Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Baby Steps

     There still has been no official announcement but Stanley Redeker's request for the rezoning of a portion of land east of town was approved Monday. The Boone County Planning and Zoning Commission held a public hearing about a change in zoning on that land, which, according to speculation, could become a site for a new Redeker Furniture Store. The request was for a rezone of approximately 57.07 acres of land from A-1, Agricultural Conservation to C-1, Commercial.
     The area rezoned is southeast of the intersection of Highway 30 and Highway 17, approximately three miles east of Boone. Because of that areas proximity to a pair of heavily traveled highways, word is that a proposed site plan would have to be submitted too and approved by the Iowa Department of Transportation before further plans could proceed.
     Pat Ahlstrom noted the mention of Dr. W.H. Longworth in a previous edition, and then praised his work and also the success of the good Dr's son, Richard, a 1953 BHS grad, in last Saturday's edition.
     Richard has replied. He wrote, "Many thanks to you and Pat Ahlstrom for the nice things he said about me and my parents. Pat and his family were fine people and good friends. Also, it was great to read his memories of Bud and Alice Fisher, both wonderful Boone people (Bud was a successful Toreador coach before founding Fisher's Shoe Store on Story Street.) Pat is right, that the BHS Radio Club and other BHS activities bent a twig for many students in those days. Those activities, like the school paper, the Bumble B, were hands-on-experience that gave a lot of kids a practical experience in what it's like to put out a newspaper or do a broadcast. Some students, like you and me, never got over it. I hope BHS still has these activities, which were as educational and a whole lot more fun than many classes."
     Editor's Note: The Kornerman remembers the very early start Dick had to what became an extremely successful journalism career. He was not an athlete himself but I clearly recall that he gained some great experience as a high schooler with some work at the BNR. In fact, I remember that he was responsible for some of the newspaper's sports coverage while he was still a BHS student and I and some of his other classmates were competing on BHS athletic teams. 
     The name Longworth also  provided some memories for John Kueck who wrote, "I have a special praise. I exist thanks to Dr. Longworth. My mother had great difficulty in getting pregnant. In fact, she was 38 when I was born, her first child. My mother had gone to multiple doctors over the years in an attempt to understand why she was not conceiving. The doctors gave their theories and recommendations, none which either worked or my mother was unwilling to undergo. In a visit to Dr. Longworth, he flatly stated he did not know what was wrong, but said he knew how to find out. He referred her to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN where they correctly diagnosed her issue and she had two children within three years after that diagnosis. Thank you Dr. Longworth."
     The Kornerman doesn't know how many Ann Anonymous folks are out there but one wrote this week, "Hey there! Someone in my Facebook group shared this website with us so I came to take a look. I'm definitely loving the information. I'm bookmarking and will be tweeting this to my followers! Exceptional blog and fantastic style and design."
     Louie Crouse must have been a very popular member of the BHS class of 1964. Several classmates have made note of his recent death in Florida. Brett Downey had disclosed the news to classmates, "he had a heart condition that required surgery which he just did not want to have done. He was on the golf course when he apparently had a heart attack. Louis had an older sister, Barb, who married a Mahoney." John Hinz wrote, "I remember him (Louie) first in Little League but my favorite memories were in our incredible Physics class. We were forced to sit in alphabetical order so Ahlstrom, Chervany, Cleveland and Crouse got stuck in the front. Hendricks and I were a bit luckier. Musser (a teacher's pet) was even luckier. Mathis and Miles were safe, although Miles needed no protection. Roeder and Rolfes were almost in a different zip code. But "Crouse" as H.L. called him, ducked most of H.L.'s harrassment and pulled good grades in that feared classroom experience. Sad day for all of us. Lewis Crouse had a good life, was lucky to be from Boone and in the class of 1964, and to have played at Jimmy Archer Field." Pat Ahlstrom wrote, "He was on the LL Lions Club Cubs in about 1956-58. On that team from our class were John Niemants, Hinz, Musser, Hendricks, Louie and I. Louie received some of my misses in H.L.'s physics class and got the answer right since several others already took wrong guesses. Good old Lewie picked the right answer out of the remaining but narrowed universe. I recall him running the bases in Little League. He kind of ran like the Dodgers Ron Cey, only faster. I'm sorry Lewie's gone and I haven't seen him in 50 years. You, my friend, were a good teammate. If there's golf in heaven, you've already teed off I'm sure."
