Saturday, March 28, 2015

More Coneys

     Gary Knox says there was a tavern on the north side that sold coneys. He wrote, "I think it was on the west side of Story and on a corner. In the same block as the little hamburger place but to the south of it. There also was a tavern directly across the street on a corner. On Saturday nights my dad would load the family into the car and tell us we were going to town for coneys. He would park the car near the place, leave us all in the car, go in and buy five coneys, bring them to us and we would eat them in the car. Sometimes, he would get two more and we would take them to grandpa and grandma Richards where we ate them. I can't remember if he got anything else with them. No beer since my parents were tee-totalers. It probably would have been in  the time frame of 1947-51. He would say they made the best coneys in Boone. My memory of them agree with that. We quit doing that when I was in junior high."
     The Kornerman says, "that sounds a lot like Lynn's Lounge and yes, even in the more recent years, the old Kornerman has consumed a coney or two from Lynn's. Now, the only other thing I might add is that we know many "tavern-like" institutions do offer coneys but much of our recent conversation has been devoted to, what I would call, "real or original" Coney Island establishments where that was the main item of fare, unlike some of the taverns that offer coneys as a "side" dish, if you know what I mean."
    Karen Anderson backed up her recent "coney" opinions with a picture which showed the southeast corner of Eighth and Keeler Street. On that corner currently is an Edward D. Jones office.
    Karen wrote, "that is where the coney I remember was located. The current building has, obviously, been remodeled from the 1940-50 era. The coney places I remember were south of the railroad tracks with the second one, as you mentioned, located just a few blocks away on the north side of Ninth Street and east of Story. My memories of that second place are not as good. I think my dad took me to the other one more often. I think my dad told me those two coney places were owned by two different Greek families. You mentioned Pete Kokanakis and that sounds familiar. But then there was Pete Canakes. Maybe that's who I remember. I don't remember the name Douroumis. I was not aware of the restaurant on the 1100 block of Story that Ron Hopkins mentioned. I found some things on the "Mormon Family Search" website. From the 1940 census, George Canakes, 1887-1960, occupation was listed as the proprietor of a restaurant. He was Peter Canakes, 1913-2001, father. Also, Dan Canakes, 1882-1967, was the proprietor of a lunchroom. You probably remember Dan's son, Dean Canakes, 1935-1966. He graduated from Boone High in 1954. I couldn't find anything about George and Dan being brothers or cousins. Both of them and their wives were born in Greece."
     The Kornerman certainly does remember Danny Canakes and his restaurant, his wife and son, Dean. Along with many others in the late 40's and early 50's, I spent time in that restaurant when growing up on the north side of town.
     Thanks so much Karen for all of the time you spent on researching and then sharing the info with Korner viewers.
     Quick Hits: (1) A pair of offerings were received from Ann Onymous this week.........a pocket size Chicago Cubs baseball schedule (which seems to arrive in the Kornerman's mail box each year about this time) and, I guess what was, an anniversary/birthday remembrance which was very thoughtful and nice and much appreciated.
     (2) Many congratulations to regular Korner viewers Mr and Mrs Curtis Dale Cox Jr. who are celebrating 50 years of marriage. A great achievement and we offer our sincere hope for another great 50.
     (3) A note in a recent BNR mentioned that 25 years ago, March-1990, BHS teacher/coach Bill Sapp was retiring after 41 years of work. How could that possibly have been that long ago?
     (4) Diane Johnson called this week and we had a good conversation about various things we have been writing about in the Korner. She had some very good ideas about the history of Boone's north side, business wise, and the restaurants and stores there.
     (5) You viewers may remember about the recent demolition of the old Lowell elementary school and the fact that the school board sold that property. Now, there is evidence that a first home may soon be built on that property. The old Bryant elementary was also demolished, sold and there are two or three houses now on that tract of land.
     (6) You may recall we recently reported that a wall had come crashing down from the north side of the building which formerly housed Lynn's Lounge near Tenth and Story. Thank heavens there were no injuries. Several occupants of apartments were not allowed in the building to retrieve their belongings for many days.....too much of a "risk." This week, those occupants were given a limited time to go in and take out their possessions.
     Boone Area Deaths: Ted Jenkins, 60, Granger. Boone area survivor is a son, Ted Jenkins, of Madrid...........Ruth Williams, 102, Ames. BHS-32. When a young girl, her family moved to Boone where her father worked for S. Hanson Lumber and later, owned a general store. Living in Ames, Ruth's husband, Robert, owned a shoe repair shop............William (Bill) Henry, 49, Grimes. Worked for bridge builder, Jensen Construction. Boone area survivors include his father, Robert Henry, his brother, Scott Henry, nephew, Hunter Henry, and grandmother, June Galetich, all of Madrid...........
Lynn Ebel, 67, Boone. Worked on the railroad and with Composite Technologies. Boone area survivors are his wife, Rebecca, and his son, Jeffrey Ebel, both of Boone.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Coney Islands

