Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Phone Booth Verification

     Greg Moore, BHS-84, who started this phone booth venture has provided a conclusion. Greg was asking if anyone knew where, in downtown Boone, one of those old telephone booths was STILL located. Years ago they popped up on various corners all around the town. Most have, since, disappeared. Greg said there was only one left that he knew of. Ron Schmickley, BHS-54, had responded that there might still be one "well hidden" at the west entrance of the Century Link building (the old, long time telephone building) at the northeast corner of Mamie Eisenhower and Story Streets.
     Greg answered this week, "looks like Ron Schmickley knows about the phone booth I mentioned. Fitting that it's built into the old phone company building. Maybe it's safe there and won't be destroyed like so many other cool things have been. I must be getting old and grouchy. I delivered the Boone News Republican (Editor says....that's when it was the BNR and not the Ames/Boone BNR) to a few customers at the Holst Hotel back in the days, and it had the most elaborate phone booth that I can recall. It was built into the area under the steps and was gigantic. Looked like something from the Titanic. Anyway, would be cool to have a Facebook page dedicated to pictures of Boone folks standing in the Century Link booth. Tons of class reunions or people home for Pufferbilly Days, etc. might think it is "a Boone thing." So there you go."
     Editor's note: Hey, talking of old phone buildings, we older folks probably refer to the Mamie/Story facility as the "new" phone building. We recall the old phone building as being on the south side of Seventh Street between Story and Keeler. First building east of the alley.
     It's interesting how, almost without exception, various things pop into the old Kornerman's head that may or may not "hit a chord" with a viewer. Was just thinking about something noticed on television  recently. A list of things that no longer apply to the modern school classroom. Five were listed and I won't remember them all. But, I do remember blackboards, cursive writing, recess, those old glue jars and I don't remember the other one. Maybe you do!!! Or there may be even other such items that have disappeared into the dark.
     Time already for the Kornerman's Bits and Pieces. Sorry, not much "outside" help this week. (1) Mentioned last time about following every stroke Iowa PGA golfer Zach Johnson takes. The Kornerman is not a golfer......never very serious anyway. However, when son Chris was a young lad I did get him involved in junior golf and, as a result, I took up the pastime long enough to get him started in that sport. However, once he got to a certain age, I quit for the good of the game. I'm happy I urged him to get involved. He went on to become a high school golf squad member and still enjoys the sport today when available to him. (2) Got a long-awaited call from Roger Dutton, BHS-63, this week. Was happy to hear from him because I knew he was heavily involved in some health issues recently. He has a serious problem that he blames completely on genetics. Six weeks ago he had his first of what will be three surgeries. The first one was a 12-hour job. He said he is recovering well from that one but later, will face another "tough" surgery to be followed by a third. He sounded strong and was optimistic as he continued rehab. (3) Old KWBG buddy Tom Quinlan, 90 years of age now, had called me a couple weeks ago and, knowing of our love for the big band era, he insisted he wanted to send me a VCR of good big band music he has acquired. It was received and just yesterday, T.Q. called again to make sure I had received it. (4) The Kornerman was very surprised yesterday. Was watching a Fenway Park (Boston) pre-game baseball ceremony honoring former Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez who was just inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Several former Red Sox stars, including Hall of Famer Carl Yastrzemski, were introduced to the capacity crowd. I watched Yaz walk across the field wearing a suit jacket. Much to my surprise, underneath the suit jacket was a white polo type shirt with a Herky emblem and the words, "Iowa Football." I kid you not. My news sense told me I had to check that out. I contacted a couple guys I know, Rick Brown of the Des Moines Register, and Steve Roe, Sports Information Director at the University of Iowa, and eventually got the answer to my question. It seems that a Hawkeye assistant football coach Chris White's dad plays golf on a regular basis with Yaz somewhere out east and when the Iowa folks learned about this, they sent Yaz lots of Hawkeye apparel. (5) As we Iowans know, the hotly contested political season is John Kueck, BHS-61, has informed the Korner that a free course, "All About the Iowa Caucuses" conducted by Professor Steven Schmidt, an ISU Political Scientist, is being offered in the coming months via several sessions. For more info,
     What an accomplishment.......or is it two or even three wonderful accomplishments. The Korner wants to make aware to viewers all over the country that know them or at least remember them that  John, BHS-38, and Charlene (Char) Munson's family is having a three-fold celebration August 8 so get those cards and well wishes prepared and mailed so they will be received by the 8th.
