Saturday, June 28, 2014

Memories of a Past Reunion, Rumors of A Coming Recordbreaker

     The Boone High School class of 1964 had an exciting, successful reunion, their 50th, last weekend and we're still hearing about it.
     Along that same line, the Kornerman is hearing rumors of an unprecedented event that may be forthcoming. No details yet, just rumors, but word is that Boone may host, this fall, the oldest class reunion in Boone High history...........a 70th reunion. We hope to have further information in the near future.
     Pat Ahlstrom, who lives in Arvada, Co., wrote about his 50th.........reunion that is. "Last weekend was great, reconnecting with the class of 1964, one of the best ever. I'm clearly biased but the facts add up to an outstanding group of people, teachers, parents and other good folks, leading, challenging and inspiring some very high and sustained performance out of so many in that class; others too I know but I'm tooting the horn of '64. As I mentioned to you Friday, that wholesome community life included people like you and institutions like the Boone News and KWBG that helped make growing up in Boone, at least in the 50's and early 60's when I did, a special thing. Our dads got together and created Little League and then Babe Ruth; service clubs like the Knights of Columbus, Kiwanis, Lions Club, Rotary, Vogler-Nieman, Elks Club and others supported the youth of Boone. KWBG and you, in radio and print sports in the BNR, recounted our exploits in grade school, junior high and high school on athletic fields, in academics, and community service. Speaking of athletic events, I used to enjoy watching you at the KWBG microphone describe Boone athletic events to the home radio audience. Your jaws moved with the speed of light and the fans at home understood exactly what was happening on the field or on the floor. The Toreadors ruled during some of those years and you helped long time Boone people hear about it first hand with all the excitement of the game! A lot of things have changed in media and in the pace of life these last 50 years but our memories are still sharp  about the joy many of us had growing up in Boone, Iowa and being a part of the lives of such good people in the class of '64 and so many others. It was the best of times."
     John Hinz, who organized last Friday mornings golf outing for the '64 reunion wrote, "What a great reunion weekend! Thanks again to the Puntenney's for their extraordinary effort in putting on a great Friday night party! Your efforts are so appreciated! Thanks to the reunion committee for their hard work in putting on a wonderful dinner and program at Seven Oaks, a nice venue for our event! Mo, your article about the 1964 reunion was wonderful as was your visit with us at the golf course Friday. Your blog is so special to thousands of us Boonies. You help us stay in touch with so many Boone and former Boone people. Thank you."
     Boone Area Deaths: Donald Whannel, 83, West Des Moines. At a very early age, Donald spent some time being cared for by his father's sister, Florence Carlson, of rural northwest Boone County. When Don was in eighth grade his family reunited and moved to Jefferson..............Kenneth Toepfer, 83, Perry. He was born in Boone and married Esther Mary Burton in Boone at the Methodist Church parsonage in 1951. Boone area survivors include his wife Mary and a son Gary both of Perry and a brother Jack of Madrid.........Beverly Doran Healy, 84, El Paso, TX, formerly of  Boone...........Brian Sparks, 61, Ames.............Arlene McNace, 90, Madrid, formerly of Boone..........Connie Patten, 49,  Boone. Raised on a farm in Boone County. Worked as a waitress, and did assembly work at Carriage House in Ames and Gates Rubber in Boone. Boone area survivor is her husband, Bob.
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Facing Major Leaguers

     The Kornerman was watching the Chicago Cubs recently on the tube and pitching against them for the Pittsburgh Pirates was Tony Watson. That rang a bell. Wasn't he a Dallas Center-Grimes High School athlete?  And don't the Toreador baseball teams lock up on the diamond with DC-G every summer?  And wouldn't it have been possible that one of our Boone High baseball players, perhaps, had faced him and, even, maybe, got a hit off of him? What a memory that would be for an ex-Toreador player.
     I hadn't visited or even seen former BHS coach Rick Davis for some time so I thought I'd give him a call for some talk about this.
