Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Tip of the Week

     Thanks to John Hinz, BHS-64, and Jane Larson for submitting the Tip of the Week for our vast audience.
     John wrote, "I thought most people were aware of this, but am sending it to fellow seniors to make sure they are aware of the approaching timeline. We got our pass and it truly may be the last time we can get a deal from the government that doesn't hurt more than it helps! Thought you would spread the word."
     Here it is......Tip of the Day: The lifetime pass for national parks/recreation areas for seniors (62 and over) is increasing from $10 to $80 later this month.....we think the cutoff date is August 28.  Via the link below, you can purchase a lifetime pass for $10 plus a $10 processing fee........
     As usual, I, the Kornerman has scoured all of Boone's streets and alleys seeking parcels of news but to no avail this time.......AND, of course, you and you and you out there didn't help me a bit. As a result, we'll conclude this short edition with
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Pearl George, 92, Nevada. Formerly of Boone. She and her late husband, Dick George, worked together at Cardinal Cleaners until his passing in 1966. They raised their two children in Boone. Pearl later worked at ISU for 16 years before retiring in 1988. Boone area survivor is a daughter, Marcia George Tannehill, of Ames. A son, Jim, of Florida also survives.........James Boustead, 86, Boone. Boone area survivors include his wife, Joan, and son, James, both of Boone. Two other daughters and two other sons also survive. He spent most of his life in the Woodbine area.
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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

More Items/Shorter Items

     Its all teensy weensy pieces this time.
     (1) Dick Longworth, BHS-53, says he seems to recall that Bill Otis, BHS-52,  had a show on KWBG in the 50's. He also wrote, "I got to know Dennis Ryerson later but never realized he had worked in Boone at KWBG. After Des Moines, he became the editor of the Indianapolis Star and is now retired. (2) Larry Kelley, BHS-64, sent some KWBG memorabilia, even including some old radio logs that had been kept by me, the Kornerman, while on the air. They were from the year 1962. To explain, those of us "on the air" were guided by "logs," which told us what programs and commercials to put on the air and what time to do so. Two additional names of former KWBG employees were also added by Larry........Bill Deming and Russ Mott. (3) Sadly, we report the fact that Roger and Lou Oxenford, longtime Boone residents and Korner viewers and contributors, are leaving our fair community to return to California. They had spent their working days in California but when they retired, they came home to Boone. Both have had some health issues and are moving closer to five daughters in California. We hate to see them that far away but understand that is probably the best move for the couple. No doubt about it, they'll still be viewing the Korner twice each week, even from a longer distance (4) Richard Young, BHS-57, wrote, "I, too, have been going through storage boxes and finding forgotten items from years past. Came across a plastic bag of Pufferbilly Days buttons from back in the 70's, 80's, 90's, and early 2000's. I noticed two, in particular, for their misprinting. One is the 1977 button with "Pufferbelly Days" and the other is the 1984 "Streaming Towards Tommorrow" instead of "Steaming Towards Tommorrow." Also in the bags were buttons from the "Watson's Original Hillbilly Sale" that was held each spring and fall on their farm north of Boone in the late 70's and early 80's. And, a couple from the Boone Centennial in 1965. Brings back memories of my days in Boone." (5) Mark Tompkins, BHS-59, wrote, "after a day of bicycling near the People's Republic of Minnesota, I'm enjoying a drink at the Pub on the Cedar in Charles City. Just perused their nice little paper, the Charles City Press. Amazingly, it seems viable here in a town a few hundred short of 8,000. Just adds to your comments about the demise of the BNR. Why? How? And Charles City isn't that far from metropolitan areas like Mason City and Waterloo/Cedar Falls. Proximity to Ames is not a valid excuse for the BNR demise. Chickasaw and Alamakee counties await tommorrow as I close on biking all 99 Iowa counties. Only 17 to go after that." (6) The Kornerman was surprised a recent morning when Bob Peterson, BHS-72, showed up at the world headquarters. Bob's dad, the late Rollie Peterson, was a great, close friend of mine and my main mentor as I entered the print media world at the BNR those many years ago. Bob has spent a lifetime in Missouri and I hadn't seen him in years. We had a great talk, that included lots of remembrances of his dad and the Boone community in general. He was here for his class reunion.
