Wednesday, March 29, 2017

From Germany, Washington, Minnyhaha

     Wendall (Spike) Condon, BHS-75, one of Vern's boys, checked in from Germany this week. He wrote, "sorry I haven't corresponded much lately, although I have been following your blog weekly. I'm still at the Illesheim Flight Simulation Facility. We've been extremely busy lately. We're getting a couple new  helicopter flight simulators and with that, there's lots of work. We've just extended for two more years here in Germany. Lori and I will now return to the U.S. in 2020. Thanks for continuing your blog, even when there is not always lots of response. Thank you for the death notices. Your blog is where I normally find out about those who have passed away. Happy belated birthday too."
     Great to hear from Wendall and Lori (she's a former Boone resident also) from clear across the other side of the ocean.
     Not quite as far away but we also heard this week from Ron Hopkins, BSH-59, from the state of Washington. He wrote, "your column today leads me to raise the philosophical question: "What if there were no hypothetical questions?" I, too, appreciate the death notices, even though I have now been gone so long I recognize few of the names."
     Always nice to "catch up" with one of some 400 guys who, in their younger years, were members of Babe Ruth baseball teams I coached. The only trouble is.......they're all getting older much too fast.
I do appreciate the fact that one of them, Larry Lindmark, BHS-63, has saved the old Kornerman a year. He started an email with, "happy 81st birthday." I'll take that.
     Larry continued, "during my years of playing baseball at Jimmy Archer Field, east of downtown, there were always familiar faces that would stop by the park to watch the games. One such observer was "Happy" (last name may have been Johnson). He always had a checkerboard and some checkers in his bag. He challenged anyone to play him. "Happy" offered $1.00 to anyone who could beat him. He'd sit in the bleachers and challenge all comers. I believe Dick Musser, BHS-64, beat him one time but I'm not sure he ever received his dollar. Boone, like many small communities, has been a safe haven for folks like "Happy" who walk the streets and are recognized as local "institutions." I may not know their names, but they were a part of the social fabric of the community."
     Larry's a Redwing, Minnesota resident.
     As always, there sure was a Boone flavor at the recent Iowa State Boys Basketball Tournament at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines. Alan Beste, of course, is the Executive Director of the sponsoring Iowa High School Athletic Association while other Boone area residents, Brett Nanninga, Chad Elsberry, Jared Chizek and Lew Curtis all played prominent roles in the direction of the tourney.
     Then too, Boone's Everett Johnson is one of the tourney's scorekeepers, Father Craig Collison, BSH-70, is still one of the tourney announcers and Gary Long, BHS-73, is the statistic's room coordinator. Gary's been involved in the tourney for almost 40 years. We also noted that this year, Rich Collison, BHS-80, Father Craig's brother, was one of the game officials at the tourney.
     One other note of local interest. Brad Rose, the Athletic Director at West Des Moines Valley High School, was named Iowa High School Athletic Director of the Year. Brad's parents grew up in Ogden before a move to Fairfield where Brad went to high school. I knew Brad's dad pretty well. We were inducted into the U.S. Army at the same time and spent basic training together at Fort Smith, AK.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Alan Smiley, 87, BHS-48, passed away this month in Buford, GA. His wife, Carole Nelson Smiley, BHS-52, survives..........Pam Zahrt, 68, West Des Moines. Born in Boone. OHS-66. Worked as a secretary. Husband Chuck and two sisters survive.........Carol Carlson, 78, Madrid. Carol's husband, Gary of Madrid, and four children survive.........Jeannine Schaub, 79, LaGrange, IL. With her husband, Bob, she was a co-owner, co-publisher of the Boone News Republican for many years........Sherwood Selim, 79, Boone, BHS-57. Piano tuner, bike rider.........Mary Wood, 94. Former Boone resident. Boone area survivor is a daughter, Sharon McCargar, of Boone.........Jason Richeson, 40, Boone.........Joyce Richeson, 69, Boone.........James (Little Jim) Gould, Madrid. Was a volunteer at the Madrid Home..........Twila Mackowiak, 71, Ogden. Born in Boone. Her parents were Russell and Eva Smalley. Was a social worker in Illinois. Retired in 2005 and moved to Ogden Manor in 2012. Boone area survivor is a sister, Ruth Evans, of Beaver.........Sylvia (Dianne) Currier Campbell, 78. Altoona. Born in Boone. Parents were Selden and Mary Currier.
     A personal note: After retirement from the IHSAA, I, the Kornerman, was an employee of Bob and Jeannine Schaub at the BNR for several years. I very much appreciated the opportunity to "come home" to a place I had worked previously for some 17 years. They were a wonderful pair to work with and work for. I enjoyed them very much and have lots of great memories of working at the "old" BNR with many super special people including Bob and Jeannine.
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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Boone Connected Deaths

