Saturday, January 31, 2015

Walmart Questions?

     Warning: The following paragraph is loaded with cliche after cliche.
     This story has been living and dying, time after time.
     Some time back there were rumors of a purchase of the old Walmart building but, eventually, those stories died.
     They're back and even more adamant than before. Usually, where there's smoke there's fire and, lately, there's been more smoke than in the past. Someday, perhaps, sooner than later, we'll know.
     P.S. Despite all the talk of a sale, nobody seems to know who the buyer is or what the plans are.
     Bowling has been a recent Korner subject and Jerry Manriquez wrote, "About 1951 or 1952 I worked at a bowling alley located above the State Liquor Store on the south side of Seventh Street a block west of Story. I think the alley owner was Ray McCoy. There must have been about 10 lanes and I was a ball boy. We sat behind the racks and after the ball hit the pins, we would send it back to the bowler, grab the pins and reset them in the rack. After the second ball, we repeated the process and pulled a cord to lower the rack. If there were not enough boys available, we would have to jump two lanes, working back and forth. What was dangerous about this job was that some of the pins would fly up and hit you in the head. But, what was worse was when some of the bowlers were drinking and would send a second ball down the lane while you were picking up pins from the first ball. We were paid 10-cents a line and would be paid at the end of the day. When we were not setting pins, we would eat hamburgers and fries and drink cokes. That was put on a bill and at the end of the day, Mr. McCoy would settle with us. We usually ended up owing him money for food and drink."
     Willie wrote, "next time you need entertainment, watch the movie "Kingpin." Everything turns out O.K.. While at the NCR, (National Cash Register?), we occasionally organized a bowling team. I usually signed on. Somewhere along the line I arrived early and, for a lack of anything more interesting, I decided to have a beer or two or three or........anyway, I was quite relaxed when the contest began and threw five strikes in a row. We were all impressed and, from then on, I was invited to be a team member. Things never worked out as well after that, probably bad beer."
     Names of celebrities who have invaded our town?
     Kathleen Wheelock added, "I remember the summer of 1990 Boone County Fair. The entertainer was Garth Brooks and that was just before he became a super star. He provided a great show for us. My husband, Chuck, and I were in attendance."
     Editor's note: About that same period there were several, mostly, country stars who appeared here and went on to even greater venues. Brooks and Dunn were here for a show at the fair one year but there was a severe storm. If I remember correctly, the proposed show was never held and there was a hassle about their payment.
     Another name to add to the list was Anne Murray, who appeared at the Trestle Lounge for a show or shows at the start of her career.
     Thanks to Dick Chamberlain and Rick Houser for sending some great stories for the Kornerman to enjoy. Dick sent a story, written by Michael Gartner, that was a tribute to his dad and Rick, knowing I'm a Cub fan just like he and his dad, sent a newspaper clipping that was in remembrance of Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks, who died last week.
     Karen Anderson was one of the sleuths who provided good information when the Mineral Ridge subject came forth. Some of it was material we've previously reported on but there is some new material as well.
     She wrote, "Ridgeport in Dodge Township, also called Mineral Ridge, was laid out near the summit of Mineral Ridge in May of 1854. It looks like the village was named Ridgeport but the post office was named Mineral Ridge. Mr. Ericson was the postmaster for 10 years. Charles Ericson, his wife and daughter, are buried in Linwood and his parents are buried at Mineral Ridge. I remember my grandfather talking about Ridgeport and Mineral Ridge and Pilot Mound. He liked it when my dad would take him on drives through that area. As I recall, he lived in Ridgeport at one time. I also have relatives buried in the Mineral Ridge and Pilot Mound cemeteries."
     Editor's note: If you've been with us, the Korner, all along, you'll recall this Mineral Ridge/Ridgeport story started via the story of Charles Ericson. He's the gentleman the Ericson Public Library is named after.
     Larry Lindmark had told us about Ericson's donation of land to Augustana College and the fact that Augustana's football field is still called Ericson Field. That all developed after his several years of residence in the Mineral Ridge area.
     Karen reported from "Find A Grave" that Ericson arrived in Boone County from the Quad City area at age 19 in 1859. He first opened a small store in Mineral Ridge. For 10 years he served as Postmaster of Mineral Ridge while also filling the position of road supervisor, school director, treasurer and township clerk. In 1870, he moved to Boone and purchased a general store that he operated for five years. In 1871, he assisted in organizing the First National Bank and became it's vice president. In 1878, he sold his store and became bank cashier. In 1879, the bank was reorganized as the City Bank. He eventually became president of that bank. In 1871, he entered politics, serving in the General Assembly of Iowa for a time before returning to the Quad City area. He died in Boone in 1910 and left Augustana College 260 acres of Iowa farmland that was also rich in coal. A total of $13,000 from his estate was added to the farmland and the total money derived resulted in Augustana's Ericson Athletic Field.. Before that, in October of 1901, Ericson bestowed a lasting gift to the Boone community. The Ericson Library was built at a cost of $10,000. Ericson, eventually, increased his giving to $12,000 and another $7,000 in donations from the community was added. Thus, the cost of the building as well as books and fixtures etc. were all covered.
