Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Kornerman Loves to Help

     The Kornerman is always happy to bring old friends or acquaintances together or information about them after an absence and that has happened three times in recent days.
     Received a call from Don Mueller up in West Union. Don was interested in the whereabouts of a former Boone neighbor, Patty Donovan, and we were able to provide a Tulsa, OK. address. Then, Darrell and Jane Hanel mentioned they had lost track of Kenny Sundall and we provided Kenny's , Cedar Rapids address. Finally, Larry Kelley was wondering, "whatever happened to Wes Nielson, who worked at KWBG when you (the Kornerman) and I did? Also, who was our station manager at that time?"
     The Hanel's also reported that the Boone Golf and Country Club had a pro golfer on site in the 1950's. His name was Andy Moscery. He did the usual pro things, giving lessons and running tournaments and eventually married Mary Jane Ackerman of Boone.  The Hanel's said Moscery was here for certain about 1957 and maybe a few years before and after. Andy and Mary Jane eventually moved to Florida.
     Billie Ackerman was a classmate of mine, BHS-53, and a good athlete who later became a teacher and coach. He and his wife attended one of our monthly class meetings several months ago. They reside in the Des Moines metro area. Both of his parents were outstanding Boone golfers.
     Larry wrote, "I remember Wes living in a little house kind of set back in the yard over on the southwest side of town and his little sports car."
     The Kornerman replied that I remember when Wes left Boone and, eventually, was the operator of Colorado Feed and Grain restaurant in Des Moines. He is now deceased. Regarding the station managers, I think it was either Dick Johnson, Vic Sayer or Ken Kilmer in those days.
     Larry replied, "I worked for Ken Kilmer and liked him a lot. Kilmer asked me to buy into the station once but personal things happened that kept me from doing so. Wish I had though. I worked with Mike Pace, Lowell Heffelfinger (he went by the last name Ellis), Mark Campbell, Dennis Borwick but I can't remember the program director or manager back when the Garvey's owned the station and the BNR. You know, the "Good Ole Days."
     Adding to the "Good Ole Days," good old KWBG buddy Tom Quinlan, who was an early mentor of mine, along with Rollie Peterson, is still in Perry and just celebrated another birthday a week or so ago. He's in his ninety's and not only guided me but was also instrumental in the success of Van Harden and Steve Locker of WHO radio (Van and Bonnie) and many others who benefitted from his teaching.
     That also reminds me that another great friend who was very important in the early life of wife Jo, Rose Hall, has an 89th birthday on Friday. Rose was one of Jo's teacher/coaches at Dayton High way back and, of course, she eventually spent many years guiding Boone students too. Her address is 232 South Boone if you wish to forward thanks and/or congratulations.
     Tom Peterson, who spent a hour or so with the Kornerman last week, sent an interesting newspaper clipping the other day.  It told that the Boone Little League program was organized in 1955 with a four-team league playing games at the McHose Park diamond. Cecil Malcom, Rev. Robert Stabenow, Dale Ray and Ray Chance were the team managers and the Cubs and Giants tied for the league championship with 11-7 records.
     In 1956, the Giants  won the title with a 15-3 mark and the all-star players were Tom Helzer, Rick Barry, Steve Hilts, Ed Blaess, Denny Askvig, Tom McGriff, Joe Geyman, Arlyn Lindahl, Joe Reedholm, Roger McCoy, Roger Dutton, Max Highland, Steve Miller and Raeford Bell.
     In 1957, the Giants were winners at 16-4 and the all-star roster included Terry Sparks, Rick Metcalf, Brett Downey, Rick Barry, Mike Loehrer, John Bush, Marv Dutton, Roger Dutton, Jim Caldwell, Denny Adreon, Denny Ellenwood, LeRoy Clabaugh, Ron Mills, Ron Keller and Steve Duffy.
    In 1965, the Braves were the winner and the all-star players were Rick Fontanini, Rick Atherton, Tom Price, Barry Cory, Jay Nelson, Spike Davis, Mark Johnson, Brian Walker, Kim Rinehart, Terry Harris, Larry Harris, Denny Richards, Jim Whitmer, Jim McVicker and Merrill Tam.
