Friday, April 29, 2016

Old Story Street Businesses

     Mark Tompkins, BHS-60, the travelin' man from Council Bluffs, was back home recently and told about his time in Boonetown. He wrote, "I stopped at the library. From time to time, something in the Korner gets me curious about which Boone businesses were where, when. I couldn't investigate everything, but I did write down the Story Street businesses in the 500 through 800 blocks for the years, 1940, 1947, 1956, 1964, 1976 and 2014. There were 54 businesses in those four blocks in 1956, just 37 in 2014. As I worked on these pages, I began to wonder what is Boone's longest running business? The hospital might qualify, as might Schroeder's Funeral Home, but I'm guessing the railroad, under its different names, might take the prize. By the way, the Citizen's National Building was, for years, the place to be for doctor's or so it would seem. For example, in 1940, these doctors were all housed there........W.H. Longworth, R.B. Allender, C.L.Updegraff, H.S. Hill, R.E. Sadler, R.P. Westfall, M.A.and M.J. Healy, O.E. Ganoe, R.E. Gunn, C.A. Rhoads, F.S. Hogan and T.E. Kane."
     The Kornerman says, "Mark even sent his list/s of all those stores for us to peruse. In 1940, I, the Kornerman, was only five years of age but I started getting real interested in the list of 1947 which I was more familiar with. In fact, most of those stores that year sounded familiar, except for Osborne's Firestone. In the other, later, years, I didn't see many that I didn't remember. Anyway, thanks Mark. Very interesting. Appreciate your effort and the fact you shared all this info."
     In the meantime, if any viewers have any questions about a store or store addresses from those years, we will keep this material on hand for possible answers.
     Anybody out there familiar with Roger Maxwell? Roger has been a Kornerman friend for quite some time and he is a very familiar figure in the Iowa music community. There was a great story about his life in Iowa recently in the Des Moines Register. Roger is a black man who came to this state in the 40's when there were still many extra challenges for residents of his race. He has always been a strong musician himself, a well-respected music teacher and gained extra fame when he, for many years, directed an all-Iowa choir's rendition of the "Messiah."
     The Kornerman wrote a note to Roger about the great story that was told in the Register and he replied this week in a very unique way. He thanked Jo and I for the letter we wrote him and enclosed our names written in jazz rhythm. He wrote, "it is my way of saying how much I enjoy and treasure our friendship."
     P.S. Some of you television watchers may remember when Des Moines metro newscasts were anchored by Courtney Maxwell Greene. That's Roger's daughter. Courtney is currently the Communications Director for Iowa Workforce Development.
    The Kornerman has not had a Steve Shaler sighting this week. Those three amigos, Shaler, BHS-59, Tim Croxen, BHS-59 and Barry Wills, BHS-58, have, for years, made the Drake Relays a destination for a reunion. Normally, the Kornerman has been alerted but no word this year. We're hoping they're all okay and still ready and able to have their annual get-together. We don't think the less than desirable weather would keep those guys away.
     By the way, speaking of track, the combination of Boone High Toreador boys and girls track teams this year have been about as successful a group as the Kornerman's old head can ever recall.
School records in both divisions have been falling or at least threatened and several individuals have competed very well on a statewide basis. Its been fun to watch all this success.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Kevin Lee Beyer, 58, Ankeny. Worked 36 years as an electronic engineer for the George A. Rolfes Company and its successor company, Boone Cable Works and Electronics...........Gary Hovick, 66, Madrid. Formerly of Boone. Was a supervisor for the former Heinrich Envelope Company in Boone.........Marvin Bushore, 76, Boone. BHS-57. A carpenter and welder for several businesses. Boone area survivors include his wife, Patricia, sons, Christopher and Brian, sisters, Jackie Tabor and Roberta Smith, and sisters-in-law, Millie Bushore and Martha Knight, all of Boone and sister, Vivian Khan of Moingona............Donna Foshee, 82, Boone. Played in the Boone municipal band. Worked at the Ericson Library and at ISU before retiring.........Joyce Armstrong, 81, Madrid..........George A. Smith, 82, Ogden...........Betty Stringer, 93, Ogden. Retired in 1983 and moved to Ogden. Boone area survivor is a daughter, Cindy Smith, of Ogden.
