Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Detailed Depot/Cafe Memories? We've Got Them

     Remember when we, the Korner, were struggling back and forth as to whether there was actually a Northwestern Hotel as part of the old Chicago and Northwestern depot? Pshaw.......the very even question whether there was a question.
     Well, your faithful editor, via lots of help,  has discovered that not only was there a hotel there, it was a 33-roomer.
     Courtesy of some "old hands," we have the very latest and detailed info on this depot/cafe story. Anthony Crandell, BHS-59, and Jerry Manriquez, BSH-57, are "on deck" this time with more Boone news you won't find anywhere else, and then, in our next edition, Vern Modeland, BHS-50,  will provide some neat information, a walking tour, of the entire depot complex.
     Tony told us, "my grandmother and my dad's aunt ran a railroader's rooming house that took up the entire second floor at 809 Keeler street (Editor's note: now occupied by Ron Do Styling Salon.). There were 12 regular rooms and one common bath. Since she lived just a half-block away, she also made the beds at the depot hotel. When I was five or six, I loved to go with her and pull the wagon, loaded with sheets and pillow cases, up and down the hall. The bed linens would come from Hawkeye Laundry in big cloth hampers on wheels. There were 33 rooms that ran the length of the whole second floor. There was one very large, common bath. I loved to go with her as each dresser drawer was a treasure trove of half-used lantern batteries, the big square ones, and generally, a fuzee or two, the ones with the spike in the end......and, once in a while, a railroad torpedo......little squares of dynamite that clipped onto the rail and would go off and, thus, alert a train of a stopped train ahead. As Boone was a division point, train crews were always coming and going. Sometimes, my grandmother had to go there three times in 24 hours to remake beds. That depot hotel and the 24-hour restaurant on the main floor were operated by the Union News company. In the 1945-50 era, she was paid the grand sum of 10-cents per bed. She was not required to clean the room, just change the bed linens. The room was cleaned during the day, weekly. The room fee for an eight-hour stay was $1. The rooms were never locked so the "caller" could open the door and wake the crew member without knocking, thus, disturbing the other occupants of the whole floor."
     Jerry wrote, "I remember the Northwestern Hotel very well. In 1955, when I was a high school sophomore, I worked at the Northwestern Cafe and Hotel from 4 p.m. to 12 p.m., five days a week. I think I made 35 cents an hour. Russell Jennings and his wife, Mabel (?), ran the cafe and hotel. Russell worked on the railroad so he was not there very much. The cafe was on the first floor and had about 14 stools. I washed dishes, cleaned and mopped the floors, and even did a little short order cooking. The lounge area was for the railroad workers who stayed in the hotel, which was on the second floor. I think the lounge was for passengers in earlier years when there were passenger trains coming through Boone. The lounge had couches, big chairs, newspaper and magazine racks and was connected to  the depot waiting room and the cafe. There was a stairway in the lounge leading up to the rooms on the second floor. The hotel rooms were on both sides of a long hallway and they started above the depot ticket area on the East and ran to the West end of the building. A large restroom, with showers, was located at the far West end. My duties were to make the beds and clean the hallway, rooms and the restroom. At the time I was working at the hotel, the only people who stayed there were railroad employees who had a layover in Boone, since it was a division point. But, there were a few retired railroaders who made the hotel their permanent home."
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: None to report.
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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Boone and the White House (Boone Area News You Won't Get Anywhere Else)

     Betcha can't name the Boone resident that spent some time with President Obama at the White House Wednesday of this week.
     Yes, Boone's Gretta Irwin was at the White House when President Obama pardoned a pair of Iowa turkeys from possible Thanksgiving Day doom. Its a tradition that started when Harry Truman was President of the United States and its continued each year since.
     For the sixth time, Iowa turkeys, this year named Tater and Tot, were selected for pardoning. John Reicks, Chairman of the National Turkey Federation, decided on the Hawkeye state's birds.
     Gretta is Executive Director and Home Economist for the Iowa Turkey Federation and led the Iowa delegation to the event which featured the annual pardoning by the President.
     Gretta and her husband, Charles Irwin, and their three children live in Boone. She has been employed by the Ames-based Turkey Federation for 19 years after graduation from Central College and a time as a high school Home Economics teacher. She also has three years of experience in food service. Gretta has continued to  put her home economics background to good use at the Iowa Turkey Federation; she compiled the Iowa Turkey Federation's first cookbook in 2007 and is currently working on a second.
