Saturday, June 27, 2015

It's A Go

     The Korner's various sources report that, it's true, no longer a rumor, that the Cedar Pointe Country Club (the former Boone Golf and Country Club) has been purchased by longtime local auto dealer Pat Clemons. Back to the rumor is said that work is needed on the course itself, that a complete new building may be considered, big enough for banquets etc. . A full size kitchen is a possibility.
     In the last edition, the Kornerman talked about his reunion with old buddy, Mel Murken, BHS-59. However, we failed to mention that Mel is still involved in the entertainment business as, you might remember, he was while residing in the Boone/Ankeny area. Remember Woody's Garage? That was the name of his band.
     Mel told me that in Florida, he has a band with two great guitar players and a fantastic drummer and they play 40 dates during the year. Mel, himself, is still the "front man" who sings all the old favorites. He really misses his involvement with baseball but still enjoys his band and their work. He did admit, "it gets a bit tougher each year to drag all that equipment here and there and work those later hours that are required."
     In reply to Larry Lindmark's, BHS-63, mention of neighborhood groceries in the last edition, Karen Anderson wrote, "That gave me something to look into. We lived in Jefferson, Coon Rapids and Churdan so grocery shopping was not a Boone "thing" for my mother or for my memory, other than occasional trips to the Boone Dairy. My dad was in the grocery business working in stores in those three towns. He worked at United, Super Value, Frohlich's and McCain's and maybe a National Tea. Back to Boone. I looked in the 1950 Boone High School yearbook. I love those ads in the back of the book. It appears 1950 was the last year the ads/sponsorships/congratulations were published. Here were the grocery stores mentioned.......Lawson's, Thriftway, Echternach's, Super Value and Superior. Frankly, the majority of those don't sound like they would be categorized as "neighborhood" stores, certainly not Super Value or Thriftway. Their addresses indicate they were fairly close to each other and in the downtown area. There were several "sweet" shops.....candy, donuts etc.....listed."
     Karen also mentioned seeing the book about Fareway's history......"Reflecting on 75 Years." The Kornerman has seen it and it is an interesting look at how Fareway got started, their philosophy etc. I think I've seen them at the local store for purchase in case any of you viewers are interested.
     Speaking of grocery stories, the Kornerman's next paying job, after delivering newspapers, was to stock bread on the shelves at Boone stores on the weekends. I believe it was for the Wonder Bread man. He would make a final week's delivery on Friday but would put extra cartons of bread in  the back room of stores. I was hired to go to those stores at mid-day Saturday, pull the bread cartons from in back and restock the shelves out front. Of course, my folks had the Superette and I was required to do a few duties there such as dividing 100-pound bags of potatoes into five or 10-pound sacks or just generally doing restocking of shelves.
     P.S. Remember when our "big" city had two Thriftway' north and one south? Remember when Vern Condon was the Produce Manager at Lawson's?
     The Kornerman did some music listening for a time this week. From google, just go to YouTube Music and you can find any previous record that you were fond of and would like to listen too. In a short time, a listened to several great songs I would highly recommend. Started with Billy Joel's "Just the Way You Are," then David Phelps, "One Night," Signature Sound's "Then Came the Morning," and the Hopper's "Jerusalem," and a pair of Sinatra classics of course. You will note several gospel songs mentioned. In case you are unaware, some of our greatest current singers are members of that genre. There can't be better singers in the world these days than Phelps and Kim Hopper.
     Jerry Manriquez, BSH-57, is still at it. His website continues to grow with even more info you might be interested in. Andy Anderson, BHS-62, wrote, "this Jerry guy is amazing. I sent him a 20-page scrapbook of sports clippings from BHS and he scanned them onto his site. He has such talent and what a service! Did you ever think of the total talent represented by BHS graduates? We could change the world or we could, better yet, just remember the benefit of growing up in Boone, Iowa."
     Andy sent Jerry some Babe Ruth material, some basketball and football info, some homecoming and commencement info and even some National Guard pictures. Jerry replied to Andy with, "I saw Bob Forney was in one of those guard pictures. He was my parent's Boone next door neighbor and helped them over the years. I kept in contact with him until he passed away."  Andy, who lives in Cedar Rapids, then replied to Jerry, "LTC Forney's daughter, Sue, lives about five miles from us with her husband, my classmate, MSG Mike Halpin. We see them quite often."