     Here's the story.......the celebration will be to honor John's 95th birthday, Char's 90th birthday and the couples 69th wedding anniversary. 1220 Montana Road.
     The BHS class of 1953 has been "sent to it's knees" by two recent deaths. Two of the Kornerman's classmates, Boone resident Don Ross and Ron Poshusta of Spokane Valley, WA, passed away this week.
     A memorial service for Mike Herman, BHS-59, will be held at the Herman Park Pavilion this Friday at 7 p.m.. Saturday, internment services will be held in Linwood Cemetery at 10 a.m..
     Boone Connected Deaths: Ron Poshusta was a professor of chemistry at Washington State University at Pullman, WA. prior to retirement and a move to the Spokane, WA area. Ron is survived by his wife, the former Caryl Achenbach, BHS-56..............Don Ross served in the U.S. Army during two wars and was a retired member of the Iowa Army National Guard. He was a carpenter who worked for Thorngren Construction and the Weitz Company prior to retirement. Boone area survivors include his wife, Nancy, of Boone, step-daughter Diane Shearer of Madrid, step-son Duane Shreve of Luther, and sister, Betty Moorman of Boone.........Darla Pearson Cullinan, 68, Adair. Formerly of Boone. Will be buried in Rose Hill Cemetery near Boone.........Mary Drake, 93, Slater. Born in Madrid. Parents were Clint and May Sullivan.........Helen Whannel, 79, Urbandale. Ogden High grad. Was a teacher. Parents were Ralph and Audrey Hutchins.........Berniece Ellsworth, 87, Boone. Formerly of Ames. Boone survivor is a son, Jeff Ellsworth..........Cherisse Constable, 52, LeHigh. Earned Associates Degree at DMACC in Boone..........Betty Lindgren, 75, Boone. Spent her childhood in Boone and attended Boone schools.
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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Preserving the Korner

     The Korner's Ozark correspondent leads the way this time. Vern Modeland, BHS-50, wrote, "thanks for putting my over-used mind at some ease by admitting there is a hard copy of the Boone version of "our town." Now, gather it up, make a copy of the hard copy and walk it to the library, please, so that it can find it's way into safety from fire and such. Okay? Then, update that occasionally. Then, cut a deal to have printed copies available for sale to support the hard work you've done. Thanks, too, for letting me know that Tom Quinlan is still around. He was Chief Engineer and the sign-on person when I started my first hitch at KWBG. I became sign-off person and followed some Liberty Network programming with, my idea of, good music from our pretty good library of 78's. I was transferred to assist Wayne Spangler at Perry when KWBG had a studio down there preceeding their own station. We did two hours of live broadcasting five days a week in the early 50's. Before I went home one night, I  remember setting an old wind-up alarm clock to go off in the middle of the morning newscast that Tom did. Put it way back in the bottom of the cabinet holding a record turntable. I don't remember the outcome of my stunt. I hope he doesn't either."
     The Kornerman replies, "sounds like a good plan Vern but also a lot of work which, you should know, this old guy tries to spend his serious time avoiding. Expensive too. I thought I remembered printer ink at $50 or $60 but when forced to buy some the other day, a $100 bill frittered away. That, and a lack of stories/memories/comments from viewers, which seems to crop up way too often, makes me wonder, at times, if this effort is really that important. My time could be spent in various other ways."
     Jo and I had a wonderful time just last night (Friday). We were invited to a gathering at Lake Panorama. A warm but beautiful night at waterside. Fun watching a cadre of ducks. Found out they do keep themselves in a row much of the time.
     Anyway, I discovered that we were in a group with a former, great all-state basketball player, Norma Pies Erickson of Napier. When I realized that, the memories started to flow. I clearly remembered following that 1955 Napier team all the way to the state tournament........broadcasting their state tourney play on KWBG. Norma was a great guard in those six-on-six days while Boone resident Karen Judge Anderson was a top forward on that team.
     I spent time trying to remember when I had an opportunity to broadcast games from state tourneys and I came up with the Napier girls, 1955; Boone girls, 1958; the Grand Community girls, 1960;  the Boone boys, 1963; and the United Community boys, 1970. Hey, with 80 years behind me, I may have forgotten others.
     In sports broadcasting, that, doing play-by-play at a state event, is the pinnacle. And, I'm still proud to this day of that first state airing, 1955. Gosh, I was barely 20 years old and I often wonder if any broadcaster younger than that has had that opportunity or do I hold the record?