     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Norman Adix, 84, Boone. Born in Boone. Was a farmer and drove a school bus for United Community and Ames a total of 57 years. Boone area survivor is a brother, Larry Adix, of Boone........Francis (Francy) Fisher, 88, Boone. She married Robert Fisher and they moved to Boone in 1953. Was a housewife and mother. Also worked in the family business, Fisher's Shoes, from 1980-92. Boone area survivor is her husband, Bob, and a niece, Meg Manatt, both of Boone. Three sons survive, one, James, living in the Des Moines area. Brother-in-law, David Fisher, of West Des Moines, also survives.......Adrian Hull, 75, rural Boone. Was a National Guardsman in Boone, worked at ISU for 35 years and farmed in Boone County. Boone area survivor is a son, Loren Hull, of Boone........Kay Thacker Lutz, 60, Panora. Three brothers survive.........Paul Janssen Sr.. 73. Born in Boone. His parents were Vernon and Melvina Sprague. Was a truck driver. Survivors include four children and two step-children.........Sharon Janssen, 79, Madrid.Started farming with husband, Robert, in the Woodward area in 1973. She worked for a doctor in Woodward, an auto dealer in Des Moines and Pat Clemon's auto in Boone. Three sons survive.
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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Our Death Notices, an Important Feature

     Is there ever a day when mattresses are NOT on sale?
     For a long period of time, the Kornerman questioned the validity of including death notices in the Korner. However, as time has passed, I've realized that it has become, perhaps, the most important part of our twice-weekly offering.
     Keep in mind that a vast majority of Korner viewers are a distance from the Boone County area. They're scattered all over the U.S.A. and even into some foreign countries.
     Hopefully, you viewers have noticed that we have made an effort to really expand this feature and can proudly proclaim that this news is the one and only most thorough collection of death notices available for this area. You won't find a comparable listing in the Boone News Republican, on KWBG radio or on any other area news outlet. Kudos to us.
     The reason I, the Kornerman, is bringing this up is the fact that its value was brought to the forefront by my old friends, Gary and Delores Grosnickle, of Bella Vista, AK. They wrote to the Kornerman with birthday wishes and stated, "I hope it doesn't sound morbid, but we appreciate learning from week to week of those who have passed away. Several weeks ago, there were four people, whom we knew well, that had died and were listed. One of those was Gary's cousin. We had already been informed of her death, but we had no knowledge of the other three's passing."
     Why did Kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
     Speaking of my birthday. It was wonderful. A great day. A great time.
     Thanks to those who, via the Korner, wished me a happy occasion. In addition to the Grosnickle's they included Ron Hopkins, Rick Houser, Kathleen Wheelock, Mike McCoy, Mike Loehrer, John Kueck, Bernie Lewiston, Doug Miller and Roger Dutton. Then too, there were many other friends and relatives who made contact via note or letter, phone call or personal contact. We appreciated hearing from all of you. Thank you.
     Why is it that, no matter what color bubble bath you use, the bubbles are always white?
     The question of the day. What two-letter word in the English language can be a noun, a verb, an adjective, an adverb and a proposition?
     Its the word "Up." That word has more meanings than any other two-letter word.
     Why do people constantly return to the refrigerator with hopes that something new to eat will have materialized?
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Donald Penquite, 87, Ankeny. Luther HS-48. Well known remodeling contractor and landlord in the Des Moines area for more than 60 years. His wife, Barbara, and four children survive.........Eula Lyons, 94, Grimes. Survivors include daughter Kimberly Borwick and her husband, Dennis, both former Boone residents.........Norman Adix, 85, Boone.......Gregory Young, 60. Born in Boone. Grew up in Stratford and was married in Ridgeport. Was a railroad crane operator and worked at Electrolux in Webster City. Boone area survivors include a daughter, Jessica Young, his  parents, Ray and Marlene Young, and a brother, Marty Young, all of Stratford........Kelby Engleen, 21, Ogden. OHS-2013. Was attending DMACC and worked as a waitress in Ames. Boone area survivors include her mother, Laurie, of Boone and her father, Troy, of Ogden and her grandparents, Janice Engleen, and, Marilyn Straight, both of Boone........Rev. David Pepper, 87. Attended rural schools in Boone County. Was ordained in 1958 and served several Iowa communities. Survivors include three sisters, Joan Kerrigan, Kate Jordan and Mary Jensen, as well as two brothers, Gene and Bill Pepper.
     Thanks to Barry Wills for those little, "why, why, why" items.
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Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Vote of Confidence ??

