Saturday, January 30, 2016

Theatre Memories

     There's been talk of Boone theatres in recent editions and the Kornerman remembers the bank night drawings at the Rialto. My recall of how they were conducted might be wrong but what I think I remember was someone, Ina Emerson, for example, getting on stage, then a drawing being held and, hopefully, a winner.........someone from the audience with the right number. If not, I suppose the money "in the pot" was held over with more added for the next drawing.
     At the Princess, it seemed to me like more of a western type atmosphere with lots of western movies and "serials" that would go from one showing to the next. A damsel might be in distress, being tied to railroad tracks with a train coming at her one Saturday. Then, in order to find out how that played out, whether she escaped or not,  you had to come back the next Saturday for additional footage.
     In perusing the internet, the Kornerman came across headlines that indicated that Ivan Maisel, an award-winning journalist who has worked for the Dallas Morning News, Newsday, Sports Illustrated and ESPN, had been named the 2016 Bert McGrane award winner. That McGrane name rang a bell with the Kornerman.
     When the Kornerman was growing up and heavily into sports endeavors, Bert McGrane was a hero of mine, as were all the other prominent members of the Des Moines Register sports department.
     Mr. McGrane was a writer and editor of the nationally famous Register sports pages for many years. However, he was also extremely well known and highly thought of nationally. In fact, he served as Executive Director of the Football Writer's Association of America, not just a year or two but from the early 1940's to 1973.
     Maisel is the 43rd recipient of the McGrane award which is presented annually to a person who has performed great service to the Football Writers Association as Mr. McGrane did.
     This is of special interest because of our Boone connection with the late Mr. McGrane, who
was/is the father of Boone resident, Betsy Haberer. We know she's proud of her dad and his long and very successful work and, of course, she should be.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Jeri Richmond, 87, Corning. Born in Boone. BHS-45. Her parents were Joseph and Ethel Moore. Worked at Northwestern Bell before her marriage and move to Corning. Boone area survivors include her mother-in-law, Eula Butrick, and brother, Joe Moore............Debbie Tynan, 49, Iowa Falls.........Dorine Naslund, 92, Winterset. Formerly of Stratford..........Dennie Willson, 66, Boone. Boone area survivors include his wife, Dee, and son, Mark, both of Boone.............Keith Hunt, 81, Ogden. Farmed until 1960, then moved to Boone. Worked at Boone County Implement, K and V Tractor Repair in Ogden and for Boone County..............Paul Hagen, 87, Ogden. Worked for Northern Natural Gas for 38 years. Lived in Boone before returning to Ogden in 1956. In 1958, moved to a farm south of Ogden. Boone area survivors include his wife, LaVonne, and son, Steve, both of Ogden...........Robert Mullins, 69, Ogden. Area survivor is his sister, Beverly Hover of Ogden..........Melvin Aspengren, 83, Logansport. BHS-50. Was a bookkeeper at Farmers Coop, then a custodian at United Community and the Boone schools. Boone area survivors include his wife, Kay, brother, Art, sister, Victoria Davis, and sister-in-law, Rita Aspengren all of Boone.............Don Thomas, 62, Ames. Formerly of Boone. Attended Ryan and Sacred Heart. BHS-72. Worked at Mid-States Steel, moved to Arizona, then back to Boone in 2002. Boone area survivors include his wife, Jeannette, of Ames, son, Adam Thomas, of Boone, daughter, Staci Harris, of Ames, father-in-law, Robert Carter of Boone, and uncle, Duane Bricker, of Boone.
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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sacred Heart Grad Sparkles

     Her real job is in education, as an employee of the Cedar Rapids Community School System. However, Marcia Matt Hughes, BSH-80, daughter of Boone's Jan and Tom, spends many "off" hours as a star "on" stage.
     A most recent review of her participation in the production, "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" makes you wonder if she chose the right lifetime path. It reads, "every production is dependent on having a good actress in the lead role of Miss Mona. Marcia Hughes is a good actress and more. She has such a commanding stage presence that it's hard to keep your eyes off of her even as other action takes place around her. She has a clear, powerful voice that, nonetheless, can handle the gentleness of songs like, "Girl, You're a Woman" and "No Lies." There are some downright silly sequences in the show, and Hughes strength grounds the production, allowing the actors in those silly scenes to take them a bit broader than they would be able to do otherwise. It is a great performance, and if there was nothing else good going on, it would still be worth seeing the show for Hughes performance alone."
     This is an Iowa City Community Theatre performance.