    Scratching the surface (for news that is.) My wife and I were in an eating establishment and she was seeking a rest room. Jokingly I asked, "are you going to mark your name on the rest room wall." She gave me an odd look. Then I added, "oh, I always do that." NOT, of course.....just goofing off. Anyway, somehow, "Kilroy was Here" came bouncing into my feeble mind. Remember that saying splashed here and there in usually very unusual places? Wasn't that a big deal during World War II and what is it's history? Did the late, great war cartoonist Ernie Pyle have something to do with that?
Just wondering.
     O.K. More bits and pieces: (1) Congrats to the Boone Toreador baseball team. At 23-10 they have earned their way into the State High School Baseball Tournament. Their first round game matches them up with Sergeant Bluff-Luton next Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. at Principal Park in Des Moines.
(2) Yours truly has become much more interested in golf due to Iowa's Zach Johnson. Since his Professional Golf Association career got more serious I have been a most faithful follower.........every tournament, almost every shot. I was following the Open from Scotland last weekend and I do mean following. I don't think I missed one of his shots. If it wasn't on live TV, I was following him, shot-by-shot on the computer. I think I sat five hours one day.......and have had a sore back ever since. However, to the delight of all Iowans I'm sure, Zach won this major PGA event and represented us "back home" extremely well. (3) That Iowa By the Sea picnic in California is August 8th and the price of tickets will increase as of Monday. If you're planning to attend, you better sign up as quickly as possible. (4) Mark Tompkins, BHS-60, is inviting anyone interested to join his latest bike ride. He wrote, "I'm biking back to Council Bluffs from the grand Oshkosh Air Show. I should pass through Dubuque Sunday and then will follow county roads just north of U.S. 20 passing in or near Independence, Cedar Falls, Eagle Grove and Storm Lake before cutting down to Onawa where I can follow the Missouri River south on other county roads. So, greetings from Watertown, WI. The BHS class of 1960 reunion is this weekend." (5) Regarding that phone booth. Ron Schmickley, BHS-54, said he thought it was "well hidden" at the west entrance of the Century Link building (the old telephone building) at the northeast corner of Mamie and Story. Larry Jackson, BHS-57, wrote, "I thought there was one near Mrs. Fox popcorn stand at Ninth and Story." (6) Bob Fisher sent me some Cubs information he knew I would be interested in. Thanks Bob. Go Cubbies.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Betty Smalley, 89, Boone. She and husband, Walter, farmed in Boone County. For a time, she was a hostess at the Lincoln Restaurant in Boone. Boone area survivors include a daughter, Candie McAlpine, daughter-in-law Cindy Smalley and sister-in-law Glenda Smalley all of Boone..........Marilyn Goeldner, 84, Boone. Came to Boone in 1961 and taught vocal and instrumental music in the Boone Community School District for 29 years. She was a faithful and active member of the Boone Municipal Band for over 50 years. Many good friends survive but there are no Boone area family survivors.
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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Boone Area Connected Deaths

     John and Char Munson informed the Korner of the death of their son, Jay Munson, who passed away in Glenwood. Jay, 67, BHS-66, has lived in Council Bluffs for many years involved in engineering work. A son, Tanner, survives as do Jay's parents and his two sisters, Julie and Christi............Richard Milburn, 60, DeSoto. Boone survivor is a son, Andrew...........Sherman Thompson, 91, Slater. Boone survivor is a son, Dennis............Joyce Bunning, 73, Ames. Worked several years at Mary Greeley Hospital and was a bus driver for United Community school. Boone survivors include a son, Dan Bunning, and a daughter-in-law, Twyla Wisecup.............Melvin Dorr, 88, Boone. Worked over 30 years for Iowa Electric. Boone area survivors include his wife, Marie, of Boone, sons Mark of Ogden and Scott of Boone, and daughter Rose Holbrook of Boone.........James Spencer, 89, Boone. Was married in Boone and will be buried in Boone. Grandchildren of the Ogden area, Joe Hunt, Alice and Mary Hunt, are area survivors.........Robert Krumm, 80, Boone. Born in Harrison Township. Stanhope High grad-52. Farmed for nearly 50 years in Hamilton and Boone County. Area survivors include his wife, Marilou of Boone, daughter Sheryl Thomas of Ogden and son, Tom of Boone.........Marilyn Goeldner, 84, Boone...........Roger Tolsdorf, 79, Ogden. Grand Junction High-53. Managed elevator in Beaver, farmed and operated Maid Rite in Ogden for many years. Boone area survivors include his wife, Bonnie, and son, David, both of Ogden............Kathleen Purscell, 68, Des Moines. Services held in Boone..........Betty Smalley, 89, Boone..........Rodney Murtle, 80, Madrid. Taught and coached in Madrid for 34 years. Survivors include his wife, Cleta, of Madrid..........Virginia Bowler, 90, Des Moines. Madrid High-42. Worked at Mercy Hospital over 50 years..........Harold Grant, 92, Madrid. Teacher in several Boone and Story County schools. Donated his 29 acre farm to the Boone County Conservation Foundation as a camp ground. No area survivors. .......Lila Munson, 62, Missouri. Formerly of Madrid. Worked for a time at John Deere in Des Moines. Services held in Madrid.
