Saturday, July 29, 2017

Additional KWBG Information

     Our recent talk about former KWBG radio employees has brought responses from former BGers Tony Crandell, BHS-59, and Bernie Lewiston as well as from Sara Shaler Harwood, BHS-55, who's mother, Signe, was an important BG station staff member in its beginning years, and John Kueck, BHS-61.
     You will recall that I, the Kornerman, in a recent edition, set this subject on fire by ATTEMPTING to recall as many former KWBG employees, during my time there in the 50's/60's, as my 82-year old mind could muster. I knew there would be some misses but what was really upsetting was the fact that several of the "misses" should have been sooooo easy but didn't make my list. For example, for heaven's sakes, I was best man at Dennis Borwick's wedding and I worked quite some time with John Stribling. Then too, Freddy Lark, Floyd Killian, Vic Sayer.......those should have all been "front and center," and I missed them. Oh well, maybe I can rest on my old age as an acceptable excuse.
     Anyway, here we go with the responses. Sara wrote, "I recall another KWBG employee. I'm not certain of her position......probably in traffic or copy......but not on the air. Her name was Maribel (sp) Benson and she was from Ringsted, IA. and probably in her 20's. For a time in my early teens, I spent summer mornings with mother at the station. My job (unpaid of course) was to take local news reports over the phone, call funeral homes and follow mother's orders in general. The Golden Wedding anniversary reports were very detailed and woe unto anyone who made a mistake taking those notes. A stop on the way to the station was Boone City Hall to check with the police department for any news. I also recall a number of antics involving the fellows in the control room, Tom Quinlan in particular. This usually involved trying to get mother to "break up" while "on the air." Since she was a real pro, these attempts were usually unsuccessful."
     The Kornerman says, "such a big deal is made about viewer ratings in the media these days. Back when Sara's mom, Signe, was at KWBG, I think I'm safe in saying that the highest rated area program, at that time, was Signe Shaler's 11 a.m. local news, sponsored by Wester Furniture. To say it was a complete rundown of anything newsworthy happening in this community is a vast understatement. As Sara mentioned, her mother was a tireless "investigator" in all areas of local news and had a wonderful way of presenting all the info she had gathered on the air. It brings tears to these old eyes to think that we don't have anything like that to offer our people here in Boone, Iowa anymore. Let me be clear. These days, the KWBG News Director is Jim Turbes and he too, is a tireless worker who does a great job with his presentations. But, here's the difference. For attention,  Jim has to battle, on a daily basis, all these modern distractions known as facebook, twitter, cable etc. each, which demand their own attendance. Signe's daily newscast was IT, "the""main event" and all Boone area ears leaned her way each morning at 11 a.m..
     John Kueck added, "you missed Bob Barry, BHS-56. I was a  good friend of his brother, Rick, BHS-62, and I remember visiting Bob at the station. I was quite familiar with Bob because I was at the Barry home often. His personality and voice completely changed as he broadcast. That astonished me. He became a "radio voice." I'm guessing the time frame was circa 1958 since I must have been driving to get to the station. Keep up the great blog."
     Tony Crandell wrote, "here are some folks who were at KWBG when I was there, 1960-63. I started when the station was on Ledges Road and then helped John Stribling and Tom Quinlan wire the new Keeler Street studios. Do you remember when I fell through the ceiling during your Dial Your Neighbor program with Roger Weber? I had gone up to the attic to oil the transmitter fan motor." The Kornerman says, "I can't remember that "fall" but I sure do remember the program mentioned and who of us who worked with him could ever forget Roger Weber and his antics?"
     Tony added some names we missed including his (oh my).........along with John Erickson, Bob Gunderson, "Leapin' Lee Erwin, who ended up at KWDM in Des Moines, Wayne King, who went to KIOA in D.M., and Tony says I even missed the boss man, Harold Garvey. Wow! Harold wrote those big employee checks. How could I forget him?
     Bernie Lewiston cranked on his brain even harder and came up with a few more names that haven't been mentioned previously........Jerry Sheeder; Brian Brosemlee, who used the name, Brian Curtis; Gary Hoffman, Bob Brown, Dave Eliason, Al Johnson, Tom Carmody, Pete Burke and Bernie was the one who reminded me of  Borwick, Sayer, Lark and Killian.
     One other thing. I know many of you "out there" think we vocal media people never amount to much. Well, the Kornerman is here to tell you.......that's not completely true. Dennis Ryerson, who later became the Editor of the Des Moines Register, put in some time at little old KWBG. So, take that, put it in your pipe and smoke it. That was a highly successful move wasn't it??