     The Korner's Board of Directors held a rather contentious meeting this week, lots of slings and arrows were launched during the infighting.  But, after several hours of debate, by a 5-4 vote, the Board  allowed me, the Kornerman, to take this Saturday, the day of my birth, off...................WITHOUT pay. The pay thing is not a real surprise.....zilch minus zilch is zilch so that doesn't really matter. So.........see you Wednesday, I hope. Meantime, I'm resting.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Boone Connected Deaths

     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Shirley Allen Price, 82, Indianola. Was a licensed cosmetologist for 26 years, working in Boone, Ames and Des Moines..........Christa Rethman,  82, West Des Moines. Boone area survivor is a daughter, Kirsten McGrauth of Boone........Elizabeth Snider Patterson, 96, Boone. Napier HS. Farmed with her husband, Gerald, until 2015. Gerald is deceased........Dorothy Tietjen, 98, Boone. Born in Boone. Story City HS. Was a teacher, homemaker and worked at the Memorial Union in Ames 18 years. She and her husband, Herschel, moved to Boone in 2003. When Herschel passed away in 2011, she moved to Texas, closer to family members........Marjorie Garvey, 94, Boone. Worked at Garfield School and the Eastern Star Home. Boone area survivor is a son, Patrick, of Boone. After first husband, Ralph Olson, passed away, she married Edward Garvey in 1951. Edward is also deceased.........Dale Palmer, 64, Boone. BHS-72. Born in Boone. Worked in construction and as an operating engineer. Boone area survivors include a son, Richie Palmer, of Boone and a sister, Joyce Holmes, of Ogden........Laura Smith, 91, Perry..........Marjorie Ann Hibner, Ogden Manor resident since 2004. Boone area survivor is a daughter, Linda Stoner, of Ogden.......Robert Backous, 86, Boone. BHS-51. Was a National Guardsman. Worked at National Tea in Boone before 33 years at HyVee in Ames. Retired in 1996. Boone area survivors include his wife, Elsie, and sons, Robert and Harold, all of Boone. Also surviving are daughters, Janie Davidson of Boone, Diane Braland of Story City and Sharon Braland of Ogden, his brother, Darwin, of Boone and sisters-in-law, Hazel Disbrowe and Pam Van Cannon, both of Boone.
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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Again, the Korner Will Be Viewed Overseas