     After retirement, Rick has done some teaching at DMACC but also works some for the Atlanta Braves as a scout. He said he does some traveling, at their call, to look at and rate certain prospects.
     I asked him about his teams facing the likes of Tony Watson. He said, "Oh yes, I guess it was in the 2000's our kids faced him but also Joel Hanrahan of Norwalk and Hellickson from Des Moines Roosevelt who are all currently on major league rosters. And yes, it sure is possible some of our kids may have had a hit off of one of those guys at sometime during those games."
     Long ago, my uncles all played "town team" baseball and I remember one of them saying that he actually got a hit off of Hall of Fame former Cleveland Indians pitcher Bob Feller when he (my uncle) was playing for a Boone team and a very young Feller was pitching for an Adel team.
     Now, in more modern times, the Kornerman would sure like to know if any of our BHS baseball kids ever got a hit off of Watson, or Hanrahan or Hellickson. If so, they'd sure have a good memory to relate to their kids and grandkids.
     P.S. Remember the big "why?" over Boone High athletic teams facing such "little burgs" as Dallas Center-Grimes and Norwalk rather than Ames and Marshalltown etc. Now, those places are the new "big guys" or becoming such and some of us "old timers" don't like that thought. However, facts sometimes dictate that it's time to accept the idea that times do change in many ways and you either accept the change or continue being unrealistic.
     The Kornerman loves music and I piece meal. I don't "buy" every song a certain artist ever performed...........except maybe those by the king, Sinatra. There are just certain songs by certain artists that I think are exceptional......"Mr. Lucky" by Henry Mancini (that organ background just sets me off), Eyde Gorme's "What did I have I don't have now," Marilyn Maye's "What what happens," Stan Kenton's "Eager Beaver," and many by the Gaither gospel group, "Midnight Cry" by Ivan Parker, "Then came the morning" by Signature Sound, a couple by the Hoppers and some by David Phelps. Those are just a few of the many, many I thoroughly enjoy and can listen too over and over.
     I like to go back on YouTube and pull out some "oldies" from artists that no longer exist like the HiLo's and King sisters. Things I used to play when I was a DJ on the radio in the 50's and 60's. On one of my shows, I used "I'll Get By" by the Nelson Riddle orchestra as an opening and closing song and it's still a classic I have to listen to now and then.
     A former KWBG colleague of mine, Larry Kelley, wrote this week, "Class reunion 1964 50 years! Can you believe it?? In the words of Frankie Avalon, the music of the 50's/60's is "The sound track of our lives." We listened to that music on our  transistor radios, radios in the cars, at home......with only three TV stations then, we didn't watch much unless it was a special like Elvis or Ed Sullivan or the Beatles/Everly Brothers etc. were going to be on and especially, Dick Clark and American Bandstand every day after school. Those songs spoke to us....about new love, break ups, what we danced too, going steady, that first kiss. The music was/is US. Some in our class may not feel that way but many others, most others, feel that the music touched us in very special ways, and still does. It brings back many sweet memories of our youth, likely one of the best eras in American history."
     Larry referred to HIS class reunion of 1964. The Kornerman would very much like to claim that as "mine" but no, back another 10 or 11 years for that. By the way, we still have some other talk of the '64 reunion of last weekend to review in our next edition.
     Boone Area Deaths: Gerald Fisher, 84, rural Boone. Pilot Mound grad-47. Farmed and a long time employee of the Boone County Hospital. Boone area survivors include his wife, Helen of rural Boone, son Nick Fisher and daughter Brittany Campfield of Boone and brother John Fisher of Pilot Mound............Connie Patten, 49, Boone............Arlene McNace, 90, Boone..........John McGovern, 72, Ankeny, formerly of Boone. Moved from Boone to Ankeny a year ago. 20 years military service and was a truck driver. Boone area survivors include wife Janet of Ankeny, daughter Kerrie Coleman Phipps of Boone, mother-in-law and father-in-law JD and Alice Shannon of Boone and sisters-in-law Jill Wilrick of Ankeny, Jean Brooks and Julie Dannan of Boone...............Gary Kane, 50, Ames/Des Moines. Formerly of Boone. BHS-82. Most recently worked for Wells Fargo in Des Moines. Boone area survivors include his parents, John and Leah Kane and sister Dana.