     Ron Hopkins, BSH-59, wrote from the great state of Washington, "Karen Anderson mentioned Coney Islands in commenting on the Lynn's Lounge story. I don't remember Lynn's Lounge either. Maybe a different name in the 50's and 60's? I also don't, precisely, remember a Coney Island on the north side. I certainly do remember,and, fondly, the one on the southeast corner of Eighth and Keeler. Great! I think there were two, and that they were owned by the Kokanakis brothers. I also understood that Danny, who ran Dan's restaurant in the 1100 block on the east side of Story, just south of the current Casey's and across the street from what was then a rundown residential hotel, was a Kokanakis. He was certainly patient and a great friend to many of us from nearby Sacred Heart. Danny could also get more grease infused in french fries and hamburger patties than anyone now living. Where, more specificially, was Lynn's Lounge? Was it in the spot invaded by a motorcycle gang many years ago? I have a feeling, Mo, that Coney Islands and Danny Kokanakis have come up in the Korner before but I couldn't confirm. If this is repetitious, please excuse. I continue to get great pleasure from your blog."
     The Kornerman says, "where do we begin in answer to Ron's questions?"
     Lynn's Lounge was located at the northwest segment of the 10th and Story intersection and, of course, is now a shell of it's former self, due to the recent "cave-in" of an outside wall. Prior to Lynn's it was a tavern with various names including Walt's. Regarding the Coney Islands, I don't recall any in north Boone either. There was the one Ron mentioned that was operated by............. was it Pete Kokanakis? At least it was a Kokanakis I know. Mary, I believe, operated the business after her husband's death.  There was another Coney Island on the north side of  Ninth Street, east of Story, across from what is now the Union Pacific Railroad parking lot. The Kornerman believes that was operated by Jimmy Douroumis. Danny's restaurant, located in the area that now houses a Casey's near 12th and Story, was a favorite when I was growing up and it was operated by Danny Canakes. I believe the motorcycle invasion Ron referred too occurred on the opposite side, east side, of the street from Lynn's/Walt's in the Wilson's Tavern area.
     Please correct the Kornerman if I'm wrong on any of this.
     Karen Anderson mentioned that when she was researching the Coney Island locations, via the Ames Public Library, she had a memory of, not the Coney Islands but, another noted Boone area restaurant......Hornbeck's in Moingona. Karen wrote, "The couple who owned and operated it were Emma and Billy Hornbeck. My aunt, Helen Pollard, was Emma's daughter. Helen and her husband, Floyd (Snub) Pollard, operated the Chick-A-Dine restaurant and Topper Motel. By the late 40's, Hornbeck's was long gone. We used to go out and visit with Emma. Billy died in 1949 but I remember him. I was born in 1946 so, in some respects, I still have some "wits about me." Emma lived in a different house out there, by the time I was old enough to remember. I do remember walking up the road from her place and you could see the remains of Hornbeck's. Part of the building was made from rocks."
     On another subject, Karen wrote in reference to our mention in recent editions of  Harlem Globetrotter visits. She wrote, "I have a memory of my dad taking me to see the Globetrotters. But, being logical, I thought, "no, that can't be.....would they come to Iowa?" I thought maybe they played in Des Moines and he took me "all the way" over there but I thought, "no, that would be too far to go." But, Kelley's Korner saved the day (Jan. 28th edition of KK). Thank you for providing a great service to me and anyone else who has childhood memories but aren't quite sure they are real or imagined until one sees it on Kelley's Korner. I think I'll go fix a Coney Island and watch a basketball game."
     The Kornerman says, "as we've mentioned before, I don't believe the "original" Globetrotters have ever been to Boone. Des Moines?.......yes, many times. However, there are and have been numerous Globetrotter "secondary" units that travel around to smaller communities and some of them have appeared in Boone."
     Good news from Jerry Manriquez, BSH-57. Pamela Schultz, the Director of the Boone County Historical Society, has a number of duplicate Scrolls and sent the 1913, 1914, 1915, 1916, 1920 and 1921 editions to Jerry. Remember also that Jerry does not need to retain the Scrolls he receives. He returns them to the sender within a week or so.
     Jerry also reported that Nancy Westfall Gurrola, BHS-60, will be sending him a collection of Bumble B's from the 1957 through 1960 era. Karen Mondt Johnson, BHS-66, is sending a 1968 Boone Junior College (Cub) yearbook. Jerry is still looking for the following Scrolls....1910, 1911, 1912, 1931, 1971-79 and all those from the 1980's, 1990's and 2000's.
     Quick hits: Great to see another of my former Babe Ruth ballplayers the other day. Kevin Barnes, BHS-79, was in town to visit his dad, Kenny, for a few days. Kevin is a financial advisor with Bentonville, AR listed as his home base. Alas, the poor boy is a Cardinal fan.
     Another recent visitor was Julie Munson, BHS-73, who was in town visiting John and Char and buying a horse to take back to Oklahoma.
     Boone Area Deaths: Robert (Bob) Richards, Polk City. BHS-62. Born in Boone. Parents were Chester and Florence Richards. Was a construction superintendent .........................Lynn Ebel, 67, Boone.........James Fullerton, 75, Boone.BHS-59. A mechanic he moved back to Boone and worked for 23 years at the DOT. Boone area survivors include his wife, Eldenna, of Boone and a sister, Jackie Opperman of Pilot Mound............Beverly Peters Maddux, 82, Madrid. Born in Boone and attended Boone schools. Worked for Meredith Publishing in Des Moines. Boone area survivor is a son, Curt, of Madrid.
     Former DMACC Dean Joe Borgen passed away in January. A celebration of Joe's life will be held tommorrow (3-26) from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Lake View Building 7 on the Ankeny Campus of DMACC.
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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Many Thanks

