, Carl Achenbach, would occasionally walk up there from home, 12th and Greene, on a Sunday evening and bring a bag of coneys home for supper. Also, I remember Dean Canakes coming down 12th street to our neighborhood to play with us and the Pepper family who lived on the corner. I remember sitting with Dean in our sandbox. We called him Deano."
     Roma has a sister, Caryl Achenbach Poshusta, BHS-56. Her husband is another Kornerman classmate, Ron Poshusta, BHS-53, and the couple lives in Spokane, WA.
     Roma's reply contains some other interesting info that we will post in the near future.
     The Kornerman likes to keep in touch with Gordon Severson, who was a longtime teacher/coach at Luther and United Community and who still calls Luther home. AND, we communicate the old-fashioned way.........we write to each other.
     At 90 plus years, Gordon is such an insightful guy with good thoughts galore. He wrote, "I've always enjoyed doing lots of reading. My children and grandchildren have heard me say many times, "reading.....that's the cheapest form of entertainment."
     Gordon added, "studies have shown that the genes that go into a good athlete come from mom, not dad. There also are some different types of nationalities that stand out in sports. Size, quickness, intelligence and other such traits that help individuals excel. But whether you are great, good, or not so good, giving sports a try......most of all, you do it for the enjoyment and fun of participating. Play by the rules, know your opponent, speak to them and congratulate them, regardless of the final result, when the game is over."
     Great advice as always from Gordon. It's easy to understand how Gordon was such a success leading all those students and athletes through the years. They were fortunate to have received his guidance.
     Boone Area Deaths: JoAnn Minnig, 71, Omaha. BHS-63. Daughter of LeRoy and Mary Foster. Graduate of Pillsbury Baptist Bible College. Homemaker and bookkeeper. Boone area survivors include sisters Arlene Browning and Rose Wilhite of Boone...........Rosemary Cavanaugh, 80, Ankeny. Born in Madrid and attended Madrid schools. Was a teacher at Grand Junction, Woodward and Ankeny...........Ardys Walker, 91, Boone. Formerly of Estherville and Fort Dodge. Boone area survivors include a daughter, Gloria Stearns, and a son, Dean Walker, both of Boone.
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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Street Talk

     What's that action taking place in the north part of the old Hamilton Hardware location? Looks like some carpentry, dry walling etc. underway. Rumor has it that a new restaurant is planned there. Then too, their continues to be rumbles about a sale of the Cedar Pointe Golf Course, formerly known as the Boone Golf and Country Club. It has been listed by realtors and now there's street talk about it being sold locally. One report even stressed that the facilities kitchen, which has been closed for some time, would be open under new ownership. True/false? Time will tell.
     Boone native Fr. Craig Collison, BSH-70, is on the move again. Craig has been V.F. dean of the Southwest Vicariate and pastor of Sacred Heart Parish in Sioux City and St. Patrick Parish in Akron in recent years. But, he's going "back home"........SECOND home that is. Craig has probably spent more time in the Carroll area than anywhere else during his working days and he will soon move back to Carroll to serve as pastor of St. Lawrence Parish in Carroll and Holy Family Parish in Lidderdale. He'll be there for at least six years. Craig was ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Greteman on May 6, 1978, in Boone at Sacred Heart Church. We assume he's happy to return to Carroll and, without question, the Carroll community will be happy to have him back.
     In addition to devout service to his faith, Father Craig has earned plaudits as a longtime baseball umpire, public address announcer at the Iowa Boys High School State Basketball Tournament AND as a left-handed baseball catcher.........of all things. Yes, he performed those duties for the Kornerman's dad when Clint Kelley coached the Sacred Heart Spartans.
     Speaking of sports, Michael Loehrer, BHS-64, sent me some amazing sports facts that yes, the Kornerman found amazing.
     Did you know how much total action there is in a typical baseball game? About 18 minutes. Plenty of time for dogs and soda. When Jordan Spieth won the recent Masters golf tournament, he won $61,867 less than the great Arnold Palmer did in his entire career. Speaking of golf, who has recorded the longest golf drive in history? It was astronaut Alan Shepard who stroked a six-iron while standing on the moon. He said it took off and off and off and may still be flying around up there. If you want your kid to be an NFL football player but avoid injury as much as possible, encourage him to be a punter. Their average time in the NFL is 4.87 years. Running backs have a short, average career of 2.57 years, corner backs 2.94 years and overall, the NFL career average is 3.3 years.
     I'm sure many Korner viewers spent time at the nearby Ledges State Park.
     John Kueck, BHS-61, has tipped us off about a memory-making aerial video of that park. Very interesting and you can find it......
VIDEO: Amazing Aerial Look at Ledges State Park
     Larry Kelley, BHS-64, wrote, "fun summer ahead. August 1st, the class of '65 is having their reunion and I'm doing Grid for them. It will be fun playing the old music again. Went into the radio station building on Keeler once and it hadn't changed that much since we were there. Would love to return to those early days and the way radio was back then."
     Larry also wanted to mention that Jamie will be having a Boone concert to help, financially, the upcoming Boone County Freedom Flight. The concert will be held June 20 at 8 p.m. and tickets can be obtained at the YMCA or Eckstein's Jewelry for $20 in advance. At the door the price will be $25.
     P.S. If you find it in your heart to simply aid this good cause, you could mail them, Boone County Freedom Flight, a contribution at P.O. Box 311.
     In the last edition the Kornerman mentioned hearing from Michael Goodwin, BHS-63. He wrote, "I still read the Korner every week and I email a copy to my sister in Florida. She was in BHS-61 and really likes to read it. Take care and keep up the good work for all us Boone and former Boone folks.