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Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Great Time

     What fun, after so many years.
     A week or so ago, John Hinz informed the Kornerman that a group of fellow 1964 classmates, as part of their reunion weekend, would be playing golf Friday (yesterday) morning and it would be a good time to renew acquaintences.
     Several of those 1964 grads were members of the 1962 Babe Ruth all-star baseball team that I managed. That team won state and regional championships and I and my assistant coach Mel Murken, both single at the time, "baby sat" 15 Boone 14-15 year olds from Hampton, IA to Wellington, KS and on to Bridgeton, NJ where they particpated in the Babe Ruth World Series. So, this opportunity for a reunion with some of those guys over 50 years later doubled the fun. Many of them I had not seen since their high school graduation.
     John Hinz organized the golf outing and he and Roger Dutton were the first to appear Friday. Later, Steve Roeder, Pat Ahlstrom, Mike Culver, John Hendricks and Dick Musser came on board as did several locals.......Toby Anderson, Jim Grabau, Al Schroeder, Bob Clark, Sandy Mahood and Larry Kelley.
     There were lots of hugs and greetings and stories and I hope I mentioned all the guys that appeared.
     Marsha McCoy Wilson was also there as well as Steve Roeder's wife. I was also introduced to the class foreign exchange student from that year who came back from overseas to take part in the reunion.
     Some special news. John Hinz was with Boone native Linda Swain and they announced they will be married in August. John Hendricks is also either newly married or will be getting married soon.
     Speaking of BHS classes, Loren Frazier has, on his website, and with the help of Dee Burke, a complete 1959 class roster.........names, addresses.......the entire thing. His address is Lorenlfrazier at
     The Kornerman received word from Mike James this week that his wife, at a garage sale, had purchased a copy of the KWBG "Dial Your Neighbor" recipe book that I and Roger Weber had published in 1960. Mike has forwarded that book on to Carol Kuster at KWBG and Mike tells me an electric copy will be posted on their website.
     I responded to Mike......thanking him for letting me know and I also mentioned that although talk radio is a big deal these days, I thought Weber and I were "ahead of our time." This was 1960 and I think we might have had one of the very first talk shows, at least in the Iowa area. Listeners were encouraged to call in with "talk" about anything from foreign and local news developments to household tips and recipes. The recipe book contained the various recipes we received from listeners via that program.
     Mike wrote, "So you are the guys to blame for Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern."
     If I remember right, a Waldorf red cake and one for home brew were especially popular.
     I didn't hear it myself but I was told there was some discussion "on air" on KWBG this past week about the book.
     P.S. Oh yes, I do have a copy.
     Boone Area Deaths: Steve Middleton, 64, Boone. Worked for Sandler Bilt Homes and Hanson Lumber and most recently was a Boone County Deputy Sheriff. Boone area survivor is his wife Karen..................Carlos Tooley, 78, Missouri. Born in Boone. BHS-54...............George Schroeder, 84, Louisiana.
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Don't Worry, Be Happy

     Enjoy the remainder of your week.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Reunion Time

     Korner Bulletin: The guy who fell onto an upholstery machine is now fully recovered.
     Ah yes! June in Boone and a time for reunions. The Kornerman had mentioned earlier that the 1964 class would be meeting next weekend and we plan  to visit at least one of the sessions. But then too, the 1954 class is meeting that same weekend and those folks were just a year behind my class so I know lots of those academic scholars.
     Then too, I want to mention that something new is being attempted in July. An ALL 70's reunion is planned for July 25-27 with various opportunities for those who attend. I'm sure we'll provide more information as that date draws nearer. We can tell you that Georgia Robertson or Deb Chadourne can answer your questions.........Georgia at 515-432-2801 or Deb at 515-212-1381.