     What a celebration! The Kornerman's 80th birthday turned out to be quite an occasion and I certainly am humbled by the great response from Korner friends and friends friends and family. The cards and emails and calls were so much appreciated. Many thanks to all of you who remembered this milestone. Special thanks, of course, to wife, Jo, and our kids.
     Some respondents included additional information that was interesting.
     Mike Culver, BHS-64, from Omaha indicated he is finally retiring at the end of this school year after 47 years of successful teaching and coaching, 29 of those years at Creighton Prep.
     One of my close high school buddies, Gary Grosnickle, BHS-53, called from Bella Vista, AK and we had a nice update for 15-20 minutes. He and Delores seem to be doing very well in retirement.
     Heard from an old radio co-worker, Bernie Lewiston, a former Woodward area resident now in West Bend but a future resident of Ogden. Bernie's had some health issues and was hospitalized for a time but is home now. His wife, Evelyn, will be retiring from a full time ministry in June and the couple plans to move to Ogden at that time. Bernie wrote, "I still remember that Sunday back in November, 1963, when I showed up at KWBG and told you I was the new weekend guy. You probably wondered where they dug me up. It's hard to believe that was 52 years ago."
     BHS classmate Carol Miller Hopkins Pyeatt, BHS-53, wrote, "when reading your blog, "Same Old, Same Old," it reminded me how those words can be of another connotation. Whenever I see someone and inquire how they are doing, I, sometimes, get a reply, "same old, same old" which can be a good thing. It sure is better than hearing their mate, relative or friend has passed away, or with a serious illness or an accident, etc. Just another way of looking at "those" words. It's always nice to read of the "good old days" when being raised in a neat community the size of Boone. Stay well and keep up the good work."
     Longtime friend Mary Shaler Day, BHS-61, the Des Moines radio personality, wished me well and is still dreaming about co-hosting, with the Kornerman, a radio show of our own. It seems like all of our lives we have talked about that possibility.
     Jim Harken, BHS-91, wrote, "I understand this is one of the big ones and I'm proud to say I know you and that things are going well for you. I always love to read the Korner and see what is happening in my home town. Sometimes, I feel like a real little kid when some memories are shared, other times I'm glad I, occasionally, get to share. Makes me feel close to home no matter where I roam."
     In addition to birthday greetings Karen Anderson wrote, "when I read about Lynn's Lounge I knew I had never heard of it but the comment about a Coney Island rang a bell. When I was a kid in the late 40's, early 50's, my dad took me to a Coney Island. In fact, as I remember, he took me to two different Coney Islands. Both of them were owned and operated by Greek families. The names Canakes and Kokinakis come to mind. There was a Peter Canakes who was born the same year as my dad, 1913. Maybe he was the one who ran the Coney Island. Then, I understand, one of the widows of one of the men who operated the Coney Island had moved back to Greece after her husband died. Anyway, I'd really like to know more. Maybe someday I'll make a road trip to Boone and stop in at the Boone County Historical Society to see what they have on this subject."
     My classmate, Richard Longworth, BHS-53, wrote from the windy city, "I saw the headline in the BNR about the lack of interest prompts a cancellation of Boone's 150th celebration. The 150th should be a real big deal. I remember the 75th, a parade, celebrations, a special historical edition of the BNR etc. What's the problem? Are you the only person left who knows about our town's past, or cares?"
     The Kornerman replied that I remember the centennial celebration. I was quite involved because I spent many hours writing stories for the BNR's special 100th birthday celebration edition.
     I added that I guess a 150th celebration was too much of an undertaking for the "older crowd" and the "younger crowd," many who never grew up in Boone,.....could, apparently, care less.
     To that, Richard replied, "that's sad. How can you care about the future of the place where you live if you don't care about it's past? If they still teach history at BHS, I'd suggest a course on the history of Boone."
     Kenneth Sundall, 87, Boone, formerly of Ames. AHS-45. Longtime banker in Boone. Survivors include sons, Michael and Ronald and step-children, Debbie Christopher, Dennis Andrews and Kris Higgins.........LaVern Hilsabeck, 76, Boone. Attended Luther and Jordan schools. Worked at Percival's, for the city of Boone and at Firestone before nine years as a custodian at the Boone schools. Boone area survivors include his wife, Barbara, and son, Jeffrey, plus daughters Jody McNaughton and Joni Olney and sister-in-law, Margaret Hilsabeck all of Boone...........Mackenzie Van Schuyver, 19, Woodward. OHS. Worked at Casey's in Woodward and a truck stop in Urbandale. Boone area survivors include her parents, Marty and Janelle Van Schuyver of Woodward, and grandparents, Arland and Beverly Van Schuyver of Ogden...........Tommy Mallicoat, 74, Boone. Longtime truck driver. Boone area survivors include his wife, Sharon, son Chris, daughters Nora Harris and Cindy Plummer and mother-in-law Myrna Harrison all of Boone. Other Boone area survivors are a son, Trent, and a brother, Gary, both of Ogden..........John Morrison, 78, Ogden. Formerly of Boone. Attended Ames schools. Worked at Quinn's in Boone for 33 years. Resided in Boone until 1972 when he and wife, Shirley, moved to Ogden. Boone area survivor is his wife, Shirley.
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015