     Boone Sacred Heart is certainly grabbing the headlines this edition. Peter Wirth, BSH-66, wrote from the snowy East coast, "I have read your blog religiously since its inception. I have been on the East coast, Maryland, since 1975. Most recently, I have found your posts regarding the sandlot baseball fields quite interesting. As a result, I would like to chime in regarding, arguably, the most famous football field on the north side......that being "Duffy's Field". This field, a vacant lot next to Steve Duffy's house on 15th and Story, was the site of some of the hardest hitting and most memorable tackle football games during many fall seasons. The field was perfect, completely flat and clear of all trees while 60 foot wide and 150 feet in length running from the sidewalk to the alley. Out of bounds were a series of sideline bushes running the length of the field on both sides. The only ground rule (not strictly enforced) was that there would be no tackling on the goal line sidewalk or in the alley. Future Toreador standouts, including the Ferry boys, Jude Rolfes, Mike Keller, Steve Duffy, Mike and Dick Duffy, Marty Rinehart, Larry Olofson, and Mike Inman, to name a few, played many a game there. It was a tragic day when Steve's dad, Regis, built a new home on the lot which ended play on "our" epic field."
     The Kornerman says, "I remember Ron Keller and Tom Inman but don't remember the two Mike's, Keller and Inman. The other names are all very familiar.
     Several bits and pieces: (1) Ann Coe wrote, "I can't quite understand what Davi (Mondt/Lowman) meant by the Princess being one candy store away from the Rialto. Once upon a time, there was a rather large Five and Dime store, I think it was Woolworth's, next to the small candy store which was next to the Rialto. The Dime store (always called that) was open late on Saturday nights. Of course, the dollar store, Newberry's, was across the street. The dollar store was like a smaller dime store, not at all like the dollar stores available today. Both were flourishing businesses for a good number of years. Both had great inventories of about everything. I think Davi is a generation or so away from me so she's not wrong, its just not clear to me what she wrote. Keep up the fun and informative site."
     The Kornerman's recollection of that area is.......the Rialto, with a candy store (Earl Reed's at one time) next door south, then the Woolworth's, then the Princess??
     (2) Dick Longworth, BHS-53, wrote, "thanks for the mention of Bob Anderson, BHS-44, who was a local idol when I was a kid. He gave swimming lessons at the old McHose Park pool. But Bob was more than a high school star. At Stanford, he was both a star quarterback and a champion swimmer. If I recall correctly, he set some freestyle collegiate records that stood for many years. A couple of other folks of our era distinguished themselves at Big Ten universities.........former Toreador coach Bucky O'Connor, who, later, guided a pair of University of Iowa basketball teams to the NCAA Final Four and Kenny Bloomquist, who was, for many years, the band director at Michigan State University.
     The Kornerman agrees that Bob Anderson was a true phenom. Even as a Toreador swimmer, he set national high school records in sprint events. Then, as Richard recalled, Bob was a two-sport standout at Stanford and yes, did, establish some NCAA swim records.
     (3) BHS grad Jon Wilson wrote, "I have enjoyed the comments about Boone's theatres. At one time, I worked at the Rialto. Sy Fangman was the manager. There was a door in the balcony that led to the "third floor." The mechanical systems for the air conditioners were kept there. You could see where the rooms from an earlier hotel had been. I believe the hotel was called  the "Wells House." It was south of the Ninth street Goeppinger building. That hotel must have been torn down and the Rialto built in part of that "open" space. I have an old post card showing the east side of Story Street. It shows the older Rialto (a very old marque), F.W. Woolworth's, a candy store and the Princess theatre. South of the Princess was the American Dry Goods store. I remember the area as Gambles and then, Montgomery Wards. On the corner was a bank, then later, the building became Bowman's Shoe Store. The Boone theatre was on the west side of Story across from the Rialto. I have a photograph taken during a parade that shows J.C. Peterson's, the Coast to Coast, J.J. Newberry's and then the Boone theatre, running from south to north. Compared to the Rialto, the Princess and Boone theatres were quite small. When the Princess closed, we stored the Princess projectors behind the screen at the Rialto. They were very tiny compared to the Rialto's projectors."
     The Kornerman says Jon has been collecting images from old Boone post cards so many of his comments are derived from viewing those post cards.
     (4) Gary Knox, a United Community grad who was once a teacher at Newton, wrote, "the Newton Cardinals will need to be a giant slayer in football next season. They are back in the 4-A classification after having trouble competing in 3-A the last several seasons. Newton is the smallest 4-A school with an enrollment figure of 631 for football classification. Valley is the largest 4-A school in the state at 2,170 students. Also, Newton will now have to travel to Fort Dodge which is 120 miles away. When I was teaching at Newton in 1966, there were 350-380 students per class. They had 10-12 at senior high and now they have 9-12."
     Via my work at the Iowa High School Athletic Association, the Kornerman is very much aware of the classification system and how it works and yes, there are always those instances when certain schools are "right on the border" enrollmentwise as to which class they will compete in. Boone is another school, like Newton, which is always right on the fringe as the BHS enrollment fluctuates.