     In looking at the calendar, the 1951 class will have a reunion in September, the 20th, and a reminder that Pufferbilly Days this year is scheduled for September 4-7.
     As long as we're on the subject of upcoming events, let's mention again that the 114th Iowa By the Sea Picnic will be held at Los Angeles harbor on the pier in front of the Battleship Iowa on August 2. For more info....check the iowabytheseapicnic website. 
     Those who get too big for their pants will be exposed in the end.
     Jude Rolfes emailed this week from Texas with the news that he will not be able to attend his 1964 reunion this coming weekend but for a good reason........the arrival of his first grandchild. What! Jude Rolfes and others in that '64 class grandparents? Unbelieveable. How can I, the Kornerman, be so old.........I'm several moons prior to that of course.
     Jude also provided an interesting bit of info for those of us retired and with nothing much to do. He wrote, "with Google maps you can virtually drive around Boone using Street View. Just go to Google maps, type in an address, I usually go to 1300 Mamie Eisenhower which puts me on the corner of Linn and Mamie, then select Street View. Once you are there, just use your mouse to virtually cruise through town. The images of Boone were taken last August so they are pretty current."
     Did you hear about the fellow who's whole left side was cut off? He's all right now.
     When she saw her first strands of grey hair, she thought she'd dye.
     The  Kornerman ran across a piece somewhere that illustrated the popular hair styles of the 1950's. Hey, that's my era and I don't remember some of these. Yes, there was a butch and a flat top but also mentioned are a college contour, a forward combed booggie, a flat top booggie and an executive contour. What's this booggie business and the contour?
     Boone Area Deaths: Elmer Janovec, 70, Papillion, NE. Thirty-three year veteran of railroad work............Joel Higgins, 32, Ames. Grand Junction-East Greene grad-2000. Lived in Ogden for a time. Worked at Greene County Medical Center and later in Des Moines and at McFarland Clinic. Was married in Boone in 2010 and services were held in Boone.............Marvin Grems, 78, Boone. Was a truck driver, including a time with Fareway.  Boone area survivors include his wife, Faye, and step-daughters Jeanne McNace, Marcia McNace Miller and Joan McNace Aspengren..............Edith  Bushore, 91, Moingona. Lived in Boone, left town and then returned to Boone in 1966. Was a food preparation worker. Boone area survivors include son James Biladeau, daughters Gloria Jeannie Backous and Edith Rose Bielfelt all of Boone and daughter Joan Anderson of Stratford.
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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Report in From Tuscany

     A couple more mentions of ISU baton twirler Joyce Rice.
     Davi Mondt Lowman has just returned from another of her trips to Tuscany/Chianti and wrote, "it amazes me that I can be thousands of miles from home and be in touch with friends and family within seconds (via social media of course.) I was able to read the Korner and stay connected with Boone while I was gone."
     Regarding Rice she added, "I got to see her up close and personal because my younger sister, Dede, took baton lessons from her in the 60's. Dede was the Toreador solo baton twirler until graduation in 1969. She learned from the best and could also throw that baton so far up in the air that it got caught in our huge tree at times. She did everything Joyce did including the fire baton, sometimes two fire batons at the same time."
     Davi wrote, "Got word from Barb Mathis Gohman that her brother, Steve Mathis, was flying into Boone. She knew I would be interested in his open cockpit bi-wing waco. This vintage plane was a WWII trainer and my dad may have trained in one like it. I didn't get to see Steve or the plane since we were on the Boone and Scenic Valley dinner train when he arrived. Let your readers know the train was a fantastic experience. The train is so beautiful and the dinner was great."
     She also told about last Sunday's gathering of around 80 "mondtsters" at "our family reunion." She said her favorite uncle, William and his bride, auntie Babs, plus their two daughters would be in attendance and that she was sure Willie wouldn't behave himself.