     Gary Knox informed the Korner of the passing of his aunt, Thelma Youll, 93. BHS-41. Thelma and her husband, Ralph, managed two neighborhood grocery stores in Boone and Ralph played on Boone softball teams. Prior to Boone, the Youll's lived in Sac City and Thelma was a teacher. Her dad, John Richards, operated a gas station at 22nd and Story in Boone.
     Gretchen Otis send the Kornerman a copy of the BHS class of 1952 newsletter and then informed us that she had made an error in that edition of the "Return of the Bumble Bee." She had reported that Larry Sovereign had passed away and that is not true. It was his brother, Richard Sovereign, that passed away.
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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Want to Change the Subject?

     The Korner has been "heavy" on sports recently and that emphasis continues today. If you're a non-sports person and haven't contributed anything "other," you have nobody to blame but yourself. Hey, we're free and easy here and, along the way, get into many different topics but you, out there, must remember, you are the ones who ultimately decide what prevails here. So, get off your duff and let us know what you want to visit about.
     Yes, I, the Kornerman am a sports guy but that isn't my only "cup of tea." I have a wide range of interests. I guess I, sometimes, feel a bit guilty, for some reason, when we seem to lean more that direction. But again, our viewers are the ones who decide the Korner's content.
     Mike Sundall, CEO of Physician's Clinic of Iowa in Cedar Rapids, wrote, "I would be curious if Kelley's Korner ever picked the "Best Boone High School athlete of the decade" for the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's to the present? Lots of candidates come to mind such as Pinky Clifton, Roger Dutton, Kelly McMullan,  Mike Loehrer, Steve Paris, John Hendricks, Clyde Hovick, Jack Mustapha, Mike Harris and on and on."
     The Kornerman has never tried to engage in that type of selection and we don't know of any other such attempt. Those names sure do bring up lots of memories and there are many mores names that could be added as potential candidates. We'll see if any other viewers have their ideas.
     It's amazing to think that right here in little old Boonetown, there are athletes that may be just a short step from really being, "big time."
     Right now, the Kornerman is interested in following the career of Scott Schebler who is playing the outfield, almost daily, for the National League's Cincinnati Reds. Cincy obtained Schebler in a trade with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Schebler got his first taste of major league baseball experience prior to this season with those Dodgers.
     It wasn't too many moons ago that Schebler was buying some gas and groceries in Boone stores while patrolling the outfield for our DMACC Bears team. Here's hoping he has a very successful major league career.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Louis (Bill) Alley, Boone.........Milo Deuel, 95, Boone. Moved to Boone in 1950 and owned and operated Deuel Drug. Later, worked at some other local pharmacies until retirement in 2000. Boone area survivors include his wife, Sara, and some grandchildren and great grandchildren.........Judy Munson, 75, Boxholm. Formerly of Boone. BHS-58. Worked at the Boone hospital for 20 years, was a realtor and worked in the Boone County assessor's office until retirement in 2009. Boone area survivors include a daughter, Marcy Schleif, and a son, Mike, both of Boxholm.........Evelyn Price, 91, Boone. Ogden HS-43. Worked at Boone restaurants and was a homemaker. Boone area survivors include sons, Tom and Dan Price, sisters Betty Watson and Clarice Tilley, and some grandchildren of Boone.........Dick Teeters, 68, Boxholm. Grand HS-65. Farmed and was a fast pitch softball player. Boone area survivors include his wife, Veva, and daughters, Jennifer Fjelland and Michele Overturf, all of Ogden.........James Monson, 80, Stratford. Born in Boone. Stratford HS-54. Farmed near Stratford. Boone area survivors include his wife, Glenda, daughter, Kendra Stumpenhorst, and son, Steve, all of Stratford.