     Boone Area Deaths: Jackie Siders, 85, Boone. BHS-47. Was a day care provider and worked in the dietary department of the Eastern Star Home. Boone area survivors include son Dan, daughters Shellie and Jill Siders and sister-in-law Eileen Siders.........John Crandell, 56, Manning, IA. Formerly of Boone. BHS-77. Worked many years at Quinn's in Boone. Boone area survivors include a brother Allan and sister April Franksain of Boone.........Ruth Anderson Ott, 86, Boxholm. Born in Boone and attended Boone schools. She and her husband, Leo, farmed. Then, she worked at Rueben Lundberg Implement in Dayton and Kelly Insurance in Fort Dodge. Boone area survivors include daughter Veva Teeters of Ogden..........Jay Mallas, 86, Boone.
     There has been no Boone media report of this but, apparently, former Boone resident, Bobby Reedholm recently passed away in California.
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Saturday, October 25, 2014

They'll Be Back

     Word just received from Ross Hanson who lives in Fond du Lac, WI.
     Again this year, that fabulous Halloween extravaganza will be alive (after a fashion) and well in the Kelley neighborhood.......around Aldrich and South Greene.
     Ross wrote, "I talked with my sister, Nikki Mullins, and Nikki and Tim, her husband, are getting ready for another fun night next Friday, Oct. 31, with their annual Halloween display which will feature several new, scary additions. I plan on coming down Tuesday to help Tim with setting up. I'm praying he doesn't break his arm again like last year."
     The Kornerman says the Mullins really go all out for the kids of the community with this terrific display.......and it's lots of work. They do it in a quick and orderly fashion. Will get it up for Friday and by Saturday morning, it will be "put away" for another year.
     The display is quite an attraction and then many of the youngsters who come to see it, drift a couple hundred yards eastward and knock on our door. We've got the candy ready.
     Danna Kelly was a great Toreador athlete in several sports with a heavy emphasis on the running events.........and she's still at it. After her outstanding high school and collegiate career as a standout runner, she still has that competitive urge.
     Des Moines hosted it's annual marathon events last week and in the half marathon, Danna Kelly Herrick placed third overall while winning the 25-29 year old championship.
     Had great fun a week ago this morn. Was invited out to the BHS/Sacred Heart class of 1959 reunion at the Scout Cabin in McHose Park.
     First, let me say that I hadn't been at that cabin for quite some time and it was certainly a great fit, a very nice facility for such a gathering.
     It was wonderful to see my host Steve Shaler, along with others such as Chuck McGriff, Larry Ford, Jim Moore, Tim Croxen and various other out-of-towners who I don't see very often. Of course, the ladies of  the class were well represented too. And,  about the time I was departing, one of their ex-teachers/coaches, Chuck Lovin, was appearing.
     Speaking of former Toreador student/athletes, Tom Peterson was in touch this week and wanted to know if the Kornerman would be available this very morning for a visit. Tom is a computer guru for the University of Northern Iowa and I'm  looking forward to our get together to review old times, true or not.
     Larry Kelley sent some Jimmy Archer Field memories. He wrote, "I went by the site of the old Jimmy Archer Field and the slab where the press box stood was still there and I went out and stood where I used to pitch. Jack Mustapha and I used to "duel" in our neighborhood, pitching against each other. I should have continued with baseball as I recall going 19 wins and only one loss when I was 12 years old. We all loved baseball and those neighborhood games created such great memories. Gone all too soon like the song says, "Where's that Time Machine When we Need One?" I also would go back to the old KWBG days. I remember my first day on the air sitting in for Wes Nielson and doing Tops in Pops. Remember that program? I made the dumbest statement for my first open mic attempt. Dial Your Neighbor with Mr. Mo Kelley. Great program and you handled it so professionally."
     P.S. Larry informs that with Jamie's hometown show coming in just a few weeks (Nov. 15), he's been invited to appear on the "Great Day" television program on KCWI-TV Nov. 13 at 8 a.m. and will be on KWBG with Makala Brinkley of the Boone YMCA on Nov. 5 from 8:50 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. talking about the coming concert.