     What a disapointment! The old Kornerman looked in the mirror this morn hoping things may have changed. A Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt look or even a Dick Clark look would be acceptable. But nothing I could see was really different which, upon reflection, is alright. After all, as the late film star Audrey Hepburn explained, "Success is like reaching an important birthday and finding you're exactly the same." Hey, I'll take that.
     Yes, my life's book, had I written it, would have turned to the 80th page on this very day, March 18, 2015. I'm told I was born on a Monday afternoon under the astrological sign Pisces with a life path number of 3, whatever that means. My fortune cookie reads, "To Love is to Forgive." Sounds good! My birthstone is Aquamarine and my birth flower is the daffodil. Won't Mary Maybee love that? O.K., I accept reality, the way things really are. Everything's great, well, except, maybe, for one thing. For a real bit of excitement I have to wait another 24 hours. Tis' said that my lucky day is tommorrow, Thursday, and every Thursday thereafter. I can hardly wait. You guessed it. I'll be looking in that mirror again first thing tommorrow morning and I suppose it's alright if everything, again, still remains the same.
     By now, even you out-of-towners are probably aware of Boonetown's top story of the week. A building that once housed Lynn's Lounge on the north side collapsed or, at least, one wall gave in, completely opening up some apartments "innards" to the outside world. Thankfully, nobody was injured.
     That has opened up lots of memories of old northside businesses for the town coffee drinkers and was also the basis of a note from Pat Olofson, BHS-69, who wrote, "I talked to my dad, who is  88 and will be 89 in June, and he was not aware of the building collapse. However, he went on to tell me about Lynn's being a Coney Island owned by a Greek family when he was growing up in the 30's. He also told me of a place south of the tracks, just east of the viaduct, where manufactured gas was stored and sold. I don't remember it but I do remember the huge water reservoir in the same area. He talked about 6' wooden water mains and J.C. Petersons' being located north of the tracks. He mentioned when he came to town from Stratford in the 30's and went as far south as Moffitt's, you were out of town. It's nice to hear about what Boone looked like years ago. I'm sure others know of the same things. Keep the column going, it's great. It's interesting, informative and just plain nice to read. There's no end to stories from/or about Boone Iowa."
     Janelle Givens Henry, BHS-70, wrote in response to the query in the last edition by Mary Beth Waldman, BHS-78, regarding the way the Toreador nickname was achieved. Janelle pretty much verified, via a 1926 Scroll, what the Kornerman had said was the catalyst for the nickname. Boone High's basketball team that year had played three games in less than six days against Marshalltown, Fort Dodge and Ames teams at Marshalltown and had earned the nickname because the Marshalltown newspaper stated the games Boone played in resembled a bull fight. BHS had been seeking a nickname for some time with no success until those games in Marshalltown and the accompaning newspaper clipping gave them an acceptable idea.
     Janelle found some other things of interest in various Scrolls. In 1925, the Pepstir Club (later named the Pep Club) was formed with each member having their own green or red fez. In 1924, baseball was first started with four teams, each including a Captain and three members from each class. However, there were no scholastic games scheduled.  In the 1922 Scroll it was mentioned that it was the second year for wrestling. In the 1919 book it stated that there were red and green carnations on tables at the banquet honoring the undefeated football team. Janelle said, "I had a great time looking at the old pictures."
     Quick Hits: (1) John Kueck, BHS-61, wrote, "I never tried the different tenderloins recently mentioned but I wrote several months ago about Clyde Moore's. My guess is it stacked up to the others mentioned, but it was not a feature like his hamburgers were. I wonder if anyone had both Clyde's and the Cookie Jars tenderloins?" John also extended a happy birthday to the Kornerman.
     (2) Many Kornerman thanks also to Vern and Ken Zanker for their special birthday card and greeting,  to Roger and Lou Oxenford and Kathleen Wheelock for the nice email St. Patrick's Day cards they sent and to Loren Frazier, BHS-58, and Steve Hilts, BHS-62, for birthday greetings.
     (3) Noticed in the Iowa High School Girls State Basketball program that one of the competing teams was Red Oak and their coach was Dan Martinez. I assume that was the Dan Martinez that taught and coached in Boone many years ago. I believe his wife was Nina or Nita? and I believe she also taught. Both were outstanding tennis players and were very much involved in the school and the cities tennis program while they were here. Then too, I know they went from here to Red Oak so I'm quite confident that truly is THE Dan Martinez, a one-time Boone resident.
     Boone Area Deaths: Dorothy Harris, 82, Boone. Worked at Pamida for 20 years, then CDS Global for 18 years prior to retirement in January of 2014. Boone area survivors include her son Kim and daughters, Laurie Platter and Julie Harris............LaVern Hilsabeck, 76, Boone..............Arnie Carlson, 78, Stratford. Stratford-54. Born in Boone, longtime Boone County farmer. Boone area survivors include his wife, Donna, and sons, Greg, Grant and Rick of Stratford.........May Anderson, 93, Madrid. MHS grad. Was a rural school teacher and then a medical aide at the Madrid Home prior to retirement. Madrid friends surviving are Connie Wicker and the Nalean family.
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Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and..........the Korner

