Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Time Passes, People Retire

     Two long time stalwarts of the Boone business community have decided to retire.
     A few weeks ago, Gina Springis, who partnered with her husband, Arnie, for many years at Lowe Berry Garden Center and Floral Creations and had kept the business alive, alone, since Arnie's passing, announced she was retiring.
     Now, its been announced that Holly Larson of Holly's will be closing out in the very near future. Thankfully, there will be an owner or owners (still unnamed) taking over Holly's business after a "freshup" of the building at 701 Story Street and a restock of many of the same fashions Holly has always offered.
     The Korner wishes nothing but the best for Gina and Holly in their well deserved retirement and offer our congratulations on great and dedicated careers.
     EDITORS NOTE: The Kornerman would feel remiss if I didn't state that for the past many years no  person has done more for promoting Boone's downtown business than Holly Larson. She's been completely involved in any and all events attempting to keep that area as viable as possible and, for that, we citizens should be forever grateful.
     She should certainly top any list for future Pufferbilly Grand Marshal consideration.
     Stay well Holly, enjoy your retirement and many thanks.
     Another Monte Anderson Memorial Golf Tournament has concluded successfully.
     Monte, BHS-69, worked for International Truck and Engine Corporation until retirement in 2010. Unfortunately, he succumbed to lymphoma cancer in early October of 2013.
     He loved to golf and after his death, some friends organized the golf tourney. Money raised at the event has benefitted the Boone Hunt and Fish Club, Boone Little League, Boone County Freedom Flight and the Shriners.
    This year, Monte's friends raised $2,000 to be donated to the Boone County Hope Foundation, a nonprofit group made up of Boone school employees with the mission of assisting Boone students facing emergency situations.
     Steve McMahon, Marty Dannatt and Marge Bollenbaugh were chairpersons for the tournament. Marge and Gayle Rinehart represented the school employees.
     They won't let it die.
     Dayton High School closed doors several years ago but each year since, there has been a Dayton all-school reunion. Organizing such an event is a tough job and on some occasions, it was feared the event would meet its demise.......mainly due to lack of volunteer organizers.
     But, again this year, some 200 former DHS grads gathered for the event at the old Dayton High gymnasium and wife Jo, a DHS grad, and I, the Kornerman, were in attendance.
     There was visiting, eating, visiting, listening, visiting and more visiting and everyone seemed to enjoy it.
     The meal, catered by a group from Lidderdale, was excellent. Three meat choices, chicken, ham balls and roast beef, salads galore and great deserts.
     There were musical numbers, a tribute to veterans and all class groups that were in attendance and a highlight was a wonderful rendition of God Bless America offered by Scheila Hufford. What a voice! She was outstanding.
     Regarding that call for volunteer organizers? The Master of Ceremonies concluded the evening by asking several members of the audience to stand for recognition and then immediately tabbed them, "the committee for next year's reunion"..........unbeknownst to them of course.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Lawrence Dean Nystrom, 87, Boone. BHS-48. Worked 37 years for Northern Natural gas/Enron in Ogden. Also worked at the Chicago, Northwestern and for Nystrom Motors. Boone area survivors include his wife, Charlene, sons, Marck, Cris, Curt and Jerry, and daughter, Paula Goldsworth, all of Boone. Also surviving are a daughter, Sue Nystrom, of Johnston and a brother, Don, of Ames.........Catherine Wirtz, 72, Ottumwa. Services in Boone.
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Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Job Well Done

     Former Boone resident, Jack Lashier, has announced that he will be retiring from his position as Director of the Iowa Hall of Pride as of August 1st. He will be replaced by Ankeny Centennial teacher/coach Taylor Anderson.
     The Hall of Pride opened in Des Moines in 2005 but Jack actually started working on the project as early as 1996 and lived in Boone during that time of early planning before eventually moving to Des Moines.
     Another former Boone resident, Bernie Saggau, the Executive Director of  the Iowa Boys High School Athletic Association at the time, started formulating the idea of a Hall of Pride in 1995 with an original plan that would locate the facility in Boone. However, Des Moines hierarchy became involved and were able to overcome a strong Boone effort via financial and location considerations to lure the hall to Des Moines. It is located next door to the Wells Fargo Arena.
     EDITOR'S NOTE:  The Hall of Pride is an amazing place and a visit there should be on all Iowan's bucket list.........if they do feel a sense of special pride in our state's history. It is NOT just devoted to athletic history but also cites the accomplishments of numerous Iowans in various fields, government, agriculture, entertainment etc.
     Whatever you might think it'll find its much, much more. Truly an Iowa lovefest.