     You may have noticed in the BNR that one of Jamie's original songs, "Perfect Day to Say Goodbye" starts off a short film making it's debut in Hollywood the first part of November. The film was produced and written by Wes Worthing of Boone.
     Boone Area Deaths:  Roger King, 64, Boone. OHS-68. Worked at Ogden Building Materials, was a National Guardsman and was a Supervisor/Animal Caretaker at ISU for many years. Boone area survivors include his wife, Deborah, of rural Boone, sons Roger and Mathew and daughter Melinda, mother, JoAnn, mother-in-law Sharon Wisecup and sister-in-law Jody Wisecup all of Boone..............
Emma Easton, 75, Sioux City who was born in Boone.
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


     Yes, beware, all of you who have already departed or are soon planning to leave our beautiful community to various places of despair. The old Kornerman is about to pull your chain a bit.
     We noticed just this morn a note in the D.M. Register titled, "Retirement rankings: Hawaii 1st, IOWA SECOND."
     MoneyRates com. tracks certificate of deposit and savings rates and other financial information. The rating is based on five factors: economics, including taxes and cost of living, crime rates, weather, senior life expectancy and the size and growth of a state's senior population and Iowa rated "well above average in four out of five," scoring highest in the crime category, for it's low property and violent crime rates.
     To be fair, I suppose we need to mention that Kiplinger's says Iowa is not tax friendly for retirees because the state "taxes a considerable amount of retirement income and doesn't offer a low sales-tax rate or other tax trade-offs to make up for it." The Register story also says, "high property tax rates have  hurt the state in such rankings but the state has won points for it's low cost of living and for not taxing Social Security benefits."
     AND, is there a prettier place on the planet than Boone, Iowa at this time of year?  I hope you've checked out the Ledges, Linwood Park and etc.
     O.K., call me an unabashed, shameless, unapologetic cheerleader for Iowa and particularly Boone, Iowa. Always have been, always will be.
     P.S. You're not given credit for retiring here if you are galivanting around other parts of the country for several months each year. We tough people are here, "all the time."
     In a most recent edition, we were lamenting the fact that some of the material Gretchen has gathered and the Kornerman has gathered in our respective lives may eventually reach it's zenith with nobody willing to retain or continue.
     Larry Kelley wondered about such info being contained in a book. He wrote, "I think it would be a very important part of the history of life in Boone. Being a very nostalgic person that I am, the past means a great deal to me."
     We're just three weeks away from Jamie Kelley's big Boone show at the high school auditorium and Larry informs us that a young Boone boy is getting the opportunity of a lifetime. He wrote, "14-year old Hawk McIntyre will get a chance to do a couple of songs at the show."
     The show will be held November 15 and, in addition to Jamie and Hawk, the show will include the Keith Sisters, Holly and Hilary from Branson, and Jamie's band, the Heart and Soul Band. A few VIP reserved seats are available but most tickets are general admission and general seating. Buy before November 14 and save $5 off the regular door fee of $25. Tickets are available at Eckstein's or the Boone YMCA.
     Dorothy Clifton's note last time provided a good memory. She talked about the K.C. dances and athletes not being allowed to attend because those dances were on Thursday night, the night before the Friday night games. That was the coaches rule.
     Of course, smoking and drinking were, obviously, banned and, in those days, drugs were hardly mentioned. To an extreme, I read recently of some high school coaches, back in those days, even putting their stamp on what was proper to eat and what shouldn't be consumed. Candy and pop might be off limits.
     Things are and always have been different for college athletes as compared to high school competitors and I'll never forget being a member of a winless Boone Junior College basketball team in the mid-50's. Our coach was Elmer Hokanson......a great guy who enjoyed a good laugh as much as the next guy. One day, in his locker room spiel, he concluded with something like this...."Fellows, I know you are adults now and I'm not going to judge your seasonal behavior but the maintenance people are complaining. Please quit leaving your cigarette butts on the locker room floor."
     Boone Area Deaths: Erma Lester, 97, Ogden...........Roger King, 64, rural Boone...........Ruth Ott, 86, Boxholm..........Robert (Bob) Thompson, 63, Ames. Raised in Grand Junction area. East Greene High grad. Worked for the Governor's Traffic/Safety Bureau over 20 years. Married Susan Aitken of Boone in 1978. Lived in Ames and Story County.