     He's back. This time from London.
     Keith Smith, BHS-56, had emailed the Korner from Paris a couple years ago. Now, Keith, who has earned a MS in Mathematics from Florida State in 1961 and a Ph.D from Iowa State in 1966, will again favor us with a message from "across the pond."
     Keith wrote, "after emailing you from Paris, now, I'm getting ready to go to London in a couple of weeks, and, of course, I will be reading your blog while I'm there for 10 days. My routine for the last 10 years is to visit Paris and London four times a year for opera, ballet, musicals, art exhibitions, shopping and dining. These trips give me fun breaks from my work and recharge my batteries. On these trips, I eat much more that I do at home, but usually lose weight because of all the walking I do. The latest thing for me is that I am now a Registered Traveler in the United Kingdom. I had to apply for this and then be interviewed by British Customs on my August trip to London last year to receive this designation. Now, when I fly to Heathrowe, I go in to customs with residents of the United Kingdom and scan my passport on a special machine. Then, I can go to pick up my luggage without even having my passport stamped. Before, I was typically standing in line for about 45 minutes to get through customs."
     Keith added, "I'll be seeing "42nd Street" two times in London, and I have seen a different production of it twice in Paris last November. I love all the tap dancing in this musical, and have been a fan of tap since seeing it in BHS school assemblies. Twins Jim and John Manriquez were my classmates and were featured dancers. Last year, at the class of 1956 reunion I and my wife, Virginia Martin, also a classmate, kept dropping them hints that we would like to see a little bit of tap dancing, but no luck. Also, no luck with getting them to reveal the recipe for the yummy Manriquez pizza that was sold from their house on north Carroll Street."
     The Kornerman says, "I love it, love it. Great to hear from Keith, but especially appreciative of the fact that he will soon be viewing the Korner from a foreign land. Makes a guy from little old Boone Iowa think big."
     Roger Dutton, BHS-63, has contributed some "Great Truths Little Children Have Learned."
     "The best place when you're sad is on grandma's lap." "You can't hid broccoli in a glass of milk."
     Then too, here are the "Great Truths that Adults Have Learned." "Raising teens is like nailing jello to a tree." "Middle age is when you choose cereal for its fiber, not the toy."
     And, here are the "Great Truths about Growing Old." "When you fall, you wonder what else you can do while you're down there." "You get the same sensation from a rocking chair as you used to get from a roller coaster."
     And, here's a description of success. "At both age four and at age 80, success is not piddling in your pants."
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Elizabeth Patterson..........Dale Palmer, 65.........John (Jack) Crosman, 88, Ogden. OHS-46. Marine vet. Farmed with his wife, Norma Jean Erickson Crosman, until retirement in 1993. Boone area survivors include his wife, son Dan and daughter, Jan Zahasky, all of Ogden and daughter, Linda McCoy of Boone.
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Wednesday, March 8, 2017


     Pete Kostelnick, BHS-2005, a former Boone resident of course, is coming home for Pufferbilly Days.
     He is the son of Charles and Clare Kostelnick of Boone.
     Pete and his wife live in Lincoln, NE. but the former Toreador athlete has been named the Grand Marshal of the 2017 Pufferbilly parade, September 9, 2017.
     Pete is a nationally, even internationally, known ultra runner......specializing in runs of 26.2 miles or more.
     After winning numerous ultra runs at various sites nationwide, Kostelnick decided to tackle an event that would propel his reputation to even higher heights. In 2016, he launched a run from the San Francisco city hall, across the U.S., to the New York city hall in an effort to break the Guinness record for such an event. He succeeded.
     With an average of 72 running miles per day, Pete ran the distance in 42 days, four days better than the previous record.
     One of his brief stops along that journey was here in Boone, his hometown. Now, in September, he will make another stop here but under much different a parade Grand Marshal.
     Pufferbilly Days are slated for September 7-10, 2017.
     Here's a very interesting story, a followup of our brief mention of Bill Gates in the last Korner edition.
     John Kueck, BHS-61, wrote, "your recent mention of Bill Gates reminded me of my business relationship with Gates. In the late 70's, I had the assignment to recommend a Basic interpreter for my company's microcomputer. All research pointed to Bill Gates Micro-Soft (the original name) basic product. I negotiated a deal with Gates and made a recommendation to my General Manager, who then had a visit with Bill to validate my recommendation. Bill was late for the meeting and wore a T-shirt, jeans and sandals. My General Manager returned from his meeting with Gates discouraged and told me he could not accept my recommendation because this small company was run by a couple of young guys who will be "out of business" within a year."
     "You know the "rest" of the story."
     I think I, the Kornerman, introduced you viewers to lexophilia sometime in an earlier edition.
     Max Moore, BHS-46, just sent me a list of examples. Here are a few.....(1) Why were the Indians here first? They had reservations. (2) I got a job at a bakery. I kneaded dough. (3) I didn't like my beard at first. Then it grew on me.
     Those are samples of lexophilia.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Rev. William Miller, Des Moines. At one time, he was pastor of the First Methodist Church in Boone.........Jeraldine (Jeri) Kubicek, 88, Leawood, KS., formerly of Des Moines. An avid doll and paper doll collector, she was a member of the Kate Shelley Doll Club.........Marilyn Griffith, 86, Des Moines. Born in Ogden. Parents were Luella and Edward Nelson.........Marilyn Fors-Roby, 82, Burnsville, MN. Formerly of Madrid. Volunteered for the Campfire Girls and Greater Love of Madrid........Inez Lees, 95, Boone. Did lots of worldwide traveling with husband Bill before they settled in Boone in 1962. Was involved in Girls Scouts for a long time as well as serving as a Red Cross Gray Lady. Survivors include two daughters and a son..........Terry Garvey, 72, Boone. BHS-65 . Worked at Iowa State in the maintenance department until his retirement four years ago. Boone area survivors include his wife, Mary Jo, and a step-daughter, Patti Boon, both of Boone........Robert Rolfes, 86, Boone. After military service, worked several sales jobs. In recent years, worked part-time at the Iowa High School Athletic Association in Boone.........Rose Murry, 88, Madrid.
     The Korner has also received word of the passing of former Boone resident, Eldon Blanshan, who died in California.
     The Kornerman is just wondering........any of our viewers know anything about this Kate Shelley Doll Club?
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Saturday, March 4, 2017