     Boone Area Deaths: Elizabeth "Betty" Wickwire, 87, Dayton, formerly of Lehigh. Boone area survivor is a brother, Gerald "Gus" Linn of Boone............Gerald Winger, 74, Boone. Was an electrician in California before moving to Boone. Iowa survivors include three sons, Tom Winger, Toby and Josh Myers..........Caryl Ahrens, 92, Boone. Attended Boone schools. Worked at Bourns in Ames. Boone area survivors include son, Warren Ahrens Jr., daughter Becky Gilliam-Wilken and brother and sister-in-law, Marian Bauman and Etta Stewart all of Boone and brother and sister-in-laws Dean and Dale Ahrens of Stratford and Jean Ahrens of Ogden.........Jerry Bechtel, 73, Clinton. BHS-59. Worked as a lab technician for 37 years. Boone area survivors include a brother, Melvin Bechtel, and a sister, Arvella Nunley, both of Stratford..........Irene Simonson, 90, Des Moines. Formerly of Madrid. Left Boone County for Des Moines in the early 50's. Worked at Sears for over 25 years. Boone area survivors include son, Pat, of Stratford.
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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Added Information

     In recent editions the Kornerman has kind of been "dancing around" the Imperial Lanes situation but with the help of some viewers, we can make a more solid claim that the establishment has been sold.
     Former resident Janelle Givens Henry wrote, "my mother lives in the house next to the Imperial parking lot. Westhaven has bought the Imperial Lanes. They also own the house next to my mother and have tried in the past to buy my mother's house. They now surround her but she is not selling (yet). I appreciate your blog. I live in the Twin Cities and get to Boone every couple of months to see my mom. Your blog fills me in on things which I appreciate. Moving to Virginia in a couple of months so will really appreciate it even more when that occurs. Some day I hope to move back to Boone for good. I do love that town. In my soul, it has always been home to me."
     John Kueck added this from the Boone, Iowa Facebook site, "E-Free/Westhaven has informed the city of plans to expand services to include land currently containing the bowling alley on West Mamie. The administration of Westhaven continues to formalize their plans for the site. What we know at this point is that the bowling alley will be razed and new development will occur. The bowling alley was a landmark in Boone. It is sad to see an important part of the community cease to exist. Unfortunately, there were no buyers willing to purchase the bowling alley to continue it's use. The owners had the property for sale for two years prior to it's sale. The city would be excited to work with a developer or business owner to see a new bowling alley constructed in Boone."
     Editor's note: Thanks much to Janelle and John for acting as Korner correspondents and adding information to this story.
     Mike Loehrer had some memories of Imperial Lanes. He wrote, "as a young kid, I bowled a lot with my buddy, Dick Musser. I think Jim Zabel's "Let's Go Bowling" show got things going. When Imperial opened and the owner was, I think, a Mr. Ward (Paul), he brought in the pro bowler, Ray Bluth, to throw the first ball and put on an exhibition. Bluth was one of the stars of the PBA tour. This got me thinking about other similar sporting events held in Boone. Dick and I saw the Harlem Globetrotters play in the BHS gym, 1955 or 56. Wrestling was big in the late 50's. I recall it was popular on early television. The event was held at the fairgrounds and among those wrestlers in attendance were Sky High Lee, Pat O'Connor and the most popular of all, Verne Gagne. I wonder what other national celebrities have found their way to Boone in the days of yesteryear. Maybe your viewers recall some."
     Editor's note: I don't believe the Globetrotters Mike referred to that visited Boone were the "original" crew. Abe Saperstein was the gentleman that started the Globetrotter empire back in 1927 and they have traveled the world in all those years since. Also, through the years, there have been various "satellite-type" Globetrotter teams (better many than just one$$$). In Iowa, Bobby Grund was well known for organizing a Globetrotter unit and the Kornerman thinks it was his team that played here in the late 50's. They featured a "big" least he was big in comparison to other players in that time......and his name was Johnson......Bombo Johnson if I recall right.
     Regarding visits by celebrities, I quickly recall visits by film star McDonald Carey during my high school days and in more recent times, Alan Thicke was in town. Maybe, with more time, I can think of others.......or maybe you viewers can.Then, there's Bob Hope of course.
     We have some additional Mineral Ridge info to offer.
     Nice to hear again from Jan Murken Love who wrote, "yes, Mineral Ridge is the Ridgeport you mentioned in your last blog. It is about six miles north of Boone. I grew up on the corner south of Ridgeport and 1/2 mile east....does that sound like a farm person talking or what? Even in my "younger" age it was mostly referred to as Ridgeport. I believe Mineral Ridge was from it's early days of settlement. It was comprised of a one-room school house, Methodist Church, Baptist Church, cemetery, general store/locker and blacksmith shop. I think the entry gate to the cemetery reads, "Mineral Ridge Cemetery." There was also a hotel there in the early days and may have been part of the general store area. My grandfather, Arthur Stotts, was a lifelong resident of Mineral Ridge and entertained us kids with stories of stage coach stops at the hotel and holdups of those stage coaches. All but the blacksmith shop and hotel are still standing and the Methodist Church was converted into a home by my cousin's son. The year I finished sixth grade was the last year that school was open. It must have been 1957 and there were only 11 of us in grades kindergarten through sixth. What a change to go from that school to seventh grade in Boone with six grades in one building and several hundred attending. Mo, thanks for the memories and help keeping these little bergs known and how important they once were to people's livelihood."
