Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Football Time

     Apparently, Walter-Schroeder Funeral Home has been sold to an out-of-town buyer. A new sign is already in place and would you believe, instead of Walter-Schroeder, it is again just.....Schroeder. I understand the family is from the Jefferson area but no relation to the Schroeder's we know or have known.
     Football season has arrived or, at least, will this weekend with the opening high school games Friday night and the start of college games on Saturday.
     Here's the 2014 Boone High School schedule so you oldtimers can compare these opponents to the ones you were facing in your day on the gridiron. A game with Ballard is followed by games with Gilbert, Humboldt, Perry, Dallas Center-Grimes, Carroll, Algona, Greene County (Jefferson-Scranton) and Webster City.
     All enrollment figures mentioned are those from grades 9-11 in the previous school year.
     Boone High School is the 52nd largest high school in the state with 548 students. Their football opponents enrollment ranges from Greene County with just 300 students to 564 at Dallas Center-Grimes. DC-G is the 50th largest school in the state, just two notches ahead of BHS.
     Statewide, West Des Moines Valley, who's residents refuse to give up half of those students for a second high school, is far and away the largest school in Iowa with 2,140 students compared to the paltry 1,691 at Des Moines East, the second largest. So Valley has a 419 enrollment advantage over the second largest and even more over other opponents. The Kornerman says with that much of an advantage, any of the Valley coaches/activity directors etc. who don't guide their "teams" into serious state championship contention should be seriously re-evaluated.
     If Ankeny had continued with just one high school, they would have been the second largest at 1,914. However, they now do have two high schools. Ankeny Centennial is 28th at 988 and Ankeny High is 34th at 926.
     You might be interested in a few more school enrollments. Waukee is now the fourth largest school in Iowa with 1,518 students, Johnston is seventh with 1,491. How about the old Central Iowa Conference schools? Marshalltown is 22nd at 1,066, Ames 32nd at 932, Newton 47th at 639, Oskaloosa 53rd at 540 and Grinnell 82nd at 367.
     Back to football a minute. Boone's Chad Rinehart, 6-5 and 321 pounds, is the starting left guard for the San Diego Chargers of the NFL. He was with that team a year ago but was on just a one year contract. He is now beginning a new two-year deal that will pay $1,750,000 this year and $3,350,000 next year. After those two years, he again becomes a free agent.
     Ann Onymous writes, "anyone remember the "Sock Hop" at the Memorial Park tennis courts? Did Betty Lou from WOI-TV emcee them?"
     Words of praise for the Ericson Library from Rae Ann Clark who writes, "this week, the Boone Library put on a Resource Fair. I believe this is the brain child of the children's librarian, Mr. Z. He did a great job of getting together representatives from various resource places that would be of use to any parent with an emphasis on children 0-5 years of age. Boone has an outstanding children's library. Since I work with families that have children under five, I often encourage them to visit the library or will even set up my visits with them there so they can experience how great our library is. When I'm there, I often find myself reminiscing of coming to that same basement when I was a child and Helen Stevens was the children's librarian. She had such a love for her work with the kids and she loved to do the story times or encourage kids in finding books to read. Boone has a great library and I am partial to the children's area but it is something to brag about. The building has been well maintained and even with the updates, if you visited the basement as a child, you could still visit today, close your eyes and remember Helen doing her story times in front of the fireplace which is still there, as well as the windows that look out to the street. The upstairs level continues to carry the nostalgia too with the fireplace room and the many windows and entrance to the building all being retained to reminisce the library many of us grew up with in Boone. It is really nice to have your blog to check every week to see what is happening in Boone or to reminisce about our time of growing up."
     Boone Area Deaths: Edith Sonksen, 91, Boone and formerly of Stratford. Stratford High-41. She and her husband farmed and Edith also worked as an LPN. Boone area survivors include her son, Dannie of Stratford, daughters Dallas Sonksen and Dawn Wentworth of Boone and sister-in-laws Betty Silvey and Maxine Silvey of Stratford..............Leo Ott, 93, Boxholm. Boxholm-40. Farmed. Boone area survivors include his wife, Ruth, of Boone and daughter Veva Teeters of Ogden................
Margaret Smith, 95, Boone...........Dahrl Wright, 95, Boone................Arnold Brogden, 86, Boone
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