Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Boone Connected Deaths

     Mary Lu Younkin, 91, Des Moines. Boone area survivor is a brother-in-law, Leroy Sigmund, of Boone........Bertha Phipps Woodruff, 82, Urbandale. Born in Boone..........Hilda Furrey, 91, Boone. Boone area survivor is a daughter, Mary Ann Coleman, of Boone.........Dr. Donald Poulson, 84, DDS, Urbandale. Born in Stratford. Parents were Oris and Mildred Poulson. Attended school in Boxholm prior to moving to Des Moines..........Bev Neely, 78, Boone. BHS-55. Telephone operator. Worked at Donnelley in Nevada, Bourns in Ames, Boesen's Greenhouses and Lowe-Berry Garden Center. Boone area survivors include a daughter, Nanette Anderson, brother Larry Richards, sister Charlene Tripp, and grandchildren of Boone..........Sue Tolan, 65, Boone. BHS-69. Worked at Boesen Greenhouses, KWBG radio and the Boone News Republican, the latter two in advertising sales. Boone area survivors include her husband, David, son Shawn, grandchildren, brother Tom Tilley, brother-in-law Ron Graham and BFF Bev Reilly all of Boone, sister Karen Richey, brother Jeff Tilley and aunt Arlys Westrum all of Stratford and daughter-in-law, Wendy, of Ogden..........Larry Hall, 81, AZ. BHS-53.
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Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Missouri Waltz

     Somewhere along the line, I knew this. Perhaps it was the writing I did for the News Republican for the 1965 Centennial edition. Anyway, some of you viewers may not be aware so.........
     At the weekly band concert last Wednesday, Boone Municipal Band Director Dave Richardson pointed out that the famous Missouri Waltz was written by a Boone resident, John Valentine Eppel, who lived on Boone's north side.
     That was one of the songs the band performed that night.
     The song was originally doomed a failure but eventually became very popular and even today, it is the state of Missouri's state song and the University of Missouri marching band makes it a part of each of their fall football appearances.
     We're talking a few years back.......Eppel lived from 1871 to 1931 and the waltz was written in 1914.
     Music from the production, "Chicago," and from the works of the famed composer, George Gershwin, were also featured Wednesday and a dixieland group performed, "Alexander's Rag Time Band."
     Those of you in the area may want to get out your "dancin' shoes" for this coming wednesday. That will be Big Band night and yes, there will be an area for those who wish to dance to that great 40's, 50's music.
     Its kind of ironic that I would receive a similar mention twice this week. Good friend Rick Houser, BHS-63, from Fairfax, VA, knowing I'm a baseball fan, sent me a DVD of the Abbott and Costello show featuring that famous, "Who's on First?" segment. There were some other of their show episodes as well.
     Then, Mike Loehrer, BHS-64, sent me a photo of a baseball player standing on first base. His name, shown on the back of his uniform, was HU. Mike wrote, "after all these years, HU (who) is on first."
     Don (Red) Houser, BHS-49, wrote from Tustin, CA. about his grandchildren who are quite the Lacrosse athletes. The Kornerman doesn't know much about the sport which features a long-handled stick and a rubber ball and goals. We don't have the sport in our high schools but I believe the University of Iowa does compete in that sport.
     Red's granddaughter, Grace Houser, is a high school junior in Orange County and was captain of her lacrosse team that had a 21-0 season. As a sophomore, she had already been awarded a lacrosse scholarship to the University of California at Berkley. This summer she is scheduled to play in lacrosse exhibitions at San Diego State, Denver, Maryland, Duke and California, Berkley. Grace's brother, Nicolas, is attending Wagner College in New York also on a lacrosse scholarship.
     Oftentimes, just sitting at McDonald's, you see a familiar face that you haven't seen in  quite some time. This week, the Kornerman had a nice visit with former Boone resident, Marshall Grabau, who now lives in West Des Moines. That particular Grabau family lived at the southwest corner of 11th and Greene. Marshall had a younger brother, Bruce, who I remember from Babe Ruth baseball. Unfortunately, Bruce passed away at a young age several years ago. Then too, there was sister Melanie, BHS-67, who I remember as a good Boone High basketball player. Marshall said she lived in the Minneapolis area.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Ernest Krieger, 83, Jefferson. Boone area survivor is a son, Ross Krieger, of Boone.........Paul Stark, 84, Boone, long time Boone funeral director and businessman.