     This IS about athletics......... track and field, tennis, golf, soccer, baseball and softball.    CONGRATULATIONS to all our Boone County athletes, high school and DMACC, who competed in spring state and/or national competition and performed exceedingly well..........some as state champions. The Korner is proud of your accomplishments. You represented us very well.
     Mark Tompkins, BHS-60, and his classmate, Dr. John Clymer, have been touring Europe and Mark indicated in an earlier Korner edition that he would keep us informed of their travels.
     He wrote, "Dr. Clymer's presentation at the Wessex Institute went "swimmingly" as the Brits say. Yesterday we toured Salisbury. The two great sites were the world's oldest operating clock, circa 1340, and one of just four of the 1215 Magna Carta that started freedom for common folks around the world. We bicycled through the New Forest national park to Lyndhurst........only to run smack into the Maserati-Ferrari dealership. Toto, we aren't in Iowa anymore."
     The pairs adventure began in England where John, a world leader in electrical engineering, made a presentation on the Mathematics of Complex Adaptive Systems at the 2017 International Complex System's Conference. After that, they began their two-week trip touring the five D-Day beaches.
     Oh, what a time! The Kornerman joined many others for a reunion of Boone Merchant fast pitch softball players at the Adobe Lounge last evening (Friday) was great.
     Remember now, this is an 82-year old mind in operation, minus any notes........just trying to remember most of those who attended. I apologize for anyone I might miss. But here goes......
     Al and Marty Dannatt, Dan McMullan, Jack Rusnak, Rick Neely, Topper Lyness, Larry Land, B.J. Bjorkgren, Iver Oppedahl, Bill Martin, Bill Carpenter, Pat Olofson, Terry Burke, Harold Johnson, Larry Knight, Doug Elsberry, Mike Wilhite and a few I really didn't know.
     Those guys had some tales to tell.......some of them pitch by pitch.......from Little League to Babe Ruth to high school and even to their Boone Junior College days.
     Those coming from the longest distance probably were Larry Land, who now lives in Florida, Pat Olofson of Wisconsin and Al Dannatt from Houston.
     Actually, it was Al Dannatt who organized the softball reunion but his brother, Marty, and sister, Terri, were also celebrating their mother, Mae Dannatt's, 87th birthday. Mae was there and enjoying every minute of it.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Clarence Schwien, 89, Pella, formerly of Boone. BHS-46. Was married in Boone. Was a carpenter, cabinet maker. Owned and operated a motel in Mason City. His wife, Betty Nystrom, is a survivor.........Charles (Chuck) Eddy, 86, Glendale, AZ. Formerly of Boone. BHS-49. He passed last month in Arizona..........Sharon Boersma-Smith-Anderson. 82, Badger, IA. Grew up in Boone. BHS-53. Worked as office manager at Warden Plaza in Fort Dodge. Lived in California for 21 years. Moved back to Iowa in 2003. Boone area survivors include her brother, Larry (Butch) Boersma, and niece Christy Duncan both of Pilot Mound and niece, Kelle Cook, of Boone..
Jerry Peterson, 78, Boone. Worked for the Iowa State Highway Commission in the Humboldt area. Moved to Boone in 2008. Boone area survivor is a son, Dr. Eric Peterson, of Boone..........Tim McIntyre, 66, Ogden. Born in Boone. BHS-69 . Worked at Quinn's for 25 years, retiring in 2008. Boone area survivors include his wife, Linda Hodges McIntyre, and daughter, Denise Elsner, both of Ogden,  son, Dennis Misner, and brother, Paul (Pete) McIntyre, both of Boone........Leota Eich, 93, Clive. She and her husband, Harold, moved to Ogden in 1962. She lived there until moving to Clive in 2014. She worked at Ohlson/Swanson Drug in Ogden for 40 years. Boone area survivor is a son, Randy, of Ogden.........Ronald Chelsvig, 79, Ames. Huxley HS-56. Was a farmer. Boone area survivor is a brother, Clyde Chelsvig, of Boone.
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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I'm an Octogenarian (Is that good?)

     When something becomes fuzzy in my mind, no, I don't take it as a pain, I take it as a challenge, a way to gain additional knowledge. To do so, I needed to visit with my good friend, Dick Shenary.
      Another good friend, Colonel LaVerne Anderson, BHS-54, had initiated this ruckus by  sending me some information about the United Flying Octogenarians organization. What? Octogenarians.
Friend Dick explained that an octogenarian is a person who is 80 to 89 years of age. Hey, I am one and didn't even know it.
     LaVerne included a letter from the UFO (what a coincidence huh?) congratulating him for becoming a member of their of only six such members in the entire state of Iowa.
     The UFO claims they are one of the most exclusive international aviation organizations. To gain eligibility, you must have flown legally after your 80th birthday.