     The Kornerman keeps telling you guys and gals that this is a high class operation!
     The Korner has hits the streets of old Pah-rie. Direct from Paris, Boone native Keith Smith, BHS-56, wrote, "I'm emailing from Paris to let you know how much I enjoy reading your nostalgia flavored column, both when I'm home in Omaha, and when I'm in London or Paris as I am about one month each year. My wife is Virginia Martin, who was also the BHS class of '56. She is her own world traveler, doing cruises and tours to interesting parts of the world. Later this year, she will be in China. Last Fall, she was in Turkey. My taste is ballet, opera and musicals, and this trip, I'm seeing six ballets, two operas and the musical,"Singin' in the Rain." Virginia is retired from teaching with the Omaha public schools. I still enjoy working and have my own business following my earlier career as a professor of mathematics. Fortunately, I have a very competent employee who can handle the business operations while I am away for eight to 30 days at a time in London or Paris."
     Thanks Keith. We especially appreciate it when viewers let us know of their Korner visitation while out of the U.S..
     More about Chuckie's of DeWitt, IA, that terrific Iowa tenderloin destination. Bill Wallace BHS-70,  wrote, "Congrats on five years of KK. You're doing a tremendous service for those of us who don't get to Boone very often. Keep up the good work. The recent story about the Cookie Jar and it's tenderloins hit home for me. The house I grew up in was just a couple blocks from the Cookie Jar. I had to save up a lot of money to be able to get a tenderloin, but it was worth it. My wife, Lisa, and I go to Arizona for some Cactus League spring training baseball every year now. The two parks we go to most often are Hohokam, now Sloan Park, to watch the Cubs, and the Peoria Sports Complex to watch the Padres/Mariners. We discovered the tenderloins from DeWitt a few years ago...and they are a "must have" when we are there. Thanks for making the connection. We are in Arizona now and are going to see the Indians play the Cubs at Sloan Field today (Fri) and then on Monday, we'll be in Peoria watching the the Cubs play the Padres. I'll be thinking about the Cookie Jar as I have a tenderloin from DeWitt........both days. When standing in line to get the tenderloins, almost everyone in line is from Iowa. Great place to meet folks from home. Thanks for all you do."
     Bill later sent a second email to verify that he had consumed a tenderloin from Chuckie's Friday.
     Boone's gift to the National Football League, Chad Rinehart, BHS-2003, has been released by the San Diego Chargers. Chad has enough time as an offensive lineman in the NFL to receive a nice pension if he decides to give that profession up. If he still desires playing time, he most certainly will have an opportunity to go to another team.
     These type of transactions, oftentimes, are money driven by a team's salary cap and have nothing to do with performance. In Chad's case, apparently the Chargers decided they would rather have a $3.24  million dollar saving, which Chad would have earned in the coming season, rather than continue with his service. Then, they would have that money to spend, along with other bucks, on some young, higher-priced talent or could, perhaps, pick up even two or three players with that "saved" money.