     The old Kornerman would add to that the fact that Willie and his bride also showed up at our monthly BHS class of '53 meeting Tuesday night and he was the same old Willie we've always known and yes, he did behave himself pretty well..........considering there was lots of talk about instances that occurred in our "old days."
     Liz Hinz Reiss backed the Kornerman up on a couple of comments we made in the last edition. She wrote, "Good one, Mo! I'm pretty sure you're right, that Joyce Rice was from Greenfield. She performed with a big smile and had such a look of confidence. The flaming baton was amazing! And yep, the "dirty thirty" quarterback was Dwight Nicols."
     Last week it was great to see another of my "old ballplayers" from the days I was coaching Babe Ruth baseball. Kevin Barnes was in town. Dad Kenny had some surgery so Kev came up for a few days. We had some good discussion two or three mornings at McDonald's. A former sports broadcaster, Kevin now spends his work time helping people guide their finances as a financial advisor.
     Received word this week that classmate Margaret Peg Oxenford Kooser is "preparing to try my third retirement and a move." She's been at her latest job for eight years but her kids have ganged up on her to "hang it up." She has a niece in Grand Junction, CO starting a new venture so Peg will be going there and "helping." This will put her closer to a daughter who lives in Las Vegas. By the way, her niece is her brother John's (BHS-43) daughter. She concluded, "hope all is well with you as well as others in the class of '53."
     Last summer the Kornerman was invited to a couple class reunions as well as my own class gathering. However, on August 17, I had that accident that slowed things down for awhile and I was never able to attend any reunions except for about an hour at the class of '53 get-together.
     This year, I'm excited to have an opportunity, at their invitation, to visit with the class of 1964. Things will begin with a golf outing on Friday, June 20. There, I'll have an opportunity to catch up with Pat Ahlstrom, Mike Culver, John Hendricks, Dick Musser, Steve Roeder, Roger Dutton, John Hinz and various others. It will be great.
     Thanks to John Kueck who sent me a very lengthy but interesting copy of a commencement address given at the University of Texas by an ex-Navy Seal Admiral who tells about the depth of their training. John wrote, "it tells things about Seal training that I didn't know. Wow!!"
    John had special interest because his families winter condo in Coronada is next to the Navy Seal training facility. He wrote, "we actually see some of the Seal candidates doing some of their training.
    The Kornerman intends to take a good look at the piece.
     Boone Area Deaths: Rev. Paul Williamson, 84, Granger. Ministered at the Boone United Methodist Church in the early 90's..............Sisters Mary Karpin and Katherine Hargens, Boone. Karpin, 63, worked for the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Des Moines. Boone survivors are her son, Kenneth and nephew Craig Brown. Hargens, 60, worked at Woodward State Hospital and as a driver for Cimmaron Coach. Boone survivors are nephews Ken Karpin and Craig Brown. Karpin passed away February 16 and Hargens on April 13, both 2014.............Elizabeth Shingle, 88, Moingona and formerly of Pennsylvania..............Gary Kane, 50, West Des Moines and formerly of Boone.........Marvin Grems, 78, Boone.............Robert Johnson, 87, Beaver. Farmed south of Beaver............Deloris Richmond, 90, Clive and formerly of Boone. Madrid-43. Worked as a cosmetoligist for over 60 years in Boone and Grand Junction. Boone survivor is a step-son, Gary Richmond.
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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Have a Great Weekend

     Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I Knew That!

     John Kueck in the Korner, recently remembered that during his Iowa State days while lunching at the old Armory this National Champion baton twirler would often be working out. He thought her name was Jan but that was the extent of his memory of her. Really?
     The old Kornerman remembered this outstanding baton twirler also but didn't, at the time, recall any additional information.
     That lit up our email file like fireworks on the Fourth of July.
     Gary Knox wrote, "Joyce Rice was a well known baton twirler at some point while I attended ISU, 1958-1962....."
     Elizabeth Hinz Reiss, BHS-58, wrote, "I enjoyed reading about the various uses individuals made of the Armory. For a very long time, it served as ISU's all-purpose auditorium. Now, they have that wonderful complex that is, unfortunately, built on a flood plain. Keep up your good work."