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Saturday, April 23, 2016


     From Cedar Falls, IA, this note from the CEO of the Korner's technology department, Thomas Peterson, BHS-67, "Loved, absolutely loved reading about your friend Charlie (big C). I'm betting you could write similar short and long sports memories that your faithful would love to read. A couple I'd love to hear is your perspective on broadcasting the '65, '66 and, of course, '67 baseball seasons. Hearing you talk about your memories of those two state championship games would be special to me. Kelly and Jane Caffrey had a recording of the '67 finals but it can't be found. I remember Kelly tagging and scoring the go-ahead run on the deep fly ball I hit to left field. I remember pitching the last inning and striking out the last batter with my sweeping curveball and Jack Teagarden jumping on me like Yogi Berra did in the World Series perfect game. Think about it when you are short contributors. You could write these up ahead of time (for your book) and just copy/paste one into the Korner when needed."
     The Kornerman says, "come to think about it, I do have lots of memories in this old head. The Drake Relays and state high school track meets are upcoming and regarding just those events alone, things are popping in my head like the fact that former Toreador Jay Mallas, BHS-48, became a state champion discus thrower and Virgil Byerly, BHS-49, was another state winner. He captured a state half/mile championship. Speaking of the discus, I, and many others, could never forget the time Clyde Gardner of Newton, a big, burly athlete, threw the discus so far, it went beyond the "normal" field of play and hit a parked school bus. There was no real accurate way of measuring that throw but it certainly opened some eyes and was, by far, the longest throw in that event, ever, up to that time. Then too, being an Iowan, I will never forget the pride that enveloped me when little old Drake actually won three of their own Drake Relay events, even though stacked up against the world's best in those events. I'll never forget a Canadian by the name of Jim Lavery anchoring all three of those relays and a huge picture of him in the Des Moines Register crossing the finish line and throwing the baton in the air in exhultation.
     Enough of all that.......for now.
     Larry Kelley, BHS-64, informed us that he's returning to the band circuit after a 21 year hiatus. He wrote, "I'll see if the body can handle what it used to do when I was in my 30's and 40's. Flashback is the name of the new band and we'll have our first gig next Friday, April 29, at the Southside Club in Boone starting at about 9 p.m.. No cover charge so I'm hoping some of my old classmates and people who used to dance to my previous group, Sweetooth, will come out and enjoy the songs from the 50's through the 70's and some country music as well. By the way, Jamie's show last week was probably his best Boone show, next to that 2003 Boone County Fair event with the Jordanaires. That show had the largest crowd ever at the county fair other than when Garth Brooks appeared here."
    The Kornerman says, "hey, I love the promise of those sounds of the 50's through the 70's BUT 9 p.m. is my usual bed time. What else can I say?"
     Boone Connected Deaths: Frances Roberg, 95, Afton, IA. Raised a family on an acreage near Boone. In 1985, moved to Afton. No Boone area survivors.........Joe Limuti, 46, Rochester, MN. Attended Boone Sacred Heart. BHS-88. Worked for a telemarketing firm and in the auto dealership trade and in home mortgage. Boone area survivor is his mother, Jane Ham, of Boone.........George Stotts, 89, Boone. Born in Boone. Beaver H.S. grad. Had a plumbing business, then was a rural mail carrier prior to retirement in1990. Boone area survivors include his wife, Marianne, son Charlie and brother Harold Stotts Jr. all of Boone........Beverly Shuey Klamm, 89, Boone. BHS-44. Was a Director of Nursing in Montana. Later, worked at the Boone County Hospital and Mary Greeley in Ames. Boone area survivor is her son, Elmo Hansen, and grandchildren of Boone........Robert Buckmiller, 84, Ogden. Moved to Ogden in 1955. Worked at the DOT over 30 years. Boone area survivors include his wife, Betty, sons, Mike, Denny, Charlie, Mark and daughter, Pam Mace, all of Ogden..........Dick Teeters, 68, Boxholm..........Debbi Mount, 62, Boone. Born in Korea and adopted by Chapin and Mary Harris. Boone area survivor is her husband, Ivan Mount, of Boone..........Lorraine Post, 69, Boone. Worked over 30 years at Heinrich Envelope in Boone. Boone area survivor is a daughter, Monica Wilkening of Boone..........Bonnie Wickstrom Rogers, 81, White Ridge, CO...........Roberta Robertson Zunkel, 82, Boone. BHS-52. Boone area survivors include her husband, Virgil, and a sister, Jacque Marshall of Boone..........Donna Ivis, 85, Parker, CO. Boone area survivor is a son, Dan Ivis, of Boone.