A Big Thank You

     We, Korner viewers, can thank Sandra Crandell for this edition. Thanks Sandy. While the rest of you were sleeping, I presume, Sandy was the only viewer willing to help us with some Boone news this time. Keeps us going one more edition before closing up. Just sayin'.
     Sandra provided some interesting notes from the BHS class of 1961, which had a reunion a few months back that I, the Kornerman, was privileged to attend. It was their 55th class reunion with 66 folks in attendance and they decided to come together again in two years for their 75th birthday celebration. She also provided a copy of their regular newsletter, which had some interesting tidbits.
     Maybe other classes do something similar at their reunion but this was the first time I had heard of such a thing. As Verne Lyon read the names of deceased classmates, Dona Raygor rang the "special" class bell? one time as each name was read. That was special.
     Barb Johnson and Gary Carlson and band provided some music.
     In the newsletter it was noted that world traveler/hunter Phil Larson had taken a trip to Burkina Faso, a small African country the size of Colorado. While there, he bagged a large antelope, a buffalo and several smaller animals.
     With her, Liz Latham Jacobson's, permission, Sandra revealed that Liz has been battling breast cancer. She's already had surgery and chemo but will take a planned trip to Alaska prior to radiation treatment. Liz husband, John, passed away a few months ago so its been a rough ride for that family and our Korner family certainly send our best wishes for a full recovery and better times ahead.
     One final note regarding our recent mentions about BHS girls basketball. Sandra said she thought Ralph Carroll was the girls basketball coach in the late 50's/early 60's. She remembers Chuck Lovin as the golf coach.
     Actually, we were talking about Chuck as the girls basketball coach in the earlier 50's. Ralph succeeded Chuck and in one of his years, 1958, his Toreador team gained entry into the state tourney. Chuck was also the boys golf coach and a good one. One of his teams was state runnerup.
     Barry Wills, BHS-58, had sent me some time ago an interesting bit of info regarding some famous people we all know of. Billionaire Bill Gates was a regular high school student in 1975 known for his many traffic violations. Deceased singer John Lennon was told by his teachers that he was "hopeless" and on the "road to failure." Thomas Edison was very inquisitive as a youngster, "asking many questions." However, he was also termed a "slow learner." Albert Einstein was a high school dropout termed, "lazy, slow and a dreamer."
     Goes to show I guess........regardless of what you may see in some young people, don't give up on them entirely. Who knows?
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Charles (Chuck) Crouse, Brighton, CO..........Carolyn Hoshaw Iles, 77, Stratford. Boone area survivors include her husband, Larry, of Stratford........Earl Kueny, 80, Clive. Taught art and Spanish for a time at United Community School..........Elizabeth Fritch Sauer, 88, Boone. Born in Boone. BHS. Worked at the Boone News Republican, Hill Top Greenhouse and was a foster grandparent. Boone area survivors include sons, Timothy and Charles, of Boone.
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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Successful BHS Basketball Seasons are Ending

