Wednesday, March 21, 2018


      BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Julia (Judy) Shuey, 78, Boone.
     The desk is clear.........HELP. Hope to have some material for a Saturday edition.
     Just 362 days to go.................JUST KIDDING!
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Saturday, March 17, 2018

There's More to This Boone Story

     Through my 65 years of writing and speaking about the Boone community and its citizens you would think I have, sometime, mentioned EVERYONE of note......those who have excelled on the state and even national scene, as well as locally.
     For instance, I recall doing a special series of stories on successful Boone High School graduates, those who earned special status by securing high government positions, were highly thought of as educators, excellent musicians and/or athletes or simply provided great service as community leaders.
     Examples would, of course, include Mamie, Governor Erbe, Curtis and Ray Wilbur, who held cabinet positions in the U.S. government under Presidents Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover, M'el Dowd, who became a Broadway and movie star, Hap Horan, who played in the NFL, and Dr. Ed Updegraff, who was the nation's number one amateur golfer in his prime.
     However, I've now discovered there are other Boone-connected people who made their mark and have not been mentioned by me or, perhaps, anyone else, but are deserving of similar respect.
     One of the most interesting stories I found involved Howard Savage, who was born in Boone in 1884. A businessman, he not only served as the National Commander of the American Legion in 1926-27, he was also given credit for helping introduce the forward pass to the game of American football.
     It seems that Savage and Bradbury Robinson were teammates on the 1904 University of Wisconsin football team when Robinson threw the first legal forward pass ever in college football AND he gave credit to Savage for "inspiring him" to do so.
     Robinson was quoted as saying that he was being developed as a kicker and Savage would catch his punts. In his memoir he wrote, "I noticed he (Savage) could throw my punts back almost as far as I could kick them. Here was a trick I must learn. I got Savage to show how he did that."
     Robinson learned well and his forward passes revolutionized the game of football.
     Here are some other folks with Boone connections that you may not be aware of:
     Charles Sparks practiced law in Boone, was Boone County prosecuting attorney from 1899-1902 and served four years in the U.S. House of Representatives. He died in 1937.
     Adoniram Holmes was Iowa's first U.S. House of Representative member from Iowa's 10th congressional district, which included Boone County. He died in 1902.
     Jackson Orr was a lawyer and Civil War officer who was initially involved in mercantile pursuits in Boone (Montana) but then became a member of the Iowa House in 1868 and was a two-term U.S. Representative from western Iowa. He died in 1926.
     Merrill Burlingame was born in Boone. He was a history professor at Montana State University in Bozeman, MT and specialized in Montana history. He died in 1994.
     Donald Hustad, who lived in Boone for a time, was a recognized leader in evangelical church
music for six decades. He died in 2013.
     Mike Verchio was born in Boone in 1944 and is a member of the South Dakota House of Representatives.
     Patrick Snyder was born in Boone in 1956, graduated from the University of Iowa, served in the Wisconsin State Assembly and worked for Sean Duffy, who is currently a member of the U.S. House from Wisconsin.
     Here's another reunion alert.......the class of 1961 is planning their celebration for April 6-7.
     The Kornerman noted that three Booneites were involved in the recent Iowa High School Boys Basketball Tournament. Rich Collison, BHS-80, was one of the floor officials, Gary Long, BHS-73, was a coordinator of the stats (statistical) crew and Everett Johnson was one of the scorekeepers.
     One day to go.
     The suspense has been building and, again, Bernie Lewiston was fretting with wonderment.
     But Ross Hanson, BHS-74, nailed it........he wrote, "is it a happy birthday for you, Mo? I love hearing all the news. Take care." He and his wife, Gerlie, have two addresses, Phoenix and Davao City in the Philippines.
     Yes sir, Sunday, March 18, this old guy hits..........either 38 or 83.........I know those are the two numbers involved.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Richard (Dick) Ray, 79, Marshalltown/Rhodes. Formerly of Boone. BHS-57. Worked at Swift's in Marshalltown and, with his wife, Sharon, operated the End Zone bar in Rhodes. His wife and four children survive.........William (Bill) Hull, 81, Des Moines. Formerly of Boone. Worked for Rolfes and Goeppinger Farms. Was a bus driver for the Urbandale school system. Retired in 2015. Boone area survivor is a daughter, Vicky Lonergan, of Boone. A son and two other daughters also survive.........Gary Siedelmann, 64, Ames. Boone area survivor is a sister, Jan Stiles, of Stratford.
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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