     It was a quick trip to Washington D.C. and back. Early the morning after the pardoning, Gretta was interviewed on WHO-radio on the Van and Bonnie show about her White House experience, including all the security measures that were imposed.
     A former Boone resident, David Fisher, BHS-55, now a Des Moines businessman, captures more than half of one of the Des Moines Register's editorial pages yesterday (Friday) with a column he wrote, "UI: Say "No" to Friday Night Football."
     Recently, the Big Ten Conference, along with some other collegiate conferences across the country, announced they would start scheduling some of their football games on Friday night. You can be sure, financial considerations were part of their decision for wanting to do so.
     However, forever, Friday night has been proclaimed THE night for high school football. You can see the possibility of numerous clashes here and the possibility of this proposal being especially hurtful to high schools and their expected revenues from that night. And that's not even to mention some spectator decisions that will be required........"I have season tickets to the college game but a son playing in the high school game etc."
     Fisher's "Iowa View" column is very much opposed to the Big Ten's decision and he concludes his column with, "UI President Bruce Harreld and Athletic Director Gary Barta should stand up and just say "no" loud and clear to this proposal."
     Quick Notes: (1) Ran into Tim Duffy, BHS-74, who said he and  his wife, Cindy Howard Duffy, BHS-75, were "home" for a big Howard family Thanksgiving bash. We provided the Korner's website address and Tim promised that Cindy, the families computer whiz, would give us (the Korner) a look now and then.
     (2) Mark Tompkins, BHS-60, sent me a picture of classmate Tom Grasso in celebration of Tom's 75th birthday. The picture shows Tom proudly displaying some new Superman pajamas.
     (3) Vern Modeland, BHS-50, sent a myriad of pictures, primarily Boone railroad pictures of all kinds and sizes.
     Here we thought we had this Northwestern Hotel location finalized. Last week, Tom Matt, BHS-60, had a picture of a building at West Second and Main Streets with a sign on the building site that read, "Northwestern Hotel." Question settled? No, wait one minute.
     Now, the Korner has received another picture from Larry Lindmark, BHS-63, of the downtown depot and clearly on the front of the depot is a sign that reads, "Northwestern Hotel."
     So........apparently there were at least two Northwestern Hotels in Boone.
     We still have additional depot material, in depth, for our next edition thanks to Anthony Crandell, BHS-59, Vern Modeland, BHS-50, and Jerry Manriquez, BSH-57.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Janet Grimm Jacob, Ill. Boone area survivor is a sister, Betty Burt, Ogden........Mabel Moeller, 86, Boone. Born in Boone. BHS-48. Was a teacher for 32 years, 25 of those at Trinity Lutheran School. Boone area survivors include daughters, Pattilee Frei and Danelle McBirnie, both of Boone, sister, Maxine Anderson, of Des Moines, and sister in laws, Beverly Sturtz, Carol Moeller and Mary Ann Granzberg all of Boone.
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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Additonal Depot Information

     Some questions were posed in the last edition. Was the old Chicago and Northwestern Depot a single story structure or more?
     Tom Peterson, BHS-67, and Curtis Dale Cox Jr., BHS-63, both sent pictures of that old depot and it appears it definitely had more than one story.......Cox said "maybe three."
     Other questions were, "if it does have more than one story, are there rooms on a second floor AND was at least part of the building called the "Northwestern Hotel?" Pictures of the depot that  Larry Lindmark, BHS-63, and Mike Loehrer, BHS-64, sent also mentioned the "Northwestern Hotel."
     Tom Matt, BSH-60, apparently has an answer to the hotel question. He wrote, "here's a positive location of the "Northwestern Hotel." It was located at West Second and Main Streets" and he had a picture at that location that showed "Northwestern Hotel" on the side of a building there.
     Tom added, "the hotel faced south on West Second behind a Pestotnik "Deep Rock" gas station, which sat on that same corner facing east toward the Court House. The Lincoln Highway ran in front of the gas station and is now called Main Street."
     In this discussion last time the Kornerman had also wondered if, perhaps, the hotel that was located just west of Sacred Heart school was the "Northwestern Hotel?"