     Here's a death you'll probably read about in tommorrow's (Thursday) BNR. Glad we could provide a few details earlier so friends and relatives can do some planning.
     A special Kornerman friend, a good coffee mate, David Boehm, passed away in Des Moines Monday evening. He was 82 and a 1953 Ogden High School graduate. Visitation will be held at the Schroeder/Stark Welin Chapel Thursday from 5 to 7 p.m. and the funeral will be held at Trinity Lutheran Church at 11 a.m. Friday. Dave is survived by his wife, Jo Hanson Boehm, of Boone, son, Mike, of West Des Moines and daughter, Julie Boehm Hicks, of  Ottawa, Illinois.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS:James Dan Shannon, 94, Boone. Farmed in the Boone/Ogden area and worked for Halletts. Raised and showed Belgian draft horses. Boone area survivors include his wife, Alice, and daughter, Julie Dannen, both of Boone and a daughter, Jean Brooks, of Ogden.............Shirley Adams Blackwell, 82, Madrid. Boone area survivor is a grandson, Daniel Herrstrom, of Madrid..........Richard Merritt, 83, Ames. Boone area survivor is a son, David Merritt, of Boone.
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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Where Has that Been Hiding?

     For several weeks now, the Kelley's have been involved in that daunting task of attempting to downsize. We've revisited items we haven't seen in 25 years and would probably have no reason to see them or need them in the next 25. Yet, we keep or toss? Tough decisions.
     Let's see,'s my dad's very first report card, dated 1916, and with good news. He was promoted to first grade. For some strange reason, the first subject I, the Kornerman, wanted to check was deportment. Hmm'.....teacher May Jones recorded a 99 right across the board. Pretty good I'd say. Do schools still grade deportment or is that passe' these days?
     Lots of old pictures,.......many showing folks that we can't identify. Oh yes, here's a Boone High School football program, October 12, 1951,......Boone hosting Grinnell at Homecoming. Crazy coach didn't even have me in the starting lineup. Maybe I was on the injured list. I'm sure it had nothing to do with my class work.
     Now, here were a couple of items I know will be salvaged...........a pair of the old Lincoln Restaurant's top-rated recipes.........for their dressing and their cinnamon rolls. Can't toss those, they have a magical pedigree.
     Speaking of old favorites, here's a copy of a great story that appeared in the "old" Boone News Republican about Ruth Gehr Fox and her famous popcorn stand at the northeast corner of Ninth and Story. First thing I think of is her famous cooker, surrounded by a very dark black, oily substance that you knew had never been touched by soap and water or any other "cleansing" tool. That's apparently what made her popcorn so good.......that, and lots of  butter and salt. Isn't it amazing how many people still try today to mimic that Mrs Fox original? Same holds true with the authentic Boyd's malt. To those of us hailing from that era, Jolly Time, Orville and/or Baskin Robbins will never be there equal.
     By the way, the story says Mrs Fox took over the stand in 1932, two years after her husband, the former operator, had died. The story said she was a BHS graduate in a class of 21 students and that her father was once the town marshal of Montana........which, of course, later became known as Boone.
     During the days of World War II, as loaded troop trains were a steady visitor on the C&NW tracks to the Boone community, Mrs. Fox and some other ladies organized the "Boone Moms," who were on hand when those trains arrived to provide the military men aboard with sandwiches, cookies and even chicken on occasion. Oh yes, popcorn too........hundreds of sacks full.
     Speaking of food, the current weather and the ups and downs of the current price of gas are a pair of main topics for my coffee group BUT food rates up there too. Most who show up become a food fancier, providing their critique of the latest food establishment they have tried. Some of the food is rated great, some not so good, some items are reasonably priced while others are a bit "over," at least in our speaker's opinion.  Anyway, lots of info about food outlets, primarily in the Boone/Story County area, are provided and yes, there are conflicting opinions quite often. If its in the immediate area, chances are at least one of our group has given that eating establishment the ultimate test.