When Shots Were Fired in Boonetown

     There's been lots of noise recently about guns and the Kornerman has a story to share about how a gun effected my family right here in Boonetown. If you're old enough and have been a Boone resident from "way back" you may remember it. At the time, it was a big story, even statewide. Here goes.
     My parents owned the Superette Grocery at 521 17th street, one of several such neighborhood stores in the 1950's and 60's. On Saturday night, November 5, 1960, my dad, Clinton Kelley, was the victim of an armed robbery.
     His store closed at 8 p.m. and just like clockwork, my mother turned on an outside light and waited for dad to arrive home. The back door of the store, at the north end of the building, was, perhaps, 40 yards from the back door of the house at 1710 Crawford.
     With a money bag and a couple bottles of pop in his hand, dad backed out of the store, set to begin the short walk home and, immediately, someone approached from behind and indicated "this is a holdup."
     I can recall my dad always saying if there ever was such an occurrence, there would be no resistance at all. HOWEVER, as he turned to hand the money bag to the robber, panic apparently set in,........the robber sensed his victim was turning on him for battle and fired off a .22 calibre automatic rifle which hit the money bag and dad's middle finger on his left hand.
     There was simply no choice then, a battle ensued.
     The two grappled around, each seeking possession of the weapon. Both fell over a fence behind the store, the robber on top of dad and the weapon in between. It was estimated the gun was fired four more times with two of the close range shots hitting dad in the abdominal/stomach area.
     Actually, the gun eventually jammed. Police indicated it still had 12 cartridges left.
     At that point, the commotion, including my mother's screams and the shots being fired, brought a response from some neighbors but the robber was able to flee.
     Dad had numerous blood transfusions and a three-hour surgery. Dr. Louis Greco, who performed the surgery, told me later, "we didn't know immediately what we were dealing with........just that we had some severe wounds. Our only option was to enter the initial wounds and follow the flight of the bullets, repairing as we went. He was one lucky guy that the bullets just missed major organs that, had they been hit directly, would have resulted in his death."
     It took awhile, but in early February of 1961, two young men, who lived in the area, were charged with robbery with aggravation and, eventually, were convicted and served time in prison.
    My dad, 50 years old at the time of the shooting, eventually recovered and lived 43 more years with what had to be a terrible memory and an immovable middle finger on his left hand, a stark reminder of what had occurred on that November night. Mother had a good, long life as well. She lived to be 91.
     I, the Kornerman, also have memories of the event. I was 25 at the time, just back from a stint in the military and on that particular night, was at the Rialto watching the original, "Magnificent Seven" starring Yul Brynner,........that is until I was called home for an emergency.
     An update on the story in the last edition about the disappearance, 40 years ago, of  Boone resident Norma Maynard.
     Thanks to Janelle Henry for informing us that Mrs. Maynard was not divorced as we had stated. Janelle wrote, "I was talking to my mom about Mrs. Maynard and we believe she was not divorced. Her husband had died. They lived only two blocks from us. I remember Mr. Maynard always having peppermint candy for me at the auction sales."
     The Kornerman says, "Janelle is absolutely correct. As we look back at material concerning this story, it does say that Mrs. Maynard was recently widowed. In fact, she vanished just two weeks after her husband's death."
     One other addition I noted. There is a publication called, "Iowa Cold Cases" and in that material, it states that Mrs. Maynard's son, Carl, told police that his mother "took a bus and left the area." That, of course, is another part of the story that has been disputed by the author, who is skeptical that a bus ride was ever involved."
     Four days to go.
     Ross Hanson, BHS-74, and Bernie Lewiston are both anxious. They're wondering what this latest countdown is all about.
      LATE WORD.....received word, via his son, of the death of Robert (Bob) Harvey, BHS-50. Mark Harvey, BHS-83, informed us that his father, a builder until the age of 77, is survived by his wife, Margaret Atherton Harvey, BHS-50, and a daughter, Lynn, BHS-80. The Harvey's were married in 1955.
      BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Geraldine (Jerry) Bell, Boone. Was 15 days shy of celebrating  her 102nd birthday..........Henry Calonkey, 77, Stratford. Boone area survivors include his ex-wife, Linda Calonkey, daughter, Susie, and son, Henry, all of Boone........Paul Jensen, 90, Ames. Formerly of Ogden. OHS-45. Born in Ogden. An ISU grad, a member of the Army Reserve and also, active military duty. Was the City Engineer at Oskaloosa, then a civil engineer for several midwest companies. He married his wife, Dixie, in 1945 and they had four children. In 1996, Paul retired and he and Dixie moved to Ogden. Boone area survivor is his wife, Dixie, of Ames.............William (Bill) Hull, 81, Boone.........Deloris Christensen, 82, Boone. She married Cameron Christensen in 1953. Cameron passed away in 1980. Deloris worked at the Hamilton County Hospital for 30 years before retiring in 1995. Three daughters survive, two of them, Christy and Tracy Christensen, of Boone.
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Saturday, March 10, 2018