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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

An ex-Toreador Still Excelling

     Bill Wallace informed that, "Rick Bushore, former Toreador, class of 1970, ran the Boston Marathon Monday and competed in the 60-64 age group. Rick completed the marathon and his time was such that he qualified for next year's Boston Marathon. As I recall, Rick was a cross country/distance runner for the Toreadors, and a classmate of mine. Rick is retired and lives in San Diego, CA. Mo, I really enjoy reading your blog about the great city of Boone and its people. Please keep up the good work."
     Thanks also to Janelle Henry, who provided the same information as Bill but also added Rick's official time........three hours,51 minutes and 17 seconds.
     In the last edition, the Kornerman informed of the passing of friend and classmate Charlie (Big C) Hancock. His death instantly reminded the Kornerman of some great Boone high school Toreador memories.
     Charlie and I were not only good friends, we were teammates on Toreador basketball and track squads. The Kornerman held his own in basketball but in track, while I attempted to throw the football, shot put and discus, Charlie was a super star runner and his exploits in that endeavor will never be forgotten by this guy. The Kornerman has been involved and has closely followed sports for over 70 years, and a race that Charlie was heavily involved in probably makes my top ten list of sports memories. Here's why.
     In his junior and senior seasons, Charlie had built a reputation as one of the state's top 800 meter runners. Back then, it was not proclaimed to be a meter event, it was simply the half/mile. He and a Des Moines North super star, Caesar Smith, engaged in several competitions and probably split the victories. However, the Des Moines Register "adopted" Caesar Smith. They felt he was heaven sent and couldn't polish his resume enough while Charlie's publicity lanquished in comparison.
    So, here comes the state meet with Caesar the heavy favorite and Charlie, somewhat of an "unknown" upstart from Boone, meeting in the competition. Smith led in the early going but Big C's closing, come-from-behind kick was too much for the metro's golden boy to match. Hancock was the state champion in the biggest meet of all. What a thrill it was to watch that match.
     A great guy and super athlete, Charlie is survived by his wife, Janese Carney Hancock,  and three sons. Janese is a Boone native as well and Charlie's dad, Garland Hancock, was once the Mayor of our city.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Miriam Stevenson, 73, Ames. United Community grad. Was a secretary. She and husband, Bob, lived, for a time, on a farm west of Ames. Miriam was a Boone County Master Gardener and had done several master gardening projects in Boone. No Boone area survivors.........Merritt Mattson, Boone. Sang in the choir and was a member of First United Methodist Church of Boone. Boone area survivors include his wife, Deanna, and stepson Gary Wilcox and wife, Robyn, of Boone........Helen Hadaway, 86, Boone..Gilbert H.S.-47. She and her husband, Willard, farmed in north Boone County until moving to Boone in 1989. Boone area survivor is a son, Richard, of Boone.........Norma Jean Majors, 86, Boone. BHS-46. In earlier years, worked at Mitchel (sp?) Drug. Was a housekeeper for private families. Boone area survivors include a daughter, Linda, son Craig, grandchildren and great grandchildren all of Boone.........Robert (Bob) Wirtz, 88, Ogden..Born in Ogden. Attended Ogden schools. Worked five years at John Deere, then farmed until  1991..Moved to Ogden in 1994. Boone area survivor is a son, Jeff, Of Ogden........Ada Sprecher, 97, Ogden. Born in Ogden. Farmed with her husband, Arnold, north of Ogden until 1978 when they moved to Ogden. No Boone area survivors.........Debbi Mount?........Roger Dee, 80, Boone. Was a baker at Archway, worked at Firestone in Des Moines and for Per Mar Security as well as being a seasonal farm worker. Boone area survivors include his wife, Marilyn, son Jeff and daughter Julie, all of Boone........Colin Tesdall, 58, Ames. Grew up in Ames. Was a roofing contractor. Boone area survivor is a brother, Joel Tesdall of Boone.