     LaVerne has apparently done that, he's joined the group, has received the 2017 Friendship Directory and has been encouraged to send a picture and biography for use in the "Slipstream," which is the organizations quarterly newsletter.
    Hey, this lad has come a long way from those days in the back rooms of Boyd's Dairy.
    Congratulations LaVerne.
     Why is someone who is feeling great "on cloud nine?"
     BECAUSE, types of clouds are numbered according to the altitudes they attain, with nine being the highest cloud. If someone is said to be on cloud nine, that person is floating well above worldly cares.
     The old Kornerman was surprised to see the Musser boys, Bob, BHS-58, and Dick, BHS-64, at my doorstep Saturday afternoon.
     The Kornerman has to tell you, the three of us pretty well fill up a room.
     Dick gets to town quite often from his base in the Minneapolis area but Bob lives out east in Virginia and doesn't come this way too often. A graduate of Grinnell College and a member of the school's Board of Trustees, he was back for the Grinnell graduation ceremony.
     He said he's been retired for 20 years after employment with Mobil.
     Brothers Chuck, BHS-57, and John, BHS-52, and sister Janet Musser Linn, BHS-54, are all deceased.  All of that Musser clan were outstanding Toreadors athletes, especially proficient on the basketball floor.
     Why is shifting responsibility to someone else called "passing the buck?"
     BECAUSE, in card games, it was once customary to pass an item, called a buck, from player to player to indicate whose turn it was to deal. If a player did not wish to assume the responsibility of dealing, he would "pass the buck" to the next player.
     This should be fun. Tom Peterson, BHS-67, tells the Korner that the Boone Merchants softball players will have a reunion at the Adobe Lounge here at 5 p.m. this coming Friday.
     That covers a lot of territory. There were many, many Boone Merchant teams including a 1958 edition that won the state fast pitch championship.
     DID YOU KNOW? That McDonald's sells 75 hamburgers every second of every day.
     Barry Wills, BHS-58, informed the Korner of the death of Larry Blaker, 82, Saturday. After graduation from the University of Northern Iowa, Larry began his teaching/coaching career at Boone High School. He served BHS until 1970 when he moved to Perry to become a school administrator. Later, he became Principal of the Woodward-Granger schools until his retirement in 1995.
     In addition to classroom teaching, Larry was an assistant football coach and the head wrestling coach of the Toreadors. In fact, he led a resurgence of the wrestling program at Boone High. There was a very successful wrestling program at BHS in the 1920's but the sport was eventually dropped. It began again under Larry's guidance. Survivors include his wife, Pat, three sons including, Joe Blaker, of Woodward, and a sister.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Michael Westaby, 67, Madrid Home........Elaine Jondall, 88, Ames. Born in Boone. Boone area survivor is a sister, Colette Williams, of Boone........Marie Harris, 95, Boone........Michelle Whyte, 46, Des Moines. Born in Boone. BHS-89. Worked as a chef at the Marriott Hotel in Des Moines. Boone area survivors include her parents, Tom and Sandy Whyte, and sister, Sheri Reutter, all of Boone. She is also survived by another sister, Sheila Whyte, of Des Moines and a brother, Tom, of Omaha.........Estel Prouty, 89, Ogden. Graduated in 1946 from Washington Township school located south of Perry. He farmed in the Woodward/Perry area, worked at John Deere, was a truck driver, worked at Ag-Serve in Ogden and helped build Honey Creek golf course. Boone area survivors include his wife, LaVerda, of Ogden, sons, Jeff and Randy Prouty, of Boone and Marty Prouty of Fraser.
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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Kate Shelley Doll Club

     In one of our recent editions, in the obituary section, it was mentioned that a lady had been a member of the Iowa Kate Shelley Doll Club. That posed a question. I, the Kornerman, have been in the area 70 years and that caught me completely by surprise. So, what about this Kate Shelley Doll Club?
     Gretchen Otis provided some info obtained from a one-time Board Secretary of that club, Kristin
     Gretchen wrote, "the club originated with Margaret Keigley of Madrid. It existed from 1969-89. Ms. Keigley donated her archives to the Madrid History and Clay Castle Museum which has a  wealth of information on the club. The museum is staffed by volunteers and is open just two hours each Saturday, 10 a.m. to noon. The phone number for more information is 515-795-3249. The website is A virtual tour of the museum can be viewed on the site."
     Why do ships and aircraft use "mayday" as their call for help? Because this comes from the French word m'aidez - meaning"help me" and is pronounced, approximately, "mayday."
     We are coming into the reunion season. Jo and I will be attending the Dayton all-school reunion later this month, the 27th of May.
     Now, Rich Larson, Grand Community-65, informs the Korner of the upcoming Boxholm Consolidated School/Grand Community School all school reunion which is slated for that same evening, the 27th, in Paton.