An Unflattering Portrayal of Boonetown

     In recent months, the Korner has hosted its own Book Fair as the work of several authors with Boone connections have been touted. Most have been positive laden but now, we just received a tip concerning a book that paints an unflattering portrayal of our town.
     The cover reads: For Shame, Boone! For Shame, Iowa! The Disappearance of Norma Maynard.
     The book was written by Sidney Louis, a retired U.S. Public Health Service commissioned officer, who resides in Fort Worth, TX.
      Googled information states that Mr. Louis, a brother of Norma Maynard, "was born and raised not far from Boone, knows the area well and can write, knowingly, about her murder."
      A review indicates, "the author provides readers with the ability to set up their own investigative files" regarding this case." The book is lengthy.........1,116 pages, published by Dorrance Publishing in 2017.
     Norma Maynard, 61 and recently divorced, disappeared in late January to early February of 1979 and the author wrote, "an innocent woman was murdered and made to vanish as if she had never existed."
     The Table of Contents show that the author left no stone unturned in his search for an answer to his sister's disappearance. Through the years, he has met, personally, with two Boone Chiefs of Police, Boone City and County Attorneys, the Iowa Attorney General, the FBI, the Iowa DCI., even a U.S. Senator and "Boone city and county officials and Iowa State law enforcement were never able to determine what happened. To this day, it is not known exactly when the missing woman was murdered, who committed the murder, how it was done, why it was done and where the missing woman's remains are," Louis wrote.
     There are, of course, two sides to every story and, in this case, there is some disagreement as to whether a murder was even committed. Mr. Louis was once told by authorities that,"Mrs.Maynard disappeared of her own volition and was seen boarding a Greyhound bus." Then too, at least a pair of witnesses had, supposedly, disclosed "sightings" of Mrs. Maynard after the date of her disappearance.
     In a Foreword, the author writes, "today, more than 35 years after the disappearance, what was a simple, local murder case remains unsolved. I will show that from the beginning, there was no mystery. It will be made clear that both the missing woman's son, my nephew and the Boone Chief of Police knew who the culprit was."
     To add salt to our community wounds, Louis uses the Epilogue to revisit a 1976 brawl at  Wilson's, a Boone tavern, that resulted in one death and five injuries. Even a Grand Jury failed to produce indictments in that matter, causing the author to spank Boone for its, "two unsolved murders in a three-year period."
     On a much happier note, Jo and I have received an early invitation to attend the 50th class reunion of the classes of 1968.
     It will be held July 20-21 with events at the Adobe Lounge and Cedar Pointe Golf Course as well as the usual tour of Boone High School.
     Plans are being made for the "largest turnout ever of the 1968 class......we're going to break the record."
     Leading the planning are Michael Sundall, Carol Erickson Fairchild and Shelly Lovin Dannatt.
     I guess the Kornerman shouldn't ignore his own class reunion. We, the class of 1953, have set a date of August 18 for our 2018 reunion.
     Its early......but now you know.
     Jerry Manriquez, BSH-57, reports the death of a former Boone resident. Darrell Dean Knox, 73, who passed away in November in Bakersfield,CA. He was born in Boone and his family farmed north of Boone until moving to California in 1953 when Darrell was in fifth grade. His sister, Wilma Knox Horan, would have been a BHS graduate of 1953 if the family still had lived in the Boone area at that time.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Burton Patterson, 81, Stratford. Born in Boone. Married Ronda Bornholt in 1960. Vet. Farmed south of Stratford and was an outstanding fast pitch softball pitcher. Drove a school bus for 18 years in retirement. Boone area survivors include his wife, Ronda, and son, Nolan, both of Stratford............Wanda Harrington, 94, Boone. She married Earl Harrington in 1972 and they farmed southeast of Ogden. Boone area survivors include sons, Dave and Dennis Borsos, and daughter, Sandy Wells, all of Boone. Two other sons and a second daughter also survive.
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Wednesday, March 7, 2018