     Chad, 6-5, 321 pounds and 29 years of age, started every game for the Chargers last year and, in fact, never missed an offensive "snap." He was on the field for every offensive play of the season. He was also the team's union representative. He started his NFL career with the Washington Redskins, moved  over to the Buffalo Bills and then San Diego. He has about seven years of NFL service beginning in 2008 and just completed his second year with San Diego.
     Quick Hits: (1)  The Korner sadly reports the death of longtime Boone businessman Kenny Sundall who passed away "quietly" in Cedar Rapids yesterday (Friday). His son, Michael, BHS-68, told the Korner that a memorial service will take place next month.
     (2) Anthony Kelley wrote wondering if the Kornerman had ever visited Kelley's Korner in Perry. He said his grandparents, Jim and Glaydes Kelley of Ogden, were the owners of that establishment. The Kornerman's answer is "no." I'm not familiar with it. When viewing Google, it's evident  there are numerous Kelley's Korners around the country.......some are Kelly's rather than Kelley's.
     (3) Maribeth Waldman, BHS-78, asked that familiar question about how the Toreadors got their nickname and we explained that in the 1920's, Boone and Marshalltown locked up in a basketball game at Marshalltown. The next day the Marshalltown newspaper described the Boone team's players as being "like a bunch of bullfighters." Thus, the nickname the Toreadors was born.
     (4) In a recent BNR "years back" column it states that in the 1964-65 school year, Boone's Dick Musser, BHS-64, had scored 84 points and averaged 14 points per game as the Grinnell College freshmen basketball teams posted a 4-2 record.
     (5) Thanks to Rick Houser, BHS-63, and Mark Tompkins, BHS-60, for their birthday/anniversary greetings. Tompkins remembered the Cookie Jar tenderloin but also recommended Smitty's on Army Post Road in Des Moines and Darrell's Place in Hamlin, IA. He said Darrell's was voted the best tenderloin venue in Iowa in 2004.
     (6) Seems like there's been lots of bumps, bruises and breaks lately. After a fall and a hospital stay, the Kornerman understands Clarice Sapp is now recuperating at home. Ray Gaul, the former Ogden Superintendent, took a tumble recently and broke a hip and word is that Rosemary Phelan Moorman, BSH-55, fell and broke an arm while exercising. Best wishes to all who are suffering.
     (7) Folks with Boone "genes" have been prominent at recent sporting events. Former resident Rich Collison, BHS-80, recently officiated in his fourth Iowa Girls High School basketball tournament while Eric Ver Helst, BHS-2000, was one of the announcers for that event. Eric's dad, Jack, was again an official at the recent Iowa High School swim meet and Everett Johnson has again been "on the bench" as an official scorer at the Iowa Boys State Basketball Tourney.
     Boone Area Deaths: Wilma Miller, 79, Boone. Was married in Boone. Worked in home health care in Missouri and later as a custodian at Iowa State University. Boone area survivors include sons Don Hall and Jason Miller and sister Emma Mosier all of Boone.........Larry Meyer, 66, Missouri. Was an electronic technician for the FAA. Was married to Mary Anderson in Boone and she survives. Boone area survivors include his brother-in-law Greg Anderson and sister-in-law Rochelle Williams both of Boone...........Bill McCoy, 79, Des Moines, formerly of Boone. BHS-54. Operated a hardware store on Des Moines' southside for many years. His parents were Lizzy and Cleo McCoy and survivors from his Boone family include a brother Harley and sisters, Rose Breon and Vickie Peel.
     Worldwide Korner headquarters are located at 710 Aldrich, Boone, Iowa 50036-4703. Phone number is 515-432-1530. To email your stories/memories/comments/support.......