     We have even more info from Karen on this subject but again, we are out of space this time. We'll get to that in the next edition.
     The CEO of the Korner Language Police, Vern Modeland, wrote, "I read that "Dick Shenary scolds, "a good speechwriter will steer clear of cliches."" He adds, "that's a cliche itself, isn't it? Steering clear that is."
     Boone Area Deaths: Keith Wells, 90, Boone. Formerly of Blue Earth, MN. Boone area survivor is a son, Jeff Wells of Boone.........Irene Simonson, 90, formerly of Boone and Madrid............Elizabeth Lundberg, 90, Panora. Formerly of Boone. BHS-43. Worked as a secretary for the Army Air Corps and Boone County Abstract. Was assistant manager of the Boone Credit Bureau. Boone area survivors include her son, Tom, of Madrid and Michael of Pilot Mound............Dr. Joseph Borgen, Belle Vista, AK. Well known in Boone as CEO of Des Moines Area Community College for 30 years. Boone area survivor is son, Dan Ivis, of Boone..........Dott May Johnson, 87, Madrid. Moved from Story City to Madrid in 1986. Boone area survivor is a son, Michael, of Madrid..........Jean Quick, 91, Boone. Formerly of Des Moines.
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Friday, January 23, 2015

Lots of History

     Chick Fellingham, Marie Ross, Karl Knodle, Ruth Duncan, Vince Baldus, Jean Adams, Jimmy Rader, Peg Hohanshelt, Cleo Johnston, Helen Hlavacek, Jack McCaskey, Mae Blaess, George Hlavacek, Ruth Dutton, JoAnn Olney.
     The Kornerman is looking for a one-word connection. How bout it?
     Yup, it's bowling. All those listed, plus many more of our klan, contributed to Boone's great bowling history, many as state champions and even national participants. But alas........could that era, possibly, come to an end?
     Rumors have been circulating about the closing, via a sale, of Boone's only remaining bowling lanes, Imperial Lanes. The rumor continues that the adjacent Westhaven Community Nursing Home, Assisted Living and Rehab Center could have an interest in the area.
     Boone's long bowling history began in 1898 when William R. "Bill" Matt assembled some lanes, himself, using boards two or four inches wide and covered with shellac, which eventually became grooved in a pocket........making it fairly easy to "strike." Games of 300 were fairly common in those days.
     After being located, initially, on north Story between 10th and 11th Street, the lanes were moved to an Eighth Street location.
     Many bowling lanes at various locations have followed through the years. The Kornerman remembers when there were two establishments, Imperial and Bowl-mor, operating. Through the years, there may have been even more than two operating at one time.
     In 1959, "Doc" Witcraft opened a bowling lanes in Ogden and in 1969, Wayne Novotny and Gene Williams opened a bowling establishment in Madrid. Troy Brower now owns and operates the Tiger Bowl in Madrid, which may, eventually, become the only such establishment in the county.
     Leagues are underway at Imperial and a portion of the February Boone County Bowling Association tournament is scheduled there so...........
     Sometimes, rumors are just that and nothing beyond develops. For sure, Imperial Lanes is for sale. It is listed as an available commercial property by Flynn Real Estate of Boone.
     One other business note: It's reported that the new structure appearing on the east side of Airport Road behind the USDA building will be an indoor gun shooting range.
     Does the old cliche, "out with the old, in with the new" apply here?
     The Kornerman never knows what will "trip you're trigger." There we go again and my good buddy Dick Shenary scolds, "a good speechwriter will steer clear of cliches." Oh well, so I'm not a good speechwriter.
     Anyway, the Senator Ericson/Ericson Library/Mineral Ridge mention brought responses from no less than half-a-dozen (sounds more impressive than six) Korner viewers.
      Dean Hoffman wrote from Lubbock TX, "I've lived in Texas for 43 years but my connection to Boone County runs deep. I have a book of Boone County history published in 1880 and in it, is a map of Boone County. It shows the Ridgeport/Mineral Ridge post offices at the same location in Dodge township. My great grandfather, Mathais Hoffman, filed the first homestead claim in 1849 on land southeast of Boone just south of the Squire Boone cemetery. But he was not one of the first to come to the county. P.S. I always check the deaths you list each week. Thanks for everything."
     Classmate Richard Longworth wrote from that "toddlin' town", "yes, Mineral Ridge and Ridgeport are the same place. Both are officially listed as ghost towns now." Richard sent an attachment that lists county ghost towns. However, as he mentioned, "are all these really ghost towns? I think of a ghost town as a place with no people left at all." The Kornerman wonders too since there are lots of folks we know, Dennis Garland and others, that live in Ridgeport. Don't think there's any ghosts there.
    World traveler Mark Tompkins wrote from "somewhere", "your intuition is right. Mineral Ridge was the name of the post office in Ridgeport, 1854-1903. I can't find anything that indicates why it had that name, although having different names for the post office in cities is common, i.e. the main post office and then named ones throughout the city like Benson, Millard, etc. in Omaha. Today, the Mineral Ridge name remains affixed to a cemetery there."