     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Burton Patterson, 82, Stratford.........Marion Karwoski, 98, Boone. Married Dora Cox in 1943. Military vet. Served 30 years, then was a banker and worked at a savings and loan. Boone area survivor is son, George, of Boone.......Coleen Riddle-Vest, MO. Formerly of Ogden.........Mary Frances Doran Maach, 93, Boone. Born on the family farm near Beaver. Beaver HS-42. Earned a teaching degree at ISU. Married Lawrence Maach in 1949 and they farmed until his death in  2000. Mary was a teacher and a homemaker. Boone area survivors include a son, Larry, of Beaver, and a sister, Dorothy Rueter, of Grand Junction. One other son also survives..........LuVern Baker, 88, Boone. BHS-48. Also earned a degree from AIB. A vet, he married Beth Sawyer in 1960. Worked at Iowa Electric Light and Power for 31 years prior to retirement in  1985. Then, worked for the Boone school system until retirement in 1994. Boone area survivor is a son, Dan, of Boone. One other son, Dave, also survives...........Wanda Harrington, 94, Boone.
     Just 11 days to go.
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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Its Always Our Pleasure

     Hey, this Korner elicits a variety of emotions for the Kornerman. The happiness of learning about the many successes of our viewers and their families and the joy of knowing something we provided was important to somebody.......anybody. But then, there's also the sadness of reporting the deaths or struggles of many friends and acquaintances. And yes, there are other "down" times......such as when the response to our effort is limited or completely dry. However, I must admit, up or down, its the Kornerman's pleasure to come forward twice each week with whatever material is available and deemed of interest. I always look forward to it.
     As I've often stated, "I shouldn't be allowed to have this much fun" and its you and you and you "out there" that make it possible. So, I truly do thank you for staying with us for almost eight years, as of next Tuesday.
     Now, back to work.
     Seems like a share of our audience have become authors and we've told you, previously, about some of their work.
     This week, Verne Lyon, BHS-61, wrote us about his book published earlier this month by McFarland. Its also available from and Barnes and Noble.
     According to reviews in Google, the book, "Eyes on Havana" is "a memoir of an American spy betrayed by the CIA." The story of an Iowa farm boy, away at college, and inducted into the CIA to spy on his professors and fellow students as part of Operation Chaos, a massive domestic surveillance program carried out at the height of the Viet Nam war. The review goes on, "framed by his handlers for an airport bombing, he was later dispatched to Cuba to subvert the Castro regime."
     In the book's introduction, Lyon writes, "this is about the transformation of a young, patriotic engineer with some great promise into the second class citizen I am today, a convicted felon (he served some time in Leavenworth penitentiary) who has survived fear, prosecution and the utter collapse of my dreams and yet survived and I hope, flourished."
     He wrote that his friends and family had warned him not to write the book for fear of reprisals but now, "as a free man, I thought it was time to tell my side of the story."