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Tom Duitsman, 62, rural Boone. Had worked since 1977 at Boone Cable Works and Electronics. Boone area survivors include his wife, Leanne, his mother-in-law, Rosemary Kemmerer, sister-in-law Deanna Stumbo and Jean Nelson all of Boone...........Terry Moran, 62, Ogden. Stratford HS-73. Lived with her husband, Jerry, in Ogden 42 years. She worked at Woodward State Hospital. Boone area survivors include her husband, Jerry, and sister-in-law, Debbie Holts, both of Ogden.........Ron Ahrens, 74, rural Boone. Grand Community HS-61. Was a trucker for Boone L.P. Gas until his retirement in 1962. Boone area survivors include his daughter, Lora Ahrens-Olerich, and his brother, Charlie Ahrens, both of Boone.........Verlee Mae Hein, 85, Durham, NC. She was the daughter of Herman and Ethel Swanson of Boxholm. Formerly a resident of the Boxholm area and Waterloo. Boxholm HS, Boone Junior College and Iowa State University graduate. She was a teacher. She and her husband, Clair Hein, were together for 64 years. Clair survives, as do three daughters and a son. Burial will be in the Boxholm area..........Arvid (Bud) Stock, 92, Boone. He passed away in May. Was a teacher for 41 years, 34 of those years in Boone. Boone area survivor is his wife, Shirley. A son, Steve, also survives. A remembrance reception for Bud's friends and relatives will be held at the Eastern Star Home August 4.
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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Those Wonderful Days at KWBG

     I, the Kornerman, a former, proud employee of KWBG radio, had mentioned recently that I had been attempting to recall the names of all the old KWBG employees I could remember from my days there, starting in the early 1950's. I stayed involved there into the 60's and 70's. My list has hit the 40 mark and there, no doubt, are some I've forgotten. I'll share my current list a few lines down.
     Meantime, Vern Modeland, BHS-50, referring to my quest, wrote, "you didn't leave me out, I hope. I launched a 15-year career in broadcasting from KWBG beginning in 1950. Yep, just a month or so out of high school after I learned I wasn't cut out for much else, particularly as a go-fer at the local Allis Chalmers dealership. I had a morning shift for a time, while I learned the ropes, then joined then-Program Director, Wayne Spangler, as half of the staff of KWBG's remote studio in Perry. Went from KWBG to KFJB, Marshalltown, for a time. Then back to KWBG before following Story City native, Wayne Olson, from the night shift at Boone when KWBG carried the Liberty Broadcasting Network including Jack Brickhouse's "live" wrestling broadcasts from Chicago. Remember wrestling as broadcast fare? Wayne went on to KJFJ at Webster City and, ultimately, convinced the owners, a newspaper publisher and an attorney, that they needed me too. Bob Graham, also a Program Director at KWBG, by then, had gone to WHO as it expanded into television. He talked me into following and I talked Wayne into following me. Small world wasn't it?"
     The Kornerman says, "oh boy, where do I start........or end? The memories are flowing. For those who don't know, KWBG got its start in about 1950. I don't have an exact date before me. Tom Quinlan took a chance on a young guy........a 1953 senior in high school.......and that was my start in media work. But, we'll save some of that for another day."
     "Who remembers Lindsay Nelson? That mention of Liberty got me thinking. Wasn't that the network that did lots of baseball with Nelson the prime announcer?
    On to the list of former employees I can remember. I'm anxious to see if any of these names ring a bell with our viewers.........Bob Hite, Dale Burge, Tom Quinlan, Eldon Schlenker, Hal Mann, Mark Campbell, Larry Kelley, Bernie Lewiston, Bob Corcoran, Roger Weber, Mike Pace, Mary Day, Mike Jacobson, Dick Johnson, Wes Nielsen, Ken Kilmer, Bob Engnell, Vern Modeland, Wayne Olson, Signe Shaler, Gary Pace, Bob Erickson, Delores Coffee, Dick Canier, Clarence (Pete) Peterson, Christie Munson, Betty Callery, John Gannon, Ken Carpenter, Carla Menough, Pauline Bowman, Bernardine Staley, Kio Dettman, Bob Pink, Bob Sharp, Milton White, Ray Malmberg, Wayne Spangler, Bob Graham.
     To be accurate, there are 39 names......I had repeated Roger Weber.
     Then, I'm wondering about former Boone residents, Ev Hickman and Drexel Peterson, who had radio careers in other communities. I don't know if they ever worked at BG.
     Okay, I'm open for additional names...........
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Dennis Rupp, 88, Harrison, AK. Graveside services will be held in Boone Friday at Boone Memorial Gardens.........Larry Ferrari, 77, Pilot Mound. Born in Ogden. Attended school in Pilot Mound. Worked at Quinn's, Hallett's and farmed. Boone area survivors include his wife, Nancy, of Pilot Mound, son, Troy, of Dayton and daughter, Roxanne Dozier, of Ogden. One other daughter also survives.