     Boone Connected Deaths: Douglas Bennett, 68, Boone..........Marvin (Jim) McVicker, 86, Boone. BHS-46. Construction worker for several firms. Hall of Fame bowler and very good fast pitch softball player. Boone area survivors include his wife, Lorraine, and daughter, Julie Herrstrom of Luther.........Sarah Jane Harmon, 62, Boone. Boone area survivor is a sister, Kathy Long of Boone..........James Marquardt, 71, Boone. Worked at Bourns in Ames and General Financial in Nevada before owning JM Press Service and working at Ball Plastics in Ames. Boone survivor is his wife, Muriel of Boone........Linda Lou Mataya, 67, Madrid. Ballard grad-66. Worked at Iowa State University. Boone area survivors include her husband, David, and son Matt, both of Madrid and sister Judy Fitch of Woodward.
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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Vistors Are Welcomed

     A pair of good friends stopped by the Worldwide Korner Headquarters separately this week.When our security force informed us that they were at the front gate we gave the O.K. for them to be escorted to the main office. That was after, of course, a complete stop and frisk (pat down just didn't sound right). Anyway,  you know you can never have enough security these days.
     Seriously, oh yes, it was great to see Mike Loehrer, BHS-64, and Mel Murken, BHS-59, and his wife, Nancy. Mike  and I just had our usual great talk about our families, things we've been doing and, of course, reliving lots of memories of Boone, Iowa life in the 1960's. Mike's sister, Judy, BSH-61, is still a Boone resident and their parents are buried here so Mike always returns a few times each year from his home in Dublin, OH for a visit. He also seems to find time to get in a game of golf and did so this time, pairing up with classmate Toby Anderson.
     In our visit with Mel and Nancy Murken it was determined we hadn't seen each other for 15 years. He retired his teaching and coaching duties at Ankeny High School in 2000 and has been a Florida resident pretty much ever since. The Murken's now live in Winter Haven. They were in Boone for the Murken reunion.
     There's more to the Kornerman and Murken story and we certainly, in an hour's time together, captured lots of the highlights. Way back, about 1958, the Kornerman had returned from service with the U.S. Army and was coaxed into taking managerial duties with a team in the Boone Babe Ruth baseball league. Knowing that Mel had been a good baseball player in high school and again at Drake University, I contacted him and asked for his assistance with my Ruth team. He was happy to help me for a time prior to getting his own Ruth team to manage When the Kornerman was selected to manage the Boone Babe Ruth All Star team in 1962, I immediately chose Mel as an assistant. That team went on to win the State championship, the Regional (7 state champs) championship and went to Bridgeton, NJ to compete with just seven other teams from around the world in the Babe Ruth World Series. Yes,we lost both games in New Jersey but what an experience for a pair of single guys in their 20's taking 15 young guys, 13 to 15 years old, on a trip from Boone to Hampton, IA, to Wellington, KS and Bridgeton, NJ in a very limited time span.
     Mel went on to become the head baseball coach at Ankeny High for many years, accumulating some 500 victories and being inducted into the Iowa Baseball Coaches Hall of Fame.
     With all due respect, we must mention too that the members of that 1962 championship Ruth team three years later, 1965, under Hall of Fame coach Bill Sapp, won the Iowa High School State Championship.
     Great to hear from another good friend from Babe Ruth days. Larry Lindmark, BHS-63, emailed a note that read, "I've lived in Red Wing, MN the past 10 years. Recently, a local resident wrote a book on all of the neighborhood grocery stores that have existed in Red Wing over the years. I wonder how many Boone neighborhood grocery stories we could remember? I grew up near Livingston's at the corner of Third and Linn. Glass pop bottles could be redeemed there. Also, I would ride my bike to Anderson's, just northeast of the hospital, buy a 10-cent loaf of bread and baseball cards. There was a store just across the street north of Page school, Rinehart's was on Benton Street, Kenny Anderson had a store on Fourth Street near Carroll and, of course, there was your parent's store, Kelley's Superette, on the north side of town. Red Wing has one neighborhood store left, Buchanan's, which specializes in meats and other items that cannot be found in the three larger stores."
     Larry's dad, Bob, passed away quite some time ago and his mother, Connie, passed away several months ago. However, a word to all those who knew and admired Connie........there will be a memorial service for her at Augustana Church in Boone at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, July 7.
     BITS and PIECES: (1) It's back!! We mentioned quite some time back the rumors floating around about the sale of the Cedar Pointe Country Club (the former Boone Golf and Country Club) to a local buyer. It seems there's a more solid rumor now. In fact, it's been said that one of the current owners said the deal had been agreed too orally but no official papers had been signed. So, we'll wait for that official signing prior to mentioning the identity of the proposed buyer.