     Even found some copies of editions of the Korner when they were appearing in the BNR. Here's one dated, July 10, 2003, and it begins, "this column will automatically self destruct when you've finished reading it OR, PERHAPS, EVEN WHILE YOU'RE READING IT."
     Surprisingly, we've now been around with our internet offering since March 6, 2010, and a grand total of 317,311 folks interested in Boone, Iowa have taken a look..........3,824 in the last month.
     Sometimes I wonder...........but, if that many people are still lacking something of real substance to occupy their time, why should I determine the current Korner is one of those items that should be tossed?
     P.S. While I'm at it, a sincere thank you to those of you who have been with us all these days.
     Someone just mentioned to the Kornerman the other day that a friend was so upset because he/she didn't even learn the death of a special friend until reading it in the BNR,........maybe even after that individual's funeral.
     Well, maybe those folks should regularly check the Korner. We had knowledge of that death and made it available in print at least four days before the BNR hit the mail boxes.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Frank Dennis Sr., 88, Madrid. Boone area survivors include daughters Kelly Dennis of Woodward and Pam Dennis of Ogden...........James Shannon, 94, Boone.........Rose Ann Quigley, 81, Boone. Attended Boone schools. Worked a variety of jobs including time at Rolfes, Heinrich Envelope, Sundstrand in Ames and the Boone Community schools. Boone area survivors include her daughter, Gayla Harken, and brothers, Paul and Bernard Miller, all of Boone. Also surviving are another brother, Jack Miller, of Luther and a sister, Joyce Kirk, of Ames...........William (Dean) Kemmerer, 92, Clear Lake. Was born in Boone. BHS-44. An Army vet. Worked as a police officer in Boone, then joined the Iowa Highway Patrol and became the first pilot for that organization. He owned and operated several small businesses in the Clear Lake area.
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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Three Main Topics

     The Kornerman was pleasantly surprised Sunday to receive an email from Debbie Christopher. It was a short message but very meaningful. Debbie wrote, "Hi Mo, Just letting you know (first hand) that we are closing on the sale of the golf course (Cedar Pointe) Tuesday, August 1. I'm feeling pretty secure in saying, "it's going to happen this time!!"
     She was referring to the fact that there had been previous discussions of a sale that had not been concluded successfully.
     No mention was made in the email of a prospective buyer but local auto dealer, Pat Clemons, was on hand at the club Tuesday introducing himself as the new owner.
     Many thanks to Debbie for letting me know and many thanks to the Christopher's for such a great job of keeping a longtime, local landmark viable. The course is beautiful, it appears to have lots of traffic this summer and even those who don't golf, like me, should understand that its important that a community this size provide its populus such a facility.
     The Kornerman was a 1953 Boone High School graduate and Mel Murken was a 1959 BHS grad. After playing high school baseball, Mel went on to play the sport at Buena Vista and at Drake University. We've both had a special passion for baseball.
     We became acquainted while both were coaching Boone Babe Ruth baseball. In 1962, the Kornerman was selected to guide the all-star team in tournament play and I knew, immediately, that I wanted Mel Murken to help me with that assignment.
     So, here we were, two single guys, 27 and 21 respectively, ready and willing to guide a team of 15 "kids," 13 to 15 years of age, into Babe Ruth tourney play. Let me be clear. We had some great, great young players, many of whom went on to become important cogs in Boone High School's 1965 state championship team. But, in 1962, this group won the state Ruth championship, the regional championship, which was competition against the state champions of seven other states, and participated, along with just eight other teams in the world, in the Babe Ruth World Series in Bridgeton, N.J.. Believe me, it took more than the management of Mel and I to achieve those accomplishments. This team was very talented.
     Needless to say, it was quite an experience for two young, single guys to guide 15, even younger guys, to sites closer to the Texas border, Wellington, KS. for the regional and New York City, for the World Series, than to Boone, Iowa. Long bus rides became the norm.