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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Basketball Memories

    The Kornerman heard from a member of the West Boone County Muench clan this week. Merle Muench, who lives in Hastings, MN, had a question about Iowa high school basketball.
     Merle wrote, "how many classifications were there in Iowa high school basketball in the early 1950's? I'm thinking there were three. Weren't Boone, Ogden and Boxholm each in separate classes? I know they were all (the classifications) thrown together at the state tourney. I'm up at Hayward, WI. with several good friends from northwest Iowa on a short fishing trip. One of them, Brian Pauling, played for Paullina High School in the late 60's when they had three undefeated seasons and won three consecutive state championships. We were having a friendly discussion about high school sports and, of course, I had to tell them about us, Boxholm, losing to the Roland Rockets in the sub-state final two years in a row, 1952-53."
     Here was the answer the Kornerman provided. Prior to 1956, there was one overall state champion. From 1956-60, there was a class A champion and a class B state champion. From 1961-66, back to one overall champion. From 1967-74, there were two classes and two state champions. From 1975-84, three classes and three state champions, and since 1985, there have been four classes and four state champions.
     Back to Merle's specific question. In those early 50's, as mentioned, there was one overall state champion. However, in the tournament series leading up to the state meet, there was a classification system........three classes. So, at that time, Boone, Ogden and Boxholm were all in separate classes in pre-state tourney play. Had any of them advanced to state, they would have all been in the same class, seeking one state championship.
     I think Merle is referring to the 1951-52 season when he talks about the three Boone County schools being in separate classes prior to state tourney play. That was the Kornerman's junior year in high school and, as I recall, our Boone team lost to Spencer, Boxholm lost to Roland and I'm not sure who Ogden lost too in the sub-state finals. Anyway, in a somewhat strange opportunity, all three Boone County schools, with wins in those games, would have earned state tourney berths. However, all three lost and none ever made it to the state tourney stage.
     The Kornerman goofed in the last edition. We promoted a BHS 1968 class reunion as being held this weekend and were quickly corrected by Marty and Shelley Dannatt.  We were a year ahead of time. That reunion is next year, July 21, 2018. As soon as we heard from the Dannatt's, we eliminated the mention in the Korner so, hopefully, no one was badly effected by our error. You had to be an early riser/early reader to catch that misinformation.
     We are correct on this one. Don't forget that Jamie Kelley, BHS-98, is going to be performing locally to benefit the Boone Area Humane Society next Friday, July 28, with a concert at TK's Event Center. Tickets are available at Hy Vee or call 432-4332 and buy in advance to save a few bucks.
     Received a quick note from John Hinz, BHS-64. He wrote, "we are watching Wheel of Fortune and a very nice, very cute young lady contestant introduced herself, announcing she is from Boone, Iowa. Brandy Holmes was the name and she is winning. Anyone know about her family? She said they are all still living in Iowa."
     The Kornerman thinks John was seeing a rerun of a show from quite some time back. I recall hearing about this when it was really held "live" but I don't have much information on it to provide. Maybe a Korner viewer can fill us in on the final result/family etc.
     Here's another case of really missing our old Boone News Republican which, under its current weekly status, won't come around again with local information for four or five more days.
     The Korner knows that Stan Brandmeyer, former BHS teacher/coach, and husband of Vivian, former Boone campus DMAAC President, passed away recently in Versailles, MO. We have learned that his funeral services will be held in Boone at Augustana Lutheran Church on Friday, July 28, at 11 a.m.. Wife, Vivian, and two sons survive.
     Apparently, the Korner is media/alone with this information at this time. Sorry its that way but we're happy to do what we can do to keep at least some folks informed.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Amy Lou Garlock, 85, Winfield, IA. Born in Ogden in 1931. OHS grad. Married Rev. Brown Garlock in Ogden in 1954. Was a teacher and was also involved in her husband's ministry. Two sons, two daughters and two sisters survive but none in the Ogden area........Steven Snyder, 35, Ames..........Lori Filmer Vonk, 56, Lake City. Served for many years as Office Manager for Rolfes Company in Boone. Boone area survivors include her husband, Harrie, son, Jason, and daughter, Alicia George, all of Boone.........Greg Leonard, 32, Ogden. Was a victim of ALS. East Greene HS. Boone area survivors include his wife, Caley Leonard, and daughters, Aubrey, and Bailey, all of Ogden and his mother, Becky Leonard, of Grand Junction.