     Loehrer answered that, "one of my Sacred Heart classmates, circa 1958, was named Bob Blanche and his dad owned that hotel.....the Boone Hotel. I remember the first time I went there, Bob took me in his bedroom and it was one that was used for those who stayed overnight. I thought he was the luckiest guy in town. Regarding the theatres, my dad once told me there was a contest to name the third theatre after the Rialto and Princess and the winner of the contest received a year's pass. He said somebody came up with the name the Boone Theatre and won the pass."
     John Kueck, BHS-61, wrote, "maybe viewers will have some imput on this subject. Hal Lyness taught one of the best classes I ever had. It was history or civics. In any case, it was during an election year and we held a mock election for president. Prior to that, we had lessons on the electoral college and related topics. Hal made it a fascinating course. Coincidentally I also worked for a company that made the scanners for scoring number two pencil tests, tests that we're all familiar taking. My company, in partnership with state organizations, sponsored classroom voting during presidential election years. Do your viewers remember similar voting in school for president? Any results for this year's Boone High School mock election.?"
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Mabel Moeller, 86, Boone........Carole Ann Gibbons Hurst, 79, Arkansas. Was born in Madrid in 1937.........Elinor Gilbert, 95, Madrid. MHS-39. On two different occasions, she taught music in the Madrid Community School System. Also worked for Sundberg Funeral Home. Sang and played the piano for over 75 years at services at her dad's Sundberg Funeral home (now Sundberg-Kirkpatrick Funeral Home). She and her husband, Ed, operated Sundberg Floor Covering and Draperies, managed the Woodward Golf and Country Club for four years and Elinor worked in the activity department of the Madrid Home for a time. Three children survive..........Irene McLeod Jacobson, 100, Boone. Born in Madrid, moved to Boone in 1927. BHS-34. Worked at Northwestern Bell Telephone. She and husband, John McLeod, lived in Boxholm for seven years before returning to Boone. Worked at Bacon Jewelers for 23 years. Survivors include a son, John Douglas McLeod, and a daughter, Pamela Turek..........Deloris Burt, 84, Ogden. Worked in Ogden at three different cafes. Boone area survivors include sons, Bill, of Ogden and, Ric, of Stratford, brothers Ray Elsberry and Ed Elsberry of Ogden and sister, Phyliss VanderBroek of Madrid.........Gloria Jones, 86, Ogden. Pilot Mound HS-48. Farmed with her husband, Carroll, northwest of Ogden until 1963 when they moved to Ogden while continuing to farm. Gloria worked for the Ogden schools for 10 years and also did wood finishing and painting in many Ogden homes. Boone area survivors include her son, Kent Jones, and daughters, Jana Rector, and Jodi Sward, all of Ogden...........Albert Gomez, Ogden.........Elvira Marie Heide, Wisconsin. Boone area survivor is a daughter, Valerie Arnold, of Ogden........Nancy Sayre, 63, Ames. Married Dick Sayre in Boone in 1972. The couple moved to Ames in 2006........Donald Hadaway, 85. Born in Boone. Gilbert HS. Boone area survivors include his wife, Opal, daughter, Cindy Miller, of Luther and sons, Tom of Madrid and Clarence and Kenny Hadaway of Boone.
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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Leading the Way

     The Kornerman always likes to begin the Korner on a positive note...........and, we have such a story that you may or may not have heard about.
     The Kent State University men's basketball team used our national anthem for a show of unity, as each player was asked to pick someone of a different race from the crowd and invite them down to the court to stand with them for the anthem prior to a recent game.
     Senior guard Deon Edwin was quoted as saying, "it was a special moment. We all came together as one. It wasn't about color of skin. If we can do that at a small school, everyone can do it."
     School spokesman Eugene Canal added, "it went very well. It came off very organic. All of the players went into the stands and picked people from the crowd. Everyone came down on the court and was arm-to-shoulder. It was cool because I don't think anyone in the crowd knew what was going on. None of the fans knew about it beforehand."
     Its planned that the team will do this prior to each home game this season.
     We (the USA) are certainly in dire need of any signs of unity during these troubled times. Its great that this basketball team took a leadership role in this endeavor.
     In addition to sharing a lengthy history of Jimmy Archer's baseball career in the last edition, Larry Lindmark, BHS-63, also had some thoughts about Boone's history.