     Complete disclosure. Our team lost two games in the World Series play.
     Mel eventually became an Iowa Baseball Hall of Fame coach who had five Ankeny High School teams in state tourney play, including a 1992 team that won a state title, as well as three other teams that finished runnerup in state tourney play.
     Mel and the Kornerman have only had an opportunity to get together a few times in the last many years but I just learned that he had returned to Iowa from Florida and is now living in Rippey, IA, a place where he began his coaching/teaching career.
     I caught up with him the other day via phone and the guy still has baseball on his mind. For many years, the small town of Rippey had an outstanding baseball diamond. Because it was one of the best in central Iowa, the Iowa High School Athletic Association used it for pre-state tourney play on many occasions. In fact, one state championship, the fall tournament of 1962, was decided on that Rippey field.
     When returning to Rippey, the first thing Mel noticed, of course, was the fact that the Rippey baseball diamond had really fell into deep disrepair. He told me, "the only games being played there recently have been  junior high contests and almost everything, fencing, bleachers, the diamond itself, need lots of work to return it to the wonderful facility it used to be."
    So, Mel, who has some health issues, has gathered some volunteers together and will appear before the city council in the near future in an effort to get some financing to aid in the recovery of that park.
    P.S. You can bet he's "loving every bit of his effort." After all, its baseball and he's definitely a baseball guy.
     Here's an annual event that always attracts a nice crowd and coinciding conversation.
     Last Friday, nearly 30 ladies, alumni of Boone Sacred Heart school, gathered in Boone for lunch and to share memories of those school days.
     This event was started many years ago by the Conway sisters, Judy, BSH-55, Patsy, BSH-53, and Sr. Miguel, (Lorraine), BSH-54, who made an annual visit back to their hometown for a chance to share experiences with former classmates.
     Sr. Miguel has served in Quito, Ecuador since 1967 where she is known as Madre Miguel. She is Co-Director of the Working Boys Center there and has recently celebrated her 60th anniversary as a Sister of Charity, BVM.
     Carol Dittmer, BSH-55, and Ethel Morgan, BSH-54, organized this year's meeting.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Annabell Landis, 87, West Des Moines. Boone area survivor is her brother, Albert Sorenson, of Boone...........Steven Snyder, 35, Ames. Boone area survivors include his maternal grandmother and step-grandfather, Lullabell and Ron Kruse, of Boone.
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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Additional KWBG Information

     Our recent talk about former KWBG radio employees has brought responses from former BGers Tony Crandell, BHS-59, and Bernie Lewiston as well as from Sara Shaler Harwood, BHS-55, who's mother, Signe, was an important BG station staff member in its beginning years, and John Kueck, BHS-61.
     You will recall that I, the Kornerman, in a recent edition, set this subject on fire by ATTEMPTING to recall as many former KWBG employees, during my time there in the 50's/60's, as my 82-year old mind could muster. I knew there would be some misses but what was really upsetting was the fact that several of the "misses" should have been sooooo easy but didn't make my list. For example, for heaven's sakes, I was best man at Dennis Borwick's wedding and I worked quite some time with John Stribling. Then too, Freddy Lark, Floyd Killian, Vic Sayer.......those should have all been "front and center," and I missed them. Oh well, maybe I can rest on my old age as an acceptable excuse.
     Anyway, here we go with the responses. Sara wrote, "I recall another KWBG employee. I'm not certain of her position......probably in traffic or copy......but not on the air. Her name was Maribel (sp) Benson and she was from Ringsted, IA. and probably in her 20's. For a time in my early teens, I spent summer mornings with mother at the station. My job (unpaid of course) was to take local news reports over the phone, call funeral homes and follow mother's orders in general. The Golden Wedding anniversary reports were very detailed and woe unto anyone who made a mistake taking those notes. A stop on the way to the station was Boone City Hall to check with the police department for any news. I also recall a number of antics involving the fellows in the control room, Tom Quinlan in particular. This usually involved trying to get mother to "break up" while "on the air." Since she was a real pro, these attempts were usually unsuccessful."