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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Chasing the Clouds

     Vern Modeland, BHS-50, has a question for you/us oldtimers. He wrote, "How many survivors are there of the days when, as adventuresome kids, we could climb a mountain in Boone?" Vern went on, "there were two of major size, as I recall. Okay, so they were slag piles of the coal mines we had back then. The one I spent time at was on the west side of Division Street, probably about at the city limits. There was this neat "mountain" of say 100 feet in height. It had a little rail line that went from the vertical opening of the mine shaft to the top of the "mountain." The cart once carried the slag to the top, then tipped it over, to add it to the growing "mountain." For a 10-12 year old, climbing the sides of that was quite an adventure. And, being before do-gooders were everywhere to save us from ourselves - you could prowl at the abandoned mine site, including throwing stuff down the mine shaft and trying to estimate how long it was before it went "splash" in I-know-not-what. The other mine/mountain was north of the railroad right-of-way just west of town. Both were visable for some distance and made quite an observation point if you climbed to the top. What happened to the coal mines? Someone filled the shafts and laterals into the coal vein, right? Old Boone explorers wonder. Anyone younger than 75 or so probably never even knew." He signed out, "Vern, BHS-50, withering away in the Ozarks." The Kornerman says, "golly we hope not Vern. Your mind is certainly still clear and I'm sure we all appreciate the memory of  those "mountains."
     Really, I, the Kornerman, has a similar memory. A relative of mine on my mother's side, Ben Erickson, farmed that first place Vern described and, as a 10-12 year old, I, too, recall climbing the "mountain" that Vern mentioned which was on that property. As Vern indicated, it was quite a thing to do and, obviously, the memory has always stayed with me. Geographically I'm talking about a spot just west off Division Street and north of 198th Road.
     For an update, Jo and I took a drive to the site of those two mountains Vern mentioned. The one that I had successfully climbed has disappeared. At least we could see no sight of it behind the very tall corn stalks. The other one that can be seen south of 198th or north of old Highway 30 in West Boone, still looms high with a U.S. flag perched on top. A good look can be obtained on Coal Road.
     Here's a Pufferbilly Days "heads up." By the way, the big event this year is September 7-10. Put it on your calendar.
     Anyway, the "heads up" is courtesy of former Boone resident, Ginny Martin Kuzniar, BHS-69. Ginny wrote this week, "I've been an avid reader of Kelley's Korner for years now and I finally have an opportunity to send you something "newsworthy." My sister, Barbara Martin Perry, BHS-65, will be a guest author at the "Book Shoppe" during Pufferbilly Days. She will be available to sign her delightful new book, "A Perfect Puddle," all day Saturday, September 9. The book is about two darling raindrops, Willie and Arnold, who capture young hearts and teach important lessons on science (STEM) at the same time! I will be joining her to help out....besides, isn't that what little sisters do? We are looking forward to reacquainting with old friends and enjoying the Pufferbilly experience."
     Ginny added,"I have lived in the Chicagoland area for the last 45 years and this year, my sister retired and moved closer to me. This has enabled her to see grandchildren more often and, at the same time, reinventing herself as an author of children's books! Mr. Stock's journalism class is finally paying off."
     In conclusion, Ginny said, "it's important to mention that a percentage of the sale of "A Perfect Puddle" will be going to the Ericson Public Library. Barb's book is dedicated to our parents, Mike and Marilyn Martin, who were lifetime residents of Boone. Our father, Mike, was an avid reader and was a wonderful storyteller. He was a local baseball umpire and a Captain of the Boone Fire Department back in his day."
     That annual Iowa By the Sea Picnic in Southern California at the site of the battleship Iowa is coming August 12 BUT if you plan to attend and want a ticket discount you must purchase by August 1. Adults (13 and over) pay $30 and youth (6-12) $12 but discounts of $5 and $2 respectively are available if you sign up by August 1.
     More info about this event can be obtained
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Mary Welch, 82, Boone. Attended school in Fraser and Boone. Worked at Randall's Foods in Boone for 32 years. After retirement, moved to Brooklyn, IA and lived there 25 years. Boone area survivors include two sons, Jeff and Kevin, both of Boone. Another son and a daughter also survive...........Marion Russell, 99, Ogden. Worked at the Woodward State Hospital prior to retirement........Lars Garton, 85, Ogden. Was a music teacher before becoming a school administrator. Served five schools in that capacity including Ogden High School......... Roger Hoshaw, 81, Webster City, formerly of the Stratford area. He and his wife, Irene, farmed for 79 years in the Stratford area. He also worked at Colonial Heating and Sheet Metal in Fort Dodge. His wife, Irene, of Webster City, is a survivor.  Boone area survivors include a daughter, Shelley Marvin, of Boone and son, Kevin Hoshaw, of Stratford. One other son also survives........Roger Halverson, 68, Slater. Worked at the Iowa DOT for 41 years.........Richard McVey, 57, Woodward. Madrid HS-78. Worked at Progressive Foundry for 15 years and was Plant Manager of Central Iowa Ready Mix for 23 years. Wife Pam of Woodward survives as do a son and three daughters.