     P.S. Great to hear from all you guys and gals..........many for the first time in awhile. We appreciate you and ask, "how about hearing from some of you other Korner viewers out there that we haven't heard from in some time?"
     Boone Connected Deaths: Margaret Alley, 89, Osceola. Boone area survivor is a nephew, Gary Weaklend of Boone............Stanley Barber, 91, Wellman. Formerly of Boone. BHS-42. Moved to Boone at age 12. Spent 40 years in banking via a family owned bank in Wellman. He served on the board of the Mamie Eisenhower Birthplace Foundation............Nan Reid Lorentzen, 99, Scottsdale, AZ. Formerly of Boone. Born in Boone. Her father was Chief of Police here at one time. The family moved from Boone to Chicago in 1958 and then to Arizona in 1968..............Evelyn "Evie" Mickle, 90, Ames. Formerly of Boone. Her parents were Carl and Julia Olander. Evie was a bookkeeper for Boone County and worked in her brother-in-laws flower shop. Her late husband, Bob Mickle, worked for Iowa Electric Light and Power. Bob eventually became the Executive Director of the Boone Chamber of Commerce and then, after moving to Ames, the Executive Director of the Ames Chamber. A son, Tom, also preceded Evie in death.
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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Theatre's and Baseball Fields

     We ran out of room Wednesday to complete some thoughts from Davi Mondt Lowman, BHS-67, regarding Boone theatres.
     She wrote, "we all know where the Rialto theatre was and we've learned that the Princess was one candy store away from the Rialto. Across the street, where the "Book Shoppe" is now located, was the Boone theatre. If you walk into the "Book Shoppe," turn around and look up, you will see the window where the movie projector was."
     Davi added, "the Lyric theatre was located at 809 Keeler Street where the Ron-Do salon is now located. The opera house that was mentioned at 926 Eighth Street was originally, "Phepp's Opera House," which dates back to 1897. In 1920, George Flint turned that into the Virginia theatre with seating for 650 people."
     P.S. Davi said our mention of Peerless Dairy reminded her that her dad, David, managed that dairy for five years in the early 1950's. She said, "dad told me he delivered milk and cream to almost every porch in Boone."
     The Kornerman says that Davi and Jim Case, BHS-67, combined forces for a facebook page, "Boone, IA History and Memories" that you may find interesting.
     Great to hear from Doug Miller, BHS-71, from Memphis, TN. He wrote, "we received about an inch of snow and the whole city is ready to shut down. Chery and I just laugh at the panic when snow hits our area."
     Doug said, "I read with interest who Aldrich Avenue was named after. Since both Chery and I grew up living on Aldrich I never knew that background until now. I was also reading in your blog about different baseball fields around Boone. A group of us played lots of baseball and had some great games behind Kenny Barnes house on South Marshall Street. I think that property is now part of DMACC. Kenny had built a very nice baseball field with a backstop and he was always willing to be our designated pitcher. He taught us a lot about baseball and sportsmanship."
     On another subject, Doug commented, "I've been able to brag to my Tennessee friends about the quality of basketball being played in the state of Iowa with the recent Cyclone victory over number one Oklahoma, Iowa beating number one Michigan State and Northern Iowa beating North Carolina, which was number on at the time. I'm pretty sure that's never been done before in one year and may never be repeated again, at least in my lifetime."
     There is lots of material on the internet and some is easily glossed over but, now and then, something of interest catches the Kornerman's eye.
     There was a nine question quiz posted for those folks who "know everything."
     (1) For example, can you name the only vegetable or fruit that is never sold frozen, canned, processed, cooked, or in any other form except fresh?
     (2) Name the one sport in which neither the spectators or participants know the score or leader until the contest ends?
     (3) Name the only two vegetables that can live to produce on their own for several growing seasons?
     (4) What famous North American landmark is constantly moving backward?
     The answers: (1) lettuce (2) boxing (3) asparagus and rhubarb and (4) Niagara Falls.
     Regarding Niagara Falls, the rim is worn down about 2 1/2 feet each year because of the millions of gallons of water that rush over it every minute.
     Just listened to "Through the Eyes of Love" by Melissa Manchester. Great song. Great lyrics. Also some wonderful sounds from Maureen McGovern, the BeeGees, Helen Reddy, Chicago and others. Were those from the 70's or 80's? Anyway, a can find any song and/or singer "live" on the internet. Just go to YouTube music, type in your request and enjoy the music.