     Excited to hear from old friends we haven't heard from before.......Harry and Lenny Bloomquist from down in southern Missouri. They wrote, "I know you never hear from us, but we do check your blog and enjoy all you do. We thank you for keeping "ole Booneites" connected. According to the Atlas of Boone County IA, dated 1918, Mineral Ridge and Ridgeport were listed sort of as one located in Dodge township. In my old mind, I seem to remember a Mineral Ridge cemetery and a Mineral Ridge Baptist Church. May still be there in Ridgeport. Thank you Jo for sharing Mo with the "world.""
     We have more......but we're running out of space this time so we'll return to the subject and additional responses in the next edition.
     P.S. If you are viewing this edition and haven't viewed us in the past, check back to the issue before this so you can determine what first got us started talking about Mineral Ridge.
     Boone Area Deaths: Jesse Anderson, 33, Fairfield/Ankeny. Formerly of Boone. BHS-2000. An artist and an employee for a time at Deery Brothers in Pleasant Hill. Boone area survivors include his wife, Jessica, and his parents, Kevin and Nancy Anderson of Ankeny and Ginger Jones of Pilot Mound. Also, a sister, Tina Campbell of Boxholm, and his grandparents, Gladys Anderson of Madrid and Jim and Sue Phipps of Pilot Mound.............Michael Howard, 62, Boone. BHS-70. Owned two restaurants in Minnesota before moving to Ames in 2004 and Boone in 2011. A furniture salesman, entertainer and minister. Boone area survivors include his mother, Alma Howard, and his sister, Susan Herrick.........Maxine Hartung, 97, Davenport. Formerly of Boone. A nurse, Maxine's Boone area survivor is a brother, Richard Pestotnik of Boone..........Neva Kathman, 90, Boone. Worked at Stratford Care Center. Boone area survivors include daughters, Arlys Udelhoven and Valerie Williams, son, Randy Kathman, and daughters-in-law, Linda and Debbie Kathman all of Boone.
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

We're Glad to Know

     And.......the Golden Apple goes to........our area death notice segment.
     John Kueck wrote, "As a child, I was a good friend of Kay Wiley. Her parents and mine were good friends and we went places together. I had completely lost track of Kay since leaving Boone. If not for your recent area deaths piece I would not have known any more about her or her passing. I was sad to read of her death, but so glad to know about her life after Boone. Thanks."
     The Kornerman says, "thanks for letting me know that segment of our Korner is important to viewers."
     While we're thanking, thanks to Lou Oxenford for the nice email card welcoming us back to business.
      Also, a thanks to Gary Irvine who provided some interesting info about this year's terrific Iowa State Cyclone men's basketball team.
     Speaking of basketball, while scouring the internet one day, the Kornerman came across an interesting story about Boone's own Steve Krafcisin, who coaches our Des Moines Area Community College women's basketball team.
     One thing about his personal basketball career hovers above all else and, perhaps, some of our viewers are unaware. You fans are sure to know that many, many college players have appeared in multiple (that's more than one) Final Four tournament games. BUT ONLY ONE, Steve Krafcisin, holds the unique distinction of being the ONLY player to score a point or more in the national semifinal game for two different teams. In 1977 he played in the big dance with North Carolina and in 1980 he played there as a member of the Iowa Hawkeyes.Two Final Fours, two different teams and a unique piece of history.
     Steve is 56 and in his 10th year as the head coach of the DMACC women's team. His teams have won over 300 games and he has produced three All-American players. He was an assistant college coach for a time but decided he didn't want to be a father who worked 15-hour days, traveled all the time and never saw his family. He left Division 1 college coaching, served at North Iowa Community College as men's coach for seven years and then came to DMACC with his wife and three kids, a site closer to his wife's family.
     He was quoted as saying, "I can't think of doing anything else. Everyone asks if I'll get another job and coach the boys again. I have no desire to do that. My goals are to keep doing what we're doing and keep doing it a little better every year."
     Boone folks are mighty happy to hear that. Sounds like he's contented and happy to be a fellow resident of Boone, Iowa.
     A little history of the Ericson Public Library is provided by Larry Lindmark. He wrote, "upon graduating from BHS in 1963, I headed to Augustana College in Rock Island, IL. I discovered during the football season that Augustana and Boone had a mutual benefactor. Ericson Public Library was named for State Senator Charles J. A. Ericson. That same Ericson donated funds to Augustana to be used for purchasing land that later became the football field. Thus, Ericson Field became the site for many Augustana football games over the years. Ericson had hunted and fished on this parcel of land while he lived in Moline, before moving to Mineral Ridge, IA at the age of 19.  Through the years, some big donors have contributed to the Augustana football complex and I have worried that Ericson Field would be lost. I kept asking the Athletic Director, "will Ericson Field be retained?" I'm happy to report that the Boone connection is still there. On the college website, under football facilities, the history of Ericson Field and it's Boone benefactor is still there."
     According to Larry, the entire football complex is known as the Austin E. Knowlton Outdoor Athletic Complex but the field within is still Ericson Field.
     Now, the Kornerman is wondering about this Mineral Ridge, IA. I haven't had time to explore this but maybe some of our viewers can add some info. I assume there is a connection to what is now known as Ridgeport???