     (2) The old Imperial Bowling Alley is in the midst of being demolished so Westhaven, a neighbor, will take over that area for expansion. The Imperial sign is apparently a "hot" item. It and various other things will be auctioned this weekend.
     (3) Tom Peterson, BHS-67, sent a copy of his mother's 1931 BHS annual. His mother was Grace Marie Dutton and the annual was fun to scan. The Kornerman noticed quite a few familiar names.
     (4) In a recent edition, we had mentioned Iowa Fast Pitch Softball Hall of Fame pitcher Ray Burlingame of Boone. He was inducted into the Hall in 1973. Kim Ohge, a granddaughter of Ray's  was interested in more information on Ray and contacted us via Tom Peterson. Sorry Kim but the Kornerman has no further information to provide.
     (5) Old KWBG buddy Bernie Lewiston informed that he and his wife, Evelyn, have moved from West Bend to Ogden. Evelyn preached her last sermon June 14 and has joined Bernie in retirement. Bernie said it's been three moves in 14 years......from south of Ogden to Fort Dodge, to West Bend and now Ogden. They're ready to settle for good.
     (6) Vern Modeland, BHS-50, sent a picture of his camper-type vehicle "the Magic Carpet" and said, "we've gone a long, long way together." He also commented on the mention made in the last edition of Rick Houser's trip out west. Vern wrote, "I envy his trip. A viewing of the Montezuma Castle was mentioned. That is but one of many fabulous cliff dwellings of the Anasazi. The Anasazi's migration, construction, communication and culture have kept me reading, then hiking and photographing from the mouth of the Pecos River in Texas, to Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, home to 250,000 people in it's time and dreaming of more trips in Canyon DeChelley in Arizona and on and on. Thanks to our history teachers at BHS for opening so many doors and windows."
     (7) Darrell and Wilma Knox Horan informed Jerry Manriquez, BSH-57, who in turn, informed the Korner that Frances Grunewald Dyer, BHS-41, had recently passed away. Former Boone area residents, Wilma and Darrell's family moved to California before finishing high school. Wilma would have been a BHS grad in 1952 or 1953 while Darrell had completed seventh grade before moving. The family had farmed north of Boone. Darrell and his wife, Inez, now live in Bakersfield, CA..
     Boone Connected Deaths: Juanita Welch, 93, Boone. BHS-39. Was co-partner with her late husband, Frank, in Welch Studio Photography.........Jimmy Young I, 65, Johnston, formerly of Boone. Moved to Boone in 1973 and also lived in Ogden at one time. Was a steamfitter at Iowa State University prior to 1998 retirement. Jimmy's wife, Joyce of Johnston, survives as do a son, Jimmy II, of Boone, niece Robin Morgan and nephew, Marty Young, both of Ogden............Mary Geri Newland, 76, Ogden Manor. Formerly of Boone. BSH grad............Marvin (Jim) McVicker, 86, Boone.
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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Boone Connected Deaths

     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Michael Chute, 65, Red Oak. Boone survivor is a step son, Paul Thede of Boone..........Helen Welch, 93, Boone..........James Marquardt, 71, Boone.........Irene Junck Ross, 95, Ames/Madrid Home. Formerly of Ogden. OHS-grad. Worked at the Ogden Bank and Boone County Courthouse. Met her late husband, Marion Ross, at the Boone Skating Rink..................
Gary Mallicoat, 79, Boone/Ogden Manor. BHS-54. Was co-owner of G & S Motor Supply and later worked at Caffrey's Wholesale. Boone area survivors include sons, Scott of Boone and Mike of Perry and daughters, Wendy Miller of Luther and Ann Reeves of Ogden.
     Worldwide Korner headquarters are located at 710 Aldrich, Boone, Iowa 50036-4703. Phone number is 515-432-1530. To email your stories/memories/comments/SUPPORT.......  

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Boone Notables

     The computer is a wonder. Sure, you can gather tons of information on almost any subject immaginable. But that's only half the story as the Kornerman learned this week. There also are tons of interesting material you can accidentally "stumble" onto.
     I can't even tell you how it happened. But one day I was aimlessly shuttling from one link to another and all at once, a page of famous people who, at some time, called Boone "home" appeared.