BHS-50. Boone area survivors include his wife, Gretchen, and sister, Jean Blanshan, both of Boone........... Donna Byriel, 85, Boone. Retired in 1996 from the Boone Community Schools Food Service Department. Boone area survivors include her husband, Glenn, and sons, Brian and Perry, of Boone and two sons from other locations.........Colin Murphy, 23, Dayton. Born in Boone, the son of Bob and Judy Murphy. SEW-Grand HS grad. Was a mechanic and a Dayton reserve police officer. Boone area survivor is his dad, Bob, of Dayton, and  a brother, Jon Christie, of Ogden............Earl Deathridge, 78, Boone and Waverly, IL. He wired grain bins and worked at ISU from 1973-99. Was also involved in the Boone Speedway. Boone area survivor is a son, Brian, of Ames...........David Thelaner, 84, Hemet, CA..........Steven Safly, 75, Ridgeway. Formerly of Gilbert............Marilyn Edwards, 86, Clarion. Huxley HS-47. Worked at Banker's Life and the DOT. Farmed with her husband, Leo, near Polk City before moving to Clarion. Boone area survivor is a grandson, Jason, of Boone.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


     Time to take a day off. No material submitted since Saturday.

     Don't know who to blame........Hillary or Donald. Or, maybe its the heat.

     Hope to be back Saturday.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

BHS Gym Naming Update

     Here's the latest on the possible naming of the BHS gymnasium. You will recall that some BHS students, as a project, had investigated the possibility of naming the gymnasium. The name they proposed was Kate Shelley.
     The Boone Community School Board met earlier this week and the gymnasium proposal was a topic of discussion. The decision was "to leave the gym nameless, at least for now."
     Mainly, via social media, the board discovered that many folks wanted to share their thoughts about the proposal with many different names suggested, recognizing various community members who had an impact on the school district. However,  it was stated that, "there was no overwhelming feeling one way or the other."
     Here's the most important point. School Superintendent Brad Manard stated, "what's important to recognize is that these kids looked into it and we recognize the work they did."
     The Kornerman is wondering if anyone bought my suggestion in the last edition of turning to You Tube Music on the computer and pulling up some "wake up" music?
     One terrific show Jo and the Kornerman look forward to each year is the Lincoln Center Honors late in the year, December I believe. Each year, five people from the "arts", dance, etc. etc.are honored and some of our greatest entertainers perform as part of the tribute to the honorees lifelong contribution to our society.
     For example, when Merle Haggard was honored, Vince Gill and Brad Paisley combined for a terrific job on one of Merle's great songs, "Workin' Man's Blues." When Neil Diamond was honored, Jennifer Nettles sang, "Hello" and Smokey Robinson led the group in "Sweet Caroline," two of Neil's greatest hits. When Billy Joel was honored, Garth Brooks did a great job on, "Allentown" and "Goodnight Saigon," while Rufus Wainwright sang, "New York State of Mind" and "Piano Man." Just tremendous entertainment available in my living room and available to anyone who has a computer.
     The Kornerman just watched all of these presentations again last night.
     Jo has studied the Main Rite recipe we posted in the last edition and she's going to give it a whirl this weekend. Should be great. As we often hear, "we report, you decide." We'll let you know.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Beverly Ann Slater, 83, Altoona. She was born in 1932 in Boone. Her parents were Bayless and Gladys Wooldridge..........Dean Hauschildt, 77, Clive. He was a volunteer at the Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad..........Elaine Glantz, 76, Unionville, IA. Born in Boone. Parents were Elmer and Dorothy Germer. BHS-57...........Edna June Pearson, 84, Stratford. Formerly of Boone and Pilot Mound. Born in Boone. Parents were Elmer and Dolly Allen. Boone area survivors include a brother, Arthur Allen of Boone, and a sister, Etta Mae Daniels of Pilot Mound.......