     Editor's note: I, the Kornerman, coached Louie on one of my Babe Ruth teams and really enjoyed him. A solid memory I have of that time was Louie's dad, in his bib overalls, lying flat on his back on the ground during our games. To this day I don't know if he was sleeping or just relaxing while he watched. And, didn't the dad have a motorcycle?
     Willie checked in this week and the Korner is very appreciative of his support.
     Boone Area Deaths: Gretchen reported the death, earlier this month, of Elaine Hohanshelt Freel, BHS-51..........Tyrone Beckman, 74, Ogden...........Joyce (Joy) Davis, 93, Boone. Moved to Boone in 1969. Boone area survivors include her daughter, Jean Achenbach, and a son, Michael Davis............ .George (Gus) Earl Schroeder, 84, New Orleans, LA. Born in Boone. BHS-47. Served many years as an Electrical Engineer. Funeral services will be held in Boone..........Darlene Rosenhauer, 85, Boone. Former teacher and worked at Donnelly Marketing in Nevada. Boone area survivors include daughters Anne Stegenga and Susan Tourtellott, grandchildren and great grandchildren of Boone.
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Friday, July 25, 2014

A Bit About Open Burning

     The "open burning" issue is settled? At least, by a 4-2 vote, the Boone City Council has made their decision  that continues a city ordinance that allows residents to burn leaves  on their property at designated times in the spring and fall.
      There had been open dialogue on this item over several weeks with various citizens asking for relief from the burning, citing negative health effects as a reason to discontinue allowance of the ordinance.
     Amy Heyn offered an opinion this week. She wrote, "For Kelley's Korner? Or, maybe I need to send to the BNR. Just wondering with the recent debate on burning.......I just heard the mosquito spraying truck go by my house at 11:15 p.m.. What is the difference between spraying for mosquitos (man made chemicals) vs burning yard waste (natural)?"
     Good to hear from Colorado's Pat Ahlstrom who noticed our recent note about the BHS Radio Club of the early 1950's. Most of those students involved were mentioned, including the Kornerman's classmate Dick Longworth, BHS-53.
     Pat wrote, "That name, Longworth, caught my eye since his dad, Dr. Wallace Longworth, was my family doctor. He was in practice with Dr. Ralph Wicks and later, Dr. Wayne Rouse as I recall. Dr. Longworth and his wife, Helen, were gracious people who hired me to do work around their house and yard which helped me pay for college. Bud Fisher and his wife, very sorry her name escapes me right now, also hired me so I could save some money for the University of Iowa. Anyway, back to the Longworth's son Dick. He graduated from Northwestern University (as did that great Boone citizen, Bob Fisher) and had a distinguished career in international journalism as Richard C. Longworth. I'm sure you, and many of your Korner readers, recall seeing him on world news reports and his byline on national news stories. I'll bet his Radio Club and other BHS experiences had a little bit to do with his chosen and excellent career. I looked him up on Wikipedia to read of his many accomplishments. Another one of Boone's great people."
     The Kornerman says, "yes, Dr. Longworth was the Kelley's family doctor as well and, through his medical wisdom and skill, he pulled me and many others, successfully, through the polio/spinal meningitis era of the late 40's when that was a real scourge on our society, particularly our young society of that time. And yes, all of our '53 mates are very aware and proud of the younger Longworth's many accomplishments."