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Saturday, July 15, 2017

House Guests.....So, a Day Off

     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Vera Marie Lindahl Sullivan, 80, Urbandale. Born in Boone. Parents were Verne and Evelyn Lindahl. Lived with husband, Raymond Sullivan, in Urbandale. He and four children survive. One child has passed away as did her brothers, James and Donald, of Boone.........Dale Paul Eppert, 88, Luther. Worked in road maintenance for Boone County for 40 years. Also did some farmng. Boone area survivors include his wife, JoAnn, of Luther, son, Dale, of Stanhope, and son, Denny, of Luther. He is also survived by a daughter..........Frances Nelson, 95, Raymore, MO. Born in Boone. Parents were Albin and Edith Mathson. Was an elementary teacher for a few years. She was an active member of Evangelical Free Churches in Boone, Madrid and Martensdale. No Boone area survivors.........Beverly Boorn, 87, Grand Junction. Boone area survivor is a daughter, Kathy (Jr.) John, of Boone..........Thomas Pritchard, Temple, TX. Formerly of Boone...........Betty Jean Miller, 86, Boone. BHS-49. Her parents were Arthur and Theodora Patten. She and her late husband, Donald, raised four boys in Boone.........Arlene Dames, 96, Boone. Moved to Boone from Sioux City in 1996. Boone area survivor is a daughter, Patricia Thomas, of Boone.
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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Some Interesting Material

     Mark Tompkins, BHS-60, has been a very regular contributor to the Korner, always providing interesting material that isn't necessarily timely, but much worth holding for future use.
     So, here we are, with a void in our correspondence this past week. Its a perfect time to "catch up" with some things that Mark has provided but we have kept "on the shelf" for a time like this.
     First, he sent a video that is an easy followup to the recent Fourth of July holiday. In the end, its an actual singing, for the first time, of God Bless America sung by Kate Smith.
     The Kornerman not only enjoyed the singing of the song, I also learned some things I was unaware of concerning this classic, a song that some people think is our "real" National Anthem.
     The year was 1940 and our country's economy was still a mess from the depression. In addition, Germany's Hitler was causing all kinds of problems with his invasion of neighboring countries and threat to the rest of the world.
     Aware of the malaise affecting our country and its citizens, Kate Smith, whom Sinatra, himself, called the "best singer of her time," wanted to find an uplifting, patriotic song to sing. She went to the famous songwriter Irving Berlin who indicated he had written such a song 22 years previous, in 1917, that he thought might fill that bill.
     This was prior to television but on the radio, Kate Smith, a radio super star, eventually introduced God Bless America and it seemed to give the nation a boost in pride that was badly needed at that time.
     Then too, did you know that any money raised by that song was delivered to the Boy Scouts of America and through the years, that organization has continued to receive that benefit?
     To see this.......
     Mark also sent a video titled, "Made in Iowa" and it is about the demise of the Electrolux plant in Webster City and the way that community pulled together in an effort to rebound from that disaster.
     The shutdown came in 2011 when the plant was jettisoned to Mexico. At its peak, the Webster City plant employed up to 2,000 people from that community, Boonetown and the entire central Iowa area.
     At the beginning of the video, former employees and other townspeople are interviewed about the dire impact the closing had on families and businesses. One of those interviewed said, "businesses closed, home were foreclosed and people were forced to leave town for other opportunities."
     The gentleman added, "things really hit rock bottom when a big "For Sale" sign appeared on the theatre marquee."
     Some folks were not going to "let go" without a fight. Starting with a facebook plea, a drive to save the theatre was started. The originator of the idea said, "I got 100 "likes" and that pushed me forward." A committee was formed, a business plan set and a money raising drive got underway.
     Fast forward.........the theatre, behind much volunteer work and lots of money contributions awarded, eventually reopened via a huge community celebration.
     Yes, it was just a theatre BUT the entire community got involved, all coming together, to make that happen and show the world that Webster City could overcome the factory closing and lift a lot of spirits as a result.
     Someone said, "we found we're a lot better off with thriving smaller businesses than relying on one big one."
     It was a very interesting video and the Kornerman thanks Mark for "filling in" the Korner this time with a pair of great stories.
     To watch this.......
     Last time, we mentioned Bernie Lewiston's birthday. He repled with thanks, "Evelyn sure surprised me. I had no clue she was going to do that. Regarding Dick Johnson, another KWBG alum, Mark Campbell told me that Dick had passed away in Oklahoma. I enjoyed working for Dick when he was the station manager. You're right, lots of great memories. Keep up the good work."