     Larry wrote, "I have a couple postcards of the Chicago and Northwestern depot in Boone. However, on one of these cards, it just says,"Northwestern Hotel." I remember being in the first floor of the old depot. But, I don't remember being on the second floor so there must have been hotel rooms up above. I wonder how many rooms? It must have been in competition with the Holst Hotel, the Mondt and Crary. I imagine many years ago a horse and buggy would take travelers to the "outlying" hotels and, in later years, a taxi would take them a few blocks to the other hotels. Any history on the "Northwestern Hotel?""
     Then too, Larry had a comment on the Boone theaters. He wrote, "I came across an ad in my mom's 1939 Scrollette that listed the Rialto, Princess and Boone theatres. Just three words in the same ad so it makes me believe that all three were owned and/or managed by the same person or company."
     He concluded, "thanks for all of your coordination in putting together the thoughts and remembrances sent in by those of us with ties to Boone."
     The Kornerman replies, "Korner viewers have visited and revisited the theatre situation at various times and are well aware of the three theatres Larry discussed. I don't believe we've ever tried to determine if they were all part of one conglomerate or were distinct, separate entities. On the other matter, I, too,  recall the old depot and spending some small minutes there. I can't recall it being a two-story building. I just remember it as being dark and dank. Maybe it was my mind that was "dark and dank." Anyway, was the old motel on Story Street, west of Sacred Heart school, ever named the "Northwestern Hotel?" Just asking."
     The Kornerman likes this. I think it may have been attributed to a member of the Chicago Cubs hierarchy. "What makes a great organization is a thousand little sacrifices that you make when no one is looking." That thought could probably apply to individuals as well.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Jackie Reeves, 78, Boone.
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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Many Different Topics

     Always good to reminisce about those golden, olden days at KWBG and the Boone News Republican.
     Received a note this week from a former resident who worked at the BNR. Jeff Miller by name. He wrote, "I stumbled across your blog the other day and I'm hooked. I still keep in touch with some of our staff at the BNR. I worked there from 2005-2007. I was there when Cory Frolic and Kristy Young were on the staff. And no, I don't have any relatives in Boone."
     The Kornerman absolutely loved Jeff's
     Many times the Kornerman has guided Korner viewers to Gerald Manriquez awesome website......... It contains a treasure trove of great information about all of Boone's schools.......past and present. Jerry just brought me up to date on some of his latest additions and this will give you an idea of the things you can recall via a visit to his website.
     Here are some recent additions:
     Scott Linn, BHS-74, sent him 1971-74 BHS scrolls and 1973-74 Bumble "B"s.
     Larry Adams, BHS-65, sent a 1912 BHS scroll.
     Pictures and a video of class reunions of 1940, 1950, 1955, 1956, 1960 and 1961 were added.
     Delores Headley Miller, BSH-58, sent Sacred Heart parish directories for 1974, 1994, 1997, 2000 and 2008. She also shared two scrapbooks of the 1950's and some 1960 classes.
     Betty Ann Schmitz sent pictures of every Sacred Heart eighth grade graduation class.
     A television channel 13 story about Boone's ice skating rink was sent by Tom Peterson, BHS-67.
     Jerry said he also is in the process of improving and updating all of the Sacred Heart graduating class pictures, 1893-1970.
     Of course, a main feature of Jerry's site is a listing of all BHS and BSH graduates.  
     P.S. If you, members of our vast audience, have items you think Jerry would love to receive, his address is Jerry Manriquez, 3211 Kips Korner Road, Norco, CA 92860.
    For years, Gwen Ifill has been a renowned national journalist, with her main work appearing as a member of Jim Lehrer's NewsHour staff on PBS. She passed away this week at age 61 of endometrial cancer, which is the most common of female reproduction system cancers.......even more prevalent than ovarian or cervical cancer.
    When the Kornerman learned of Ms. Ifill's passing, I immediately emailed condolences to my classmate, Roma Achenbach Hare, BHS-53.  Roma, during a long career as Mr. Lehrer's top assistant, worked with Ms. Ifill and for Lehrer for many years. Lehrer is retired, but Roma still does some part time work for him.
    Roma replied that she had last seen Ms. Ifill in late October and that the Washington Post had a lengthy rememberance of her on the front page, "beneath the fold."