     Copying Bill O'Reilly...........that's your "tip" for the day.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Gwynneth Stumpenhorst, 89, Ogallala, NE.........Rick Fontanini, 62, Boone. BHS-71. Operated Tic Toc restaurant for several years. Boone area survivors include his wife, Marchelle, son Anthony of Ames and son Nicolas of Boone...........Dennis Krauth, 71, Boone. A 30-year Iowa guardsman who also worked for the postal service. Boone area survivors include his wife, Debra, of Boone, and daughter Jessica of  Boxholm...........Laverne Erickson, 88, Boone. Formerly of Grand Junction. Boone area survivor is his wife, Ima Lee, of Boone...........Marianne Ayers, 94, Windsor Heights. Born in Madrid and grew up in "Boxtown," a mining camp community near Madrid...........Bill Carter, Ames, 90. Boone area survivor is a daughter, Deborah Fisher of  Boone..........Sally May Dady, 71. Moved to Boone in 1971. Was a cleaning lady for houses in the Boone/Ames area. Boone area survivors include a daughter, Mary Mullin of Ogden, grandson Patrick Mullin of Boone and granddaughter, Crystal Mullin of Ogden.........Loren Lindemann, 72, Boone. BHS-62. Grew up on a Boone County farm. His parents were Virgil and Irma Murken Lindemann. Farmed north of Boone with his wife, Elaine, who survives.
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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

She Answered the Call

     Last time, the Kornerman sought some help in answering questions about a former Toreador swim coach. We had an idea about it and it did prove correct but it's always nice to receive further verification and Karen Anderson provided some.
     Karen has proven to be a good Korner researcher and she wrote, "you know how I love to look stuff up." Right from some BHS yearbooks she gathered some info and even a picture of the Helen Emmons we had mentioned.
     According to Karen's research, Helen Emmons was appointed heard coach of the BHS boys swim team in the 1943-44 school year. It seems that Don Cole was the coach but he left for wartime service and Ms. Emmons happened to be the best candidate to replace him.
     This is interesting. Karen said in the 1943 yearbook, its mentioned that the boy's swim club was learning to swim while carrying rifles and maneuvering through oil fire........apparently in readiness for going off to war.
     A couple times in the written material it is stated that Ms. Emmons was "reportedly" the first woman to ever coach a boy's high school athletic team in the entire country.
     Amidst the material Karen sent, there's also mention of the great BHS swimmer, Bob Anderson, who was not only a state champion but a NATIONAL state high school record holder. But, that's a story for another day.
     The Kornerman also mentioned in the last edition that there were some BHS graduates or Boone residents  through the years that were extra successful and that we were unaware of.  The list was so long we only used half of it and promised we would add more this time so.......
     An Alvin Bartholomew was the state of Iowa light boxing champion. Mrs. A.J. Barkley helped establish the Iowa State Library Commission and for many years, was prominent in state and local library work. She served as both Secretary and President of the Iowa State Library Association. The Iowa State Department of History and Archives was founded by a former Boone resident, Charles Aldrich, who was the first Iowa curator. He was an author and an influential legislator and Aldrich Avenue, where the Kornerman spends most of his time, was named for him. Finally, the famous Life Magazine decided to illustrate the book, "One Foot in Heaven," and the author was asked to choose a minister who's life and work resembled that of his father in the famous biography. A Mr. Spence, the author,  chose Dr. Briggs of the First Methodist Church of Boone. As a result, Dr.Briggs and Boone became know to thousands of Life Magazine readers.
     Davi Mondt Lowman, BHS-67, wrote this week from Smiling Dog Farm on the east edge of town. She wrote, "your blog reminded me of the good old days of having to walk home, in this frigid weather, from BHS. It was quite a hike all the way from BHS to Cedar Street and, God forbid, that a teenage girl would bundle up to stay warm. Oh had to look your best at all times, no hat, no clunky boots and our skirts were above the knee so our legs would be white and numb by the time you reached home."
     Larry Lindmark recently talked about Boone theatres and Davi has some more info to add to that discussion which we will feature in our Saturday effort.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Ed Statton, 85, Sun City West, AZ. BHS-48. Navy service, regular and reserves. Earned a law degree and practiced law.............Maribel Anderson, 78, Boone. Grew up in Boone. Worked as a bartender. Boone area survivors include her sons, David and Tim of Boone and Michael of Ogden, daughter Monica Miller of Boone and longtime campanion, George Smith of Boone.........Beverly McNaughton, 87, Stratford. Formerly of Boone. Worked at McCaskey's Restaurant, Pamida and retired from service at Iowa State University...........Winona McCoy, 88. Boone survivor is a grandson, Chris Carlson of Boone.........Olga Cox, 94, Story City. Boone survivor is a grandson, Jeff Matters of Boone.........Amber Sorenson, 27, Riley 10, Autumn six, Brayden four, all victims of a terrible fire in Boxholm..........Wilma McComb, 91, Ogden. Farmed with her husband, Harold, near Beaver. Moved to Ogden in 1988. Boone area survivors include her husband, Harold, sons Doug and Darwin all of Ogden and son, Alan of Grand Junction..........Carolyn Thacker, 84, Ogden. Boone area survivors include her sons Keith and Kurt and daughter Kris Henning all of Ogden, her brother, Jerry Pharoah of Ogden and sister, Linda Carlson of Pilot Mound..........Delores Bordwell, 72, Boone. Boone area survivor is her husband, Charles of Boone.