     Boone Area Deaths: Erna Simmer, 99, Grimes. Boone area survivor is her sister, Pauline Silke of Boone...........Richard Begg, 77, Ames. Boone area survivor is his brother, Gary, of Boone........John Nimmo, 78, Boone. 42 years of service with the Iowa DOT. Boone area survivor is his wife, Florence.........Donald Blomgren, 74, Ames, Formerly of the Luther area. Luther school and then United-58. Was a farmer. Boone area survivors are his wife, Jamie, of Ames and sister-in-law June Blomgren of the Boone area.........M. Geneva Nay, 104. Moved to Boone in 1976. Boone area survivors include her late nephew, Richard Schultz wife, Joan, and family..........Anna Larson, 80, Boone. Attended Boone schools. Worked at Donnelley's in Nevada and Archway Cookies. Boone area survivors include her husband, Dale, and daughter Vicki Rosine both of Boone..........Harold Reed, 90, Urbandale. Boone area survivor is a brother, Lester Reed of Boone.
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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Back to Square One

     Again, Kelley's Korner has, hopefully, brought a couple acquaintances together after a long absence. The Kornerman just loves that........providing a service that can produce some enjoyment for some viewers.
     Don't have official word at this time that the "reunion" has occurred but Larry Kelley wrote, "you mentioned Barry Wills in one of your reports. The same Barry Wills that used to be the bouncer (Ed. Note: interesting term) at the old YMCA in Boone? If so, I'd love to know how to contact him. We crossed paths at a KMart in Des Moines years ago and both of us got to other parts of the store when I said, "I think that is Barry Wills. I'm going back to ask him as he can't do any more than say "no."" Well, he was coming back to find me at the same time as I headed his way. We met in the middle of the store and he said he thought he recognized me. I told him the same about him. It had been since high school in the early sixties since I last saw him. That was just an amazing happening for me."
     The Kornerman provided Barry's email address and, perhaps, by now, the two have communicated again and shared some great memories.
     Some quick hits.
     Rick Houser was so concerned about the lack of a Korner last time he called from his home base in West Virginia to inquire.
     Max Moore sent me a copy of a true Australian High School phone answering system that was a hoot. You know......if you ?? press one, if you ?? press two etc.  Just to give you a hint, the first one was, "if you are calling to lie about why your child is absent today, press one." It is really funny all the way through.
     Willie wrote, "before the modern enclosure was constructed, there was a small log cabin affair on the far side of the McHose skating pond. It had a limited capacity and was heated by a wood stove with a sawdust floor. Lots of fun." Hard to believe.......not.
     If  you read the very small print......council, school board, board of supervisors meeting minutes in the BNR you might have noticed this. If not, I'll tell you what I happened to see there.
     Reuter or Rueter, the farm implement dealer in the Jefferson area, has asked for a rezone of a portion of land in southeast Boone County........over in the area west of Ames. An indoor soccer facility is proposed.
     Yes, I'm a huge sports fan BUT I'm even willing to admit that admiration for sports can get out of hand. You probably have followed (how could you escape it?) all the hysteria about Iowa 's disappointing football season. One blog site I follow that covers Hawkeye sports reported that they had 300 to 400,000 "hits" in the midst of all that discussion. Do any of those folks realize that there are these Isis and Al-Queda groups that are causing major turmoil in the world these days? The old Kornerman is happy to have my consistent 350 to 400 "hits" but that certainly pales in comparison to the interest in Iowa football.
     There's been lots of back and forth regarding the Lindmark family and we're going to close that out by providing some lineage information sent by a family member "in the know." Karen Anderson wrote, "I enjoy reading your postings. I have written to you before, about the Topper Motel and the Chick-A-Dine. My aunt and uncle, Floyd (Snub) and Helen Pollard, owned and operated those. Snub and my father, Cleo, were brothers. In a recent Korner someone said that Larry Lindmark and Tim Orr are cousins. That is true but it was Larry's father, Bob, and Tim's mother, Jeannine, who were related, brother and sister. Bob and Jeannine's parents were Albert and Ethel Lindmark. Ethel was a sister of Snub and my father. You have mentioned Richard and Sharon Lantz in previous Korners. Sharon was a sister to Bob and Jeannine. Fern Eldien was also a sister to Bob, Jeannine and Sharon. You mentioned that you and your wife bought Bob and Connie's house and still live there. I've been in that house when Bob and Connie lived there. My parents visited them when we were in Boone."
     Thanks so much for the clarification Karen.
     Boone Area Deaths: Ann Larson, 80, Boone.
     Thanks to Keith Smith of Omaha who sent an obituary for Boone native Kay Wiley McGrew. Keith learned of Kay's passing from his (Keith's) sister, Marilyn Smith of Boone, a longtime friend of Kay's.
     Kay McGrew, 72, Decorah. Formerly of Boone. BHS-60. Very active at BHS, especially in the sport of swimming, an activity she continued while at Iowa State University. Was a teacher in Davenport and Decorah. Her parents were Kennith and Illa May Wiley. Her husband and three children survive. No Boone area survivors.
      Connie Lindmark, 92, Kennewick, WA., formerly of Boone. BHS-grad. Telephone operator and Boone schools employee...........Jerry Van Pelt, 59, Boone. BHS-74. Was a welder. Boone area survivor is a daughter, Jenna Van Pelt..........Darlene Nystrom, 88, Boone. Luther grad. A beautician. Boone area survivors include daughter Cathy Bugger of Boone, a brother, Lewis Henderson of rural Madrid and sister Helen Eppert of Madrid..........Harold Shearer, 91, Luther. Worked for John Deere in Des Moines and farmed. Boone area survivors include his wife, Elizabeth, daughters Susan Barker and Patti Boone and son Don Shearer all of Madrid.