    Rich wrote, "perhaps a mention in your Korner could reach some alumni that have not been notified by normal channels. Your coverage of sports in northwestern Boone County in those days was so much appreciated."
    Oh yes, the Kornerman remembers spending lots of good times in the Boxholm and Dayton gymnasiums as well as the Stratford, Ogden, Grand Junction and various other area arenas. And, most importantly, I was able to nourish some friendships with some good folks from those areas that continue to this day. AND, of course, who could ever forget those fabulous pies and other "goodies" the local ladies provided for halftime and after the game consumption.
     Back to that reunion, its a one-day outing with various activities at the Boxholm site that morning followed by a social hour, buffet lunch and program at the 209 Main Restaurant in Paton starting at noon.
     Jim Smith, BHS-52, wandered over to our McDonald's  table the other day and had just come from a 1952 class meeting with Gretchen Stark, Gretchen Otis and others making plans for their next anniversary get-together in September. That would be a 65th celebration.
     We had mentioned in an earlier Korner that the BHS class of 1967 has set their reunion for September 15-16 and we've also received notice of that 117th annual Iowa By the Sea picnic to be held August 12 at the Los Angeles Harbor location of the Battleship Iowa in California.
     The Kornerman was sitting at his usual WORLD HEADQUARTERS position in the Korner Tower, fifth floor, Wednesday when security informed me that someone at the gate wanted to visit with me. After being assured his credentials were valid, I gave permission to allow Dave Gibbs, BHS-56, entrance. Talk about frustrated. Dave had just come from the News Republican office and was completely desperate. There seemed no apparent way to inform friends and relatives of the passing of Dave's brother, Larry, BHS-60.  Dave said,  "they (the BNR) apparently had an editor walk out (quit) and the place was in complete chaos. The poor lady there had no answers for me as to how to get the obituary in the paper. You have such a great audience I wondered if you could put a mention in your Korner about Larry's death." The Kornerman, of course, was happy to comply.
     Larry, 75,  was born in Boone, baptized at the United Methodist Church, was confirmed at College Hill  Lutheran Church in 1966 and was a BHS grad. He served in the U.S. Air Force from 1960-64, attended Boone Junior College and graduated from the University of Northern Iowa. He worked in the life insurance field for seven years and spent 20 years with Schwan's Sales Enterprises in Marshall, MN. He passed away at the Sioux Falls VA Medical Center and is survived by one son, Mark, and his brother, Dave.
     Later, I did note that Larry's obituary, somehow, did make it into the Thursday edition of the BNR despite the ladies inability to help much except to recommend that the Ames office be notified.
     Thanks to Linda and Jerry Bravard we received notice Friday evening that Linda's uncle, Eldon Krug, 86, BHS-49, had passed away early Friday morning. Wife Jo and sister Doris Simmons also survive. Visitation Wednesday eve at Schroeder Stark-Welin with the service at Trinity Luthern at 1 p.m. Thursday.
     Barbara Rodgers Mondt, an Ogden native and wife of Willie, BHS-53, wrote a note with some disappointing news pertaining to Willie's health. He's been suffering from various ailments and we suggest all Korner viewers remember both Barb and Willie in prayer. The Kornerman hopes that will result in an improved situation for the pair who reside in northern California and have many relatives back this direction.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Boyce Williams, 71, Boone. BHS-64. Worked for Modern Sign Company and was a fulltime National Guardsman. In retirement, he worked at Hach Chemical in Ames and was a truck driver. Boone area survivors include his wife, Dodie/Dee Williams, a brother, Ross, and his aunt, Collette Williams, all of Boone.........Marilee Taylor, 76, Boone. Worked in food service at the Evangelical Free Church Home and at Iowa State before retirement in 2006. Boone area survivors include a son, Chad, daughters, Tawnya Sullivan and Kim Miller, all of Boone and a daughter, Brenda Smith of Nevada.........Richard (Rich) Warrick, 60, Cresco. formerly of Boone. BHS-74. Worked for Fareway for 34 years. Boone area survivors include sisters, Martha and Sandi Hilsabeck, of Boone and Carla Warrick of Cresco........Roberta Pearl Bushore-Smith, 76, Boone. Born in Fraser. Worked several jobs in South English, IA. Boone area survivors include a daughter, Denise Hunter-Phoenix, and a sister, Jackie Tabor, both of Boone and sister, Vivian Fazil, of Moingona.......Nanette Mae Dunkelberger, 88, Marshalltown. Formerly of Boone. BHS-46. She and her late husband, Harold, farmed in rural Pilot Mound. Nan later worked at the Evangelical Free Church Home until retirement. Boone area survivors include her son, Dave, of Ames and son-in-law, Jay Clausen, of  Boxholm......Rick Duff, 62, Ogden. Boone area survivors include his mother, Dorothy Duff, and his brother, Gerald Duff, both of Ogden.