     You Iowa Korner viewers may have, through the Des Moines Register, read about Bob Eschliman. He was the Editor of the Newton Daily News and was fired from that position because it was felt he wrote some things too religiously discriminatory. He had published those views in a personal blog read mainly by friends and relatives but, regardless, the newspaper felt his words, in no way, reflected it's opinion and thus, was harmful to it's reputation.  Eschliman, in turn, has now filed a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claiming he was fired due to his religious beliefs. Eschliman is a Boone native.
     Word from Max Moore in California tells us that the deadline for registration for the Iowa By the Sea Picnic has been extended to July 30.
     That picnic will be held August 2 on the pier in front of the Battleship Iowa in Los Angeles Harbor. For more information
     Boone Area Deaths: Howard McCarty, 89, Perry. Worked at one time for E.H. Felton Grain Company in Boone............Nancy Ann Smith, 80, Des Moines. Stratford High-52.............Elsie Gayer, 99, Madrid. She and her husband owned Gayer Pharmacy in Madrid for 28 years prior to their
retirement...........Steven Reetz, 51, Boone. Attended Boone schools. Worked in Ames for Danfoss Sauer as a process technician and CNC machinist. Boone area survivors include son Dan and brother Greg both of Boone.........Christine Russell, 50, Boone. Worked for Principal Financial. Boone area survivors include her husband, Randy and mother-in-law Mary Russell both of Boone.....................
Darlene Rosenhauer, 85, Boone.
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Public Hearing Monday

     After our mention the last few editions of the possible Redeker Furniture move to an out-of-town location, I'm sure you viewers are anxiously awaiting further information. Sorry!
     There has been no formal announcement, just continued rumors and, in fact, this item is rather quickly being shelved into the "old" news category. There will, however, be an important step forward next Monday as the Boone County zoning commission, in a public hearing, considers a request from Stanley Redeker for a rezone of approximately 57.07 acres of land from A-1, Agriculture Conservation, to C-1, Commercial. The land is located about three miles east of Boone.
     A positive hearing is an early step and necessity for any such proposed project.
     They've been planning it for quite some time and now, the all-70's class reunion is just days away. It will be held this weekend, Friday through Sunday.
     Friday, classmates are invited to meet at any of several Boone food/drink establishments. Saturday, the reunion coincides with Boone's annual Crazy Daze, a tour of the new Boone High School will be offered, golf is available at Honey Creek or Cedar Pointe and, finally, starting at 5 p.m., there will be a "Taste of Boone" at the community building, highlighted by food, of course, as well as 70's music for dancing and a program. There are several options on Sunday, canoeing at Seven Oaks, a bike ride on the High Trestle Trail, a train ride on the Boone and Scenic Valley and/or excursions to any of Boone's many area parks.
     Marie McRoberts aka Lois Marie Gaskill McRoberts emailed with information about another reunion offering. There will be an all-school alumni mass Sunday at 12:30 p.m. at Sacred Heart Church.
     Marie wrote," If you graduated from Ryan High School or Sacred Heart School, come help us celebrate our wonderful Catholic education."
     This is an all-school celebration, which means alumni from Sacred Heart Elementary, Middle School and/or high school or Ryan High are urged to attend.
     The Kornerman received a greeting, indirectly, from Ken Zanker this week. Thanks so much Kenny.
    The Kornerman was so sorry to learn this week of Dick Farley's death last Friday. Jim Farley, one of  Dick's sons, emailed with the details. Dick was 90 years of age and passed away in Lakeland, FL.
    Funeral services are being held in Winterhaven, FL. today (Wednesday).
    The Kornerman first knew of Dick as a BHS tennis doubles partner with Dick Lantz. In fact, that twosome won the 1942 state high school doubles championship.
    Then, as so many others did, the Kornerman connected with Dick during his days of managing the North Side Boyd's Dairy Store, 1952-1978. According to the obituary Jim provided, "He (Dick) and Jim Boyd created "bubble gum" ice cream in the 1960's. The great malts, and multi-flavors of ice cream, including "bubble gum," made Boyd's a destination stop for many in Central Iowa. He was known for his ready smile, welcoming manner, and spirited conversations."