     The Kornerman has not read the book but I've scanned some of it on Google and noted that the book contains  quite a bit of talk and pictures highlighting Boonetown.
     In the last edition, we talked about watching the Boone girls state tournament basketball game at home on our computer via a process called, "streaming."
      Tom Peterson, BHS-67, said he watched the same way in Cedar Falls and it was even available far outside Iowa to some of Pete's classmates. Kevin Quarnstrom watched in Florida and Sally Radnich saw the game in Colorado.
     John Kueck, BHS-61, wrote, "your mention of the accomplishments of Boone runners triggered me to brag a bit. For the last three years, I have won the Coronado, CA Valentines 5K race in my age group. While, as you get older, the competition decreases I still beat those in  the age group below me and also 50% of the 700 plus runners of all ages. I consider this even a bigger accomplishment, considering the Californians can run all year and I am limited by Minnesota's winters. I still remember my very first race in sixth grade when each of the Boone grade schools fielded a 440 relay team to run in the Toreador Relays. Now, at 75, and with osteoarthritis in one knee, I may have run my last race, but I went out on top. I've enjoyed 63 years of running. I wonder how many miles that is? Keep up your excellent reporting."
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Andrew Lee Nelson, 49, Des Moines. Survivors include his parents, Sharyn and Gary Nelson. He was preceeded in death by his grandparents, former Boone residents, Fran and Ed Thompson. The family is requesting memorials to the ISU Boone County 4-H Fran Thompson Memorial via Boone County Extension Service.........Doris Henderson, 72, Adel. Her husband, Doug Henderson, United HS grad, preceeded her in death. A son and daughter also survive........LaVerne Baker, 88, Boone. BHS-48..........Doris Phipps, 88, Boone. BHS-47. Worked at Oshkosh Tanning for 27 years. Retired in 1997. Boone area survivors include nieces and nephews including David Phipps of Ogden and Leona Viau of Boone........DeWayne Frampton, 90, Boone. Born in Boone. Jordan HS-45. A vet and worked for the railroad for a time. Was a state patrol officer for 27 years prior to retirement in 1983. His wife, Marilyn Jo Freel, of Boone survives. Two sons also survive.........Claudia Jean Baker, 65, Boone........Jeff (Bubba) Wildt, 53, Jewell. Formerly of Boone. His parents were Harlan and Dorothy Wildt. He was a cook and worked at Land of Lakes Company. Married Charity Robinson in 1983 and they were later divorced. Two sons of Boone, Josh and Jacob, survive.......Rick Ralston, 65, Boone. BHS-71. Earned a degree at ISU and worked for Polk County as a clinical psychologist and substance abuse counselor. Boone area survivors include his brother, Randy, of Boone and two sisters, including Ruth Ann Ralston of Boone.........Al Halfpap, 83, Boone. Worked for the railroad until retirement in 1994. A vet, he loved antique cars. Married Katherine Thompson and she passed away in 1992. Then married Mary Johnston in 1995. She survives and a son and daughter also survive.
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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

This is Old News! We Told You!