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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

More National Recognition

     The Kornerman, in some recent editions, has been highlighting some Boone natives who have made us proud via their career accomplishments, many on a national scale or even beyond.
     Mark Tompkins, BHS-60, tells us about a classmate of his who is "a world leader in his corner of electrical engineering." The classmate, Dr. John Clymer, later this month, will be making a presentation on the Mathematics of Complex Adaptive Systems at the 2017 International Complex Systems Conference in Wessex, England.
     Mark added, "I will be John's travel guide after the conference when we take the ferry to Cherbourg, France where we will start two weeks of touring the five D-Day beaches. We'll start at the Liberation Museum in Cherbourg and likely visit a couple dozen World War II sites including Omaha and Utah beaches, Point du Hoc and some magnificent cathedrals dating back to about 1066."
     Mark promised he would update us on their "wanderings."
     By the way, Mark now visits with us from Dubuque. He moved there recently after a long residence in the Council Bluffs area.
     Bet you didn't know that the very first bomb dropped by the Allies on Berlin in World War II killed the only elephant in the Berlin Zoo.
     You former Toreadors may be interested in knowing that the Boone Community School District has unveiled a brand new mascot and motto.
     The motto is "expect the best, achieve success" and the mascot will be named sometime in the future after public input.
     Superintendent of Schools Brad Manard said, "we needed to find ways to identify ourselves and share the good word about what we are doing."
     The Kornerman has noticed in past years that the mascot, an actual Toreador-type suit, was getting a bit "older." By the way, wasn't that suit part of a Hollywood movie from years ago? Didn't Boone native and BHS grad Tom Grasso, BHS-60, provide it direct from Hollywood?
     Nevertheless, the "new" mascot is quite an upgrade, more sturdy, more colorful.
     Bet you didn't know that the dot over the letter "i" is called a tittle.
     Yes, my good friend Dick Shenary says, "its a dot or other small mark in writing or printing used as a punctuation."
     Oh,.......heavens......all the things my good friends learn from viewing the Korner each week. Its mindblowing.
     Jerry Manriquez, BSH-67, wrote, "thanks for mentioning my website on your blog. You have such a good following of people from Boone and they have certainly responded to me with yearbooks over the years."
    Here are some of the latest contributions: (1) Kim Madden Ohge, BHS-81, has sent her class yearbook and also plans to send her daughter's yearbooks, 2004-08. (2) Robert Lay is sending his BHS 1990 yearbook. (3) Monica Nystrom McHugh, BHS-86, is sending her yearbooks, 1982-86. (4) David Howell has sent his 1965 yearbook and will also send John Howell's 1994-99 yearbooks.
     Jerry wrote, "this was great because I didn't have any 1980's or 1990's yearbooks. Also, I don't have a class list for the 1998 class or any classes after 2005. I'd sure like to get those class lists so I could add them to the website."
     The original name for butterfly was flutterby.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Richard Warrick, 61, Boone........Yvonne Howard, 80, Boone. Worked at 3M in Ames. Retired in 1998. Boone area survivor is her husband, Pence Howard........Richard Sonquist, 93, Dayton. Lived his entire life in the Boxholm/Dayton area. Was a military vet and a farmer........Arlys Krueger, 70, Ogden. Owned and operated Krueger's Kitchen for many years. Boone area survivors include her husband, Virgil, of Ogden, two sons and a daughter, Stacy Lewis of Boone.......Verle Simmer, 84, Madrid. Boone area survivors include four daughters, including Pamela Grall of Madrid, and three sons, all of Madrid, Robert, Richard and Roger.
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Saturday, May 13, 2017

PRIDE? We've Got It

     You local viewers are, no doubt, pretty much in tune with all the happenings of our little community here in the midst of central Iowa.
     However, the Korner has many "outside" viewers, perhaps even a majority, who have made the bad decision of leaving the "City Beautiful" for travel hither and yon to numerous other areas of our island, and, even overseas. As a result, they may not be as knowledgeable about the many accomplishments of those, past and present, who have called Boone, Iowa "home."
     Just in most recent times, we've had the opportunity to brag about the marathon running of Pete Kostelnick, BHS-2005, who ran from one coast to the other in a fashion well enough to earn a place in the famous Guinness book of records. It had never been done before in such dominating fashion.
     Then, just the other day, we reported about the marvelous work of Master Gardener Nan Hicks Ripley, BHS-61, who's fascinating lovefest with daylilies caught the attention of Martha Stewart who featured Nan in a great story in the April edition of her national magazine.