     ABSOLUTELY! How well the Kornerman knows, having spent many evenings there in his company.
    He was a wonderful guy and, along with great conversation, he had this habit of dishing up the "best malts and shakes ever." 
     Dick was a 1942 BHS grad and served in the U.S. Air Force in WWII. He married Mary Margaret (Marty) McMichael in 1948 and they had five children, sons Steve and Jim and daughters Teri, Janaan and Marcia.
     In 1994, Dick retired to Lakeland, Fl., met and, in 2001, married Martha Bittner who is also a survivor.   
     In his email, Jim concluded, "I read your blog regularly. I think you do a great service keeping us out of townies current on Boone events and news. It is always entertaining. Thanks for all you do."
     Boone Area Deaths: Steven Ward, 30, Des Moines. Born in Boone.........Steven Stoll,70, Madrid. Ballard High. Worked for Johnson Controls. Boone area survivor is a sister, Marsha Stoll Kenney of Ames...........Loretta Jones, 97, Ogden. Cook at OHS and Ogden Manor...........Marian Jesse, 91, Woodward. Luther H.S. Worked for a Madrid business. Boone area survivor is a son, Larry Jesse of Ames..........Kay Rach, 61, Ames............Brayden Passet, infant..........Marian Kimsey, 98, Platte City, MO. After retirement, settled in Pilot Mound and then, Platte City........Edna Meyer, 89, Boone. Moved to Boone in 1999. Boone area survivor is a sister, Geneva Stoneburner.............Johnny Berns, 67, Ogden..........Steven Reetz, 51, Boone.........James Dillon, 91, Bucklin, MO..................Michael
Scheuermann, 53, Boone. BHS-79. ISU-83. A CPA with Henkel and Associates. Boone area
survivors include his wife, Renee and his mother, Eula, of Boone, brother Mark of Bettendorf, mother-in-law Carole Dittmer of Boone, brother-in-law Herb Dittmer of Ogden and sister-in-law Rachelle Flory of Ames.
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Friday, July 18, 2014

Something Big May Be Brewing

     O.K! The rumors are getting heftier and more widespread so the Kornerman has decided to speak in more detail about the "hint" we've given in recent editions about something "big" involving the Boone business community. I'm sure this is not news to some of you locals by now but it probably will be to our "outside" viewers.
     There's been no formal announcement but, apparently, Redeker Furniture is contemplating a possible move to an area east of town. One positive is that Stanley Redeker, himself, has asked the zoning commission of Boone County to consider a request to rezone approximately 57.07 acres of land from A-1, Agriculture Conservation, to C-1, Commercial. A public hearing before the commission will be held July 28. That info is a given.
     The area in question is located in Colfax township and, in it's simplest terms, would be described as the southeast corner of the intersection of Highway 30 and Highway 17 approximately three miles east of Boone and just south of the Farm Progress show area. That's south of Highway 30 and east of Highway 17.
     According to the rumor mill, the firm would like to have all of their assets "under one roof" and would like additional parking availability. Currently, their warehouse is a non-connected building across the street from the main facility and, from casual looks, it would seem, more parking could be used, at least at certain times.
    Perhaps more information will be forthcoming after the zoning hearing, if not before. In the meantime, or, until their is more official word, added rumors are sure to surface.
    It's ironic that a short note we received from Mike Loehrer this week fit rather neatly into the big story of the day. I assume Mike was unaware, at the time, of the "rumor." He wrote, "interesting about the massive growth spreading outward from DM. I can forsee the day when there will be few, if any, fields between Ames and Des Moines on I-35. So, the big question is, why has Boone stayed at 12,000 population since the early 1920's. Low property rates, I believe, would make Boone a fabulous bedroom community for Ames."