Ruth Stotts Berry, 80, Arbor Vitae, WI. BHS 53. Homecoming Queen. Her parents were Harold and Hazel Stotts. Her husband, Bill Berry, BHS- 50, of Arbor Vitae, is among the survivors...........Max Hall, 95, Boone. Son of William and Effie Hall. BHS-38. An Army vet, he moved to Boone in 1948 and co-owned and operated Boone LP Gas with J. Boyd Pestotnik until retirement in 1985. One of Iowa's greatest golfers with numerous statewide as well as local championships. Boone area survivors include his sons, Bob and John, both of Boone........Dorothy Wisecup, 94, Ogden. Born in Boone. Her parents were Raynard and Pearl Zenor. She farmed with her husband, Howard,  southwest of Ogden until retirement in 1973 when the couple moved to Ogden. She was a housekeeper at Ogden Manor. Boone area survivors include her daughters, Joyce Stumbo of Boone and Janice Munson of Ogden and brother, Richard Zenor of Boone......Ira York, 62, Boone........Richard Overland, 73, Boone. Worked for Alliant Energy for 32 years prior to retirement in 1999. Boone area survivors include his wife, Jan, and sons, Ian and Dusty of Madrid and Aaron of Gilbert.........Margaret Dozier, 88, Boone. An AIB graduate who worked for the Federal Government (Social Security, Selective Service and the Vet Services Lab) for 30 years. Boone area survivors include a daughter, Susan Olson of Boone and a son, David Dozier of Ogden.......LaVerne Lutjen, 88, rural Boone. Born near Stanhope. Stanhope HS-45. Farmed near Stanhope. His parents were Christian and Katharina (Moeller) Lutjen. Boone area survivors include his wife, Lorraine Murken Lutjen, of Boone, and daughters Pam Hansen of Woodward and Mari Lynn Heineman of Ogden.
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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Several Different Items

     Feelin' a little down, a little slow, frustrated? The Kornerman's got an answer for you.
     Pull up the computer, go to YouTube Music. Type in "Walk in the Black Forest" by Horst Jankowski or "Candy Man" by Sammy Davis or "Summer Samba" by Walter Wanderley. If one of those don't get you "movin'" in the right direction, you need another source of advice.
     Walter Wanderley, of course, plays the organ and I, the Kornerman, have mentioned before how much I like organ sounds. Henry Mancini's "Mr Lucky" with Buddy Cole on the organ is a favorite. Then too there's Lenny Dee and Jackie Davis among other great organists. I could listen and enjoy all day.
     Great to receive a phone call from California's Don (Red) Houser, BHS-49, yesterday. Don was weighing in on the BHS gym naming. He mentioned as possible "names," Harold (Chinny) Chinstedt who was a great Toreador player in 1934 and, of course, Coach Bud Fisher, who guided the 1931 Toreadors to the state championship. That team had many individual standouts too, "Oc" Dettman and others.
     We had a good talk about it and ended up in agreement that it would be better to leave it alone. If one individual was named, there would be too many other great candidates slighted.
     The Kornerman had to mention a great thrill I had, as a kid, watching Red carry the football for a long touchdown run as an Iowa State University player in the early 50's. Red shunned some of that talk and, instead, wanted to mention his grandkids who are great Lacrosse players. He was surprised that sport has not invaded Iowa yet. Both a grandson and granddaughter have been high school standouts in the sport and have received college scholarship offers. Don said he would send me some material regarding their success.
     Jerry Manriquez, BSH-57, sent me a recipe for "Iowa Maid Rites." He said, "I can't remember if you put this in the Korner." Yes, we have reported such recipes a time or two but maybe not this specific recipe and, what the heck, its always worth repeating anyway.
     Here goes: slow cooker loose meat sandwich. 2 T dried onions, 1 T warm water, 3 lbs ground beef, 1 beef boullion cube, 1 chicken boullion cube, 1 1/2 cups water, 1 T Worchestershire sauce, 1 T soy sauce, 2 T cider vinegar, 2 T brown sugar. Put all this in a crock pot. Done in about for hours. Jerry concluded, "so gooooood. I think this is better than what you find in the Maid Rite stores."
     It seems to the Kornerman that this is a bit different than previous Maid Rite recipes we have provided.