     P.S. Guess what? The Kornerman delved into this old mind of mine and tried to write down all the former KWBG employees I could remember from my time there......mainly the 1950's.
     I have 33 names on the current list and am stretching for more. Someday, I will release what I have come up with and will ask for additions.........any I might have missed.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Judith Brooks, 73, Des Moines. Boone area survivor is a son, Bret Brooks, of Boone.........Virginia Randolph Carris Cox, 95, Des Moines. Born in Boone in 1922.........Fayetta Faye Springer, Platteville, WI. Formerly of Boone and Ogden........Calvin Stone, 90, Boone. Clinton HS-46. Was a longtime educator. Was an industrial arts teacher in Boone from 1955-88. Also taught adult education classes for 20 years. Army vet. Boone area survivors include his wife, Margaret (Maggie) Doran Stone, and sons, Mark and Matt Stone, all of Boone. Other area survivors include a son, Ben, of Des Moines and daughter, Cara Stone, of Ames.........Del Maurine Stark, 92, Boone. Born in Stratford and farmed with her husband, Leon (Bud) Stark, in the Stratford area. Attended A.I.B. and served as office manager for Stratford Mutual Telephone Company. Boone area survivor is a daughter, Janis Anderson, of Boone........George Steininger, 82, Boone. BHS-54. Navy vet. Worked as a machinist at ISU from 1964-98 when he retired. Boone area survivors include his wife, Carol, and sister, Madonna Smith, both of Boone. Another area survivor is a daughter, Jolene Steininger, of Ames...........Terry Swartz, 74, Boone. Grew up in Webster City. WCHS-60. Worked in banking in Webster City and Boone. Also had a refinishing business and drove a bus for Boone County. Boone area survivors include his wife, Karen, of Boone, two sons and four daughters. Daughter Shelly Harper of Boone is an area survivor.
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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Variety ---- The Spice of Life

     We have a variety of subjects to subject our viewers to in this edition of the Korner. Jackie Gleason used to say, awaaaaay we go.
     Evelyn Lewiston, over Ogden way, wrote, "I don't know if you post birthdays in the Korner or not."
     The Kornerman says, "hey, bring em' on. We post about anything that meets the "good taste" list."
     "Husband Bernie turns 75 on Tuesday, July 11, and he loves to read the Korner," Evelyn added.
     Well, a big happy, happy birthday to an old KWBG buddy, big Bernie. We've both got some great memories of our days there and, of course, don't get together often enough to share the belly laughs.
     Now, it just so happens that we heard from another BG grad this week also.
     Larry Kelley (no relation) wrote, "do you remember when Wes Nielson (another BG grad) lived in a little house somewhere in southeast Boone?" The Kornerman does not remember that.
     Larry added, "I'm being nostalgic now in life and wanting to re-visit some of the places I have been from years ago. I heard Kio Dettman say that BG once was for sale for $75k. I wish I had known that. I had a chance to own part of it when Ken Kilmer was the General Manager. He offered me a partnership. The things we could have done in life that we missed out on."
     The Kornerman says,"whatever happened to Ken Kilmer? Vic Sayer has passed and I'm not sure about Dick Johnson. I think I was station manager a short time between Dick and Ken. I remember Dick was my boss and I don't think I was still at the station when Ken took over. Anyway, lots of great memories."
     P.S. Here's the latest on Larry's famous son, Jamie.
     His East Coast Fan Club recently held their annual party at the home base, Vineland, NJ.
     Jamie has a new album with a dozen tracks, 10 of them originals.......songs he has written.
     And, always the dedicated Booneite, Jamie, again, will favor his hometown with a charity concert. This time he'll benefit the Boone County Humane Society. It will be held at TK's Event Center on July 28. Tickets are available for $25 at HyVee or by calling 432-4332 and here's a secret, kids ONLY can show up at the door the night of the concert for a special price of $15. Again, its another Jamie Kelley Boone charity to benefit the Humane Society.
     Tim Johnson showed up at the Kornerman's door the other day with the question, "when was baseball play started on the Memorial Park diamond?"
     Well, of course, Memorial Park has been Memorial Park for quite some time. When the Kornerman was 13-18, all of the youth baseball that was available was American Legion ball and yes, we played at Memorial BUT at that time, the early 50's, home plate was on the Greene Street part of the park and there was no outfield fence. Just bushes in left-center field along 21st street and in dead right field, along Boone Street. So, the diamond then was laid out completely different than it is today.
     Boone High School had baseball teams in the early 1940's but shortly thereafter, that sport was discontinued. They played their games at the old Vets park site which later became the first Jimmy Archer, what?, 10th and Tama?