     Mike was initially referring to what we had mentioned in last week's edition about the huge population growth in Ankeny. And later, couldn't Mike have also said he could forsee the day when there would be few, if any, fields between Ames and Boone on Highway 30?
    It does seem like Ames is growing more westward. Are we starting see signs of Boone growing more eastward and shall the twain ever meet? Not in the Kornerman's lifetime I'm sure.
    Mark Tompkins also referred to something mentioned in the last edition. He wrote, "Mom had a friend, Sylvia Enquist, who, I believe, was once in the restaurant business. I think she owned the Embers out on the west side of Ames and, maybe, another place in Ankeny. The folks took me to the place near Ames in the summer of '63 the night before I left for Basic Training. I had my first lobster dinner there! I'm organizing for a month in Scotland, family on mom's side, and WWII battlefields in Belguim, Bulge, and Normandy, D-Day. Stay well and keep up the grand work."
     The Kornerman received the most interesting series of maps from Tom Peterson this week. To give you an idea, there was a map that showed all the countries where there are McDonald's restaurants, there was one that showed all the rivers that feed into the Mississippi, there was one that showed all the countries that don't use the metric system and there was one that showed all the countries where they drive on the left side of the road. Twenty-five different maps in all. By the way, the U.S., Alaska and just a couple others are the only countries that don't use the metric system.
     The map that intrigued the old Kornerman the most was a map that showed, in each state, who were the highest paid public employees.........In 24 states, the highest paid public employee is a football coach and in 13 state's it's a basketball coach. A hockey coach is the highest paid in one state. All told, there are only eight states where the highest paid public employee is not a coach. Four college presidents make the list, there is a law school dean listed for one state and the remainder have top paid employees connected with the medical profession.
     No "new" news on the proposed 70th BHS class reunion slated for September. That all-70's reunion is coming up July 25-27 and either Georgia Robertson or Deb Chadourne are contacts for additional information on that and that Iowa By the Sea picnic to be held in front of the battleship IOWA at the Los Angeles Pier is coming August 2 and reservations must be in by July 26. Further information can be obtained at the website
     Boone Area Deaths: Lowell Daniels, 89, Polk City-Perry. Boone area survivor is a daughter, Lorrie Banks of Ogden..........Donald Nell, 87, rural Boone. Born in Boone. Stanhope High. Grain farmer north of Boone. Boone area survivors include his sister Myra Nell of Ames, and his sister-in-law Marcella Nell of Boone.
     There were a couple of Nell brothers, Edmund and Orville, both deceased and the Kornerman remembers the Nell boys as being very good softball players in their youthful days. One of the many teams in the area in the 40's and 50's was the Oddfellows team and, for some reason, I connect the Nell boys with that team. Maybe that's incorrect???
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Changes, Maybe and Yes

     Remember the "hint" in the last edition of a rumor involving an important part of our business community? The Kornerman still does not feel comfortable providing much additional information  on this rumor, except to say the project seems to positively be edging forward.
     Along that same business line, we can tell you that the popular Tic Toc restaurant is changing hands. And, on Friday and Saturday nights of this week, a special tribute will be paid to outgoing owner-operator Christine Thompson Bolton. As part of the festivities the band "Homegrown" will play Friday night and the Bill Martin Group will provide music on Saturday night starting at 5:30 p.m..
     For those of you who graduated from Boone schools and immediately fled our "Heaven on Earth," only to return sporadically, if at all, the Kornerman wants to provide some information you might find astonishing.
     We've mentioned before about school enrollments and how Waukee has already reached large community status while "little"  Dallas Center-Grimes will soon be there. Talk has already begun about Waukee needing a second high school and about DCG continuing a monumental growth.