     Bits and Pieces: (1) The Kornerman had noticed the name "Wally Taylor" in the Register one day and that "rang a bell." Many years ago, there was a young attorney, Wally Taylor, who came to Boone and, in fact, rented an apartment from my parents. I, of course, had to follow up. Yes, it was confirmed by Pam Mackey Taylor that the mentioned Wally Taylor was, at one time, a Boone resident. Wally is the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Iowa Chapter of the Sierra Club and Pam Mackey Taylor is also a member of that committee. The Taylor's reside in Cedar Rapids but the Sierra Club offices are in Des Moines. (2) The BHS class of 1976 had a reunion at the Herman Park Shelter House last weekend and about 70 folks were in attendance. (3) Barry Wills, BHS-58, wrote, "over the years, I've had several requests from people who went to Grid in the late 50's and early 60's for the name of the song we played for the last dance. If those folks would google "Teenage Goodnight" and the artist, (the Chordettes?) they can hear it again. It does bring back good memories for some of us. Please share this if you can." (4) John Kueck, BHS-61, sent this information, "I saw this on Facebook. It is a very nice coverage of Kate Shelley and scenic views of that area. I'm also wondering about when the new bridge was built and wondering if the old bridge is still being used and do those bridges have names?"  To find these familiar scenes......
     Boone Connected Deaths: John Roth, 89, West Des Moines. Boone area survivor is a daughter, Michele Thompson, of Boone.........Dorothy Magnani, 79, Des Moines. In Boone, worked at Sandler Built Homes and Archway Cookies.........Helen Jagerson, 96, Rural Madrid. Napier HS. Boone area survivors include her daughter, Phyliss Gathercole, and sons, Don and Roger Jagerson, all of Madrid.........Paul Mickelson, 87, Dallas Center. Boone area survivors are daughters, Nancy Kiefer of Ogden and Norma Carlson of Woodward.......Max Hall, 95, Boone........Edna June Pearson, 84, Stratford, Formerly of Boone and Pilot Mound........Elizabeth Schabel, 74, Boone. Moved to Boone in 1993. Worked in a bank and was a teacher. Boone area survivor is her husband, Frank, of Boone.
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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Some Special Reports

     As Jackie Gleason used to say, "and, awaaaaay we go."
     Yes, your wandering correspondents have been "on the move" this week and we have special reports on both the Wednesday Municipal Band Concert and on a Friday night visit to the "new" Tic Toc.
     But first, Davi Mondt Lowman, BHS-67, wrote, "just back from my beloved Tuscany. Several Boonies have experienced this wonderful place with me......Julie and Jody Berg, Linda Ward, Terry Dannatt, Joyce Sieve, the Byer's girls, Barb, Linda, Marty, and their late darling mama, Ruth, when she was 92. What a trooper!"
    Davi added a little food talk. Said she's heard some good reviews about the Tic Toc and can't wait to experience that. Then, she also mentioned Burger Daddy. She and her boys have been there and gave it rave reviews. "the hamburger patties reminded me of the ones my darling mother would  make for our family, all uneven around the edges and made from really good meat." She said there was a variety of burgers and good salads to choose from and the service was  "good, polite and fast." She added, "another wonderful restaurant is "Good News" located in the Livery. "I love their food and drink and its a great place to rent for gatherings."
     Davi continued, "All this talk about the naming of the BHS gym. I would be happy if it were called "Toreador Center" or "Toreador Ring"......actually, anything Toreador. I have always and will always rage against this fad calling our traditional BHS mascot a "Dor." It not only sounds stupid, it is meaningless. Imagine what out-of-towners think.....Dor?.....what's a Dor? Really, its just stupid."
     Jo and I attended the band concert and it was super. It was the first time this year it didn't collide with a Cubs game so we took advantage. What a beautiful evening with a nice breeze and a great crowd of maybe a couple hundred or more. Some excellent old favorite, "Tico Tico", some Stephen Foster material....."Swanee River, My Old Kentucky Home" and others plus some Marvin Hamlisch sounds via the Broadway show, "Chorus Girl." Bill Martin's trumpet was a standout in that latter medley. There was the usual ice cream social and the entire experience just made the old Kornerman think "back in time" prior to television or other modern distractions when everybody looked foward to and attended the band concerts. Remember sitting in the cars around the site and honking the horn when the music ended? This was a very nice and nostalgic evening.