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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Some History, Sports History

     We're going back 75 years but even though that was a long time ago, it boggles the mind (the Kornerman's mind anyway) to think of the numerous changes that have occurred from then to now.
     These thoughts were prompted by that famous column that often appears in the Boone News Republican highlighting things that have happened locally 25, 50, 75, 100 years ago. The column is called, "A Look Back."
     According to that column, on January 14 of 1941, Boone High School and it's old, original swimming pool hosted the Iowa State High School Swimming championships. Can you imagine?
    Alright, perhaps, it wasn't that big a deal back then but the Kornerman can't help but make a comparison of that and today's much more modern facilities. The Kornerman remembers taking P.E. classes in that old BHS pool. The tidbit in the BNR states that the BHS pool was "a 60 x 20 regulation  pool, with four swimming lanes and a fan seating capacity of 300" which was determined to be "adequate for state competition." Regarding that seating, I recall that it was "cement bleacher" seating. I and a pillow experienced it as late as the 60's when the current, new pool was but a dream.
     It was indicated that, in the immediate past, the state meets had been held at the Iowa State College pool and that 14 to 15 of the state's high schools would be sending teams to the 1941 event.
     Yes, four lanes. The most recent Iowa state high school meets have been held at the State University of Iowa pool, prior to that the Beyer Hall pool on the ISU campus and, in even more recent years, at the Marshalltown YMCA pool, all which feature eight lanes, a "must" when you have a possibility of representatives from 40-50 swim programs in the state competing. Last the Kornerman knew, 24 in individual and/or relay events earned berths in the state meet, which seemed logical.........eight lanes, 24, or three heats for final qualification. And, of course, these more modern venues all have provided much more seating capacity than our old BHS pool.
     Too bad it isn't possible to go "back in time" and show the current crop of high school swimmers how it "really" was back in those "good old days."
     How about this special addendum?  I'm depending on an 80 year old brain here but the name "Helen Emmons" is popping in my head. At about that same time as the hosting of the state meet here, the late 30's, early 40's, there was a lady, "I'm thinking Helen Emmons" who was the BHS boys swim coach. I don't believe there was an organized girls swim program at the time. Anyway, I recall it being reported "back then" that this "Emmons thing" caused quite a stir. That it was the first time ever, in the USA, that a woman had ever coached a boys high school athletic team? I'm just reporting what the word was, "back then." If anyone out there in Kornerland can verify or correct any of this info, the Kornerman would be glad to hear from you.
     Throughout my career the Kornerman has had an opportunity to research and report about Boone High School graduates who have made "us" proud. I'm sure our viewers realize we are a big Boone braggard........perhaps even to a fault.
     Anyway, while perusing this state swim meet thing, I came across, in an old BHS scroll, a page called, "Boone's Hall of Fame," which told of many BHS grads or Boone residents who had made a name for themselves in various ways, even nationally. Of course there were the usuals........Kate and Jack Shelley, Mike Enich, the Wilbur brothers etc. and others I have known about and have reported about in years past. However, there were some others in this new found material  the Kornerman had never known, heard or reported about.
     Here we go......I'll list a few today and have some more for next Wednesday. You've heard of Pyrex I'm sure,.......a form of glass that can withstand sudden changes in temperature without breaking. It was discovered by Martin Nordberg, a research chemist for Corning Glass Company and a BHS graduate. A Frank Wilcox was, for many years, a successful actor on the Broadway stage. Main Boucher was a Parisian dress designer and Yolanda Prosperi was a famous designer for the Nellie Don Dress Company. Those three were all BHS grads. The Kornerman is somewhat familiar with famous author McKinlay Kantor but I never knew he lived in Boone for a short time. Another famous author, Bess Streeter Aldrich, was a former Boone primary teacher and Paul McCrae, writing from Washington D.C., had his political articles distributed throughout the nation.