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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Such Fun

     Great to hear from Dorothy Clifton this week with some comments about the old K.C. dances AND the fact that the Toreador basketball players were banned from attending because the dances were on a Thursday night, the night before a game. That brings to mind some other "rules" which athletes were expected to adhere to in those days. Hey, maybe some of these pro and college athletes we read about every day in the news these days should have similar "codes of conduct."
     Dorothy wrote, "years ago, and I do mean years ago, I remember we had K.C. dances on Thursday night and the cost to enter was 10 cents. A priest would be there to watch over us and the football and basketball players were never allowed to attend because their games were on Friday night. I remember, as I went with Pinky Clifton at the time and coach Bucky O'Conner never allowed his team to join in the fun. We always looked forward to these dances and, in those days, we weren't in a lot of trouble like you hear about today. The music was from records and I imagine there were some students who brought their favorite records for us to dance too. I can't remember the exact location, but it was upstairs in the middle of the block on Story Street between Eighth and Ninth on the East side, not too far from where the movie theatre is. Sorry to be so vague about the location or the priest's name but I do remember looking forward to the dances. I really look forward to your news every week too, as others have written and thanked you. You do a great job Mo. Thanks for the memories. I hope others can fill in the gaps on the K.C. dances."
     Classmate Margaret Kooser also checked in this week. She wrote, "with all the Redeker news, I didn't realize they were planning a move. Since relatives Bill Curell and his son, Jim, had been a part of the store for some time, it came as a surprise. Don't get much news about Boone happenings other than your blog, so I too, like my sister-in-law Lou Oxenford, am sorry when your feedback is not enough to do your blog. After sort of retiring last July, I moved to Western Colorado with my niece Deb and her husband Rick. We have been checking Grand Junction, CO where my nephew lives. Then Deb saw a notice in the paper that they were looking for a certain qualified person at the Caterpillar location in Grand Junction. Rick went in and they were very receptive towards him and it only took about a week to say "welcome." Now, we will be moving from Silt, CO. to Grand Junction before the end of the month. I will once again be a bookkeeper for another venture Rick has in the works. Just keep the numbers rolling! As the summer rec programs were mentioned, that is how my sis, Marilee, and Bill Curell got together. I think they were at the old Franklin school, but would not bet on the location. I was playing a pickup game of softball one day and got hit square in the nose. Turned the playground red that day. Bill's mother was also one of the long standing telephone operators in Boone. Guess family ties keep me grounded to a lot of Boone activities. Hope the class of '53 will be meeting again next year, but I could possibly drop in sooner. Also, hope this is the last move I make. I've done too much of it the last 30 years."
     The Kornerman had mentioned having some historical material on BHS sports activities and not knowing what to do with it so it simply wouldn't pass away after I pass away. It's been a lot of work over a long period of time such as  tracking down every Toreador football game from the very start in the late 1800's. Every opponent, every score and where the game was played. Same thing with swimming and other sports activities.
     I won't be around forever and I'd like to pass this type of material on to someone who would, at least, protect it if not add to it.
     John Kueck is such a great contributor and he wrote this week with some ideas such as the library, historical society, the Boone News, someplace for a public viewing or, of course, the school itself. In that latter regard, he wrote, "maybe it could be a project for students to create an archive in the school, maybe the cheer leaders or some similar group could take it on at the first of the school year as a project."
     To be honest, the material just covers the beginning, way back,  to about 1971 when I left newspaper work to join the IHSAA. So, recent years are missing. By the way, quite some time ago, I did leave a complete copy of everything I had to the school's athletic department. I have no idea if it is still available there or ??. If so, if it is still available there, I guess I should stop worrying about it..........
     Thanks to John for the ideas and also the interesting maps he sent......maps that show where major league baseball and NFL fan support exists for each league team.
     I don't believe I know Peggy Watkins but congratulations anyway. I noted in the D.M. Register that she is from Boone and a finalist for a Women of Innovation Award. Her category is Academic Innovation and Leadership,  Secondary.