     Then, there's Ankeny. That community is completing it's first, or is it the second year of having two high schools? Anyway, there was a big story in the Des Moines Register the other day about the growth of this "suburb" of Big D. We won't go into great detail but absorb this........in the 2000 census year, Ankeny had a population of 27,117 (remember when it was 10,000?). The current estimated population is 49,080 AND, down the line a bit, it is estimated that Ankeny will become a community of 90,000 residents. Unbelieveable!
     In the Korner recently we mentioned that at BHS there once was a Radio Production Club. That was in the early 1950's and the Kornerman is still surprised I wasn't involved. I guess I turned to radio a year or so later.......like in 1953.
     Anyway, Ross Baird was the club sponsor and the club did a weekly show on KWBG. There were four shows all told. One show told the townspeople what was happening at school and what some of the various organizations were doing. Another was a "High School Hit Parade," a collection of the favorite songs, singers, and orchestra's of BHS as recorded on national polls. Another was, "Night Thoughts," a series of mystery dramas, each one presented complete with one show and another featured literary pieces.
     Some of these names of club members may "ring a bell." The club officers elected were Gretchen Caldwell, President; Andrea Dorman, Vice President, and JoAnn Morris, Secretary. Additional club members were Marilyn Brunner, Jeslyn Pearson, Betty Rose, Everett Hickman, Tom Sandell, Jo Betty Stemmerman, Bob Hammond, Wilma Knox, Leta Winans, Jo Ann Peters, Shirley Davis, Jo Ann Quantz, Donna Alexander, Nancy Jo Smith, Harriett Swank, Norma Trulin, Connie Spurgeon, Dean Canakes, Bob Carpenter, Jean Becker, Dorothy Goldsworth, Joan Logsdon, Lelia Davidson and Dick Longworth.
     Liz Reiss wrote," A reminder that Janet Musser played girls basketball - didn't she? I'm pretty sure I remember her on the court. Several years ago, I enjoyed sitting with Dick Musser at some of my nephew's basketball games in Minnesota.......that's brother John Hinz son. Ah, good old Boone...."
   The Kornerman says that's true about Janet. In the last edition we had mentioned the fact all the Musser boys were such good athletes, especially good basketball players. The Kornerman didn't mention that Janet played and I should have.
     Noticed in the Register Sunday that Bill and Phyliss Enquist were married in Boone in 1949 and are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary. In the Kornerman's mind,  this is a "tweener." I remember the Enquist name but few real details are emerging. For some reason, I connect that name with a restaurant or is that way off? Then too, I remember a Joanie Enquist who was more my age, a sister, maybe, of Bill's?
     Boone Area Deaths: George Busch, 82, Boone. East Greene High-49. Lived south of Beaver for 14 years and moved to Boone in 1965. Grain farmer. Boone area survivors include his wife, Madilyn,
daughter Lori Burma, sons Tracy, Joe and Marty all of Boone, his brother Ray and sister Clara Clark both of Ogden...........Darrell Madden, 79, Boone. Attended Boone schools. Owned and operated a trucking business until retiring in 1997. Boone area survivors include his wife, Phyliss, son Mike and daughter Susan Nelson and a sister Karen Michel all of Boone.............Donald (Buddy) Lass Jr., Pilot Mound, 67. Pilot High until entering service. Was a carpenter until retirement. Boone area survivors include his mother Sarah Lass of Madrid and brother Jeff of Pilot Mound...........Robert Hasbrook, 72, Minnesota............Oliver (Muggs) Palmer, 73, Ames. BHS grad. Lived in Boone 32 years. Worked for DOT for 20 plus years.......... Betty Mae Van Gorden, 85, Guthrie Center, formerly of Boone. Born in Boone and attended Boone schools. With her husband, operated Gorvano's Pizza House in Des Moines for eight years. Boone area survivor is her sister, Jolene Wisecup of Ogden.
     Editor's Note: Didn't the Van Gorden's, for a short time, have a pizza place in Boone which was Boone's first.......even before the Manriquez pizza? I think the Korner has been down this road before. 
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Friday, July 11, 2014

True or False?