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Saturday, July 18, 2015

No Answer

     You'll recall that in the most recent edition, Greg Moore, BHS-84, told us that there is still a phone booth located in downtown Boone..........although there is no phone'd have to use your cell phone from the location. The question posed was, "what is that phone booth's location?"
     The Korner had very little response. Kim Ohge simply stated, "this is a wild guess, but how about at the City Hall/Fire Station area?"
     By the way, the Kornerman is certain to say, unless told otherwise, that Greg Moore is the Korner's youngest viewer and we're very happy to have him along.  Thanks Greg.
    At least a couple surprises this week. Received a phone call from my old partner/mentor, Tom Quinlan. T.Q., as he was known in our radio days together on KWBG, lives in assisted living in Perry and has been a Perry resident for many years after owning and operating KDLS radio there. He's 90 years young now and sounded very strong during our conversation.
     When KWBG began operations in the early 1950's, he was an original staff member. Beginning in my senior year at BHS, 1953, and during my two years at Boone Junior College, the Kornerman had an opportunity to do some work at the station. That was followed by two years of military service and when my discharge date approached in 1958, Tom contacted me with an offer of $85 a week to return to the station when I was free. That fully launched my radio career.
     Tom was a terrific mentor. I have so many memories of receiving his advice on a variety of subjects including, of course, the radio work. One such instance pops in my mind. I was doing the news one day and said so-and-so had been indicted (I said in-dick-ted.) Tom quickly instructed that I should have reported that he was in-digh-ted. Then, of course, there was the infamous time one evening when a commercial for White's Dress was the sponsor for a newscast. One of us was giving the news and the other was  reading the commercial. White's was promoting a half-off bra sale and the result, for some reason, was a lot of giggling, enough so that the "live" microphone was quickly passed from one to another..........several times during a short, five-minute segment. Neither one of us wanted to be "on the air" during that time of unwanted hilarity.
     Tom was always very fond of  big band music and I'm sure that's why I developed a similar devotion to the sounds of the 40's and 50's. One reason he called this week was that he said he had a VCR of some of the works of Les Brown's band, the Elgart brothers, Ray Anthony and others that he wanted me to have. I assured him I would travel to Perry sometime in the near future to fulfill his wish.
     I'm certainly not the only guy he tutored along the way. One of the most notable is Van Harden, the early morning "Van and Bonnie" guy on WHO radio. When he was a young guy, Van spent time with Tom at the Perry station.
     The second surprise occurred one morning at McDonald's when a female voice said, "Mo Kelley, so nice to see you." She introduced herself as Marilyn Pestotnik Monson, BHS-63. She lives in LaCrosse, WI and was here to visit her sister, Barb Pestotnik Bravard, BHS-61. The Kornerman remembers a brother, Tom Pestotnik, BHS-58, was another part of the Pestotnik family. It was nice to be recognized and Marilyn and I had a nice visit.
     A few Bits and Pieces: (1) I read that a Jessie Sindlinger finished second in the recent Iowa Women's Amateur golf tourney. She was listed as being from Charles City so I'm sure that's a grand daughter of former Boone residents, Mike, BHS-62, and Sharon Cook Sindlinger, BHS-62, who have lived in Charles City for quite some time after leaving the city beautiful. It's been an athletic family. Mike and Sharon were good Toreadors and their son, Mark, Jessie's dad, was the starting center on an Iowa Hawkeye football team that was Big 10 champion and Rose Bowl participant in the early 1980's. Mark was also a two-time Big Ten wrestling champion.