     As we survey many years beyond, there have been other Booneites who have made a name for themselves nationally in various capacities. 
     Now here's the newest positive news:  According to the latest, 2017, Consumer Reports survey, forever Boone-based Fareway Stores are the second best grocery store chain in these entire United States. Only Wegman's, an East Coast chain, graded out better in a 12 category survey.
    Readers were asked to rate the chains in such areas as cleanliness, staff courtesy, produce, meat and poultry quality, price charged and other such things.
    There were 50,000 reader responses. The only other Iowa based chain in the top 15 was HyVee, which rated 14th. Cosco was third and Aldi 10th.
    Fareway has reached  the top five in each of the past five years. Fareway now has 117 stores in five states after its beginning right here in Boonetown 79 years ago.
    Can't stop "swelling with pride" when Boone connected folks make their mark on the national stage.
     Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying.
    Regarding our recent review of local obituary charges, John Kueck, BHS-61, adds some information. He wrote, "the cost of a paid funeral notice in the Minneapolis Star Tribune is $10.65 per line for one day in all editions. To publish the same notice for additional days the discounted rate is $5.32 per line per day. The price includes a permanent online obit and guest book. Approximately 30-35 characters fit per line."
     By raising your legs slowly and lying on your back, you cannot sink into quicksand.
     Kathy Wheelock joined in this week with, "I just want to thank you for the update on the Fangman family. I worked at the Rialto and my mother lived in their neighborhood when the kids were growing up so we knew them all. So sorry to hear about Tom's death. Thanks again for your obituary section."
     The first CD pressed in the U.S. was Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA."
     Those one-line inserts were provided by Max Moore, BHS-46. He described them as "strange things to get your mind off of politics." Great idea!
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Judy Ann Bowers, Madrid........Barbara Hardesty Platter, 81, Pilot Mound. BHS-54. Was the Toreador Baton Majorette. Was an LPN who worked at Stratford and the Eastern Star Home in Boone. Owned and operated Barbara's School of Dancing in earlier years. Boone area survivors include a son, Rick Robertson of Des Moines (formerly Boone), and daughters Patty Burkheimer of Ames and Colleen Smith of Boone. Barb's husband, Lyle Platter, is  deceased........Richard Lindahl, 80, Boone. Grew up in Boxholm. Boxholm HS-54. Worked in the Iowa State University vet college department from 1972 until retirement in 1994. He loved ponies and miniatures and held many high offices in organizations involved with those special animals. Boone area survivors include his wife, Rita,  and daughter, Pam McDonald, both of Boone, daughters Julie Pounds of Ames and Kia Parrish of Boxholm........Mary Dawson, 85, Urbandale. She and husband, Jim Dawson (deceased) lived in Boone from 1971-94. While in Boone, she worked at Hamilton Hardware........Yvonne Snowgren Tjernagel, 80, Dallas Center. Formerly of Boone. Seven children, a sister and brother survive.
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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

So Sad

     Perhaps you've noticed, times are changing. Those good OLD days, in many ways, are gone.
     Being a lifelong media person I, the Kornerman, recalls, with pride, how, in both my radio and newspaper career, we were pleased to be able to "serve the good" in many ways at minimal, if any, financial cost.
     In those earlier days, everyone in the Boone area gathered around KWBG at 11 a.m. for Signe Shaler's local news, sponsored by Wester Furniture and featuring complete details of all the latest area deaths, their survivors and funeral details. Remember?
    That was followed up by the daily News Republican with even more obituary details, including a picture of the deceased.
    No more!
    Now, obituaries in both outlets are sketchy if at all.
    I assume the cost involved is the main reason for the decline. A lady at KWBG told me the cost for airing a death name plus just the funeral notice would require a $40 outlay. However, those facts are aired several times prior to a funeral date and they do appear on the KWBG website. At the News Republican, a gentleman said the cost for an obituary would be $14.40 per column inch with an unlimited number of details up to the consumer. The more details, the more inches, the more cost.
    Now let's be clear. We all understand that all costs have skyrocketed in recent years and, I guess, you can't condemn media outlets for trying to keep pace. They have to. Our local media are under the control of outside ownership.......and the locals do what they have to do, like it or not.
    The Kornerman's entire point here is that, its just a sad, sad situation and a strong case could be made that those OLD days were, in many ways, much better than today.
     Maybe I'm just a bit jealous. As are viewers know, the Kornerman takes great pride in displaying all the death notices we can accumulate even with a few added details AND at NO cost.
     Funeral service notices? Now you're really asking for an added favor.
     The Kornerman mentioned in the last edition a mystery the Korner was confronted with. We have some additional material now submitted by Pam Claussen of Marshalltown who had sent us the original note with some pictures of a business place.