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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Boone Connected Deaths

     Its been a tough week for the BHS class of '53, the Kornerman's class. We've lost two of our classmates in recent days. That means 49 of our class members are now deceased.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Charlie Hancock, 80, Omaha. Formerly of Fort Dodge. BHS-53. Was a state champion runner. Won the 800 meter event. Spent some early years in Chicago but moved to Fort Dodge in 1963 where he co-owned and operated Carney and Hancock railroad salvage. He also owned Charles Brown men's clothing stores in Fort Dodge and Spencer. Moved to Omaha in 2015. His wife, the former Janese Carney of Boone, survives. Charlie's dad, the late Garland Hancock, was a former Boone Mayor............Clinton Elliott, 81, Boone. BHS-53. Worked at Fareway for over 20 years. Boone area survivors include his sons, Craig and Dennis, daughters, Coleen Jones and Eileen Degner, and brothers and sisters-in-law, Maurice Phipps, Phyliss Lindahl, Howard Williams and Ida Williams, all of Boone and his brother, Clifford Elliott, of Logansport..........Ernestine Safly, 104, Boone area..........Roger Dee, 80, Boone..........M. Anita Leininger (Glasgow), 89, Lincoln, NE (?). Married Dr. Lester Leininger in Boone in 1946. The couple moved to Utah in 1946. Anita was a teacher..........Charles Lanam, 81, Marshalltown Veterans Home..........Gwynneth Stumpenhorst, 89, Ogallala, NE. BHS-44. Born in Boone. Parents were M.J. and Ferne Heldt. Lived in Ogden until 1943 when moved to Boone. Gwynneth and husband, Charles, farmed until 1953 when the couple moved to Colorado. Boone area survivors include her brother, Edmund Heldt, and brother-in-law, Marvin Stumpenhorst, both of Boone, sister-in-law, Eldora Heineman, and brother-in-law, Dean Youngren, both of Ogden..........Grace Parkinson Piersma, 70, Zeeland, MI. BHS-63. Born in Boone. Was a banker. No Boone area survivors. Her sister,  Nancy Parkinson Ford, the wife of Larry Ford, is among the survivors. Nancy and Larry are Boone natives.
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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

An Old Guy but New Experiences

     Yes, the Kornerman has enjoyed some new experiences in recent days. First, I attended my first Microphonies event.
     This group of mostly retired guys with longtime careers in radio and television meet in West Des Moines once a month at Wednesday noon. Former KWBG colleague Larry Kelley had attended in the past and had invited me a time or two to ride down with him. I finally accepted the invitation.
     By the way, even though we spell our last names the same, we are not and never have been related. In those good old days, we were neighbors up in the Crawford Street area.
     The event was very enjoyable. There were probably 20 or so in attendance and, of course, most were from the older generation and most from the D.M. Metro area. There were two ladies on hand, one who worked mostly in sales and another who did "on air" work.
     I had to smile.......most were very casually or less than casually dressed except for one guy who actually wore a suit coat. When the introductions were made, we discovered he was a former station manager, not a grunt. That stuck out like a sore you know what.
     In those introductions, one thing, that I was already aware of, was even more clear. Radio-TV is a very volatile business. I'd say, without exception, when the guys and gals introduced themselves and presented a little career background information, they listed three, four, maybe five or even six different organizations they had worked for.