     (2)  The NAPA auto parts store in Boone has closed and the longtime Boone VFW post #817 has downsized. Due to declining enrollment, the VFW canteen will no longer be open from Monday through Thursday. It will be open Saturday and Sunday only from 4 to 10 p.m. but the VFW still plans to have their occasional "feeds." Their first serving will occur on August 21st when grilled Iowa chops will be the main fare.
     (3) The BHS class of 1955 had their 60th reunion here recently. A picture of the attendees appeared in the Ames/Boone BNR and the Kornerman recognized several of them. They had an excellent turnout. I counted 47 in the pictures. I know the class of 1950 has a reunion coming up September 19.
     (4) Vern Modeland, BHS-50, is concerned about the Korner's "future." He wrote, "you have made a hard copy or some other way that won't fall into the technology trap, of all the Kelley blog copy since day 1, I hope. It would be a pity not to save so many great memories that make/made our town and likely have fallen through all the other commercial and special-interest traps that exist."
     The Kornerman answers, "yup, I do have hard copies of every issue since we started. I can't promise what will ever happen to them. Right now, they're scattered around the basement."
     Boone Connected Deaths: Myrna Harrison, 99, Boone. Stratford High-35. Was a cook at two schools and helped with the RSVP Foster Grandparents program. A Boone survivor is Sharon Mallicoat, a daughter...........Sherry Day, 61, Boone. Attended DMACC here. Worked for Head Start in Boone for nine years. Boone survivors include her husband, Bill Day Sr. and a son, James Day both of Boone..............Janice Jean Swanson, 79. Worked at Archway, Bourn's, Ledges Manor, DMACC and Boone High School...........Marcia Lundberg Rosenquist, 89, Dayton. Moved from a farm into Pilot Mound and was a Pilot Mound High graduate.
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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It's A Mystery

     How about a little Korner intrigue courtesy of Greg Moore, BHS-84. Greg wrote, "did you know there is a phone booth in downtown Boone, right now, that you could walk into, close the bi-fold door behind you, and make a phone call? Understand, you'll have to provide the phone, but who doesn't have a mobile phone these days? I'll leave the location unnamed for now so that viewers can make guesses about the one I'm referring to based on all of their memories of phone booths around town. Trust me, there will be some interest in this post. As recently as two years ago, there was a working phone booth at the main gate of the Ledges, but it has gone the way of the west. Lastly, have you heard of the world famous phone booth in Kelley, Iowa? It has it's own Facebook page and everything. Check  it out some time. The big thing with that booth is to take your picture in it. Boone could have something like that. Well, I'll reveal the location of the downtown Boone booth later if you're interested."
     Why not? Absolutely we're interested. The Kornerman has given it some thought and I even brought it up at my monthly class meeting. My query resulted in lots of memories of past phone booths in Boone but no answer to Greg's question.
     Do you know where it's located?
     Larry Kelley, BHS-64, wrote, "I found an audio reel to reel tape with the very first KWBG broadcast at the new (now existing) studios in the U.S. Bank building (Citizens bank then). I started on the air at 6 a.m. and there's about 20 minutes or so on the tape. I should have some other reel to reel tapes around here somewhere. I hope to find them soon. Also watched the Alan Thicke video tape at the old Moose Lodge where he mentions working at BG with you and me. His first radio job after college. P.S. Freedom Flight people made $2,500 off of Jamie's benefit show June 20th."
     The Kornerman is a bit confused about the Alan Thicke comment. That's the Hollywood celebrity who once visited Boone. However, I don't believe he ever worked at BG with Larry and I. The line about it being his first radio job after college makes me think Larry might have Thicke confused with the former Iowa Lottery voice, Mike Pace. When I, the Kornerman, was KWBG Station Manager I hired Mike out of Iowa State for his first radio job ever. Of course he went on to much, much greater things, in addition to his Iowa Lottery gig. Even today, he's heard on Monday noon and Sunday night with his special "Mike Pace Show" on 1350 A.M., KRNT radio in Des Moines. As far as I know, Alan Thicke was only here for one day or so. Remember him on "Growing Pains?" He is still seen occasionally on television but his son, Robin Thicke, is a big time recording star these days and receives most of the current Thicke family accolades.