     Pam said she grew up in Ogden, moved to California at age 18 and returned to Ogden in 1975. "Boone was a stomping ground off and on until I moved to Marshalltown in 2000."
     She's related to some familiar Ogden names. Her great uncle, Walter Claussen, owned and operated a Texaco service station until his son, Warren, who still resides in Ogden, took over.
     This mystery started when Pam sent the Korner some material, including some pictures, from her late grandmother's personal belongings. The grandparents were Peter Carl Claussen and Alice Charlotte-Peterson-Claussen, both deceased.
     Pam wrote, "I'm clueless as to who the people in the photos are." She also has no knowledge of what appears to be a Coney Island restaurant that is evident in the pictures.
    Pam wonders, "do they look like an entrance to a Coney Island cafe that was in Boone?"
    The pictures seem to be from the 1920's or 30's and, of course, there were several Boone Coney Island cafes in Boone's history operated by the Kokanakis and/or Douroumes families.
    Does anyone know of any other Coney Island restaurants in Boone or any in Ogden?
    Thanks to Gary Knox the Kornerman received our chuckle for the day.
    In a recent edition, we had mentioned that Nick Collison, who just completed his 13th year in the National Basketball Association as a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder, had just concluded his final contract with the Thunder.
    Here was a superior two-time high school all-state basketball player who became an All-American on at least one Kansas University team that earned a final four berth and a longtime NBA player who Gary recalled was "de-pantsed" all the way to his ankles in a high school basketball game.
    It occurred in his senior high school season, 1999, while a member of the Iowa Falls Cadets who went on to their second straight state championship.
    Iowa Falls romped to a 66-11 halftime advantage over Clarion-Goldfield. The final score was 116 to 30. Apparently one Clarion-Goldfield player had "had it" with the Cadets complete domination. Yes, he grabbed on to  Collison's pants and dropped them all the way to the floor in an apparent act of revenge.
    Collison was quoted as saying, "they were 0-16 for the season and had to do something to gain some attention I guess. It was just plain stupid."
    Thanks to Marge Harvey, BHS-50, for informing the Korner of the death of a classmate, Tom Fangman. Tom, 84, passed in late April in Illinois. His wife, Ruth, preceded him in death. A son and daughter survive as do his brothers, Bob and Jim, and sister, Beth. A brother, Charles, and sister, Miriam, are also deceased.
    Tom's parents, Mr and Mrs Cy Fangman, owned and operated the Rialto theatre in Boone for many years.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Roscoe Bruner, 85, Des Moines. Boone area survivor is a daughter, Chris Oetker, of Boone..........Marjorie Parlee, 89, Des Moines. Born in Madrid.........David Burlage, 64, Madrid. A Madrid resident the past 10 years. Boone area survivors include his wife, Beth, and daughter, Katie Bass, both of Madrid.........Karen Adair, 73, Boone.........Donald Gabrielson, 88, Stratford.............Gary McLeod, 73, Boone. BHS-61. Viet Nam vet. Worked for Rolfes and Idea Press/Home Office. Boone area survivor is his wife, Jerilyn. He is also survived by a son, Matt McLeod, a daughter, Amy Miller, and two sisters, Donna Carlson and Mary Jo Newbold.........Jean Iben, 81, Boone. A homemaker. Husband, Roy, is deceased. Eleven children survive.........Dorothy Webber, 92, Ogden. A teacher in Burlington and then Ogden. Husband Kenneth is deceased. Dorothy is survived by two daughters.
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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Martha Stewart "discovers" a Boone native

     Master Gardener? I, the Kornerman, is about as close to being a Master Gardener as I am to being an astronaut. I confess, as is true with many other subjects, I have no clue about gardening.
     However, one thing I do take pride in is "spouting" about Boone connected folks and their accomplishments.
     Thanks to Sandy Burke Crandell, BHS-61, the Korner received word of a '61 classmate who has made a big time name for herself as an avid gardener.
     EDITOR'S NOTE:  See folks, that's how this thing, the Korner, is suppose to work. You let the Kornerman know about these successful/interesting things concerning Booneites and then I, the Kornerman, proceed to tell, with pride, the whole world about it.
     But, back to the main topic. Nan Hicks Ripley, BHS-61, is the subject of glittering conversation in the April issue of the Martha Stewart magazine. Nan lives in the Nevada area of neighboring Story County and according to the story, she was "discontent with what she was finding in flower catalogs and began experimenting with daylilies, creating hybrids that swim in saturated colors and ripple in the breeze."
     The author of the story, Melissa Ozawa, says that "Nan is Iowa's daylily whisperer, an avid gardener who has created 43 varieties of the colorful hybrid flower."