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Thank You

     The Korner received a short note from Jude Rolfes, BHS-64, with congratulations for our five years of service and Tom Peterson, BHS-67, added, "I'm so glad you had the courage to continue on with a new medium, likely not what you thought was good at the time, but old dogs do learn new tricks."
     Nice to hear from Tom Burke, BHS-61, after an absence. Tom wrote, "five years seem to have flown by.  I actually thought you had been doing your blog for longer than that. I'm sorry I haven't found the time to communicate in recent months. My wife told me a few years ago to find something to do so I wouldn't hang around the house so much. Now, it seems I may be gone more than I'm home. After running unsuccessfully for town council, my talents must have been recognized as our mayor appointed me to our local planning board and last fall, the county Freeholders appointed me to a county committee. It even looks like I may be running for council again this fall. So, these things keep me busy. It's interesting because our town, Belmar, NJ, has a full time population of 6,000, yet from April through October it swells to nearly 20,000 residents with a weekend population nearing 50,000. This does present some unique situations and problems along with some good business opportunities. Well, enough, congratulations on the five years and continued success. It's always good to read about good old Boone. It holds many fond memories. Our 55-year reunion is already planned for next fall and I do plan on being there."
     Larry Lindmark, BHS-63, wrote, "the Cookie Jar in West Boone was always the place to go for a big, juicy pork tenderloin. It was the size of a chicken breast. Today, when a pork tenderloin is listed on the fast food menu, it's a big disappointment. It's just this breaded stuff pressed together. In the 1980's, while living in the Quad City area, I discovered a restaurant in Port Byron, IL which came close to serving a "Cookie Jar tenderloin." Then, in the 1990's, I was told of a bar/restaurant in DeWitt, IA named Chuckies (now called TC's Point After) that had good tenderloins. I traveled to DeWitt on Highway 30 in eastern Iowa and sure enough, I had reached tenderloin nirvana. In 2008, Chuckies started serving their tenderloin sandwiches at Hohokam Park in Mesa, AZ, spring training home of the Chicago Cubs. On the side of their mobile trailer, they advertise as "the best tenderloin in Iowa." Ron Santo, the former Cubs player and announcer, was quoted as saying, "the best in Iowa? No, the best in the world." In 2013, I asked Chuck if he would be able to set up at the new Cubs spring training facility beginning in 2014. He said that Tom Ricketts, the owner of the Cubs, definitely would find a place for Chuckie's at the new park. Ricketts had eaten his share of Chuck's tenderloins. Sure enough, in 2014, there was Chuckie's pork tenderloins set up in four other food stands beyond the center field fence. Chuckie's had a continuous line of  40-50 people waiting to buy an Iowa tenderloin. Boone's Cookie Jar had met it's match. Chuck also sets up at Peoria, AZ, spring training home of the Seattle Mariners and San Diego Padres. Other stops include NASCAR events and for the past two years, he has been at the Iowa State Fair, located west of the Jacobsen building on the west end of the fairgrounds. The Cookie Jar no longer exists but a good Iowa pork tenderloin can still be found."
     Quick Hits: (1) I'm so glad I discovered the BHS-BSH alumni list Jerry Manriquez provides on his web site. In the Kornerman's opinion, being able to add graduation dates to the names of Korner participants really adds to the story. Thanks Jerry for the great services you provide.
     (2) Sorry to report former well  known Boone resident, Clarice Sapp, took a tumble recently. We understood there were no broken bones but some bruising which required some rehabilitation at Iowa Methodist in Des Moines. Clarice now lives in the D.M. Metro area.
     (3) By now, you've heard of the Harrison Ford plane mishap. All that worldwide publicity reminds the Korner of the fact that his in-laws are BHS-51 grads, Ron Flockhart and Kay Honohan Flockhart. Harrison's wife and Ron and Kay's daughter is actress Calista Flockhart who, when she was a youngster, spent several summers in the Boone area visiting her grandparents and other relatives.
     Boone Area Deaths: Jerry Scott, 69, Boone. Worked for the city of Boone water department prior to retirement..........Ray Flickinger, 89, West Liberty, IA, formerly a 40 year resident of Boone. Was a bricklayer.........Wilma Miller, 79, Boone..........Frank Whitman, 78, formerly of Boone. BHS-55. Worked for a railroad and then served 30 years in the U.S. Air Force........Jerry Quillen, 57, Urbandale. Former Boone resident. Was a public works employee in Ames and Urbandale. Boone area survivors include his son, Jeremy and daughter Crystal Heck both of Boone..........Helenrose Reideler, 95, Boone. Formerly of Twin Lakes. Came to Boone's Eastern Star Home in 2007, left in 2010 but returned in 2014. Was a teacher. Boone survivor is daughter Roberta Reideler..........Florence Lundberg, 97, Pilot Mound. Was a teacher in Boxholm. She and her husband farmed near Pilot Mound...........Wilma Higgins, 80, Madrid. Worked in Boone at Higgins Concrete Construction, Boone County Home and Genesis. Area survivor is a sister, JoAnn Kersey of Ogden..........Martha Porter, 99, Boone. BHS-34. Boone survivors include her son Albert and daughters Linda Hasstedt and Lydia Jackson all of Boone and a daughter, Liz Stapes of Story City.
     Worldwide Korner headquarters are located at 710 Aldrich, Boone, Iowa 50036-4703. Phone number is 515-432-1530. To email your stories/memories/comments/support.......

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Five Big Candles

     Happy anniversary to the Korner.......5 years, 480 editions viewed by a total of 201,263 folks with nothing better to do.

     The weather is changing........the time is changing (tommorrow morn at 2 a.m.)

     As mentioned in the last edition, we cleaned the file out and nobody responded so.......sorry.

     Maybe Wednesday??

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Complete Cleansing of our File