     It seems there are always stations for sale, stations changing hands, changing formats, changing administrators and this results in numerous personnel changes. Of course its a very competitive business and the bottom line is trying to find what is going to work best.
     Anyway, it made me realize I had made a good decision when I had a good non-radio opportunity and grabbed it rather than "gamble my chances" in a profession I truly loved.
     The self intros, some good food and good conversation was about it...........90 to 120 minutes and we were gone. There were lots of good memories and lots of laughs. What more would you want.
     P.S. The food was good but the pizza looked exceptional. I had a cheeseburger but, upon sight, wished I had ordered the Italian offering instead. I will  next time.
     Mark Campbell was on hand so there were three ex-KWBG employees in attendance. Another, Mike Pace, has been known to attend, but not this time. Steve Locker appeared with a sweatshirt that read, "My Grandpa Gets Van and Bonnie on the Air Each Morning." Yes, he was a WHO morning engineer until recent retirement. A couple more well known folks in attendance were Peter McClain, who was a member of that KIOA gang that was so popular years ago and Phil Thomas, who I remember as a well known television news man on one of the metro stations.
     Then too, we've seen the ads and Jo and I finally decided to invest in the Life Line screening program.
     It was held here in town and there were five main components checked........carotid artery, peripheral arterial (lower extremities), abdominal aortic aneurysm, atrial fibrillation and osteoporosis risk.
     There were those five stations visited, no pain involved and within a couple hours, maybe a bit less, everything was done.
     If a problem was noticed that might require immediate attention, you were informed. If not, you would receive the results of all the tests within a couple weeks. In my personal case, I went in knowing I had atrial fib and have been medicating it. A few days later, I received a call from Life Line informing me I had atrial fib. The caller said they just wanted to let me know in case I was unaware. They seemed happy to know I was already being doctored for that. Life Line will inform your local doctor of all the test results.
     I'm glad we did this. Seemed like a good preventive measure. Had never had carotid checked before and the other offerings seemed like reasonable things to keep tabs on.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Marjorie Logan, 93, Newton. Boone area survivor is a son, Ed Logan,of Boone........Claudia Spindler Mohr, 82, Boone. Born in Boone. Parents were Claude and Charlotte Anderson. Was a ParaProfessional at a high school in Omaha. Boone area survivors include her son, Duane Spindler, a brother, Ed Anderson, and a nephew, Mark Anderson, all of Boone..........Wendell Marsh, 84, Columbia, MO (?)...........Ramona Fisher McNair, 83, Boone. Grew up on a farm near Stratford. Stratford H.S.. Taught at Madrid Elementary. Boone area survivors include her husband, Lee McNair, and step-daughter, Lisa Miller, both of Boone........Sheryl Miller, 51, Ames. Served as a teacher's aide at United Community.
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Saturday, April 9, 2016

A 150 Year Celebration

     Boone's First Presbyterian Church is having a big 150th celebration this weekend and Korner viewer, Jim Harken, will "come home" to enjoy the festivities.
     The Kornerman was a bit worried about Jim, a BHS grad, when he forsake our beautiful city and state for a move to Arizona. But, eventually, he came to his better senses and came back to Iowa. He now lives in the Des Moines area, but works in Ames as a County Services Project Manager for Iowa State University.
     Jim's parents are well known in Boone. His dad, Richard, was a longtime pastor at First Presbyterian and his mom was a longtime Boone teacher prior to their retirement. They still have close ties to Boone but now reside "closer to Jim's family" in that suburb down south.
     Jim wrote, "I plan to be in old Boone-town Sunday. They have a special service lined up with a catered meal after. Should be a great day of memories with all of our Boone church family."