     My first thought was Mamie, of course, then the other "usuals," such as former Iowa Governor Norm Erbe, Kate Shelley and Colonel Nathan Boone. But wait, this is not that typical listing. In fact, these listed names were ones I, a 70-year resident of this community and someone who has written extensively on Boone history, was completely unfamiliar with.
     The Kornerman had never heard that actor Vern Adix, screenwriter Hal Davitt or actress Katy Johnson Evans had Boone backgrounds. It said that Adix was born in Boone, Iowa, May 3, 1912, and died in Salt Lake City in 1983. Davitt was born in Boone December 8, 1892, and died in a plane crash in California at age 40 in 1933. In addition to his screenwriting, he also wrote for various national magazines.
     Adix and Davitt, BHS-10, go back a number of years. Even then, I am very surprised I had never heard of them. Even more surprising is the fact I am unfamiliar with the young Ms. Johnson Evans, 27, who was born here April 16, 1988. She has appeared in at least four films that are mentioned......"Maniacs" in 2001, "Field of Screams" in 2010, "Black Limousine" in 2010 and "Penthouse" in 2010.
     MANY BITS AND PIECES: (1) The Kornerman noted in the Des Moines Register the other day a mention of the Ralph Zarnow orchestra. Boy that was a well-known Central Iowa band "way back." And, does anybody remember Boone's Shirley Heitkamp, BHS-49,? If I remember correctly, she was a star singer for the Zarnow band for many years.
     (2) Boone's Brogan Austin, who was a star track man for the Toreadors during his high school days, then starred on the Drake track team, has been named one of just four recipients of a Missouri Valley Conference postgraduate scholarship. Brogan was great in the classroom as well as on the track and due to his exemplary academic and athletic performances, he'll receive a $5,000 reward. He graduated in May, compiling a 3.76 grade point average while majoring in math. The Korner is always proud of Boone folks who excel on the state, national, international scene as well as here at home.
     (3) I know it's late but for you early risers.......Boone's Jamie Kelley is scheduled to appear on WOI-TV at 6:30 a.m. and on WHO-TV at 11:30 a.m. or noon this very day to promote his concert that will benefit the upcoming Boone County Freedom Flight. You do still have time to attend the concert. It will be held Saturday night at 8 p.m. at the high school auditorium. Obtain $20 tickets at the Boone YMCA or Ecksteins or you can buy them at the door for $25. Donations can be mailed to Boone County Freedom Flight, Box 311, Boone, Iowa 50036.
     (4) One of Boone's best all-around athletes ever, Roger Dutton, BHS-63, has completed the first part of a very serious surgery and it was successful. A second serious surgery will follow soon and we are predicting it will be just as successful. We all wish him the best.
     (5) Friend Rick Houser, BHS-63, wrote of a wonderful trip he had just taken. It started in Phoenix, included Montezuma Castle where the Indians made their home on the side of a mountain, continued into the Grand Canyon area where some of those famous John Ford/John Wayne movies were filmed, then on to Lake Powell, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park before hitting Vegas and flying home to Fairfax, VA.
     (6) It was nice to have some visiting time this week with Tom Peterson, BHS-67, who was in town prior to attending visitation for his former softball teammate/competitor Darrell Zunkel. Pete was telling that he had received some interesting photos from Jan Helgeson of Arvada, CO. Jan is a daughter of one of Boone's most famous fast pitch softball players, Morrie Reid, BHS-31. Morrie played on some local teams that were consistent state championship contenders and even participated nationally. One photo was of a softball jacket with "McCaskey's Cafe" printed on the back and the other was another softball jacket, a 1937 jersey worn by the famous Boone Nitehawks team. The Kornerman could talk all day about some of the feats of those older Boone teams but that "McCaskey's" reference reminds me of Ray Burlingame, who operated the cafe for a time and was also one of Boone's many outstanding softball pitchers.