     A total of 45 female entrepreneurs, academics and others have been nominated in the Technology Association of Iowa's seventh annual Women of Innovation awards. Winners will be announced November 11.
     Boone Area Deaths: Laura Samuelson, 103, Stanhope. Born on the family farm near Boxholm. BHS-29. Became a registered nurse. Was married in Boone. The family farmed in the Stanhope area.
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Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Plethora of Topics

     Talk about bypassing all the fluff and getting right to the point, Mark Tompkins wrote, "I have nothing to report, but wanted you to know that I'm always disappointed when I click on the Korner and find there is no update."
      Then there was Lou Oxenford who wrote, "Mo. What has happened? I can't find you on the internet. You haven't quit have you? We all hope that isn't the reason I can't find you!!!. This is Wednesday and I'm lost without your great articles. Please tell us you're O.K. and will be back again soon."
     The Kornerman replied to Lou that I'm "still kickin" maybe not so high some days but...... I think with a little advice, we got Lou back on track.
     In both cases, let me say that nobody is more disappointed when we have to bypass publication days because of a lack of material than the old Kornerman. I don't like that either......not one bit BUT again, it all depends on viewers out there in Kornerland. We simply don't exist without your know, stories/memories/comments/ we always say.
     Mark added, "Meanwhile, you mentioned telephone operators back in the day. That could be a springboard to party lines. Certainly some Korner readers must have some interesting and mirthful tales of party lines."
     Sorry Mark, we did throw out that bait......but nobody grabbed the hook.
     The Kornerman had an opportunity to "hook up" with Bob Lamb, BHS-42, this week and had an interesting conversation about some good old days of the late 30's, early 40's.
     Bob tried different sports in high school but was most successful in swimming. He was a sophomore in the 1939-40 school year and graduated at the end of the 41-42 school year. Now living in the Dayton, OH area, Bob said, "actually our swim coaches were a pair of junior college students, Bob Cramer (not the Bob of Fareway etc. of course) and Ed Updegraff, followed by Jan Harken Welin. I tried football in my sophomore season when Wayne Hill was the varsity coach and his assistant was Bucky O'Conner. I wasn't very good, had a helmet with no strap and a second or third team uniform. I tackled John Handley once, my helmet flew and his knee hit my ear which resulted in a broken ear drum. It's kind of ironic that I saw Bucky O'Conner twice while in the service. I saw him when he was teaching physical education at Jefferson Barracks and then on a ship, on the way home from Japan, I heard his name mentioned and we got together. One of the first things he asked was, "how is your ear drum.""
     The Kornerman must mention how great it's been recently to "vibe and jive" with a pair of good friends, Mike Loehrer and Roger Dutton. Mike had called from his home base, Dublin, OH, a few weeks back and wanted to visit with the old Kornerman when coming to Boone and Roger just called the other day wondering how the "old guy" was getting along.
     P.S. Many of you know Roger has a serious health problem that needs correcting but he still hasn't had that surgery which will be a tedious and dangerous one. He said, "I'm ready but the doctors are just waiting for the "right moment." He sounded good and, in fact, had just returned from a vacation overseas.
     This goes back several editions. Gretchen (Otis of course) wrote, "you wrote about Skateland and Winona (Starner) Mylenbusch Decker. When Charles Decker passed away, Nony moved to Ames to be closer to a son. I talked to her this year when I was researching "Skaters Paradise," a roller rink located outside of the east gate of the Ledges back in the late 1930's. The rink was built by the Rice brothers from western Iowa and Nebraska. It burned down on Christmas eve of 1942. I haven't found any printed information on this rink or on the fire. It did not have an organ but just used recorded music. Darlene Lincoln, BHS-40, provided some information and some pictures. Her father, Orrie Clark of Boone, was the rink manager and she was the "skate girl.""
     P.S.: Gretchen, who has some health issues, is doubly worried. She wrote, "I've enjoyed keeping track of the BHS/Sacred Heart classes over the years and assisting surrounding schools but I have no idea what will become of all the information I've gathered. So far, no one has shown any interest in housing it or continuing this project. Any ideas???"