     More of this next time.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Johnny Weber, 67, Ames. Formerly of Boone. BHS-66. Talented artist. Among many other local artistic achievements, Johnny designed and executed the railroad mural on the north side of the Eckstein's building, southwest corner of Ninth and Story. He was also the designer of those famous, limited edition Kate Shelley and Northwestern Railroad collector plates........Jim Marsh, 82, Jewell. Former Athletic Director/coach at South Hamilton High School.......Gwendolyn Craven, 90, Boone. Boone area survivors include three of her eight children, Kevin Majors, Tammy Hougham and Jeff Craven, all of Boone.............Abby Hand, 91, Boone. Pilot Mound High-41. Worked at telephone companies in Ames and Oklahoma and farmed with her husband, Lavern (Dutch) Hand, near Napier. Was an accomplished musician who played various instruments with local bands. Drove United Community school bus for many years. Boone area survivors include son Jerry of Ames and daughter, Sue Stolte, of Boone...........Robert Larson, 84, Boone. Was an electrician, eventually operating his own company. Boone area survivors include daughter Vicki of Stratford and son, Robert Junior of Boone...........Kenneth Carlson, Boone. BHS-60, Worked at the DOT, then Rolfes Company before starting his own Carlson Electric in Boone. Later, worked at the NADC lab in Ames before being disabled in 1994. Boone area survivors include his wife, Patricia, and his son, Jeffrey, both of Boone.
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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Christmas Lighting and the "Watertower"

     We continue with more memories from Larry Lindmark, BHS-63. Larry wrote, "while growing up in Boone, I don't remember any community Christmas lighting ceremonies. Many communities today have a special tree that they light the day after Thanksgiving to kick off the Christmas season. The last two towns where we have lived, Viroqua, WI. and Red Wing, MN., have a lighted parade on the Friday night after Thanksgiving. Some years ago, Boone did start having a tree lighting ceremony. Is that still done? I lived in the southeast part of Boone where Aldrich Ave. and Garst Ave. had the typical small colored lights on trees and bushes, but the big display was in front of Mrs. Gibson's, the high school art teacher. She and her family always had a large, painted nativity scene set up in the 1100 block of Garst."
     On another subject Larry wrote, ""The Watertower," that was the place to be for any aspiring baseball player from the age of 10 to 13. Day in and day out, players from around town would come to the Watertower to play ball. Johnny Morton was the closest, living right across the street behind the backstop, which was put up with the help of his family. Sandy Mahood, BHS-64, lived a block away. Jeff and Jerry Johnson of Kalamazoo, MI stayed with their grandmother each summer only a block and a half from the ball site. Balls hit inside the Watertower fence were an automatic out (I believe). Each ball had to be retrieved by sliding under the fence. Then, down the right field line, if a ball was hit hard enough, it would bounce across the street into a neighbor's yard. The man of that house would sometimes scamper out and pick up our ball and retreat inside the house. An outfielder had to be positioned so that he was the last line of defense before we lost another ball into that neighbor's yard. Years later, I saw an auction at that "right field" house and wondered how many of our baseballs were in the garage waiting to be auctioned off. From West Boone to North Boone to all around town, how many of these, "Fields of Dreams" did we have in years gone by?"
     Larry, in answer to your question, "yes, we continue to have the tree lighting and lighted parade etc." By the way, the "Watertower" Larry was referring too is the one on First Street in the southeast part of town. Reviewing other "older" ballpark sites, the Kornerman remembers neighborhood games somewhere near 16th/17th and Monona where I, Bill Nordstrom, Bud Furst, Gerald LeMaster and others would gather. Then too, there was a site near 10th and Monona where Gary Grosnickle and I hit some tremendous home runs?"
     Boone Connected Deaths: John Smeltzer Sr., 89, Milford. Former administrator, teacher and coach at both Napier and Madrid..........Joanne Mapes, 61, Perry. Boone area survivors include daughters Jennel Clarke of Boone and Andrea Streigle of Ogden and son, Adam Runge, of Boone...........Karen Thornburgh, 73, Woodward. Survived by daughter, Shelle Arentson of Boone........Michael Lynch, 70, rural Ames.Was active in Boone County Fair...........Douglas Short, 69, Des Moines. Madrid HS-64. Worked for John Deere, as a farmer, and construction owner.............Stanley Reed, 91, Boone. BHS-42. Boone County mechanic. Boone area survivor is his wife, Irene............Henry William Tripp, 88, Napier HS. Was a Boone/Ames area farmer and played in several area bands............Evelyn Srigley, 86, Boone. Worked at Woolworth's and Boone Blank Book Company. Boone area survivors include sons Randy and Rick Srigley both of Boone...........Mildred Jay, 89, Boone. Boone area survivors include a son, David Jay of Boone, and daughter, Jamie Blomgren of Ames among others...............................Shawn King, 54, Boxholm.Perry HS-79.Worked at CDS, Cargill, Allied Construction.Boone area survivors include her husband, Scott, and step-son, Robbie King, both of Boxholm and sister-in-law, Brenda King Reimers of Boone..........Patricia Ankenbauer, 81, Ogden. Jamaica HS-52.An  insurance secretary, worked at the newspaper in Grand Junction, worked for Northern Natural Gas and farmed with husband, Wayne, in the Jamaica/Beaver areas..........Jim Rasmussen, 92, Jefferson. Boone area survivor is a sister-in-law, Iola Whitver, of Boone...........Frances Nagle, 95, Saylorville. Born in Boone. Parents were Harold and Elizabeth Waldo............Mike Gregory, 39, Woodward. Born in Boone. Boone area survivors include his parents, Rick and Janet Gregory of Woodward.......................Johnny Weber, 67, Ames. Formerly of Boone.