     The Kornerman was happy to see and visit with Ron Hopkins, BSH-59, who came to Boonetown for a visit this week. The Hopkins live in the Seattle area but were in the midst of a trip that will take them to northern country. We and several of his former classmates, along with Ron's sister Linda Hopkins Nutt and Linda's husband, Tom, had some time to share some memories. Ron said after graduating from Boone Sacred Heart he earned a degree from Iowa State and another from the University of Iowa. He's had some visits here but, basically, has been gone from town since his high school graduation. It was great to see him. He's been a regular Korner viewer and contributor.
     Speaking of Sacred Heart, it's about time we bring our viewers up to date on things they can find on Jerry Manriquez, BSH-57, website.........http://boonesacheart/
     Leon (Andy) Anderson, BHS-62, sent Jerry his scrapbook with info on the 1958 and 1959 Babe Ruth baseball seasons as well as some various basketball and football articles and a 1961 Homecoming program.
     Nancy Westfall Gurrola, BHS-60, was on the Bumble B staff for many years and sent Jerry some 1957, 58, 59 and 1960 Bumble B's.
     Jerry's brother, Jim (BHS-56) sent a 1976 Scroll and Mark Campbell, BHS-67, sent a 1969 Boone Junior College Cub.
     Jerry will soon be receiving a 1943 Scroll courtesy of Virginia Anderson, BHS-45, and her husband, Jim Emerson, BHS-46.
     Jerry has worked on updating the Boone and Sacred Heart Alumni list to include more dates of students who have passed away. He's also created a separate tab for Ryan High for the years 1968 to 1970. In 1968, Sacred Heart had been renamed Ryan High. A tab has also been established for Sacred Heart eighth grade classes from 1968 to 2014 thanks to Betty Ann Schmitz, the Development Director at Sacred heart who provided the names and pictures of the eighth graders.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Classmates of Miles Duley, BHS-53, have learned of his death in May in Georgia.........Richard Niederjohn, 78, Ames. Formerly of Boone. His parents were Clarence and Lois Niederjohn...........Deborah Harshbarger, 58, Urbandale. Madrid High grad. Lived in Madrid, Polk City and Urbandale...........Bernard Nystrom, 94, Des Moines. Born on a Boone County farm. His parents were Albert and Anna Nystrom. Worked for the VA.
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Saturday, July 11, 2015

We Always Love to Hear From You

     Maybe the old Kornerman is a bit sentimental but I do feel like the Korner, in many ways, is a "family" thing. I've threatened several times to "call out" to people we haven't heard from in a time......because I am truly concerned about them. Thus, I was happy to receive a note this week from Nancy Jo Smith Bluhm, BHS-66, of Mechanicsburg, PA. Nancy has always been, from the start, an avid Korner viewer. However, for quite a period of time, the Kornerman hadn't heard from her until this week. She sent an interesting story about the very old Eleanor Moore Hospital and a Dr. Cruikshank right here in good old Boonetown. Written by Genevieve Noland Truesdell it was very interesting reading. Nancy Jo also reminded us again that she copies each edition of the Korner so she can mail one to her brother and to a former Boone resident now living in Iowa City. It was great to know, after the absence, that Nancy Jo is still doing alright.
     The Kornerman and wife, Jo, feel connected to the Lindmark family. When the Kornerman first started coaching Babe Ruth baseball in the late 50's, Larry Lindmark was a player on one of my first teams. In addition, it will be 30 years in October since we moved into the Lindmark home at 710 Aldrich. That's where Bob Lindmark, BHS-40, and wife, Constance, BHS-40, raised their family prior to selling the home to us. Bob passed away in 1988. Both Bob and Connie worked in the Boone Community School System and Bob was also a longtime member of the Iowa National Guard.
     Connie, 92, passed away in the state of Washington in January and this past Tuesday, her memorial service was held here at the Lindmark's church, Augustana Lutheran. Many members of the Lindmark clan were here, including all three children, Rev. Larry, BHS-63, Chris, BHS-67, and Beth, BHS-73. Larry lives in Red Wing, MN, Chris Hargrove in Tucson, AZ and Beth Peterson in Kennewick, WA.
     Pastor Larry gave the message and did an outstanding job of paying tribute to his mother. His old coach couldn't have been more proud. Larry's wife is Kristen Schlauderaff who served at Augustana here as youth pastor for a couple years in the mid-1980's. Their son, Augie, assisted at the service, a grandson's wife sang and a great granddaughter was a reader. In addition, the organist was Carol Hurty Hokel, BHS-63.