     The Korner referenced former Toreador Jeff Courter's appointment to the committee to evaluate candidates for the State University of Iowa Presidency in our last edition. Current President Sally Mason is retiring.
     This week, we heard from Jeff. He wrote, "Tom Tays, BHS-78, alerted me to your latest Kelley's Korner. Thanks for the mention. I've become, somewhat of, a veteran on the Search Committee front in Iowa City as last spring I served on a five-member Search Committee to recommend names to President Sally Mason for the next CEO/President of the UI Alumni Association following Vince Nelson's retirement announcement. I've been the Law School rep on the University of Iowa Alumni Association Board for six years, am Chair of the Board this year, and will be wrapping up my service on the Board next year as Past Chair. I have many fond memories of playing on the Babe Ruth Athletics for your dad and you a mere 39 years ago."
     Jeff and his wife have a daughter, Kate, who is a junior, and a son, Jack, who is a senior, at Dowling Catholic High School in Des Moines. Jack has played on both Dowling State Championship football teams of the past two years and dad says, "I'm 95-percent sure he's going to Iowa for undergrad. Wants to become a doctor. By the way, at Nyemaster Goode law firm, we now have three Booneites. Dick Sapp, BHS-68, got here first, helped convinced me, BHS-80, to leave my old firm 15 years ago and now, Jeff Harty, BHS-87, has come on board. The 3 Toreadors aka The Boone Mafia."
     Quick Hits: (1) Tim Orr, BHS-79, is, of couse, Major General Tim Orr, the Adjutant General of the 9,400 member Iowa National Guard. His son, Jacob of  Johnston, has received an appointment to the U.S. Air Force Academy for the 2015-16 school year. U.S. Senator Charles Grassley nominated young Orr for the appointment. Wouldn't grandparents Jeannine and Roger be proud?
     (2)  The Korner is sorry to report that Darrell Zunkel, the Iowa Hall of Fame softball pitcher who lives in Ames, is suffering from some serious health issues. The old Boxholm Swede is a tough guy and will fight hard. He has lots of Boone Countians thinking about him and hoping for the best.
     (3) Larry Kelley, no relation, sent me a neat idea. You can get on the computer and find out what the nation's number one song was on the day you were born. I checked it out and Fred Astaire's Cheek to Cheek was number one on my birthdate.
     (4) Gretchen reports that it appears there will be at least eight class reunions in Boonetown this coming summer. It appears that the first one will be the 1955 gathering June 26-27. By the way, for your calendar, Pufferbilly Days are slated for September 10-13 this year.
     (5)  The Kornerman had mentioned before that March would be a big event for him/me. First of all, can you believe, this little portion of the world, the Korner,  has been consistent for almost five years? I believe the takeoff date was March 6, 2010. There will be a big celebration.......a hoop and hollar......that's it. Oh yes, the other big March event......I've got a biggie March 18......80 big ones. Oh my gosh!! I  hope I make it to that milestone.
     (6) The Kornerman tries as much as possible to get an inking of our viewership and mention it on occasion. I would just add commemoration of our upcoming anniversary......  I am pretty certain we can now say "officially" that we have over 400 constant viewers. Before, we've stuck with the 350-plus mentions but we keep hearing of and getting good indications of added viewers.....enough so that I'm confident now we can truthfully say there's over 400. Amazing!!
     (7) Don't forget to change your clocks this coming early Sunday morning. Daylight savings time.
     (8) Maybe you've noticed. We have always struggled with, sometimes, not knowing the BHS graduation year of ex-Booneites we mention in the Korner. Sometimes, those who contact us don't tell us their graduation date. Thanks to Jerry Manriquez and his web site we can track down ex-BHS-BSH students graduation year. That listing has been there a long time but, you know, the Kornerman is a bit slow and has just caught on to this availability. A great service Jerry. Thank you.
     For sports fans this is such an exciting time.......the grand finale of college basketball and the beginning of baseball. What could be better? We have no less than three outstanding Division I basketball teams in Iowa and we are looking forward to their appearance in the big dance......the NCAA tourney. Don't be too surprised if Northern Iowa advances further into the tourney than either Iowa State or Iowa. Those Panthers are good.....despite that loss to Wichita last weekend.
     Speaking of baseball I'm reminded of a story related to me by another of my old Babe Ruth players, Larry Lindmark, BHS-63. Larry wrote, "Steve Crandell, BHS-66, and I crossed paths several times when our sons were playing baseball against each other in the Iowa Conference. Steve and I were teammates on the Lions Club Cubs back in the Little League days of Jimmy Archer Field. My youngest son, Augie, was a left-handed pitcher for Luther College and one day, Luther was playing Simpson. One of the Simpson parents came by and asked if I was Larry Lindmark. It was Steve Crandell and his son, Tyler, was the Simpson shortstop.So, our sons played against each other for a couple years. Augie graduated from Luther in 2012 and Tyler graduated from Simpson in 2013. Boone baseball travels a long way as those of us who grew up in Boone in the 50's and 60's continue to watch our children and grandchildren play the game we learned in central Iowa."
     Boone Area Deaths: Richard Johnson, 72, Dayton. A mechanic. Boone area survivors include his son, Matt Johnson of Stratford and daughter Christie of Dayton..........Charles Clark, 78, Van Meter. Boone area survivor is a brother, Larry Green of Stanhope, a former administrator in the Boone Public Works Department........Marvin Zenor, 96, Boone. A farmer in the Gilbert area. Boone area survivors include a brother, Tom, and a sister, Dorothy Wisecup both of Boone..........Lyle Platter, 78, Boone. Attended trade school and was a bricklayer. Was a driver at the Boone Speedway. Boone area survivors include sons Cloyd of Boone and Michael of Pilot Mound, daughter Coleen Smith of Boone, former wife and companion Barb Platter of Pilot Mound and her children, Rick Robertson of Boone and Shelly Garland of Pilot Mound, Lyle's brother, LaVerne (Bud), and sister, Janet Pepper, both of Boone..........Virginia Baker, 90, Boone. Was a homemaker and longtime cook at Iowa State University. Boone area survivors include daughter Linda Anderson of Boone and a brother, Larry Ford of Minneapolis and formerly of Boone.
     Worldwide Korner headquarters are located at 710 Aldrich, Boone, Iowa 50036-4703. Phone number is 515-432-1530. To email your stories/memories/comments/support.......