     The Kornerman says, "she's put a ton of time and work into this project and it would be a shame to see it deteriorate or completely die. It contains a lot of history, validity etc. etc. but needs a younger person to grab it and continue what Gretchen has put her heart and soul into for so many years."
     P.S. 2: Reminds me of the Kornerman's similar situation. I'm, of course, not getting any younger either and I have considerable information about BHS athletics that I have gathered over a 65-year period and am wondering how to keep that from simply "passing away."
     The time is drawing near. The BHS/Sacred Heart classes of 1959 will be meeting next weekend in Boone for their 55th gathering. There will be a breakfast at the Scout Cabin Shelter House in McHose Park Saturday morning and a get-together at the home of the Munson's, Emily and Alan, in Ames that evening. As far as the Kornerman knows, this is probably the last class reunion of the year.
     Boone Area Deaths: Carl Steig, 81, Fort Dodge, formerly of Boone. Carl was an industrial arts teacher at BHS and while in Boone, built his own home here. No Boone area survivors........................
Marvin (Bud) Walters, 87, Ackley/Boone. Boone area survivors include his wife, Jean, and daughter, Vicky Van Dyke...........James Obrecht, 78, Ames. Was a pharmacist in Ames and Huxley. Boone area survivor is his wife, Judirae Hendricks Harris Obrecht, a Boone native..........Iola Doty, 81, Ames, formerly of Stratford, Was a homemaker and worked as a CNA at hospitals. Boone area survivors include daughters Janice Albracht of Woodward and Joyce Bricker of Stratford...........Susan Marie Morris, 58, Minnesota, formerly of Boone. BHS-73. Was a vocal music teacher and worked in libraries. No Boone area survivors..........Jerry Mackey, 83, Illinois, formerly of Boone. Was a lawyer/banker........Wilma May Miller, 79, Luther High grad. Born in Sugar Valley, west of Luther. Worked several years at Woodward Hospital. Then worked at ISU. Boone area survivors include a step-son, Bob Miller of Woodward, a brother, Dan Danielson of Madrid,  sisters Maxine Anderson and Mildred (Judy) Peterson of Madrid.
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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Our Guy Found the Monument

     You'll recall from our September 30 edition that we provided some information about a monument in southwestern Boone County paying tribute to some military personnel killed in the crash of a B-24 Air Force bomber during a severe storm in July of 1943. There were no survivors.
     Although some interested citizens had seen that the monument was erected and had made sure it was cared for, at least for a time after the installation, it seems that the monument has never received much countywide exposure or recognition. In fact, the current Boone County Historical Society Executive Director was unaware but assured that she would check into it and add it to their map of places to visit in Boone County.
     The Korner has followed up. We sent the Korner's Director of Boone County Memorial Facilities to the site for a "hands-on" report. Yes indeed, there is a monument that is easily located on "K" Avenue, a mile south of road E57. Our ace reporter said it appeared that there had been recent activity at the cleared monument area, there are some flowers and flags visible, and he even took a picture to show. It's a nice looking monument with what appears to be a metal-like front featuring pertinent information on the crash and even a listing of the personnel killed in the mishap. At the top of the monument is a wooden replica of a B-24 bomber. Our correspondent said that replica does show wear and tear and could use an update.
     Adding to our recent mention of the 70th anniversary of the BHS and Sacred Heart classes of 1944, we're sure some of you "more mature" aka older viewers might appreciate knowing who some of the attendees were: Jim Ash, Kenny and Helen Barnes, Bill and Jodie Beckwith, Eugene and Emogene (Olson) Criss, Bill Dahlien, Clarence and Marge Dixon, Margaret (Flynn) Ewing, Betty (Gutteridge) Ferry, Daryl and Betty (Fagin) Haerther, Helen (Rosengreen) Johnson, Clavonne (Dahlien) Kading, Jean (Wiley)  King, Lovey (Budd) Mondt, Charles (Dutch) Nelson, Roger and Louise Oxenford, Bonnie (Weber) Peppas, Don Shaw, John and Barb Veale, Iline (Welch) Westberg and Beverly (Wilson) Sellers.