     The Kornerman is sitting on a huge rumor involving an important part of our business community. Sorry, right now I'm not for hire on this one. It's strictly a rumor and we have nothing more we dare say at this time. It would be very big if it turns out truthful. Keep in touch.
     The Boone County Fair is right around the corner......not this Korner.....but the corner. Our old radio mate, Larry Kelley, no relation, had much to do with improvements at the local fair until a year or two ago. He is still a big fan of the event and very much wants it to succeed, to reach it's full potential. But, admittedly, the carnival situation has bothered him.
     Larry wrote, "I read somewhere that the local fair has paid out as much as $30,000 for a carnival. During the five years I was involved, the most that was paid out was $7,000. I'm not sure why that larger figure would even be given out but I know many of us were not thrilled last year when they just brought in blowup "rides" and no real carnival. They have a smaller carnival coming this year. They should never NOT have a good carnival at the fair as that is what people expect and that is what completes the making of any fair."
     Larry added that he understands an audience was told it takes $25,000 to bring in a carnival, "knowing full well it cost $7,000 in 2012 and nothing for the blow up stuff last year." He also said Ogden Fun Days had a carnival for $4,000.
    In a personal note, he concluded, "We need to discuss the old radio days more. How I miss it!"
    Yes, those radio days were an important and good part of the Kornerman's life and for $85 a week in the late 50's to early 60's, I gained some good experience and had lots of fun.
     An update on Larry's son, Jamie: Jamie performed at the reunion of the Ogden High School class of 1959 recently and was a great hit. He sang lots of songs of that era plus a few of his "originals" but there was dancing and everyone seemed very appreciative. It was intended to be an hour performance but another 20 minutes or so was tacked on and Larry said, "those folks were so respectful and kind and really seemed to enjoy the music and Jamie."
     Speaking of 1959, well I think it might have actually been 1958 that Bob Musser was a BHS grad. The Kornerman was sorting through some material recently and came across this interesting item. Bob, who graduated from Grinnell College in 1962, was an outstanding basketball and tennis player for the Pioneers......co-captain of the basketball team his senior season. He earned an M.S. from the M.I.T. Sloan School of Management in 1964 and then spent two years in Nigeria on the MIT Fellows in Africa program where he worked on financial affairs. He joined Mobil and served as Chief Information Officer for five years. He retired in 1996 after nine years as controller of Mobil Corp.
     Bob was elected to the Grinnell College Board of Trustees in 1995 and was named a Life Trustee in 2007.
     Oh yes, the Kornerman recalls those Musser boys, Bob and brothers John, Chuck and Dick, and their athletic exploits at BHS. They were all great Toreador athletes, especially on the basketball floor.
     Boone Area Deaths: Betty May VanGorden, 85, Guthrie Center, formerly of Boone...........Laurel (Pat) Landals, 87, Ogden...........Donald Johnson, 74, rural Stratford. Stratford Hi-59. Farmer and Fareway truck driver. Boone area survivors include son Tracy Johnson and grandchildren of Boone...
Michele Brown, 60. BHS-grad. Dancing was a passion and she also earned an RN degree. Boone area survivor is a son James Wilhite of Ames.
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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ah Yes! There will be a 70th BHS Reunion

     According to Gretchen, it's fact. Believe it! A BHS 70th.....that's 7-0 reunion will be held here in September. Has a class reunion of that many years ever been held before. Doubtful!
     It seems that several members of the classes of 1941, 1943, 1944, 1945 and 1948 recently met to hear of plans for the event which will be hosted by Bill and Jodie Beckwith. There will be the usual festivities and and thanks to Bill and Marshall King, a handicap accessible railroad car will be available as a ride on the Scenic will be part of the gathering.
     The Boone Scenic has had such a car for quite some time but it has been out of service recently, needing new wheels. A car with great wheels was located in Blair, NE and Bill and Marshall arranged to have the wheels transported here.