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

C'mon, Admit It..........You Missed Us

     Computers are wonderful, they're marvelous.........BUT when they go wacky, $#$%%$##@@
     Yes, we had a problem and it has taken some time for repairs.
     But now, we're off....... like a dirty shirt.
     Be may take awhile to "catch up".
     The Kornerman would be very remiss if we didn't acknowledge the fact that a few folks seemed very concerned about our absence. Mike Loehrer said, "it makes me nervous when I don't see the Korner on schedule." Kathleen Wheelock wrote, "I hope everything is O.K. at your house. Hope all is well. Missed your blog. Take care and keep well. We need you. Blessings to you both." Roger and Lou Oxenford wrote, "We've missed your Saturday article. We hope you aren't sick. This cold weather has put a lot of people down, including us. Your blogs are the bright spot in our Wednesdays and Saturdays. Hope to see it again soon."
     Then too, Dick Chamberlain, Max Moore and Mark Tompkins, among others, wondered?
     Some quick hits: We're hoping many Korner viewers will bombard Chuck Lovin with best wishes on his 95th birthday, which is Friday. 112 W. 4th St. #147, Boone, Iowa 50036. By the way, his daughter, Shelly Lovin Dannatt has a birthday that very same day.
     Then, some sad news. Former resident Connie Lindmark passed away in Kennewick, WA at age 92 this week. The last the Kornerman heard, her service will probably be held in Boone this coming summer.
     We had heard from Connie's son, Larry Lindmark, recently and had been featuring some of his Boone recollections..........and we have more that will be shared as time passes.
     Dave Oppedahl wants us to make a correction but we're not sure one is needed. He wrote, "Larry Lindmark's father and MG Tim Orr's mother were not sisters but brother and sister respectively."
     The Kornerman has poured through recent writings and can't find where that sisters, brother/sister thing was ever stated by me or anyone.
     Karen Anderson agrees with Dave. She wrote, "it was Larry's father, Bob, and Tim's mother, Jeannine, who were and sister."
      In the last edition, we quoted what Dave had written, "Larry is also a cousin to MG Tim E. Orr, their mothers are sisters??"
     Whatever will be, will be and whatever was.....was.
     Mark Tompkins wrote from Dubuque where he was visiting a son. "How cold did it used to be in Boone back in the day when we had to walk, uphill, both to and from You need to know that the Korner has been successfully read these last five months of my travels in Scotland, Belgium, France, Death Valley and assorted other wide-spots-in-the-road, wherever the old smart phone can hook up. So, here's a topic for the Korner. What's the most remote spot on earth where someone has linked up to the Korner? I'll submit Mallaig on the west coast of Scotland and Furnace Creek deep within Death Valley."
     The Kornerman recalls receiving word from Thailand when Mike Harris was living there and it seems to me we have heard from.........Sweden or somewhere in Europe a time or two.
     Tom Matt wrote, "I remember lots of "cold" evenings after supper when my mother would take a car load of us kids to the skating pond and, I believe, Ron Hopkins was part of that group. Mom would be back about 8:30 p.m. to pick us up. You could skate to the music played out of those big horn shaped speakers or you could hear the loud bass voice of Roy Coffman calling your name to stay off the snow banks along the outside of the pond. The "old" pond was at least three times as big as it is now and Roy kept it clean as a whistle and it would upset him to have snow drug back down on the ice. He moved all that snow, on skates, by pushing a shovel ahead of him to the outside and then throwing it up on the bank."
    Tom added, "I bumped into Roy just before Christmas and he is still that big, tall gentleman. Roy lost his wife, Marilyn, last summer and he has moved to Ogden. We talked about McHose Park and the skating pond. He kidded me about causing snow to fall on the ice. I said I remembered the whistle he wore around his neck to blow when the kids needed some attention. He said his dad wore the whistle and that he had a loud enough voice to cause the kids to listen. What great memories and what a great man to keep that pond open for all of us to have so much fun."
    He concluded, "I would suggest a card shower on Roy Coffman as a "thanks for the memories," giving so many of us all those nights of fun at the skating pond. Send him a card at 244 SW 6th Street, Ogden 50212."
    Good idea! How about it you "old" skaters? Don't forget the 95th birthday wish to Chuck Lovin either.
     Darrell Crouse mentioned Fred Cornmesser's sale of fireworks. Sounds like a subject for a future day.
     Boone Area Deaths: John Kleinschmidt, 88, Ames. Boone area survivor, son Jim of Madrid........Norma Oliver, 94, Boone. Moved to Boone in 1975. Boone area survivors include niece Anita Clayberg of Boone...........Sara Smith, 56, Boone. Boone area survivors include her parents, Earskin and Cleo Davidson, companion Tim Lindahl and sister Yvonne Tucker all of Boone...........Mark Anderson, 64, Boone. BHS-68. Worked in various auto body shops. Boone area survivors include his wife,  Beverly, son Kelly, brother Brian and sister-in-law Janis Anderson all of Boone, daughter Michaelle Kirton of Ogden and his mother, Gladys Anderson of Madrid.........Ken Skjordal, 54, Gilbert. Boone area survivors include brothers, John and Paul of Gilbert..........Richard Carlson, 69, Ankeny. Born in Fraser. Firestone retiree...........Karin Hickcox, 60, Stratford. BHS-73. Boone area survivors include her mother, Donna Robinson of Stratford and daughter Stacy Burns of Grand Junction.........Jerry Blair, 79, Dayton. Operated sanitation service. Drove truck for Becker Gravel of Stratford.........Maynard "Dutch" Holland, 82, Boone.