    In their annual BEST STATE rankings, U.S. News and World Report has the Hawkeye State number one, followed by Minnesota, Utah, North Dakota and New Hampshire.
    A number one rating, in both infrastructure and broadband access metric, boosted Iowa to the top of the list. Those top ratings go along with a national number three in health care, four in opportunity, five in education and nine in quality of life.
    David Daack, a broadband consultant for Connected Nation, said, "those top rankings in infrastructure and broadband were a "pleasant surprise." When people think of Iowa, they usually think of agricultural places that won't necessarily need to be connected, but given the big data needs of agriculture today and in the future, those areas are going to need to be every bit as connected as the urban areas."
    Thanks to Mike Loehrer, BHS-64, for sending us this info.
     Without going a bit further, a big Korner congratulations to the Boone High School girls basketball squad. They lost their first round state tournament game to end the 2017-18 season but what a great season it was. The Toreadors only lost two games all year, won the conference title and earned a second straight state tournament bid.
     Great job girls!.
     By the way, today's technology,.......growing each and every day, just "blows me away." As far as I know, the early rounds of the state girls tourney are not available on "regular" TV, cable or otherwise. HOWEVER, Jo and I did go to the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union website and they were "streaming"  each game, so I sat at home in front of my computer with a great seat to watch the entire Boone first round game..........full screen. It was just like we were there, in the best seats in the house. Of course we had to make our own popcorn but........
     As long as we're on the sports/broadcasting beat,........30 years ago, when the Iowa State Women's Basketball program was in its near infancy, one of his bosses at an Ames radio station decided Sports Director Rich Fellingham should begin broadcasting ISU women's basketball.
     After those 30 years of airing ISU women's games both home and away, Rich is going to call it quits at the end of this season. At one time, he was also the Executive Director of the Iowa Special Olympics.
     The Boone connection? Rich's wife is Alice Carver, BSH-62.
     Happy retirement and good health to the Fellingham's.
     AND, one more thing on this subject. The Kornerman won Sports Quiz on KWBG a few weeks ago. To pick up my ticket for a tenderloin dinner at HyVee, I had to go to the radio station, which recently moved from the old Citizens Bank Building to Keeler Street in the old Specification Chemicals building.
     That gave me an opportunity for a tour of the new facility. News Director Jim Turbes guided me around and everything looks fantastic. Lots more room. Its a very nice change.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Raymond Tyler, 89, Mitchellville. Born in Ogden......Joan Fitzgerald Blosser, 90, Hardy, Ark. Formerly of Boone. Born in Boone. BHS-45. Worked at Citizens National Bank. She and her husband, Kenny, deceased, lived in Boone County prior to retirement..........Al Halfpap, 84, Boone..........Ione Hugley, 91, Boone. Formerly of Ogden. She married Earven (Shorty) Hugley and they lived in Colorado and Webster City before moving to Ogden in 1954 where they operated the East Mobile Station for several years. In 1995, Shorty passed away and Ione moved to Boone. Three children survive, including son, Marlin, and daughter, Kristy Hall, both of Boone........Oona Bauge, 96, Ames. At one time, worked at the Madrid Home.........Catherine Angstrom, 92, Stratford. Daughter Davene Runyan of Boone is a survivor. A son and two other daughters also survive.........John Earll, 71, Ogden. Attended Ogden schools. Married Janice Henderson in Boone in 1965. They lived in Boone until 1974 when they moved to the family farm near Ogden. Later, moved into Ogden where they lived for 43 years. John worked as a herdsman at ISU, Mid States Steel, Rolfes, was a driver for Boone Freight, then America's Best Freight until retirement in 2008. Boone area survivors include his wife, Janice, of Ogden, two sons, including Stacy Earll of Boone, a daughter, Teresa Marshall, of Moingona and five sisters, including Violet Williams and Shirley Robertson both of Boone........Jane Burke Johnson, 77, rural Stratford. Born in Boone. BSH-59. Married Donald Johnson in Boone in 1961. Was a wife and homemaker. Boone area survivors include a son, Tracy Johnson, of Boone, one other son, a daughter and a brother........Andy Boon, 58, Boone. BHS-77. Son of Jacob and Shirley Boon. He married Patricia Knight in 1978. Worked at Merit Baking and then, Fareway. Boone area survivors include his wife, Patti, a daughter, Kylie Haleen, and his mother-in-law, Mary Jo Garvey, all of Boone.
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