    I remember Gwen Ifill via her daily appearances on the NewsHour and I also recall she was a moderator of two U.S. Vice Presidential televised debates. She was in charge of the 2004 debate between Dick Cheney and John Edwards and the 2008 debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin.
    I bet you didn't know this.....the Kornerman didn't or if I did, I had forgotten.....the famous Jimmy Archer is buried in Boone's Sacred Heart cemetery. He passed away in Milwaukee in 1958 at the age of 74.
    If you haven't heard of Jimmy Archer, you haven't been in Boonetown very long.
    Many Boone little leaguers played on one of the earliest LL facilities in town, Jimmy Archer Field, which was located in the vicinity of 10th and Tama.
    In the early years of the Kornerman's Babe Ruth coaching career, the late 50's/into the 60's, Larry Lindmark, BHS-63, was one of my star players.This week, Larry emailed lots of information on Jimmy Archer's career. Its too lengthy to share all of it but I will mention some highlights and it was Larry who informed that Mr. Archer is buried in Boone.
     Archer was a member of the Chicago Cubs from 1909-1917 and that team's regular catcher most of those years. Prior to that he had played baseball with various teams at various places including a stint with a Boone team in the Iowa State League in 1904. It was in Boone that he met Lillian Stark and the two eventually married. That's Mr. Archer's connection to this community.
     As indicated, Larry's long email contains lots of very interesting information about Mr. Archer's career but he also recalls some other items that we will share in future editions.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Henry Schmidt Jr., 47, formerly of Boone. Attended Boone schools, then moved to Missouri. Returned to Boone in 2014 and worked at APC in Boone. Boone area survivors include his parents, Henry Schmidt Sr. and Linda Patterson, a brother, Tim, and sisters, Lori Beckett and Julie Murphy...........June Wildman Ulrick, 91. Webster City HS-44. Worked for the telephone company. Her husband, LaVern, is deceased..........Charles (Chuck) Hennick, 59, Huxley........Winifred Neely, 75. Ames HS grad. Married Dan Neely of Boone in 1959 and they made their home in Ames. She worked in retail sales in Ames for over 40 years. Her husband survives.........
Shirley Samuelson, 90, Boone. BHS-44. She spent early years in Washington D.C. but then returned to Boone and worked at Boone State Bank. She and her husband, Robert, farmed in Jackson Township for 48 years before retirement in 1992. One son, James of Minnesota, and a sister, Joan Blosser, of Arkansas, a former Boone resident, survive..........Clara Byas, 67, Ohio. Formerly of Boone. Was a day care provider, a pastor and school teacher assistant. Services were held in Boone.........Paul Scott, 94. Born in Madrid. Was a farmer. Boone area survivors include his wife, Margene Alsin Scott, and a daughter, Sandra Indvik of Boone.
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Saturday, November 12, 2016


     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Shirley Samuelson, 90, Boone........Clara Byas, Boone.......David Padgett, 77, Boone. Worked for Fareway for 30 years. Boone area survivors include his wife, Janet, and a daughter, Tami Hull, of Ogden.......Helen Haynes, 91, Ogden. Formerly of Boone. Boone area survivors include her sons, James Savage and Charles Pratt, and a daughter, Connie Fowler, all of Boone.
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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Did Joe Maddon Win?

     After a long night, the Kornerman will spend some of today searching for any votes Joe Maddon received for President of the United States. The Korner, of course, had endorsed him for that position in the last edition.......the last one before the election.
     The Korner has received word of the death of  John Wallace Arringdale, M.D., 79, BHS-56. He passed away in Texas on September 18. His parents were John and Carolyn Arringdale and he is survived by his sister, Carol Ann Furrer. He lived in Corpus Christi, TX.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Carolyn Bittinger, 58, Des Moines. Boone area survivor is a brother, Mark Overton, of Boone.........Dr. Lynn Healy, 87. Born in Boone. Parents were Dr. Maurice and Mabel Healy. Was a dentist. Services in Boone........Mary Hovick, 66, Madrid, formerly of Boone. BHS-68. Daughter of Jane Moran. Was a case worker. Boone area survivor is a daughter, Amy Hovick, of Madrid.......James Paprocki, 62, Boone. Boone area survivors include his wife, Martha, and sons, James and Jeffrey.........Mary Ann Anderson,87. Born in Madrid. Raised in the Madrid/Slater area prior to moving to the Roland area. McCallsburg HS. Owned a tearoom........Doris Jean Meyer, 71, Ames, formerly of Boone. Taught at Boone Sacred Heart 27 years. Retired in 2008. Boone area survivors include her husband, Ron, and a daughter, Kim Sitzman, both of Ames.........Stanley Simmons, 84, Boone. BHS-50. A builder. Boone area survivors include his wife, Doris Krug Simmons, of Boone, son, Stephen, of Madrid, and daughters, Joan Dearborn, of Grand Junction and, Lisa Hoffman, of Boone.