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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

More Skating Pond Tales

     Larry Lindmark's recollection of his days at the McHose Park skating pond, which we highlighted in the last edition, sparked some similar memories from other Korner viewers.
     Ron Hopkins, from the state of Washington, wrote, "I always enjoy the references to the McHose Park skating pond because I had so many good times there in the late 50's. I was interested in Larry's statistics because I would have guessed the season was a bit longer and a bit later, basically January and February. I am so glad you keep plugging away with the Korner."
     John Kueck added, "my love for skating began when my parents took me to the Des Moines Veterans Auditorium for the Ice Capades show. After seeing that show, I wanted to skate and dreamed of going on the ice and skating like those performers. After much begging, I received skates on my birthday, which is December 7th. Like Larry mentioned, the rink often opened later in December and I had to anxiously wait for the ice to be ready. To my parents amazement, I skated without falling the very first time. It was the one sport where I was a natural. I couldn't turn initially so I skated from snow bank to snow bank as my spot points. I have read that some prisoners of war practiced golf in their minds to pass the time and make their imprisonment more bearable. After release, some of them could actually golf better from the the hours or practice in their minds. Similarly, I think my passion and dreaming about ice skating gave me the confidence to skate on the first try. I also remember the season being cut short by people dumping their used engine oil into storm sewers and the oil making its way into the pond, ruining the ice. That was a great disappointment. I spent almost every hour I could at the rink, thanks to great parents who drove me to and from there. I often was on the ice before it was cleared of snow and open. I had a good relationship with Roy Coffman from hours of skating so he'd let me be on the ice while he was clearing the snow."
     Regarding the reference to Larry Lindmark, Dave Oppedahl wrote, "Larry lives in Red Wing, MN and a former Booneite, John Goeppinger, is an MD there. He is the doctor of some friends of ours. His parents were Dave and Gladys Goeppinger. Some of Larry's family members were mentioned but one not mentioned was Larry's cousin, Tim Orr, who is Iowa's top National Guard Commander now. Tim's mother and Larry's mother are sisters. I know Larry was a Lutheran Pastor but I'm wondering if he still is or is retired by now?"
     P.S. The Kornerman noted that the Oppedahl's, Jan and Dave, are in the midst of celebrating 50 wonderful years together. Congrats.
     We've mentioned former Booneite John Buntsma, BHS-70, a time or two in the Korner recently. Mike Howard wrote, "I knew John. He attended Franklin Elementary with me and was also a teammate on the BHS swim team. He swam the breast stroke. I would say he had a meekness in him that many others do not have. A smart guy. Probably a good politician because he never seemed to cause trouble and was kind to all."
     A former Orange City newspaper editor, John is a Democratic candidate for a seat in the Iowa House of Representatives in a special vacancy election being held to replace a member who recently passed away.
     Along that same line, you may remember we mentioned in the Korner some time back about former Boone resident Bob Eschliman being in a tussle with his former bosses. Bob was the Editor of the Newton Daily News but was recently terminated. His work at the News, itself,  apparently had nothing to do with his dismissal. However, in a personal blog, Bob apparently made some of his own views available on a controversial subject. The News learned of that and used it as a basis for his termination, saying that, somehow, the perception was that he was, as a representative of the News, speaking for the News?
     The Kornerman happened to hear Bob on WHO radio the other day being interviewed about his situation. It seems he and a partner, in a new venture,  will now be attempting to start some type of statewide publication. Maybe we'll hear more about this sometime in the future.
     Thanks to Mike Loehrer who sent me a copy of, "You know you're an Iowan if." I believe that's a Jeff Foxworthy interpretation of our state and citizens.
     Also, thanks to Laverne Anderson who sent a Bill O'Reilly inspired citizenship quiz which he indicated citizens should be required to pass to have the privilege of voting.