     The Kornerman says, "such a big deal is made about viewer ratings in the media these days. Back when Sara's mom, Signe, was at KWBG, I think I'm safe in saying that the highest rated area program, at that time, was Signe Shaler's 11 a.m. local news, sponsored by Wester Furniture. To say it was a complete rundown of anything newsworthy happening in this community is a vast understatement. As Sara mentioned, her mother was a tireless "investigator" in all areas of local news and had a wonderful way of presenting all the info she had gathered on the air. It brings tears to these old eyes to think that we don't have anything like that to offer our people here in Boone, Iowa anymore. Let me be clear. These days, the KWBG News Director is Jim Turbes and he too, is a tireless worker who does a great job with his presentations. But, here's the difference. For attention,  Jim has to battle, on a daily basis, all these modern distractions known as facebook, twitter, cable etc. each, which demand their own attendance. Signe's daily newscast was IT, "the""main event" and all Boone area ears leaned her way each morning at 11 a.m..
     John Kueck added, "you missed Bob Barry, BHS-56. I was a  good friend of his brother, Rick, BHS-62, and I remember visiting Bob at the station. I was quite familiar with Bob because I was at the Barry home often. His personality and voice completely changed as he broadcast. That astonished me. He became a "radio voice." I'm guessing the time frame was circa 1958 since I must have been driving to get to the station. Keep up the great blog."
     Tony Crandell wrote, "here are some folks who were at KWBG when I was there, 1960-63. I started when the station was on Ledges Road and then helped John Stribling and Tom Quinlan wire the new Keeler Street studios. Do you remember when I fell through the ceiling during your Dial Your Neighbor program with Roger Weber? I had gone up to the attic to oil the transmitter fan motor." The Kornerman says, "I can't remember that "fall" but I sure do remember the program mentioned and who of us who worked with him could ever forget Roger Weber and his antics?"
     Tony added some names we missed including his (oh my).........along with John Erickson, Bob Gunderson, "Leapin' Lee Erwin, who ended up at KWDM in Des Moines, Wayne King, who went to KIOA in D.M., and Tony says I even missed the boss man, Harold Garvey. Wow! Harold wrote those big employee checks. How could I forget him?
     Bernie Lewiston cranked on his brain even harder and came up with a few more names that haven't been mentioned previously........Jerry Sheeder; Brian Brosemlee, who used the name, Brian Curtis; Gary Hoffman, Bob Brown, Dave Eliason, Al Johnson, Tom Carmody, Pete Burke and Bernie was the one who reminded me of  Borwick, Sayer, Lark and Killian.
     One other thing. I know many of you "out there" think we vocal media people never amount to much. Well, the Kornerman is here to tell you.......that's not completely true. Dennis Ryerson, who later became the Editor of the Des Moines Register, put in some time at little old KWBG. So, take that, put it in your pipe and smoke it. That was a highly successful move wasn't it??
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Tom Duitsman, 62, rural Boone. Had worked since 1977 at Boone Cable Works and Electronics. Boone area survivors include his wife, Leanne, his mother-in-law, Rosemary Kemmerer, sister-in-law Deanna Stumbo and Jean Nelson all of Boone...........Terry Moran, 62, Ogden. Stratford HS-73. Lived with her husband, Jerry, in Ogden 42 years. She worked at Woodward State Hospital. Boone area survivors include her husband, Jerry, and sister-in-law, Debbie Holts, both of Ogden.........Ron Ahrens, 74, rural Boone. Grand Community HS-61. Was a trucker for Boone L.P. Gas until his retirement in 1962. Boone area survivors include his daughter, Lora Ahrens-Olerich, and his brother, Charlie Ahrens, both of Boone.........Verlee Mae Hein, 85, Durham, NC. She was the daughter of Herman and Ethel Swanson of Boxholm. Formerly a resident of the Boxholm area and Waterloo. Boxholm HS, Boone Junior College and Iowa State University graduate. She was a teacher. She and her husband, Clair Hein, were together for 64 years. Clair survives, as do three daughters and a son. Burial will be in the Boxholm area..........Arvid (Bud) Stock, 92, Boone. He passed away in May. Was a teacher for 41 years, 34 of those years in Boone. Boone area survivor is his wife, Shirley. A son, Steve, also survives. A remembrance reception for Bud's friends and relatives will be held at the Eastern Star Home August 4.