     (7) Max Moore, BHS-46, sent me a note from California. It tells that preparations are being made for another, "Iowa By the Sea Picnic." It's two months away but the organizers are interested in obtaining pictures of, articles and other historical information about the picnic. The Kornerman didn't see a date for the event but they do have a web site, Further information can be obtained there or by calling Don Swenson, 678-896-6327.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Sunny Powers, 85, Ames. Boone survivor is a daughter, Cindy Albertson..........Velda Fitzgerald, 97, Boone. Elementary teacher. Moved to Boone in 1963. Area survivors include nephews, Mike Fitzgerald of Ames and Pat Fitzgerald of Boone.........George DuWayne Bennett, 82, BHS-51, formerly of Boone...............Patricia Boucher, 88, Boone. Moved to Boone in 1980. Patricia and husband, Lester, owned and operated Boucher Masonry Contracting until 2013. Boone area survivors include her husband, Lester, sons Tod and Jeffrey of Boone and Kelly of Ogden...........Cody Jo Van Wagner, 38, Boone. Worked at 3M in Ames. Boone survivors include his wife, Becky Ensley, and step-children, Aleka Ensley, Logan and Amaya Ringler all of Boone............Mary Van Marel, 82, Ames. Lived and taught in Stratford for a time..........Marjorie Olson, 93, Des Moines. Born in Boone. Parents were Zoe and George Crooks. Jordan High grad........Sheryl York, 78, Woodward/Perry. Survivors include step-son Larry York Jr. of Woodward and sister, Marjorie Petty of Boxholm.
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Saturday, June 13, 2015

What A Swing!

     It was an emotional few days for the Kornerman this week...........from the penthouse to the outhouse you might say.
     A real high "high" Friday when we noted that very close to 500 viewers had come on board Wednesday through Thursday. The Kornerman remembers shooting for 200 "lookers" when we first began. Then, we eventually got to 300, then, surprisingly to us, on to 400. Now, continued growth. We're thrilled to be in such esteemed company.
     However, our emotions came crashing down when we realized yesterday and this morning that none.......that's like none......zilch........not a single one or two or three of those nearly 500 viewers had a story or memory to relate. Not even a comment.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS (could the Korner be next?): Rita Boyer, 88, Boone. Worked at Donnelly  Marketing in Nevada 18 years. Boone area survivors include son Robert of Woodward and
daughters, Deborah Larson of Ogden and Patty Hall of Boone.........Charles Anderson, 83, Boone. BHS-50. Was an engineer for Rolfes Company for 30 years. No Boone area survivors..........Cody Van Wagner, 38, Boone..........Patricia Boucher, 88, Boone..........LaVerne (Bud) Wells, 84, Boone. Worked for AT&T for 35 years, then in Boone real estate. Boone survivor is a son, Scott Wells.........Murray Dwight Nelson Jr., 65, Boone. Was a civil engineer for three different railroads. Boone survivor is his wife, Charlotte.........Darrel Zunkel, 80, Ames. Pilot Mound HS-52. Farmed near Pilot until 1998 when he and wife, Judy, moved to Ames in retirement. Darrel was well known throughout Iowa as an outstanding fast pitch softball pitcher. He started pitching at the age of 14 and was a member of Boxholm, Boone, Des Moines and various other teams. He was inducted into the Iowa Fast Pitch Hall of Fame in 1981. Survivors include his wife, Judy, sons in Ames, Nevada and Madrid and a daughter in Pleasant Hill.
     Thanks to Jerry Bravard and Tom Peterson for informing the Korner of Darrel's passing.
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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Things to Think About

     Special events seem to come and go.........some success, intertwined with  limited success..... some ups and some downs. Pufferbilly comes to mind. Some years are better than others and once in a while, there are even calls by some for a possible conclusion. Still, lots of people seem to enjoy the camaraderie and some people from "far away" even make it a habit to come back for that event, making it seem very much worthwhile.
     Larry Kelley, BHS-64, has a feeling that the Relay for Life, a staple in the community for many years, needs an update. He wrote, "they should hold this event on a Sunday and not on a Saturday with the car races, dance recitals etc. going on at the same time. Jamie (son Jamie Kelley) sang a special song for those still at the event around 9 p.m. While several people were there throughout the day from 4 p.m. on, I was, somewhat, disappointed at the turnout. I heard that the crowds had been much better years ago. Perhaps it's time to figure out how to add more excitement to the event. The city of Boone's citizens should be ashamed of themselves for not supporting this event better. Several people were walking the track but the stands had maybe 40 people, at the most, in them. By the time it came to the finale, maybe 75 people were there. Hopefully it hasn't come to a point where many folks weren't caring about such things any more. BTW - It's been interesting reading about people talking about your folk's grocery store on facebook."
     The Kornerman says, "I admit it. I'd sure like to hear comments folks have made about my parents store BUT, as mentioned, they're available on that dreaded facebook. I know, I'm way old-fashioned but I just can't make myself enter those some time turbulent waters. Maybe some day I'll feel comfortable pursuing that offering."