     A former Minor League baseball player, Mike Jacobs, moved to Boone as an administrator with the railroad. He had a deep interest in baseball and started a semi-pro team, the Boone Falcons, and also was very instrumental in developing the Memorial Park baseball diamond as we know it today. In that time, it was often said that some of Mike's railroad workers were spending more time working on building a baseball diamond than they were actually working on the railroad. I remember they used remnants of old railroad cars to build the first dugouts and eventually, it was Jacobs and his crew who got lights installed there.
     If my memory is still valid, Bill Sapp, a teacher-coach at Grand Junction, was hired at Boone High School in 1958 to teach and to again begin a high school baseball program. By then, the diamond, itself, was in place and was "one of the best" around.
     So, I guess the answer to Mike's query would be that baseball has been played on the Memorial Park diamond since the early to mid-1950's.
     At our most recent class meeting, class of 1953, we did something unusual, at least, to our group. We tried to think of individuals who were in our class at one time or another but, due to a family move or some other  reason, did not finish with us. This brought back some additional memories.
     Names we came up with were Clarice McBirnie, Jack Butler, Emilee Jackson, Ron Keneipp and Ramona Reckner.
     We know Jack has  passed. He used to keep in contact as did Ron Keneipp. In fact, Jack would email the Korner every so often.
     Maybe some of you viewers remember these folks.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS:.Kent Hubby, 63, Kansas City. Formerly of Boone. BHS-72. His parents, Merle and Elaine. Kent was a wood finisher for several Kansas City companies. Boone area survivors include his mother, Elaine, sisters, Debbie, Vicki and Nancy, and his brother, Danny........Gwendolyn Capps, 87, Boone. Her husbands, both deceased, were James Casey and John Capps. She married John in 1971. Gwen was a head cook at Iowa State University and later worked at Walmart. Boone area survivors include her son, Chris Capps, of Ogden, daughter, Jo Ellen Wells, brother Duane Wilcox and sister Charlene Alexander all of Boone.
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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Boone Municipal Band - Dave Richardson

     Jo and I had the pleasure of attending the annual Fourth of July band concert at the Herman Park Pavilion last night. The concert is staged each year by the Boone Municipal Band, which is in its 100th year of existence.
     When I, the Kornerman, was an employee of the Iowa High School Athletic Association, we always attended our national meeting, which was always scheduled over the Fourth of July.  As a result, over a 30 year period, our personal Fourth of July celebrations were held in places like Las Vegas, Denver, Kansas City, Minneapolis, near Detroit, San Antonio, Nashville, Florida (three or four different sites) and other places I've since forgotten.
     Back home, in recent years, we've had the opportunity to attend our Boone Fourth of July concert and our much biased observation is that that none of those nationwide have been any better.
     Much credit goes to director Dave Richardson, who is retiring after this summer's concerts and ending his 39 year dedication to the municipal band. This may be new news to, at least, you out-of-state Korner viewers.
     There surely are many Korner "regular's" who, perhaps, had Dave as their Boone High School band director or, maybe even as a member of the municipal band. I know one of his earliest BHS years was 1979......maybe even a year or two before that and he's been retired now from BHS for several years but has still continued his directing skills via the municipal band.
     May we suggest that you drop a note of congratulations or thanks to Dave at 922 Union Street, Boone, Iowa 50036, for his long dedication to the municipal band. And since we no longer have a BOONE newspaper, please mention in the note that you learned of this by viewing Kelley's Korner. Thank you.
     P.S. Dave announced at the concert that his replacement will be the current Boone High School band director, Chris Truckenmiller, himself, a BHS graduate, 2005.
     This was interesting. A list of longtime municipal band players was distributed and some of them have very long tenures.  For example, Jo Howell (47 years); Dave Howell, 45; Linda Younger, 39; Tom Mowen, 38; Judy Howard, 37; Dalene O'Brien and Brenda Babbitt, 34; Kara Swenson and Larry Moeller, 31; Julie Thompson and Mark Astelford, 29; Lowell Davis and Deidre Malmquist, 28; Steve Weigel, 25; Dave Swenson, 24; Bill Martin, 22; and Dan Sprengeler, 20. Anybody there you know?
     In the last edition, we wrote of the very hot weather that had besieged our nation recently. In reply, we heard from Dick Young, BHS-57. Dick wrote, "I read about the heat down here in the southwest. Yes, it gets pretty toasty in these parts (Phoenix - Sun City/AZ) around this time of year. We had an 11 day stretch that was 110 degrees + every day. On June 20, it reached 121.3 degrees. We also have MANY days of 100 degrees plus. But our winters are the best time of the year with temps in the 70's and 80's. Keep cool."