     It took a while but, with the help of some Booneites, Al McCoy is being recognized by the Iowa Hall of Pride. Al McCoy is a national Hall of Fame sports broadcaster who still airs games of the Phoenix Suns of the NBA. He is originally from Williams, IA and one of his high school coaches was our own Chuck Lovin, one of Boone's finest. McCoy still remembers the good mentoring he received from Chuck and makes regular annual visits to Boone to see him.
     Chuck's daughter, Shelly, BHS-68, and her husband, Marty Dannatt, BHS-68, have been instrumental in providing the McCoy-Lovin story to former Boone resident Jack Lashier, who is the head man at the Hall of Pride. Jack was interested in more information on McCoy and wanted a face-to-face meeting so he could interview and obtain more information on his career and Iowa background from McCoy himself. During his usual visit here, the two, McCoy and Lashier, got together and that interview is now part of the Iowa Hall of Pride.
     Rudy Knight, BHS-71, attempted to send me something but the Kornerman was unable to, technically, "bring it up" on the computer. Also, we received an update on the upcoming Iowa By the Sea Picnic but we either haven't received or overlooked the date for that event.
     Thanks to both Carol Houser and Max Moore, BHS-46, for sending a nice video remembrance of how/why the song, "God Bless America" was written and, of course, all about how singer Kate Smith's version of the song captivated the country.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Clyde Louk, 78, Centerville, UT. BHS-55. Parents were Chester and Doris Louk. Active in 4-H and sports during his youthful days. Worked for several accounting firms and the IRS. Clyde's brother, Jim Louk, BHS-58, is a survivor..............James "J.D." Wilson, 84, Urbandale. Passed away in Boone..........Doug Runyan, 69, Ogden. Boxholm High-63. Born in Boone. Parents were Roger and Lavonne Runyan. Lived in Fraser most of his life. Viet Nam vet who worked at Rolfes, Archway, Oberg Trucking and Fareway. Boone area survivors include his wife, Mary Ann of Grand Junction, daughters, Catherine Hay, Laurie Kathman and Becky Mayse all of Boone and son, Randy Runyan of Grand Junction.
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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

We Were Wrong

     The Korner recently reported a falsehood and we're sorry. We had written, incorrectly, that Cedar Pointe Golf Course had been sold. That was wrong. Fortunately, Debbie Christopher, owner of Cedar Pointe, via email, clarified the situation. She wrote, "this is a false statement. Cedar Pointe Golf Course has  not been sold to anyone. There is no contract. Please correct your blog." Debby, of course, is right and we were wrong and, thus, we do offer this correction. For some time, there has been a lot of "buzz" about this situation and, unfortunately, the Kornerman "bit" on some of the buzz, which had not been substantiated. It was an error on our part. We apologized to Debbie and now publicly apologize for this error.
      James Harken, BHS-91, had a good reminder for us this week. The Iowa Municipal Band Festival is always one of the best Boone attractions of the year and it's that time of year again.
     The 24th annual event takes place in Herman's Park this coming Saturday, July 11.
     Jim wrote, "that will be bringing me back to old Boonetown for a visit as the MC (Master of Ceremonies) for the event. Seems like only yesterday we held the first one. What great memories!! Thinking of the Muni Band, I remember when the July 4th fireworks celebration used to be held out at the airport. The Muni Band used to provide music there in the early afternoon with other festivities that happened, leading up to the fireworks in the evening. One year, the band was playing and the wind started to pick up during the concert. So much so, that the front row of music stands kept falling over into the players. They kept trying to play with one hand while holding the music stand with the other but it was almost too much. My mom, Jan, and I and about four other people went up and held onto those stands allowing the band to play on. As I remember, I actually sat on the foot of band director Dave Richardson's music stand to keep it from blowing away too. It must have been in the late 80's because, as I remember, I was just a youngster at the time, but it sure was a memory sitting that close to the clarinet/flute section as they played. That afternoon truly proved that, "the show must go on!"