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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Minnesota and Wisconsin Viewers Report In

     Red Wing, MN. and Monroe, WI., viewers, as well as others, reported in this week.
     Larry Lindmark, BHS-63, wanted to "keep the fires burning" so he provided some good memories for our Korner viewers.
     Larry wrote, "In the late 50's, Boone had two movie theatre's, the Rialto and Princess, with a candy store in between. My parents talked about, one or maybe two, additional theatre's across the street from the Rialto. I believe one of them was located in the former Petersen's Clothing store on the west side of Story. It's hard to believe four Boone theater's could exist at the same time. That's a lot of Saturday "serials" and news reels."
     He went on, "but think of all of the hardware stores lined up along Story street.....Coast to Coast and Reedholm's next door to each other with Hamilton Hardware across the street on the east side. Then, located in the "theatre district" were Western Auto and Montgomery Ward's with Sears and Roebuck a few blocks away. That's a lot of nuts and bolts. I worked for Les Fawcett and Irv Hellum at Coast to Coast. They, later, moved to South Dakota and I happened to stop and see them at their store while I was on an Augustana College choir tour. Or, think of the downtown grocery stores, Fareway, National Tea with Les Crouthamel, Lawson's with Chet, Gladys and gramps, two Thriftway's, maybe a Safeway later on. Or, the filling stations selling their gas for 20 to 30 cents per gallon, except in the times of gas wars (remember them?) when it would drop to 19 cents or less at Standard, Phillip's 66, DX, Sinclair, Shell, Conoco etc.. Or the dairies, Boyd's with Jim and Lonnie, Boone Dairy and Peerless across the street from each other near the National Guard armory."
     The Kornerman says "there's more but we'll provide Larry's comments on Christmas time and the Boone water tower for the next time." By the way, Roger Clymer was the Boone Dairy man while Vic Brunner operated Peerless Dairy.
     Also, in reply, the Kornerman says, "I believe the Boone theatre was the one located about where Eckstein's Jewelry has been located. At least it was a bit further north than the Petersen's building. Then too, I believe, at one time, there was a theatre on Keeler Street and, of course, there was the famous Opera House building which featured movies, stage shows etc.. That was located on Eighth Street, east of Story, south side, where the Johnstone Bakery was once located. Speaking of Reedholm's Hardware. That was where "we" first saw television. It was in the window and we would sit there and watch fuzzy "somethings" and think it was unbelieveable."
     Thanks Larry.
     As Korner viewers know, we like to act as a "service" vehicle. The old fast pitch softball slugger, Tom Peterson, BHS-67, wanted more info on the recent ROMEO meeting we reported on. I'm sure he could have provided some stories and would have enjoyed hearing the banter. From Omaha, Marty Dannatt, BHS-68, had lost Jerry Manriquez web site address and was seeking help. He eventually found it himself but added, "keep up the good work."
     Then there was Gary Hessel, BHS-50, who wrote, "I continue to enjoy your writings. Not much new on this end. I turned 83 last month and am still going strong. I've been a volunteer driver for the local Aging and Disability Resource Center for several years. Using my own vehicle, I take people to out of area medical appointments. I'll be going to Arizona for the month of February."
     Gary checks in on occasion and we enjoy hearing from him and also much appreciate the added support he provides for our project.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Gretchen provided some news on deaths not previously reported. Florence Moore Bradford, BHS-38, passed away in Saratoga, CA. She was an older sister of the late Marcia Moore.........the class of BHS-48 was hit with the deaths of Ed Statton, a resident of Belvidere, IL and Sun City West, AZ, in mid-December and the death of Richard Sovereign in Dunnellon, FL in late November. Boone residents may recall his sister Sue Sovereign Brogden and brother, Larry Sovereign............Jeanette Foshee, 53, Boone. BHS-80. Worked at ISU for over 20 years. Boone area survivor is her mother, Donna Foshee of Boone..........Shirley Bills, 74, Boone. Homemaker. Boone area survivors include a son, Dave Bills of Dayton, and daughters, Pat Elsberry and Shirley Glover, both of Boone.........Mary Sellers, 92, Boone.........Henry William Tripp...........Ruth Hansen, 91, Perry. Boone area survivor is a granddaughter, Angela Powell of Boone.
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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Welcome Back to the Real World

     The holidays are over (finally) and a return to more normalcy is anticipated.
     The Kornerman was looking forward to the first big event of the new year and it was a huge success.