     Nine actual '44 classmates attended. The remainder were invited members of other classes of the early 1940's.
     Al Roeder wrote this week, "I noted the mention of the 70th class reunion held recently by the class of 1944.  My mother, Jo Roeder, graduated  in 1929 from Boone High. She and the few surviving classmates met periodically into the early 2000's for a mini-reunion. I think the last few years, 2004 or 2005, there were only three of them left, she, Sanky Sunstrom and Jack Shelley. But, they would get together every few months for a mini-reunion. All three are now deceased. Still enjoying the Korner. Keep up the good work."
     Still on the subject of reunions, we received word from Jayne Clark Baugh and Loren Frazier about an interesting proposal. BHS classmates of 1958, Jayne and Loren are going to attempt a 75th birthday celebration in the fall of 2015 since most of those class members will be turning 75. It seems that Jayne had the short stick and was nominated by several classmates, spouses, and husbands to organize this event and Loren has agreed to help.
     What makes this interesting is the fact that the proposal is to have the event many miles from Boonetown. There has been talk of meeting at Graceland in Memphis with an alternate choice of Branson. Classmates who are interested are being polled as to their location choice. The organizers said the plan is for a two-day get-together next September. They're asking for a response by November 5. First, are you interested and secondly, where would you like the event to be held?
     Jayne can be contacted at 954-426-6443 or
     The next hometown reunion we know about will be held the weekend of October 18 when the BHS and Sacred Heart classes of 1959 get together for their 55th event.
     The mind is a strange thing or is it just the Kornerman's mind? Coming by the new Redeker's location recently I immediately drifted back to my KWBG radio days. We seemed to do lots of advertising for Brin's in Webster City.......just around the corner on Seneca Street. I can remember that so clearly but why?........especially when there are so many more important issues I can't command.  I guess Brin's was a well known furniture store with a large following in the central part of Iowa.
     Boone Area Deaths: Paul Whannell, 93, Boone. After farming, moved to Boone in 1971. Worked in maintenance at the Eastern Star and Boone Hospital and served the Iowa High School Athletic Association for 22 years. No Boone surivivors...........Doris Rogers Nordskog, 87, Britt, IA. BHS grad. Played trumpet in the BHS jazz band. Was a farmer's wife. No Boone survivors..........Violet Iles, 87, Boone. Formerly of Ogden. Pilot Mound High-45. Worked for Treloar's Hatchery, Ogden Telephone and Super Value in Ogden. Boone area survivors include step son Craig Iles of Boone..........John Flugstad, 68, Boone. Worked for the DOT, Quinn's and Electrolux. Boone area survivors include a son Mike and daughter Jill Harrington both of Boone.
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Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Great Success

     The 70th.....that's right......the 70th BHS class reunion is history and according to Gretchen Otis, who coordinated the event, it was a huge success. Gretchen mentioned that she had, some years ago, assisted Thelma Nelson Boyd with a 69th reunion by mail.....that would be the class of 1934.......but she still wonders if anyone knows of any previous 70th or beyond gathering?
     This most recent event actually drew grads from 1940 through 1946, ages 85 to 95. Five states were represented. A total of 36 attended the Open House, 30 to 35 the breakfast and train  ride. The official '44 class dinner, hosted by Bill and Jodie Beckwith at their home, was enjoyed by nine classmates.
     Gretchen praised Fenner Stevenson and his son and the Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad for their assistance. Fenner, Bill Beckwith and the late Marshall King were instrumental in obtaining and bringing "new wheels" from Nebraska to Boone for the handicapped accessable railroad car. It and a regular car were used for the group's train ride. Fenner's son applied the wheels and replaced a window and had it up and running shortly after it's arrival from Nebraska.
     We heard from former Booneite Jeff Tyrie this week but with sorrowful news. Jeff reported that his brother Dan, 72,  had passed away last June but he doubted if any of his Boone acqaintences were aware of that. Jeff wrote, "even though he wasn't a native, he loved Boone when we lived there and he returned several times a year to visit with friends and in-laws. Dan worked at Gambles for several years and opened up his own store, C+D TV and Appliance. He also ran a route for Archway for a time. He also built a race car that ran every weekend at the Boone Speedway with Larry Brown as the driver. For over 25 years in Lafayette, IN he ran a shop that he started as a small engine repair shop out of his garage that grew into a successful retail store that sold all types of mowers and landscaping gear. He wife, Kate (Crocheck) survives, along with three sons, all of whom were born in Boone."