     As far as the Kornerman knows, the next reunion scheduled here is the all 70's class reunion set for July 25-27.
     Quite some time ago, the Korner would hear, rather regularly, from Boone native Pat Donovan McDonald but then came quite some time of silence and we were concerned, although we knew she frequently took overseas trips.
     We finally did hear again from the Tulsa, OK resident this week but with news we don't like to hear. She informed us that her sister, Elizabeth (Betty) Donovan Reed, had passed away. A BHS-43 grad, Betty died in New Mexico. Brother Jim Donovan and wife Karen are Boone survivors.
     The Kornerman replied to Patty that it was good to hear from her again and she answered that she had retired from teaching after 40 years, much of that time in Iowa, including seven years in Stratford. When she started teaching at age 19, her salary was $3,400. She actually had done her student teaching under Mildred Holt at Franklin school here. She was a Boone Junior College grad who finished her education at Drake.
     Patty wrote, "I have been lucky to be a leader for several years with the People to People organization. I have taken high school and junior high age students to numerous overseas countries. I have repelled off a 160 foot cliff in the Blue Mountains of Australia and repelled down a 60 foot castle tower in Wales and walked on the beach at Normandy among other sites so I've been very fortunate. I've been to several of these countries more than once. Not bad for a girl from Boone's north side. I won't be going overseas this summer but will be next summer. I enjoy your column. Please keep it up. I will try to do something exciting so I can tell you about it next time."
     Speaking of the good old north side, the Kornerman was looking at some family pictures recently and saw some shots of the grand opening of my dad's grocery store on 17th street, the Superette. A very young Patty Donovan was in one of those pictures.
     Roger Moravetz mentioned that there are plenty of Iowa State Cyclone grads and fans from the Boone area who are excited about some new ISU history. He enclosed a news report about the Cyclones already completely selling out their season ticket sales for the upcoming ISU men's basketball season. It is a historic event that this has happened.......not only happened but happened this early. There are great expectations for that team for next season after their great conference and NCAA run of the past campaign.
     Rick Houser, Fairfax, VA, wrote in detail about what seemed like a fantastic trip he recently took through the New England states. His description of all the various sites and events visited made the old Kornerman extremely jealous. A generous supporter of the Korner, we thank him for his great interest in keeping our ship afloat.
     Boone Area Deaths: Theodore (Ted) Reis, 71, Carrollton, TX. Boone area survivor is a brother, John of Ogden..............Ron Murken, 75, Boone. United-57. Retired from ISU printing services in 2000. Sister Deloris Weaver of Johnston is a survivor..............Joseph Askin, 80, Sunrise Beach, MO., 80. Boone area survivor is a daughter, Gina Lundberg of Boone.........................Darrell Heck, 81. Ogden...............Kenneth Peterson, 80, Ogden.................Joe Smith, 78, Ogden. BHS-54....................
Clara (Vonis) Parrish, 92, Boone. BHS and BJC grad. Worked in her husband's Nevada Vet Clinic. Boone survivor is a son, Paul Parrish........................Kimberly Kruse, 55, Ames, formerly of Boone. BHS-77. Was a supervisor at Woodward Hospital and a chef at an ISU cafeteria. Boone area survivors include her brother, Kurt, of Madrid.................Jean Gebert, 93, Marion, formerly of Boone.
     Everybody's friend Vern Condon reads the Korner and the Boone Area Deaths segment. He mentioned he was sorry to read in the Korner of Bev Doran Healy's recent death.
     Worldwide Korner headquarters are located at 710 Aldrich, Boone, Iowa 50036-4703. Phone number is 515-432-1530. To email your stories/memories/comments.......


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Time Off

     Folks are thinking about the Fourth.......time off........and not the Korner so we'll ride along today and, perhaps, the day after the fourth also. Input measurement will be the final determinent. If we're not here Saturday, we will be a week from today for sure.

     Enjoy the holiday weekend.