     P.S. Oh yes, the lyrics of one selection were passed around and everybody was urged to sing out. Remember "Casey would waltz with the strawberry blond and the band played on?"
     Some important dates: June 15 - a regular concert. June 22 - a 100th anniversary celebration. June 29 - a Boone Big Band bash. July 4 - a patriotic concert. July 9 - the 25th annual Iowa Municipal Band Festival.
     We got our first "taste" of the "new" Tic Toc last evening (Friday night). We were there shortly before 5 p.m. and discovered the door doesn't open until 5 p.m., period. On the subject of hours, I see there is a lunch schedule from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and then in the evening, as said, the door opens at 5 p.m..
     Here's the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth as we saw it. We had previously heard tales of how expensive the experience was and, yes, you can spend some pretty high dollars there, especially if drinks and steaks are an important part of your fare. We didn't pay $30, $40, $50 and beyond. Our bill was $17.83 and with a $5 tip the total was $22.83.......about what we would normally spend wherever we went.
     Bread and butter was provided at the start and a second round came later. Our drink of choice was water. In all truthfulness, when we looked at the dinner menu it appeared we would settle on a cavatelli dish with chicken breast at about $15 each. Pizza was not on the dinner menu but we inquired about it and they said it was available. We had a good, nice size salad each and then a 12-inch pizza (three pieces each) to share. At the end, a good tasting bavarian type cake, which we hadn't ordered, was provided for desert. All in all we left well satisfied. We will go back and will again choose wisely.
     We looked at the lunch menu and pizza is listed as well as several types of sandwiches at $8.00 each and various salads. Next time that may be our choice.
     Dave Germer....thank you so much for your extremely laudatory suggestion. 
     Boone Connected Deaths: Joan Cooper Sohn, 84, West Des Moines. BHS-50. Born in Boone in 1932. Parents were Floyd and Ruth Cooper. Joan was a speech pathologist at both Linn Mar, Marion and Waukee schools...........Walter Anderson, 83, Ames. Formerly of Boone. BHS-51. Service vet. Served as a claims agent for the railroad. Boone area survivors include his wife, Joyce, of Ames, son, Bruce, and daughter, Catherine, as well as stepson, Paul Becker, and sister-in-law, Zoe Ann Pervier, all of Boone........Ruth Byers Carlstrom, 95, Urbandale. Formerly of Boone.Was a Road Master Clerk for the railroad in Boone from 1967 until retirement in 1984. Boone area survivor is a daughter, Marty Lamoureux, of Boone........Thor (Santa) Highland, 67, Boone. Worked at a lumber company in Nevada and then as a dispatcher for the DOT. Thor was a contracted Santa who worked all over Central Iowa and the West Coast at any time of the year for 49 years. Boone survivors include his wife, Beth, and son, Joey, both of Boone.
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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Some of This, Some of That

     I knew it! Leave it to Vern Modeland, BHS-50.
     As Korner viewers know, the Kornerman is always "gushing" about how great things are "back home" in Iowa/Boone. And, of course, I mean it. But, there always has to be know, one of "those" Vern.
     He wrote, "you promise to turn off the snow machine and turn up the heat come wintertime and I'd think about it (coming home)."
     Signed, "Vern M. from the Ozarks, where its never that snowy or cold and my local town has but two stop lights for its entire street system. We don't believe in stopping, you see."
     Hey Vern. Sometimes that winter snowfall is beautiful and talk about heat, I heard them mention just this morn that we might hit 100 later this week.
     Anyway, you're happy..........I'm happy so.....
     Always good to hear from you........whatever.
     The results are in.
     Marty Dannatt, BHS-68, has reported, "we raised over $1,300 for the Shriner's Hospitals for Children at the recent annual Monte Anderson Memorial Open in Boone and 100-percent will go to charity. We lost a few fair weather golfers in the rain, but once the rain stopped, it turned into a very good golf outing with many generous donors. Once the golf was finished, we all went to Toby K's Events Center and met many more donors for a feed provided by Toby K's and great music provided by Larry Kelley and his band. We thank all the participants."
     Attended "Microphonies" the other day. That's the group of mainly "more mature (older)" former media guys, from mainly the metro area, who meet on a monthly basis at the Tavern in West Des Moines. Delicious pizza by the way.