     Eight bands will play Saturday starting at 11 a.m.. The Boone Municipal Band will conclude the festival with a 6 p.m. concert. One band will be coming from Nebraska.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Ruth Bathel, 89, Perry. Boone area survivor is a son, Fred Bathel of Boone.........Betty Hesseltine, 83, Des Moines. Luther High-50. Parents were Irene and Paul Stolte of Dodge Township. Boone area survivors include brothers, Norman and Paul Stolte, both of Boone and sisters Peggy Scott of Stratford and Patricia Frette of Boone.........Retha Santi Corieri, 88, Ames. Born in Zook Spur, located south of Madrid. She and her husband, Bud Corieri, were well known for operating the Safari Restaurant in Ames. Boone area survivor is her sister, Rubie Santi Patrick of Madrid........June Harris, 77, Dallas Center, formerly of Boone. Lived in Boone over 50 years. Was a housewife. Boone area survivors include her husband, Bruce of Dallas Center, and a brother, Robert Buchmiller of Ogden..........Alice Thompson, 95, Chester, IA. Moved to Boone in 2010. Three children survive, daughters Pat Anderson and Denise Nebbe and son Dean Thompson.........Hugh Gardner, 48, Olathe, KS. Grew up in Boone and worked in Boone. Boone area survivors include his mother, Mary Gardner of Boone and brother-in-law David Marlow of Pilot Mound............Douglas Bennett, 68, Boone. Parents were Robert and Doris Bennett. Stratford High-65. Was a conductor for two railroads. Retired in 2006. Boone area survivors include sons Chad and Kyle Bennett of Boone and Steven Srigley of Boone, daughter Tina Campbell of Boxholm and sisters Connie Lacey of Boone and Twila Phipps of Pilot Mound.........Zita Engel, 87, Des Moines. Madrid High grad. Madrid survivor is a son, Duilio Mordini........John Halsey, 82, Madrid. Madrid High-50..........Patricia Gustofson, 82, Ames. Formerly of Boone. Parents were Fred and Blanche Sandell. BHS grad. Teacher. Husband Don Gustofson and brother, Tom Sandell, both BHS grads, preceded her in death.
Boone area survivor is a son, Grant Gustofson of Boone.........Helen Frederick, 85, Ogden. Formerly of Boone. Parents were Lee and Hazel Brown. Nurse's aide and homemaker. Boone survivors include a daughter, Bonnie Patten, and a son Joseph Lentsch both of Boone..........Janice Jean Swansen............. Carl Cook, 82, Ogden. OHS-51. Worked at Ogden Grain and Walmart in Boone. Son Scott Cook and daughter Carla Tidgren survive.
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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Have a Happy and Very Safe Fourth

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Several Musings from out West

     San Diego's Barb Buechler Fosdick, BHS-67, checked in this week with comments on a variety of subjects including some good ideas regarding some entertaining websites Booneites might find interesting. Some have been mentioned by the Kornerman before but they are worth a "second look."
     Barb wrote, "finally getting around to touching base with you. Love your Kelley's Korner, and all the tidbits about Boone and the great memories. I remember being part of that great Boone Centennial celebration (1965), some, of which, was held at the Boone County Fairgrounds. We were part of a skit about Boone, Iowa history. I remember wearing a long, fluffy, blue, flowered skirt, white ruffled blouse and matching "bonnet" with scalloped white edging to match the skirt. My dad had grown a mustache and sideburns for the occasion, as did many of the other men. Pictures of our family on vacation that year to the Badlands in South Dakota, showed him sporting that mustache. It looked so weird."
     She added, "I did some research on the photography being done by Cody Weber from Keokuk, Iowa as he takes pictures of all of the small towns (947) in Iowa. The link to his pictures is "" and the link you also gave was Both sites are very interesting!! I also loved the video taken by a drone of the Ledges State Park, and of the Trestle Bridge in Madrid."Watch Amazing Aerial look at Ledges State Park" or there's a link at by Gopher Aerials. All of this research was fun. I think someone should make a drone video over downtown Boone, the south, west and east ends including the Adobe Lounge, west end, and the Hideaway Tavern on east Mamie Eisenhower which has the best food ever. The Hideaway chef is my cousin, Craig Wear, son of Sharon and Fred Wear. Sharon was the daughter of my aunt and uncle, Katherine and Harold Olson, who lived on a farm northeast of Boone. I think the kids went to United Community school. Keep up the good work. I love the Lucky Pig Restaurant in Ogden too. They have great food."
     Boone Connected Deaths: Marilyn Rosedal, 91, Boone. In Boone she was secretary for the M and R Saw Shop. Boone area survivors include a daughter, Melinda Moeller of Boone, as well as several grandchildren and great grandchildren from the area..........Dr. Paul David Beard, 85, Ames/Boone. Worked as a Veterinarian at the National Veterinarian Service Lab. Belonged to Mt. Olivet Lodge #79 A.F. and A.M. of Boone. Survivors include his wife, Betty, of Ames and son, Paul David Beard II of Boone.
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