     Boone Area Deaths: Jennifer Nerness Whipp, 57, Ames. United HS-76. Graphic designer.......Tom
Reed, 76, Boone. BHS-56. Carpenter. Also worked at Boone County Hospital. Boone area survivors include a brother, Dave Reed, brother-in-law, Lou Jones, and his (Tom's) companion, Cathy Long and her children all of Boone..........Robert Smith, 70, Boone. An electrician, then groundskeeper for Boone City Parks. Boone area survivors include his wife, Linda, son Robbie Smith, step-sons Rick and Mike Day, brother Ron Smith all of Boone and sister, Nancy Larson of Stratford. Several brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law also survive...........Vicky Degeneffe, 64, rural Boone. A Pharmacy Tech at Boone Walmart for 30 years. Boone area survivors include sons Steve and Scott of Boone and Lance Degeneffe  of Ogden...........Henry Olney, 85, Boone. A painter at John Deere in Ankeny. Boone area survivors include sons, Jeff and Jim Olney both of Boone.
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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Bits and Pieces

     You viewers may recall that Davi Mondt Lowman, BHS-67, showed remorse recently about the fact that there seems to be limited interest in the 150th year of the Boone Community's existence.
     Michael Sundall, BHS-68, has now chimed in with, "I remember the 100-year community celebration in 1965. There were various events throughout the city. Does anyone remember the headliner acts or events that took place? I do remember a bit of the stage show at the Boone County Fairgrounds, which featured a recollection of significant events in Boone's history."
     The now much older Kornerman remembers 1965 as a busy year. As I recall, the celebration was a grand and glorious event with lots of participation in a variety of special events. There was lots of facial hair showing those days, on the gentlemen of course. Doris Krug Simmons, BHS-52, was selected as the Queen of the event and, believe it, the Kornerman worked hard preparing lots of stories, mainly sports remembrances, for the big BNR centennial edition. By the way, there are still some of those editions fact, even at garage sales on occasion.
     Speaking of that 1965 "special" edition of the BNR, Mark Tompkins, BHS-60, recently sent me a portion of that page that told about Betty Mae Harris coming to Boone and opening her famous dance studio in October of 1929.
     A much more recent edition of the BNR, in the last week or so, was historically interesting. The 25/50 etc. look back at Boone events mentioned that J.C. Penny's store, a long standing member of the business community, closed in 1990 and that Belluci's Pizza, another veteran of our business community, was open for business starting with a grand opening in 1965. There's that '65 year again.
     Then too, as you viewers all know by now, our last bowling alley, the Imperial Lanes, is closing and of interest, was the fact that on this very day, Saturday, May 2, as a grand finale, the longtime owners of the establishment, the Ken Lett family, is hosting a "goodbye" with bowling available at the long-ago price of $1. In addition, Shirley, the late Ken Lett's widow, and the Lett girls, Julie Kay, BHS-79, Jennifer, BHS-80, and Joanne, BHS-81, were to be on hand to do some "remembering" with friends and relatives.
     Some more of "this n' that."
     (1) Ann Reed wrote to say that the selection of everyone's friend, Marc Westberg, BHS-91, as the 2015 Pufferbilly Parade grand marshal was a "great choice."
     (2) The Kornerman, by chance, recently saw J. Peterson, BHS-56, that tough rebounder, and we had a short but great visit. He seems to be doing well and it was great to see him. And, it was nice to hear from Patty Harris, BHS-79, this week. She lives in the Des Moines Metro area.
     (3) Many thanks to Michael Goodwin, BHS-63, who lives in Aurora, CO.  We had missed hearing from him for a time and very much appreciated the fact that he still "looks in" and is very appreciative.
     (4) Noticed recently that Todd Linden, BHS-80, had received a nice honor. He is the President and CEO of Grinnell Medical Center and will be awarded the American Hospital Association 2015 Board of Trustees Award. That is presented to individuals who have made substantial and noteworthy contributions to the work of the AHA. Great honor Todd! Todd's parents are Chuck and Judy Linden and during their time in Boone, Chuck was the CEO of the Boone County Hospital.
     (5) The Kornerman received a copy of a famous story written by the late Norval Gragg. It's too lengthy to copy completely but it tells of his business start in Benkelman, NE with a salary of $50 per month. In one instance, he and wife, Lucile, needed groceries but were a few days short of payday. They did have a saved $2 bill that would be used if they were unable to obtain credit from the grocer. Things did work out, they received the credit and had always continued to keep a $2 bill on hand as a token of their "good  luck." Norval wrote, "our good luck has continued all these 50 years and we want to share our good luck with you. Carry it with you always and you'll never be broke" So, a $2 bill is included with the story. That's it! Knowing Norval, I'm sure that, through his years, there were many copies of that story and many $2 bills that were sent to numerous individuals. Norval and Lucile have been gone for quite some time and there is no acknowledgement from whomever sent the copy of the story and the bill to the Kornerman. So, all we can do is accept and thank whoever is responsible.
     Boone Area Deaths: Tom Reed, 76, Boone, BHS-56............Bob Smith, 70, Boone............Marlene Trulin  O'Bryan,79, Indiana. BHS-54. parents were John and Eddith Trulin. Was a teacher and church volunteer..............Mary Ruth Jagerson, 90, Madrid. Luther High grad. For 56 years she assisted her husband, Harold, on their Sunny View Farm. Boone area survivors include daughters, Shona Ringgenberg and Vicki Carlson, both of Madrid.
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