     Tuesday, at the Lucky Pig restaurant in Ogden a ROMEO lunch and lots of talk was enjoyed by a record 42 attendees. ROMEO, that stands for "Retired Old Men Eating Out."
     A majority of those attending were from western Boone County........the Ogden, Boxholm, Pilot Mound area, although there were some Booneites there as well as two or three from out-of-state. The memories, many involving the "old" days as athletes at their respective schools were flowing. Several former members of the famous Boxholm Swedes softball team were on hand.
     There were many Muench's, lots of Swanson's, Peterson's and Erickson's on hand. The Register's former Iowa Boy, Chuck Offenberger, came over from Cooper, Boone's Rick Wulkow, retired Executive Director of the Iowa Boys High School Athletic Association, and Keith Kerkhoff, the CEO of Templeton Rye were there.
     Forget my 30 years at the Iowa High School Athletic Association. For 20 other years, I was involved in writing sports for the Boone News Republican or announcing sports events for KWBG radio and in surveying the room yesterday, I would estimate I had written about or had spoken about the athletic achievements (?) of over 90-percent of the guys in attendance. Alright, so maybe some of my descriptions of their play was overhyped. Nevertheless, it was exciting for me to see so many of these older but familiar faces, many of whom I hadn't been in contact with for years.
     The food was great and I was very impressed with how quickly the numerous orders (there were other customers there as well) were processed and the food delivered. The entire event was terrific.
     The Kornerman has been invited to a monthly Des Moines meeting of radio personnel, working and retired. I think they call themselves the "telephonies" or something like that. Former KWBG star Larry Kelley, BHS-64, has attended and has urged me to do so. I'll give that some thought.
     Speaking of radio, the Des Moines Radio Group is comprised of several Des Moines stations and it just so happens that at least four former Boone residents work there. It was noted the other day that Michael Hope, BHS-78, has celebrated his second anniversary as a member of the sales staff, Mike Pace has a show a couple times a week on the air, I still hear Mary Shaler Day's (BHS-61) voice on the air occasionally and I think KWBG alum Mark McDowell also works there in the sales department.
     The Kornerman really appreciated a holiday greeting from former Booneite Jack Kelly, BHS-58, who sent a nice card and a wonderful show of support for the Korner from his home in Locust Grove, VA. Jack wrote, "you column provides me with many fond memories of places and people in Boone. Please keep up your good work."
     The Kornerman says, "we certainly intend too, especially with the help we receive from viewers like you who support our effort."
     Boone Connected Deaths: Ruth Helm, 93, Loveland, CO, former Boone resident. Worked at Bourns in Ames and was a volunteer at the Boone County Hospital. Three daughters, Kay Sanders, Karen Keys and Lavonne Christensen as well as a son, Mel, survive.............David Andrew, 55, Boone. Worked at Cyclone Car Stereo, ALMACO in Ames and the Clapper Corporation in Ankeny. His son and mother survive as well as several siblings..........Frank Blakley, Bevington, IA. Boone area survivor is a sister, Ramona Crabtree of Madrid.........Michael Lowman, 52, Boone. Railroad employee. Boone area survivors include a son, Ryan Lowman of Boone and a daughter, Katie Lowman of Ogden..........Delores Laidley Erickson, 85, Littleton, CO. BHS-48. Former Boone resident. Her parents were Mildred and Harold Laidley. Delores and her husband, Bud, moved to Littleton in 1959. Her husband is among the survivors..........Robert Bornholt, 60, Stratford.............
Dennis Carlson, 70, Atkins. Services were in Ogden. Parents were Morris and Laura Carlson. OHS-64. Worked 35 years with IES Industries and Alliant Energy. Boone area survivor is a sister, Barbara Miller of Boone..........Virgil Williams, 96, Madrid. Formerly of Boone. Luther High. Longtime railroad employee and famous horseshoe pitcher. Boone area survivors include a son, Jonathan of Woodward...........Etta Phipps, 88, Boone. Pilot Mound High-45. Worked at Merit Baking and Alco. Boone area survivors include a son, Phil Phipps of Stanhope and a daughter, Ann Lyness of Boone...........Helen Crim Bergman, 103, Ames. Born on a farm near Ridgeport and grew up on a farm south of Stratford. Stratford High-30. Was a teacher.
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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Wiping the Slate Clean

     As so many of us do or, at least, attempt to, I, the Kornerman is going to "wipe the slate clean," put 2015 in the rear view mirror and plan ahead.
     Thus, we'll bypass this weekend, the final phase of the holiday period, and look forward to a fresh start on Wednesday.
     Here's hoping we can count on some of you viewers to help us get off to a good 2016 start with your stories/memories etc. etc........maybe even some of your holiday experiences.
     Anyway, happy, happy New Year. Let's make 2016 a great one.