     Spent most of my time talking to Tony Powers who worked at WHO radio-TV for 17 years and was a close working mate of the famed Jim Zabel. As he related story after story about Jim, I told him he should be writing a book. Well, actually, he has written a book......a couple.........mystery novels. The Kornerman, of course, could write at least a short story or two about my relationship with "Z." He was a unique character to say the least.
     Happened to sit next to Arvid Huseman. That name may be familiar to some of you locals. He's the guy who writes a weekly column in the Boone News Republican. He's been a lifelong journalism guy who spent quite a bit of time as Managing Editor of the newspaper in Creston and yes, he knows Boone native Rich Byerly, BHS-56 very well. For quite some time, Rich was the President of Southwestern Community College in Creston.
     Also visited with a fellow who was a cameraman for Iowa Public Television. We had a good visit about the "old days" when I was doing television on all the boys state championship sports events and he was trying to make me look better via the TV camera lens.
     Speaking of sports, via the internet, I see that Nick Collison has announced he will NOT retire but plans on playing his 14th season next year as a member of the NBA Oklahoma City Thunder.
     Locally, our BHS students continue to make us proud of their statewide athletic accomplishments. We mentioned all the great news about our track and field performers recently. This time, we'll laud the tennis players.
     In the state boys tennis tourney, the Toreador team of Danny Anderson and Ethan Patterson was the doubles consolation winner in class 1-A. In class 2-A, the Toreador girls team placed fourth and individually, Davi Patterson was second in singles.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Winona Decker, 94, Ames. Formerly of  Boone. BHS-40. "Nonie" was well known all over the Central Iowa area as a piano and organ player. Boone area survivors include a son, Tom Mylenbusch, of Ames...........Ernest Musser Jr., 52, Boone. Was a handyman. Worked for KFC and the Boone News. Boone area survivors include his brothers, Ralph, Dale, John and Roger all of Boone, a sister, Margaret Hilsabeck of Boone and a sister-in-law, Linda Musser of Ogden..........
Ron Grant, 75, Madrid. MHS-59. Was a teacher/coach at Madrid Junior High for 28 years.......Elwin (Gus) Workman, 80, Madrid. Born in Madrid. Perry HS grad. Worked in telecommunications..............
Herman Larson, 97, Stratford. Grew up in the rural Boxholm area. He excelled in sports in the Boxholm schools. Was a bank employee in Lehigh but always was a farmer at heart, caring for his farm near Boxholm.
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Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Scholl Effect

     The Kornerman remembers Carole Nelson Smiley, BHS-52, as an excellent musician and a BHS cheerleader. She was such a great musician she has continued that avocation right through her collegiate days at Iowa State University and many places beyond.
     Through Gretchen Otis, lots of information has been received about Carole's music career.
     We'll let Carole, via Gretchen, in her own words, tell us about her start in music and a much rewarded conclusion. "I spent most of my "growing up" years in Boone, Iowa, a small town of 13,000 people. In 1944, the "Music Man" came to town only he (Konrad Scholl) taught stringed instruments at Boone High School. Mr. Scholl made the violin sound so awesome that I wanted to learn how to play it. Because of piano lessons, I knew how to read music. In fifth grade, I had a school rental violin and was in a class with three other beginning students. A couple of years later, I convinced my father that I needed a good violin. Mr. Scholl helped with the selection of a violin from a shop in Omaha. I still use it today as it has such a rich sound. Throughout those school days, I played in string trios, quartets, the orchestra and participated in state music contests in those and as a soloist. I also took private lessons from Mr. Scholl. My college choice was Iowa State University with a major in Home Economics Education. I had private lessons once a week with Ilsa Niemak and played in the ISU Orchestra with rehearsals two nights a week. After graduation, I accepted a teaching position in a high school in suburban Detroit. There, I found a symphony to play with called the South Oakland Symphony."