    Ron Hopkins from out in Washington State wrote, "I, too, remembered the baton twirler at Iowa State and thought her name was Joyce. A simple Google search yielded the name Joyce Rice and info about her subsequent career as an entertainer. See... I remember her performances at Cyclone football games. My freshman year at ISU (1959) was the year of the Dirty 30 football team. The team consisted of only 30 players that year, but they had a winning season and at least one player, Tommy Watkins, had a successful NFL career with the Detroit Lions. That era was also the tail-end of single-wing offenses and single-platoon football.  Most guys played both offense and defense. I "ate" most of my lunches at the pool tables in the Union. No room for Joyce to perform there. Please keep stimulating these old memories."
     When my Korner compadres mentioned Joyce Rice, it immediately "rang my bell." I should have known that name from the start but.........
     One thing I can use to add to my lost credibility is a fact nobody has mentioned. Unless I'm completely off base, Joyce was a native of Greenfield, Iowa.
     Oh, by the way, another thing hasn't been mentioned either. She was a nice young lady to look at. Right guys?
     Back to Ron Hopkins mention of the Dirty 30. Perhaps some of our vast Korner viewership is unaware that the 1959 Cyclone team was not made up of "dirty players." It was just a nickname due to the fact they had limited numbers and had to "dig down deep" to keep pace with more prominent opponents that paraded many, many more athletes to the field than ISU could.
     I believe Dwight Nichols was the quarterback and "leader" of that unit coached by Clay Stapleton. I also believe Watkins was from Detroit and in those days there weren't as many "outsiders" on ISU athletic teams, at least in comparison to today. Nichols, in fact, I believe was from Knoxville, IA. It doesn't happen much anymore that our bigger universities have quarterbacks from Iowa.
     That last paragraph has come completely from my very old head so please correct me if I'm wrong about any of that info.
     Thanks to LaVerne Anderson who, as mentioned in the last edition, sent us the Charles Schulz Philosophy. Schulz asks us to name the last five winners of the Miss America pageant, the five last Heisman trophy winners and etc. and then says, "None of us remember the headliners of yesterday. The applause eventually dies, awards tarnish and such achievements are forgotten. Then, Schultz ask us to list a few teachers who guided our journey through school and to name three friends who have helped us through a difficult time. Schultz then says, "these are not the ones with the most credentials or most awards. They simply are the ones who care the most."
     Boone Area Deaths: Mark Mondt Sr., 65, Branson, MO., Boone area survivor is his former wife, Phyliss Mondt of Boone...........Betty Byrd, 88, Boone. Boone survivor is her son, Bill Byrd.........Richard Muessigmann, 74, Stanhope.........Gerald Cole, 83, Boone. Longtime railroad employee. Boone survivors include his wife, Loryl, daughter Jeri Nerem and grand and great grandchildren..........Eugene Buechler, 92, Boone. Jordan High-39. Farmed in Boone County. Boone survivors include his wife, Marjorie, son Daniel and daughter Debra Nelson............Maria Stevens, 72, Boone...........Roland Loudon,72, Arkansas.Was married in Boone. Lived in Arkansas but moved back to Ogden in 2003 before going back to Arkansas in 2011. Boone area survivors include brothers Ross and Rob Loudon, uncle Wally Loudon and brothers-in-law David and Daryl Fairchild...............Mabel Johnson, 102, Lebanon, MO. BHS-30. Born and raised in Boone and farmed near Ogden for many years. Did secretarial work in Boone and Des Moines...........Mardelle Aspholm, 92, Boone. Homemaker. Son Scott Aspholm of Charles City, IA is a survivor..........Audrey Olson, 103, Stratford..........Ramona Korbel, 81, Perry. Formerly of Madrid..............Connor Tharp, 17, Ames. Formerly of Boone. Ames survivors include his parents, Todd and Angela, and brothers, Brett and Mason.
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