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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Cubs DID Win Today

     Hey Chicago, what do you say? Cubs are gonna win today.
     The Korner is very light on anything else this time.......its been all Cubbies this week.
     Jim Harken, BHS-91, echoed the sentiments of a zillion others with, "I know this doesn't have much to do with Boone, but how about those Chicago Cubbies? What a season! What a World Series and now the champions. So happy and so excited. Go Cubs Go! Hope this finds you well in good old Boonetown."
     Rick Houser, BHS-63, clear out in Virginia, called me with his thoughts and we heard from various others from all over this planet.
    The Kornerman is wondering how many votes Cubs Manager Joe Maddon will receive in Tuesday's presidential election? I mean, after all, the Korner did endorse him.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Eric Sayre, 64, rural Boone. Worked in the parts department of several central Iowa car dealers. Boone area survivors include his wife, Mary, of rural Boone and his mother, Louise Sayre, of Boone..........Karen Matson Clabaugh, 73. Was a kindergarten teacher for 35 years with work at United Community, Denison and Ottumwa.........Bonnie Lou Brown Peterson, 85, Des Moines. Born in Boone. Her parents were Harry and Marie Brown. BHS-49. She was a registered nurse and worked at Iowa Methodist for many years. Was a member of the Central Christian Church of Boone..........Richard Staples, 87, Jewell. He married Doris Kreutner at St. Paul's Lutheran church in rural Boone.
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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A Boone Gathering in Minneapolis

     The Korner is always promoting achievements by Booneites and we even like to hear about good things involving the offspring of Boone natives.
     Dick Musser, BHS-64, told us about Jay Peterson's, BHS-56, son, Tyler, who was quite a good athlete on Des Moines metro high school teams that won state championships in football and basketball.
     Tyler was in Minneapolis competing in a racquetball competition and won the "B" division with a victory over a player from Pennsylvania. The tournament was very competitive with players from 18 countries involved.
     It was also noted that Sue Beckwith, BHS-76, was there to compete as part of a doubles team. Sue, of course, was a great basketball and track athlete in her Boone high school days and then, was a starter on some State University of Iowa basketball teams.
     Some of the vast Boone/Minneapolis contingent was on hand to view a portion of the action. Dick said he attended quarterfinal round play and was aware that John Hinz, BHS-64, and Linda Swain, BHS-67, were also in attendance.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Phyliss Abrahamson, 91, Boxholm. Farmed with her late husband, Richard. They moved to the Eastern Star Home in Boone in 2011. Boone area survivors include a son, Richard, of Boxholm and a daughter, Karen Jutting, of Ames..........Steve Van Pelt, 60, Ogden. OHS-74. Worked for Fareway in Carroll, at Sherbring Chevrolet, Vermillion Welding and Monsanto prior to retirement in 2014. Boone area survivors include his wife, Denise, mother Jo Zunkel, and brother, David, all of Ogden........James Whittlesey, 86, Boone. Born in Boone. Was an insurance agent and a lead actor of the Boone Community Theatre. Boone area survivors include his wife, Alice Martin Whittlesey, and daughter, Cynthia Vinson, both of Boone.........Larry Bishop, 79, Luther. Moved to Luther in 1971. Worked for Halletts and operated Bishop's backhoe service. Boone area survivors include his daughter, Sheila Wilkins, of Luther and his sister-in-law, Sue Bishop, of Boone.........David Elm, 65, Boone. Was an agronomist. Boone area survivor is his wife, Jo, of Boone........William Smittle, 66, Round Rock, TX. Formerly of Ogden.
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