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Marcene Doerder, 95, Boone. BHS-38. She and her husband, Francis, farmed in Boone County for over 40 years. Boone area survivor is a son, Daryl, of Boone. Two other sons and a daughter survive..........Marvin Aurand, 76, Boone........Gwendolyn Capps, 87, Boone........Val Cushman, 69, Ogden. A Navy vet. Was a railroad employee as a conductor. Boone area survivor is a son, Jason, of Ogden. Two other sons survive..........Audrey Richardson, 81, Boone........Services for Dr. Enfred Linder, formerly of Ogden, who passed away in December, will be held Saturday, July 8, in Twin Lakes, IA.
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Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Busy Time

     The Kornerman can't believe how quickly the summer is moving. Sweet corn is about ready, tomatoes to follow, the Boone County Fair is just a couple weeks away, July 13, then RAGBRAI and the Iowa State Fair.
     This time of year always brings class reunions as well and Mike Sundall emailed this week to inform that the class of 1968 is heading toward its 50th bash, July 21.
     Mike said he wants all 68ers to pass the word and encourage classmates to make plans. He indicated that more information would be forthcoming. Shelly Lovin Dannatt is aiding Mike and they're asking others to join the planning group.
     Jo and I attended the visitation for Ken Shuey last week. The Kornerman had lots of connections there. Ken's wife, Judy, was an employee of the Iowa High School Athletic Association when I worked there. In addition, Ken helped us out for a numbers of years as a member of the statistical crew at the boys state basketball tournaments. He also had responsibilities for a long time working at the officials bench for both Iowa State University football and basketball.
     Ken officiated high school athletic events. In football, he partnered with Bill Ott, Eldon Hutchison and Stan Brandmeyer. I know that Bill Ott, the former longtime Executive Director of the Boone County Y, was in town for the Shuey funeral from his home base, Cherryvale, KS.
     The Kornerman was watching some of the NBA awards show on television last week. Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder was awarded the Most Valuable Player award and he had great praise for his teammates. In fact, four or five of them were in attendance and he invited them on stage with him. Noticed one of them was Nick Collison. Nick just finished his 13th season in the NBA and all of them were with Seattle, and then Oklahoma City. That was the same franchise and that's highly unusual for a player to spend his entire career with one franchise. Nick will be 37 years of age in October and he's not expected to be retained by Oklahoma City. Its possible, if not probable, that another NBA team could make him an offer for the coming season.
     Nick's parents, Dave and Judy Peterson Collison, of course, are BHS grads and Nick still has relatives in the Boone area.
     Lots of talk about the unbelieveable heat.........especially in  the southwest U.S.
     That reminds me of my "hottest" experience. The Boone Babe Ruth All Star team of 1962 that I managed had just won the state tournament. We boarded a bus for a long trip to Wellington, KS for the regional tourney. I'll never forget the first sight I saw in Wellington. It was one of those bank signs with the time and temp provided. It stuck out like a sore thumb.........113 degrees. AND, those days we were there, we were provided sleeping arrangements in an old barracks as I recall. No air conditioning of course.Sort of like a musty old summertime gymnasium or locker room. But, we survived. In fact, won the regional and advanced to the Babe Ruth World Series in Bridgeton, New Jersey.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Charles Eddy, 86, Glendale, AZ. Formerly of Boone. BHS-49. Son of Arthur and Margaret Eddy.........Kim Harris, 66, Tucson, AZ. Formerly of Boone. Attended BHS. Was a Marine vet and a drywall finisher.Two sisters survive, Laurie Platter of Boone and Julie Harris.......Jayson Pendarvis Sr., 54, Boone. BHS-82. Boone area survivors include sons, Jayson Pendarvis, of Ogden and Dustin, Anthony and Brandon all of Boone........Laurie Walkenhorst, 56, Ankeny. Formerly of Boone. BHS-78. Worked for IBP and Katecho. Among the survivors is her father, Bob Brown, of Boone........Joe Rouse, 55, Boone. BHS-81. Survivors include four sisters and six brothers, many from the Boone area..........Ralph Musser, 68, Boone. BHS-68. Was a painter at Percival Scientific. Boone area survivors include his wife, Patty, and sons, David, Carl and Chris, all of Boone and Steven of Madrid,  a daughter, Laurie Wilson, of Boone, sister, Margaret Hilsabeck, of Boone and sister-in-law, Linda Musser, of Ogden........Jaye Watson, 61, Boone. Moved to Ogden in 1962 and attended school there. Worked at several area businesses at Story City, Kelley, Nevada and for the railroad. Boone area survivors include his brother, Don, and sister, Vicki Conley, both of Boone.
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