     Larry's note has stired the Kornerman into commenting on a couple more things.
     (1) Again, Larry's son, Jamie, will soon be performing a concert to benefit the very worthwhile Boone County Freedom Flight. The concert is set for June 20 at 8 p.m.. You may purchase tickets in advance for $20 at the YMCA or at Eckstein's or you can buy at the door for $25. OR, you could benefit this event by simply sending a check to Boone County Freedom Flight, P.O. Box 311.
     (2) Larry seems to be calling for some community input about how to improve the Relay for Life.  And, the Kornerman sees that the Ames/Boone BNR is seeking community input also. A recent edition indicates they are seeking local residents to serve on a monthly reader advisory board to "help us make our newspaper and website better." The idea is that the group will meet for an hour every month to go over stories and content that have appeared in recent editions seeking feedback on what worked well and what did not. Wow! If you are interested in joining the group simply contact Editor Whitney Sager.
     Yes, I'm a former BNR Managing Editor, Sports Editor etc. and longtime employee of that newspaper but I will not be submitting my name for advisory board consideration. I certainly do have my opinions but they would, no doubt, be very distracting and cause more consternation than provide any accepted assistance. I do think it is a good idea for the newspaper to "reach out" and I hope the meetings prove productive.
     Ron Hopkins, BSH-59, wrote, "the July issue of Model Railroader magazine features an article about former Booneite Stan Olander's, BHS-55, layout. The article says Stan was born and raised in Boone, worked out east, and owned a chemical company in Milwaukee, retiring in the late 1990's. Stan died in 2010. Stan would be about my generation, and I am haunted by the name familiarity, but I don't remember that I actually knew him. Do you know anything about Stan or his siblings?"
     The Kornerman remembers that Stan had a sister, Calista Olander Sutton, BHS-42, and brother, Larry Olander, BHS-58, both whom are deceased. I believe Stan married LaVonne Groth, BHS-55.
    THIS AND THAT: (1) It isn't every day that our community boasts that we have someone we know playing Major League Baseball. But, former Des Moines Area Community College, Boone Campus baseball star, Scott Schebler, a native of Cedar Rapids, has been called up to the bigs by the Los Angeles Dodgers. Schebler, 24, signed with the Dodgers in 2010 after completing a gig with our own DMACC Bears.
     (2) John Kueck, BHS-61, wrote that he was amazed (impressed?) that he was reading stories headined from little old Boone, Iowa in numerous "big city" publications like the New York Times. The stories were in regard to the recent Senator Joni Ernst event east of town.
     (3) Loren Frazier, BHS-58, sent me a google photo of the new Highway 30 bridge east of town and as you drive east, there it is, signage on the bridge in a very clear form, "Go Ames, Beat Boone."
     (4) A house across the street from Worldwide Korner Headquarters has been vacant for quite some time but, in recent days, there has been some activity there and via email, the Kornerman was informed by Sharil Morain, a former Boone resident, that she would soon be my new neighbor. Sharil has been in Oak Park, IL. Welcome home!
     (5) A bit of sad news. We understand that Darrel Zunkel, the Iowa Fast Pitch Softball Hall of Fame pitcher, known by many in this area, is in the Israel House Hospice in Ames. We pray for Darrel, his wife Judy and the entire Zunkel family.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Eric Reynolds, 45, Des Moines. Born in Boone in 1970. Parents are Bob and Linda Reynolds...........Lois Huddleston, 90, Ankeny. Formerly of Boone. Worked for Fareway. Boone survivor is a son, Guy Huddleston..........Shirley Zimmerman, 78, Boone.............
Ron Olson, 87, Arkansas............James Molle, 56, Boone. Worked for Gates Rubber and Boone Rental. Boone area survivors include his wife, Linda, daughter Beth Ann Germain and brother-in-law, Craig Iles, all of Boone..........Delores Schall, California. Formerly of Ogden.........James Girard, 49, Boone. Serviceman. Worked for Boone Construction and later for Westhaven doing landscaping. Boone area survivors include a son, Michael Hunter, and his former wife, Patricia Hunter both of Boone.
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Saturday, June 6, 2015

It's A Fact

     For some time there have been rumors but now,...........we can say with absolute certainty that, yes, the old Percival building location on old Highway 30 east of Boone will soon be occupied by a new Event Center.
     In this week's mail, the Korner received notification of an upcoming Open House at TK's Event Center operated by Angie and Toby Kruse. The Open House will be held at the center next Wednesday, June 10, from 5 to 7 p.m., and all are invited to consume free drinks and hors d'oeuvres and to survey the facility.