     Boone Area Deaths: Geraldine "Jerry" Naeve, 94, Nashua. Born in Fraser. Madrid HS-38. Taught school in Ogden and Ridgeport, 1938-41.............Wilbur Benson, 91, Madrid. Attended Luther and Madrid schools. Firestone employee. Boone area survivors include his wife, Virginia, and son, Wayne, of Madrid, son Richard and daughter, Roxana Ellison of Luther...........Clark Coats, 95, Stratford. Stanhope grad. Farmer. Boone survivor is son Randy..........Margaret Gould, 88, Boone. Former resident of Sibley/Spencer area. Boone area survivors include sons, Dan and Doug, of Boone..........Norma Oliver, 94, Boone...........Thomas Hougland, 90, Florida............Ramona Huff, 79, Boone. Worked over 20 years for Penny's in Boone. Boone area survivors include her husband, Lyle, son, Tim, and daughters, Patricia Roll and Debi Huff, all of Boone..........Jennalee Sturtz, 45, Boone. Lived on a farm until 1984 when she moved to the Woodward State Hospital. Boone area survivors include a sister, Marie Mackie of Boone, and her uncle, Dayle Heldt of Ogden...........Craig Staebler, 58, Boone. Gilbert grad-74. Longtime employee of Iowa State University. Boone area survivors include his wife, April, son Andrew Richards, daughters Jessica Brogden and Ann Barrow, his father, August "Bud" Staebler and brother-in-law, Clarence Crotts all of Boone and sister Kathy Bice of Woodward.............Norene Graham, 53, Boone. BHS-79. Was a Certified Nurse's Assistant. Boone area survivors include husband Ron, daughter Danielle King, brothers Tom and Jeff Tilley and sister, Sue Tolan all of Boone, sister Karen Richey and aunt Arlys Westrum both of Stratford............Stanley Anderson, 70, Boone. Worked in the construction industry. Boone area survivors include his wife, Linda, sons Brian and Brad, step-daughters Sheri Nordholm and Michelle Reiff all of Boone...........
Dorothy Croft, 87, Madrid. Homemaker and nurse's aid. Boone area survivors include her husband, Phil of Madrid and daughter, Barb Jeffress of Boone.
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Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Old Skatin' Pond

     The Kornerman hasn't heard a thing this season about the ice skating pond at McHose Park but former resident Larry Lindmark has some fond memories of that experience.
     When the Kornerman returned "home" from a service stint in 1958, I was talked into what, eventually, became a 25-year coaching job in the Boone Babe Ruth baseball league and in that early time, one of my standout players, a standout both on the field and off, was Larry Lindmark.
     I hadn't connected with Larry for quite some time and was very happy to receive a letter from him this week. Boone folks will remember the Lindmark family I'm sure. Larry said his mother, Connie, recently celebrated her 92nd birthday. Longtime Boone National Guardsman and Boone Community School employee Bob Lindmark, Larry's dad, passed away in 1988. Larry also has sisters, Beth and Christy, and his mom is living in Kennewick, WA where Beth resides. Larry lives in Red Wing, MN.
     Actually, the Kelley's, Jo and I, purchased our current residence from the older Lindmark's close to 30 years ago.
     Back to the skating pond. Larry wrote, "Roy Coffman, the park director at the time, always did a nice job of getting the pond ready for another season, which only lasted about six weeks. He and his helpers would have a fire for us in the warming house along with some concessions. Whenever I hear the song, "Peggy Sue," I  think of the McHose pond. It was a popular, peppy tune and it was fun  to hear it over the PA system so the skaters could sway to the music. I've always been obsessive about recording statistics. My junior and senior years in high school, I recorded the days I skated. In the 1961-62 season the pond opened on December 27 and the last day of skating was February 10. In the 1962-63 season the pond operated from December 12 to February 15. In those days, instead of wooden steps from the warming house to the ice, there was one long ramp so skaters loved to build up speed going down the ramp and shooting right out into the ice. One winter, a couple of brothers moved from Michigan to Boone and they were hockey players so Roy built two hockey nets/goals for those who wanted to play hockey, even though some of us still wore figure skates. The goals were painted red and the whole netting of the goal was metal so those goals were very durable. We didn't have much padding but I remember taking a couple Life magazines and some rubber bands to use as shin guards. At night, there seemed to be "fireflys" here and there on the pond as we skated up the creek. A.C. Jensen, father of Pat and Tom, could, oftentimes, be found skating doing "grapevine" figures over and over. I still figure skate, mostly indoors now. I belong to the Red Wing, MN Figure skating club and I still like to jump rope on ice and do some comedy routines such as nutty professor, Tiny Tim, Charlie Chaplin and the Church Lady, along with duets. In our show program, I always like to include word that my skating days started on the McHose Park pond in Boone, Iowa. Thank you for your continued coordination of Boone memories."
     The Kornerman remembers that Larry missed some of his Babe Ruth career due to a broken leg. I don't think that had a thing to do with his skating but beware Larry, that jump rope on ice sounds dangerous to me.
     One other note: The Kornerman has always heard of the ice skating prowess of A.C. Jensen. The word I heard was that he was quite a renowned champion in his early skating career. A.C. and his wife are still Boone residents.
     We had mentioned in the last edition that former resident John Buntsma has entered the political world after many years as a newspaper editor in Orange City. John is running for a seat in the Iowa House of Representatives in an upcoming special election to fill a vacancy.
     Bill Wallace answered our plea for additional information on John. Bill noted, "I remember John, he was a classmate of mine........BHS-70. Keep up the good work. Have a healthy and happy 2015."
     Thanks Bill.
     Barry Wills sends some interesting material every so often. He writes about some important facts of life such as.......death is the number one killer in the world; give a person a fish and you feed them for a day, teach a person to use the internet and they won't bother you for weeks, months, maybe years; health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in the hospital, dying of nothing; don't worry about old age, it doesn't last that long and in the 60's, people took acid to make the world weird. Now, the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal.
     Boone Area Deaths: Jennalee Sturtz, 45, Boone............James Jones, 77, Panora, formerly of Ogden. OHS-56. A 39-year employee of Northern Natural Gas. No Boone area survivors.
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