     Carole continued, "the following summer, I married and we chose to live in Cedar Falls, Iowa because it was a college town adjacent to Waterloo and an area population of 121,000. For eleven years, I played in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls Symphony Orchestra conducted by Dr. Myron Russell, the Chairman of the Music Department at the University of Northern Iowa. My husband, Alan Smiley, BHS-48, was transferred to Omaha. I was busy raising three children. Subsequent moves, all of which were job-related for him, included living in a Chicago suburb, Dunwoody, Ga, Charlotte, N.C. and, finally, retirement in bucolic Buford, Ga. A neighbor told me he was going to the first fall rehearsal of the Atlanta Community Symphony Orchestra (1999) and would I like to tag along.It took me awhile but I got "back in the grove" and Juan Ramirez and all the members were so nice. I learned more about symphonic violin playing under Juan than any other conductor and looked forward to each rehearsal. Because of cervical neck issues and pain, I was forced to retire after my 15th season with the ACSO."
     Carole tells us about her retirement honor. "I was very pleased to be honored by the Atlanta Community Symphony Orchestra, May 8th, at their Spring Concert. Most of the members of the group are music educators, doctors or lawyers, but I was one of the few "pluggers." After the intermission, I was introduced by the treasurer of the group who said many nice things about me, presented me with a huge bouquet of flowers and a shadow box filled with a couple of photos of me, the program for the day, musical notes, etc. It was lovely!!"
     The Kornerman explains that Carole's retirement was due to health issues, intense neck and upper back pain, which eventually required surgery. Husband Alan has also experienced some health issues.
     The Kornerman is reminded of the fact that the Nelson family lived in the very house in Boone that Jo and I have resided in for the last 30 years. Carole's dad, T.N. Nelson, served as the Boone County Extension Director. Yes, the Nelson's once lived in the building that now serves as the Korner's Worldwide Headquarters.
     From his Aurora, Co. residence,Michael Goodwin, BHS-63, wrote a very interesting note regarding the BHS gym naming. He said, "I would suggest they call it the John Blair gymnasium. He (John) is the one who donated the park to the city that the gym is built on. I read his will several years ago. I remember it stating that the land for Blair Park was given to the city with the stipulation that it would forever be a city park. That part of his will was violated when the school was built there in my opinion."
     The Kornerman noted in a recent edition the fact that Ankeny IA is the third fastest growing city in the entire U.S. of A, according to the most recent census figures. Now, I note that another metro area community, Johnston, yes, little old Johnston, now has a population  of 20,460........a more than 3,000 increase since the 2010 census. Its a 130 percent increase since the 2000 census. We're absolutely exploding here in the Hawkeye/Cyclone state. You out-of-state viewers better think seriously about "coming home" where life is still great and getting even better.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Jean Marie Bailey, 76, Urbandale. Served as United State Postmaster in Woodward in 1984 and Postmaster in Madrid  in 1985. She retired in 2000 after 34 years as a Postmaster...........Mike Pepper, 61, Boone. BHS-73. After military service, worked for the railroad, as a mechanic, a production worker at Gates and finally, delivered parts for Boone NAPA. Boone area survivors include his father, Bob Pepper, and son, Nicholas Higgins, both of Boone, son, Bob Pepper of Dayton and sister, Jean Mallicoat of Ogden.........Karen Huffman, 64, Boone. BHS-70. Worked at Citizens Bank and as office manager for Kruck Plumbing prior to retirement in 2011. Boone area survivors include son, Sean Clubine, of Ogden and stepson Adam Huffman of Boone...........Winona Decker, 94, Ames..........Coleen Hansen, 86, Tampa, FL. Formerly of Boone. The family moved to Boone when Coleen was a child. She moved to Florida in 2010. Boone area survivor is her stepson, Elmo Hansen. Burial in Boone.
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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Let's Talk Food

     The "new" Tic Toc restaurant has been open a week and, courtesy of our good friend Ann Onimous, we have our first review of the establishment.
     Ann wrote, "wanted to give you a report on the newest version of our beloved Tic Toc restaurant. We were there on the opening night and it was FANTASTIC. The steak was done perfectly and you could cut it with a fork. Gone is the old menu and in with an all new one which is more upscale than anything Boone has seen in the past. Sadly, the pizza isn't the old Tic Toc pizza either. The owner indicated this menu is what they are starting off with and will expand as the employees become more comfortable with all of the options. And, if there is something you would like that isn't on the menu, all you need to do is ask. The owner was super attentive and the food was as good as things I've had in much larger cities. He visited with each table and actually took orders and served some of them. He did mention that's he's really struggling to put together a team of employee's. Half of them called in the first night or didn't show up. Hopefully, he'll be able to get that problem solved and Boone will be able to support such a great addition!"