     For those seeking a location for a wedding, banquet, concert or any kind of party requiring a large occupancy, the Event Center offers seating for 400 with a building capacity of 700. There is a complete sound system, two bars and catering service is available. The Korner understands there are already some 18 events scheduled for the center in the coming months.
     From Washington state, Ron Hopkins, BSH-59, wrote, "this morning's Korner had some interesting comments from Mark Tompkins, BHS-60, regarding the Lincoln Highway. I thought Mark and some others might appreciate knowing of a book I recently read, "American Road" by Pete Davies. This book is the story of a 1919 convoy, known as the First Transcontinental Motor Train, that traveled from East coast to West coast on  the route of the Lincoln Highway before much highway or even roads actually existed. The trip took two months and averaged five miles per hour. One important purpose was to crystallize the need for good roads. Dwight Eisenhower participated as a young officer and is now credited with launching the interstate highway system. I wish the book had more info about building the Lincoln Highway. But, I was fascinated to learn how difficult "highway" travel was only a couple decades before many  of your readers were born. Keep up with the great stories."
     Greg Moore, BHS-84, wrote, "while I really did laugh while reading the account of the Ames/Boone message on the old stone over/under on old Highway 30, the one I was referring to is actually on the "new" Highway 30 bridge. It is still there. So, I don't know who was behind these messages I have seen, but like any good story, it has several layers. Much like the fabled thumb and glasses stories. My dad, Joe Moore, BHS-51, told me that they went missing around 1949 or 1950. I had one of my customers tell me that the thumb was brought to a class reunion sometime in the 70's and that several people saw it then. Until someone produces the genuine article, these stories will have to be considered "speculative" at best. Also, if you want to see how the Lincoln Highway looked as it passed through Boone many years ago, take a look at this. Search then go to the enter button, and there are some videos available. One is a DOT produced film which tries to make the case for building new Highway 30. It is a really nice tour through several communities, Boone being one of them. Neat to see all of the old cars and buildings that have gone away over the years as well as the survivors. It even shows the old railroad line going over Mamie Eisenhower Avenue out by Goeppinger Field. On another note, classmate Bill Courter, BHS-84, was State singles runnerup and CIC tennis champion in our junior and senior years respectively. I guess I never knew that Boone played Ames in sports long ago, but I certainly remember the CIC conference. Thanks for the great reads and keep it up."
     Boone Connected Deaths: Barbara Jean Delk, 82. Born in Boone. Parents were Mignonne and Forrest Grovier. Grew up in Des Moines...........Billie Dean Parrish, 76, Ankeny. Born in Fraser. Parents were William and Irene Parrish. Ankeny H.S. grad. Postal employee..........Merle Garman, 78, Ames. Lived in Stratford before settling in Ames. Was a teacher/coach at Stratford and then spent 31 years teaching at Ames High School. Among survivors is his wife, Teresa, who is well known in Iowa political circles..........Daryl Fairchild, 66, Boone. Born in Boone, son of Harold and  Helen Fairchild. United Community-66. Worked in construction, for Boone Dairy and Rolfes Company and farmed. Boone area survivor is a brother, David Fairchild..............Virginia Bishop, 74, West Des Moines. Formerly of Boone. Taught at ISU. Worked in Boone real estate and she and her husband, Larry, purchased and renovated several rental properties including the historic Goeppinger building on Story Street which housed Bishop Real Estate. Larry preceded Virginia in death.........Bill Vinson, 60, Boone. Grew up in Des Moines. Service veteran. Worked at Iowa State University. Boone area survivors include his wife, Cynthia, and his parents-in-law, James and Alice Whittlesey all of Boone.
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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Information Added

       From Lamoni, IA Tony Crandell, BHS-59, gives us a more "hands-on" description of how the graffiti (Boone/Ames etc.etc.) ended up on the railroad overpass east of Boone.
     Tony wrote, "Greg Moore, BHS-84, brought to light a 50-year old event that needs to be explained. Greg's recollections about the graffiti on the Highway 17 bridge was not completely accurate. The graffiti was actually on the Fort Dodge, Des Moines and Southern overpass east of Boone on old Highway 30. It was painted with Rust Oleum forest green paint and a whiskbroom. The paint was left over from painting the six green light towers at Goeppinger Field. The perpetrator, who has now passed on, was trying to incite a little school spirit on the Boone side by making it appear as if students from Ames painted it. This was done the year that Brent Downey and others finally beat Ames in 1962 after 29 years of losing to the Little Cyclones. So, maybe, in that respect, his psychology worked! While I did not actually furnish the paint, I did tell him there was a can with a small amount of it at the bottom of the fence on the east side of Goeppinger Field at the base of the middle pole. I had painted the six, 80-foot light towers in trade for my tuition at Boone Junior College and I had left the paint there for later touch-up."