     Working as an office manager at Iowa State University, she was challenged by a local enthusiast to create a bloom "no one had ever seen before." She accepted the challenge and now, from early June until August, she spends mornings wading through her lilies, looking for varieties to cross.
     Now, her garden erupts into color each summer, when more than six thousand daylilies open their petals.
     The Kornerman says, "I know our local garden club has visited Nan's garden and I'm told, its quite a beautiful site to see."
     The story contains several beautiful pictures.
     At various times, the Korner faces a mystery. Here's the latest.
     The Kornerman received a note and some pictures from Pamela Claussen of Marshalltown with a short note indicating that the enclosed pictures were found in her grandmother's belongings. The grandmother lived in Ogden during her adult, married life.
     The pictures are probably from the early 30's, maybe 20's, and show some individuals in front of a business. In one picture, the business is identified as the "Original Coney Island. Red Hots, Mexican Chili" and there's also a note on the front glass that says, "tables for ladies."
     That's all the Kornerman can provide at this time. Haven't got a name of the grandmother and am assuming the business was located in Ogden.
     The Kornerman has requested additional information from Pamela.
     Ronald Reagan said it, "Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. If it stops moving, subsidize it."
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Ron Davidson, 69, Boone. BHS-67. Worked his lifetime at Quinns Foundry, retiring n 2013. Boone area survivors include his wife, Barb, daughter, Amy Davidson, brother, William, sister, Delight Davidson, and his mother-in-law, Laura Herrig, all of Boone.........Linda Anderson, Boone..........Bruno Isolini, 84, Madrid. MHS-51. Was a Navy vet. Worked at Firestone for over 40 years. Also, at one time, was co-owner of Sportsman's West End Bar in Madrid. Boone area survivors include his son, Rick, and daughter, Lori Reddish, both of Madrid..........Steven Holloman, 58, Boone.
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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Boone Connected Deaths

     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Ed Miller, 83, Boone. Farmed with his wife, Marie, and also served as a rural mail carrier. Was athletic, played fast pitch softball and was a good bowler. Boone area survivors include his wife, Marie Roby Miller, and son, Steve, and daughter, Tracy, all of Boone. He is also survived by another daughter.........William Orr, 89, Neenah, WI. Born in Boone. BHS-45. Was a feed mill manager and owned Thompson Drug in West Boone.........John Harrison, 91, Boone. OHS-43. An Army vet. Was a carpenter who built 16 homes in Boone. Also served as a Boone fireman from 1956-84 and served as the Boone County Veterans Affairs Director for 20 years before retirement in 2006. Boone area survivor is his wife, Rosalie, and daughter, Susan Kratz, both of Boone. Is also survived by two sons.........Donald Heldenbrand, 86, Boone County. Farmed and was a Camp Dodge employee for 29 years. Retired at age 52.........Pauline Kuhl, 86, Jefferson. Formerly of Pilot Mound. PMHS-48. Worked at the ASC office in Boone, farmed with her husband, Don, southeast of Pilot Mound and served as Postmaster of Pilot for 10 years before retirement in 1989. Boone area survivors include a son, Randy, of Pilot Mound and a daughter, Lori Redeker, of Boone. Another son also survives........Edna Will, 87, Ogden, formerly of Boxholm. Worked at the ASC office in Boone, the hospital in Fort Dodge, operated a bowling alley in Dayton and farmed with her husband, Paul. She moved to Ogden in 2007. Boone area survivors include her son, Terry, of Ogden and a sister-in-law, Betty Martin, of Boone..........Jeremiah Greene, 37, Alton, IL. A salesman. Boone area survivor is a sister, Esther Meeder, of Boone.........Gwen Peterson, 96, Dayton. Was a teacher at Dayton and several other Iowa communities. Retired in 1977. Boone area survivors include a daughter, Susan Swanson, of Boxholm and a son, Craig Peterson, of Dayton. Another son and daughter also survive........Dixon Benshoff, 92, Madrid. Born in Boone. Was an engineer for Economy Forms for 45 years. Boone area survivor is a son, Darrin, of Madrid. Two other sons, a daughter and a sister also survive........Donna Zenor, 88, Madrid. Married James Zenor of Luther in 1950 and they farmed. Donna was a beauty operator and also a nurses aide. MHS-47. Boone area survivors include sons, Richard and Steven, both of Madrid and a daughter, Jere, of Woodward............Betty Knuth, 88, Madrid. Worked for the U.S. Department of Agriculture and was an antiquer.
     Worldwide Korner headquarters are located at 710 Aldrich, Boone, Iowa 50036-4703. Phone number is 515-432-1530. To email your stories/memories/comments/SUPPORT........