     He added, "We moved to Boone in 1985 and the Harken's lived there until the folks retired a couple years ago when they moved to the Des Moines area. Twenty-five of those 30 years, dad was the pastor of First Presbyterian. Lots of good memories of Boone for all of those years. I remember when the church was painted a kind of pumpkin orange color and they spent a summer scraping off that old paint and allowing for the red brick to show through like it does now.When I was in junior high and high school, one of my summer jobs was mowing the lawn for the church. It also turned me into being a tourist guide for Boone, as many people from outside of town would stop to ask directions to either the Boone and Scenic Valley or the Mamie Eisenhower birthplace. I can't forget you Mo, or Boone.....way too many memories with both. Keep up the good work my friend."
     The Kornerman would be remiss if I didn't remind viewers that you may remember Jim as the guy who has acted as spokesperson (M.C.) for the Municipal Band Festival each summer here for many years.
     Diane Lewis wrote about Iowa Ghost Towns. She wrote, "I've been reading your blog since my daughter brought it to my attention. I share your birthday but not the year. I was born in 1947. I graduated with the class of 1965 from BHS and have kept in contact with a few close friends. I wanted to pass a site on to you. It may bring up some memories for a few people. I wish I had paid more attention to my parents, uncles, aunts and grandma Coe."
     The Kornerman did pull up the site........, yes, did find it interesting. A little history of each town. Don't know if any of our older, small towns in the Boone area would qualify as ghost towns but there certainly are some almost forgotten small towns in the area that would, no doubt, provide lots of great history of "days gone by."
     Thanks Diane.
     While we're in a thanking mood, Korner appreciation goes to good buddy Dick Musser, who very generously remembered us and our efforts this week. He certainly enjoys the twice-a-week editions and is anxious for them to continue.
     Classmate Dick Longworth, BHS-53, was kind enough to send us an obituary that appeared recently in the Chicago he thought some Korner viewers would find interesting.
     Boone native Donald Josephson, a BHS grad, passed away at age 75 in late February in Wheaton, IL. He was an associate professor of math at Wheaton College for 27 years.
     Although he pursued a career in math, he was also always interested in music and played the violin for many years in Wheaton's orchestra. After earning a master's degree in math from the University of Michigan, he taught at Freeport Community College in Freeport, IL. That was followed with a short tenure as a teacher at Mercer University in Macon,GA. and then a teaching assignment at the University of Oklahoma while he earned his doctorate.
     Many of Don's colleagues were very complimentary regarding his service to Wheaton College and its students. A classroom in the college Math and Science building is now known as the Donald A. Josephson Mathematics Project Room.
     Donald is survived by his wife, three daughters and his sister, Ruth Josephson Porikos, also a BHS grad.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Ramona McNair, 83, Boone........Carmella Irvine, 88, Boone. Moved to Boone in 2009. Boone area survivors include her daughters, Catherine Long, Carmella Edberg and Mary Irvine, all of Boone..........Garrett (Bud) Erickson, 86, Littleton, CO. Born in Ogden. He, his wife, Deloris Laidley Erickson, and family moved to Colorado in 1958. Bud owned several gas stations, a flower shop, a car wash and a liquor store...........Arvid Huffman, 85, Boone. BHS-48. Worked at the Fort Dodge, Des Moines Southern Railroad and then for many years at Boone State Bank. Was a Vice President and head cashier. Boone area survivors include his wife, Catherine (Katie) and sons, Charles, David and Brian, all of Boone. He is also survived by his brother, Buck, and daughters, Dorene Buckingham and Denise Walters, all of  Boone and his sister, JoAnn Townsend of Ogden.........Marvin Stumpenhorst, 85, Ogden. OHS-47. He and his wife, Ruth, farmed south of Ogden. Boone area survivors include his son, Mark, of Stratford and daughter, Jo Ellen Nissen, of Pilot Mound, his sister, Eldora Heineman, and brother-in-law, Dean Youngren, both of Ogden and sisters-in-law, Mary Lou Corson, Faye Grems and Marion Rogers all of Boone.
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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Boone Connected Deaths

     Boone Connected Deaths: Vernon Shipley, 95, Carlisle. In his early years, Vernon worked as a railroad mechanic and resided with his wife, Opal, in Fraser..........Marvin Stumpenhorst, 85, Ogden...