     Jeff said the family lived in Boone from 1960-70. Dan came here before the rest of the family and remained here three or four years after the others had moved on. Wilbur, who was connected with Archway, was the dad of the family.
     In our last edition we mentioned receiving information from former Booneite Gene Keys and his wife, Karen (Helm) about a monument........a tribute to victims of a 1943 military plane crash in Boone County.
     A little more info now on Gene and Karen. Gene wrote, "I wasn't the most popular guy in school and was always in trouble. Not only did I grow up on the wrong side of the tracks, I grew up "between" the tracks. We had the Chicago and Northwestern in our back yard and right across the street in front was the old Fort Dodge, Des Moines/Southern interurban maintenence yards. Before the ink was even dry on my diploma, I was on a plane to Navy basic training. I made up for my earlier bad behavior while in the Navy, staying nine years. I then came back to Boone but couldn't find steady work. The only job I could get was as an electrician's helper at Quinn's. After a year there, several broken bones, a bad welding burn and so much black sand in the pores of my skin, I looked like a coal miner. I  received my appointment letter from J. Edgar Hoover and was off on a 26-year career with the FBI which took me all over the world. My first field office assignment was at Albuquerque, NM where I stayed for eight years. Then it was off to Washington D.C. where I transferred to the Intelligence Division and traveled the world. My last few years were spent at the FBI Academy at Quantico, VA. Karen came to Colorado in the early 70's and retired from Hewlett Packard and after that, ten years at Walmart. We were reunited via the internet and married a few years ago."
     Gene and Karen's older sister, Kay, were 1961 BHS grads. Another of Karen's sisters, LaVonne, lives in Castle Rock, CO. and there's a "little brother," Mel Helm, also in that family. Mel is retired and living in Tama. Mother Helm is Ruth who Gene said, "volunteered at the Boone hospital since "Moby Dick was a tad pole" and at the Mamie Eisenhower birth place. She also worked at Bournes for quite some time."
     P.S. We had mentioned in the last edition that former Ogden residents, Warren and Ruth Christensen, had a special interest in that monument. Now living in Loveland, CO where Gene and Karen live, the Christensen's, former owners of the Ogden roller rink, have a son, Mike, a retired Air Force Colonel who is married to LaVonne, Karen's sister.
     Boone Area Deaths: Esther May Schoff Barnhart,101, Boone. Moved to Boone after the death of her second husband, C.J. Barnhart. Four children survive, Elizabeth Nelson, Valenette Heldt, Roland Schoff and Evelyn Stockman.........Arvid Miller, 74, Ogden. OHS-60. Worked at Rolfes, Sears and Sonoco. Boone area survivors include his wife, Janet, son Kevin and sister, Lila Mallicoat of Boone........Janice Smith, 76, Boone. Longtime secretary at Bourns and after retirement, was a secretary at the Boone and Scenic Valley. Boone area survivors include daughters, Jacquelynn Smith and Jill Smith Ginther, and a sister, Betty Miller all of Boone..........Rev. Tom Geelan, 78, Ruthven, IA. Served Boone Sacred Heart parish for a time. Retired in 2007..........Randy Newton, 60, Ogden. OHS-72. A longtime employee of Ogden Municipal Utilities. Boone area survivors include his wife, Erica Fleming, son Bart and daughters, JoAnne Kirton and Amanda Mortensen of Ogden, and son, Justin, of Boone........Jeffrey Smiley, 55, Boone. BHS-78. Jeff worked 34 years for Besser Quinn Machine and Foundry in Boone. Then worked for Seneca in Webster City until retirement this year. Boone area survivors include his wife, Shelli, sons Aaron and Austin and daughter, Alyssa, father and mother-in-law, Jack and Bev Coffman, and brother-in-law, Chuck Coffman all of Boone.
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