     Thanks Ann. Appreciate your thoughts.
     Saw Bill McBirnie the other day and he, specifically, asked the Kornerman to try and track down a BHS beefburger recipe. Bill, who's been working in Texas, said, "ask anyone in the 1959-60 era and they'll agree that the Boone High Cafeteria served the best beefburgers ever. I'd sure like that recipe. It would also be nice to know who the cook was."
     Anybody else out in Kornerland remember those "great" burgers?
     Of course, the Kornerman was a few years prior to that, but I don't recall ever eating a meal at school. Was there a school cafeteria in the early 50's? All I remember is students eating a brown-bag lunch while sitting in the gymnasium bleacher balcony OR going home for lunch. We had at least an hour of lunch time and I walked the 10 blocks up Crawford Street home for lunch and then returned the 10 blocks back for the start of afternoon school all within that "off" time.
     The Kornerman needs some help here. My memory is very fuzzy on this. Was there a school lunch offered in those days or did that cafeteria business come later?
     The Kornerman hadn't seen Bill for awhile. He's been working in Texas.
     Also saw Al Dannatt, a resident of Texas, who was in town to see brother Marty and celebrate their mother, Mae's, birthday.
     Al and Marty also attended the third annual Monte Anderson, BHS-69, Memorial Golf Outing.
     Al said that event was well attended and after golf, the group assembled at Toby K's Event Center.  Al marveled at "what a great place that was for getting together. I can't imagine that was, at one time, the Percival plant. I was really impressed with that facility."
     John Hinz, BHS-64, wrote, "It's really hard to believe that the NBA Golden State Warriors versus the Oklahoma City Thunder had a sub-battle going on within their games. Anyone who follows anything about sports is aware that one of the all-time great rivalries in sports lies within Iowa boundaries.....Boone versus Ames. Yes, that matchup has grown into an NBA playoff game. The Thunder's Nick Collison has and has had many relatives in the Boone area including his parents, Dave Collison, BHS-72, and Judy Peterson Collison, BHS-72. And, Nick has played for Oklahoma City for many years while former Ames High star, Harrison Barnes, is a starter for Golden State. Yes, a barnburner NBA playoff series involves guys connected to Boone and Ames, 15 miles apart in the heart of Iowa. I look for Collison (Nick) to announce his retirement sometime this coming week. Glad I could share this remarkable fact with so many of you who, unluckily, are not Iowans."
     The Kornerman says " Monday night, Golden State defeated Oklahoma City in the deciding game in their series and will advance to the NBA finals. Oklahoma city is done for this season."
     Whether he retires or not, Nick Collison has had an outstanding basketball career. State high school championships at Iowa Falls under his dad's coaching, a great All-American collegiate career under Roy Williams at Kansas University and then a great NBA career at Seattle and Oklahoma City starting in 2003. That's about 13 years of play in professional basketball.
     Bit's and Pieces: (1) Barb Buechler Fosdick reported in from San Diego. She said,"just returned from Maui and Boone, Iowa." She visits her mother, Martha Buechler, in Boone quite often and also, while here, attended the Monte Anderson event. (2) In the Sunday Register there was a special honor, a 60th anniversary, accorded to Stan and Jan Miller of Spirit Lake and Sun Lakes, AZ. It said the couple were married in Boone, Iowa, June 3, 1956. Their children, who recognized the milestone, included Tim and Wanda Miller of Kalona and Mary and Don Diehl of Storm Lake. (3) Max Moore, BHS-46, wrote, "is there a committee spearheading the naming of the BHS gym?" His thought was that a Fisher/Moran named gym would honor both Hap Moran, who Max called, "the greatest BHS athlete ever," and Bud Fisher, Toreador coach of the 1932 State basketball champs.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Dan Wilson, 66, Ogden. OHS-68. Worked for Ogden Municipal Utilities until his retirement. Was a volunteer fire fighter. Boone area survivors include his wife, Judy,  and sons, Tom and Bill, all of Ogden...........Delores Ann Kyle, 86, Story City. Worked at the Ag Department at ISU. Boone area survivor is a daughter, Naylene Crispin, of Madrid.
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