John Kane, 86, Boone. Stratford HS-47. Was a longtime postal clerk in Ames. Retired in 1990. Boone area survivor is his wife, Leah, of Boone...........James Seals, 87, Madrid. A woodcarver. Boone area survivors include his wife, Mary Lou, of Madrid, his children, Lisa Seals and Lynn Williams, both of Woodward and a grandson, Mark Williams of Boone.
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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Go Go Cubbies!!

     AhHa! Major League baseball officially begins this weekend after several weeks of spring training.
     Three games on Sunday are the league's alpha but the real "official" opener is Monday night when the Chicago Cubs play at Los Angeles against the Angels. It will be a late game, midwest time, but the Kornerman plans to survive each and every pitch deep into the night. Go Cubbies!
     This brings me to a main subject. Each year, at about this time, the Kornerman hears from our good, longtime friend Ann Ominous. For several years now, we have received in the mail a pocket calendar of the Cubs schedule for that year from that unknown friend to whom we say, "thank you." Much appreciated.
     One of our suburban neighbors, Joanne Elliott Hansson, BHS-69, now of Ames wrote, "I, too, have fond memories of the local "corner" grocery stores. The first one I remember was Rinehart's on the corner of Fifth and Benton. It was a big event to get to walk over there and buy penny candy and, maybe, a bottle of pop. The Rinehart's were always so nice to us. In later years, when we moved to the north part of town it became Fergie's on 16th Street. It was the destination in the summer for a bicycle ride, to get a bottle of pop, and spend plenty of time deciding what type of candy to buy. They had a great assortment of candy and one could fill a small paper bag with all sorts of interesting goodies. They, later, added a toy store. I remember many good times looking at Barbie dolls and all the accessories that accompanied her. I am sure I'm not the only one who's childhood involved a local neighborhood grocery store......maybe others can share?"
     After several years in the Chicago area, Boone area native, Sharil Morain, realized where her "real" home was and where she should be. Sharil is our newest neighbor on Aldrich and she is promoting for her alma mater, Iowa State University, and, particularly, for the ISU Cyclone Marching Band.
     That band has been invited to represent the United States in June as the musical ensemble for the D-Day Memorial and Celebration ceremonies at Omaha Beach and Brittany Cemeteries in Normandy, France. What an honor. As Sharil wrote, "this is a humbling and special opportunity for our students and staff."
     But then..........there's the cost involved. This is a 170 piece band and not only do the band members need transportation........there's also the many instruments such as a full percussion section, including 15 sousaphones. Think of that........and, how many drums etc.
     This is a link that can be used for donating funds........
     What is Sharil's special interest? The Kornerman was very interested in learning that Sharil was a member of that band for five years and was the drum major, directing the band her final three years.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Jack Arthur Grovier, 86, West Des Moines. Born in Boone. Parents were Forest and Mignonne Grovier...........Velma Mae Alcott, 92, Madrid. Born in Boone. Parents were Henry and Bessie Peterson. Her husbands, Virgil Munson, Jack Gibson and Chauncey Alcott, are all deceased. Boone area survivor is a daughter, Barbara Burich of Madrid.............Lynn Runge, 80, Madrid. Formerly of Boone. Parents were Herbert and Anna Smith. Served in the U.S. Army and, later, in  civilian life, as an X-ray technician. After her service years, worked at Iowa State..................
LaVerne (Bud) Platter, 86, Boone. Formerly of Moingoina. Born in Boone. Attended Boone schools.U.S. Army and Iowa National Guard vet. Was a brick mason, 30 of those years as Platter Masonry. Boone area survivors include his wife, Gwen, son Steve Platter and sister, Janet Pepper, all of Boone............Judy Patterson, 80, Boone. BHS-54. ISU grad-59. Did graduate work at Auburn, AL. Served many years as a chemist at the Animal Disease Lab. Boone area survivors include her husband, Ron Schmickley, sons, Sean, Tim and Brian and brother, Patrick Garvey, all of Boone.
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