     The Boone High School boys basketball team fell just short of a state tournament berth Monday, losing to Dallas Center-Grimes, 54-43, to end the BHS season.
     Meantime, the Boone High School girls basketball team will open state tourney play this very morning (Wednesday) with a 10 a.m. game against top-ranked Marion.
     It was hoped that both the boys and girls would earn their way into state play, and it almost happened, for what would have been a "first ever" such feat in BHS basketball history.
     Regardless, it has been an outstanding Toreador basketball season with numerous achievements.
     CONGRATULATIONS to both teams.
     During these successful seasons there has been lots of comparison between this year's teams and Toreador teams of the past.
     During the discussion, it has been mentioned that Coach Chuck Lovin had some outstanding girls teams in the 1950's.
     Marty Dannatt, BHS-68, tells the Korner that he has had a discussion with Mr. Lovin, his father-in-law, about those days. Marty wrote, "he (Chuck) remembers fondly that his 1956 team went 19-1 with l7 of the wins in a row. They were beaten by Gilbert in the sectionals, a team they had beaten a few weeks before. Chuck said the reason they lost that game is because his leading scorer, Sandra Hall, had a tooth pulled at 6 p.m. before the start of the 7 p.m. game and she normally scored 18 to 33 points a game but did not have a good game, due to the tooth extraction. He said he had some other good players on that team, Bonnie Reid, Mary Courter and Janet Musser were mentioned. He also said the girls did not play in a conference at that time. They had to schedule games with whomever would play them."
     Coach Lovin is 97 now and still resides in Boone.
     The Kornerman noted a hilarious video on the internet, YouTube to be exact. Someone hired an actor to get on a subway or train or some such vehicle and just break out in constant laughter while viewing their I-pad or whatever you call those devices, wondering what the reaction of the other passengers would be. He went on and on with the laughter.
     It was amazing.........eventually, everyone of the passengers were laughing also or at least displaying a healthy smile. Its been said, "happiness starts with a smile." Or laughter. Guess so.
     Mark August 21, 2017 on your calendar. Tom Peterson, BHS-67, tells us there will be an epic, total solar eclipse on that day........the first such event in 99 years.
     It will darken the skies from Oregon to South Carolina along a stretch of land 70 miles wide. Tom said, "folks who descend on this path of totality are in for an unforettable experience."
     Mary McCoy was a loyal, very loyal, Boone resident from 1951-2009 and was extremely active in almost "anything Boone." Such  a gracious lady we admired so much engaged in church and so many other community activities.
     You may recall that the Korner asked our viewers to send her special birthday wishes as she hit her 100th birthday January 1, 2017.
     Somehow, the Kornerman missed the fact that Mary passed away in Littleton, CO early last month. Her husband, Max, a well known Boone businessman, died in 1989 and Mary left Boone for Colorado in 2009 to be closer to family members.
     The surviving McCoy children are Roger, BHS-61, of Morrison, CO; Marsha McCoy Wilson, BHS-64, of Montgomery, TX. and Michael, BHS-69, of Victor, ID.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Phyliss Streit Drumm, 89, BHS-46, passed away in Carmel, CA. in December. Her husband, Victor, is a survivor...........Louise (Jan) Peterson, 80, Ames. Boone area survivor is a son, Michael Peterson of Boone........Janet Lea Kleinwolterink, 54, Ames. She received a degree from DMACC, Boone campus.........Robert Reutter, 83, Wallingford, IA..............
Betty Hendershott Watson, 85, Boone. Pilot Mound HS-50. DMACC grad. Was a cook at the Ogden schools and served as a secretary at the Woodward State Hospital until retirement in 1993. Boone area survivors include sons, Don and Jay Watson, and daughter, Vicki Conley, all of Boone........Roger Erickson, 55, Boone. OHS-79. A truck driver. Boone area survivors include his mother, Shirley Erickson, and brother, Robert Erickson, both of Boone.........Deane Eckley, 91, Boone. Grew up on a Boone County farm and farmed in the county throughout his working life. Boone area survivors include a son, Gary of Ames, son, Doug, and daughter, Dee Tometich, both of Panora........Etta Stewart, 97, Boone. Was raised in Boone by Dora and Will Troutwine. Boone area survivor is a son, Stephen Doran, of Boone.........Inez Simonson, 93, Stratford. SHS-41. Was a homemaker and worked at the Stratford library. Farmed with her husband, Dale, near Boone and Stratford. Boone area survivors include Dale, a daughter, Carol Harris, and a son, John, all of Stratford.
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