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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Those Wonderful Days at KWBG

     I, the Kornerman, a former, proud employee of KWBG radio, had mentioned recently that I had been attempting to recall the names of all the old KWBG employees I could remember from my days there, starting in the early 1950's. I stayed involved there into the 60's and 70's. My list has hit the 40 mark and there, no doubt, are some I've forgotten. I'll share my current list a few lines down.
     Meantime, Vern Modeland, BHS-50, referring to my quest, wrote, "you didn't leave me out, I hope. I launched a 15-year career in broadcasting from KWBG beginning in 1950. Yep, just a month or so out of high school after I learned I wasn't cut out for much else, particularly as a go-fer at the local Allis Chalmers dealership. I had a morning shift for a time, while I learned the ropes, then joined then-Program Director, Wayne Spangler, as half of the staff of KWBG's remote studio in Perry. Went from KWBG to KFJB, Marshalltown, for a time. Then back to KWBG before following Story City native, Wayne Olson, from the night shift at Boone when KWBG carried the Liberty Broadcasting Network including Jack Brickhouse's "live" wrestling broadcasts from Chicago. Remember wrestling as broadcast fare? Wayne went on to KJFJ at Webster City and, ultimately, convinced the owners, a newspaper publisher and an attorney, that they needed me too. Bob Graham, also a Program Director at KWBG, by then, had gone to WHO as it expanded into television. He talked me into following and I talked Wayne into following me. Small world wasn't it?"
     The Kornerman says, "oh boy, where do I start........or end? The memories are flowing. For those who don't know, KWBG got its start in about 1950. I don't have an exact date before me. Tom Quinlan took a chance on a young guy........a 1953 senior in high school.......and that was my start in media work. But, we'll save some of that for another day."
     "Who remembers Lindsay Nelson? That mention of Liberty got me thinking. Wasn't that the network that did lots of baseball with Nelson the prime announcer?
    On to the list of former employees I can remember. I'm anxious to see if any of these names ring a bell with our viewers.........Bob Hite, Dale Burge, Tom Quinlan, Eldon Schlenker, Hal Mann, Mark Campbell, Larry Kelley, Bernie Lewiston, Bob Corcoran, Roger Weber, Mike Pace, Mary Day, Mike Jacobson, Dick Johnson, Wes Nielsen, Ken Kilmer, Bob Engnell, Vern Modeland, Wayne Olson, Signe Shaler, Gary Pace, Bob Erickson, Delores Coffee, Dick Canier, Clarence (Pete) Peterson, Christie Munson, Betty Callery, John Gannon, Ken Carpenter, Carla Menough, Pauline Bowman, Bernardine Staley, Kio Dettman, Bob Pink, Bob Sharp, Milton White, Ray Malmberg, Wayne Spangler, Bob Graham.
     To be accurate, there are 39 names......I had repeated Roger Weber.
     Then, I'm wondering about former Boone residents, Ev Hickman and Drexel Peterson, who had radio careers in other communities. I don't know if they ever worked at BG.
     Okay, I'm open for additional names...........
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Dennis Rupp, 88, Harrison, AK. Graveside services will be held in Boone Friday at Boone Memorial Gardens.........Larry Ferrari, 77, Pilot Mound. Born in Ogden. Attended school in Pilot Mound. Worked at Quinn's, Hallett's and farmed. Boone area survivors include his wife, Nancy, of Pilot Mound, son, Troy, of Dayton and daughter, Roxanne Dozier, of Ogden. One other daughter also survives.
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