     Tony added, "I imagine the statute of limitations has expired so........Larry McHugh was the perpetrator. Larry went on to be an officer in the Iowa National Guard and served at the National Guard Bureau in Washington, D.C. for a few years. For a while, he lived in the old Dr. Whitaker? house on the southwest corner of South Story and Park Ave. Larry died in 1999."
     Mark Tompkins, BHS-60, wrote, "recently there was a late night PBS showing of "Driving the Lincoln Highway......New York City to San Francisco." It was interesting but I didn't think any more of it until I was wandering the back roads Friday and chanced into the Iowa  headquarters of the Lincoln Highway Association in Grand Junction. I stopped in, got some brochures, had good conversation, and picked up a membership application. As I motored along, I conjectured that there must be a good many, at least several, Booneites who belong to the association or would have an interest. Boone County, of course, had to have been one of the real challenges to building the Lincoln Highway a hundred years ago. The Des Moines River valley presented challenges, otherwise, not seen between Clinton and Council Bluffs. So I motored "new" U.S. 30 east out of Grand Junction and soon saw one of the easily spotted Lincoln Highway signs pointing into Beaver, a onetime route. Old U.S. 30 went through Ogden and Boone, crossing the river a mile or so north of "new" 30. I saw that at Mamie Eisenhower Drive and Marion Street the Lincoln Highway jogged north and thence east on Seventh street back in the day. Guess I'm curious about whether there is a Boone chapter of the association? There's likely a small history book about the Lincoln Highway in Boone County that has been or should be written. Something to do in your spare time, Mo!"
     BITS AND PIECES:  (1) Don't forget the Jamie Kelley concert coming up to benefit the Boone County Freedom Flight effort. The concert is set for June 20 at 8 p.m.. Tickets can be obtained for $20 in advance at the YMCA or Eckstein's or for $25 at the door. Or, if you are feeling real generous, just write a big check out and send it to Boone County Freedom Flight, P.O. Box 311.
     (2)  Congrats to current BHS student/athletes, Danny Anderson and Paul Solomon, who earned their way into the state tennis doubles field. Quite an accomplishment.
     (3)  Delbert (Hank) Harris, BHS-61, a former ISU professor, continues to make a name for himself worldwide through his company, Harris Lab. First, a solution for a serious hog disease was founded and now, an effort is being made to quell Avian Flu.
     (4)  John Kueck, BHS-61, commented on two-a-day football practices. He said some very hard work he was doing in very hot weather as a laborer at Quinn's "bulked me up to 128 pounds, mostly muscle" and he thought he was ready for some football. He added, "but the football practices were more tiring than the eight hours of work and I was being battered by bigger kids." John said, "trust me, those practices were brutal. I wonder if they still do those intense training sessions. I know they have tempered such practices closely in Minnesota because of the risk of hyperthermia."
     (5)  Jon Welin, BHS-70, made some nice comments from sunny and hot Florida. "I so enjoy reading your blog and wanted to thank you for your efforts. Reading the blog helps stir so many good memories of a town that I have never been ashamed to call home and have always been proud of." John said he hasn't been "home" for a while (2013) but hopes to stop in this summer.
     (6)  Finally, there is always lots of "coffee talk" including community rumors. If you look closely you will see that there has been some action at the old Walmart location. Is their any truth to the talk that Carroll's Farner-Bocken company may setup a distribution center in that building?
     Boone Connected Deaths: Ron Harris, 73, Cedar Rapids. Formerly of Boone/Ogden. Born in Boone. His parents were John and Mildred Harris. OHS-59. Was a serviceman and then worked 25 years for Mid American Energy. Retired in Ogden..........James Girard, 49, Boone............Justin Tjentland, 57, Boone.........Joni Wailes, 59, Boone. Grew up in Carroll. Assisted her husband, Rick, with Wailes Carpentry and Flooring. Boone area survivors include husband, Rick, son Scott, daughter Hannah and brother-in-law Larry Wailes all of Boone.
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