Saturday, February 25, 2017

Boone Connected Deaths

     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: David Brody, 78, Las Vegas. Born in Boone. Parents were Rae and Jack Brody..........Janice Dickerson, 80, Boone. Attended BHS. Was a Certified Nurse Assistant for 30 years, working in area nursing homes and the Boone County Hospital. Boone area survivors include her son, Patrick Dickerson, brothers, Dave and Iver Oppedahl, and sister, Susanne Oppedahl, all of Boone.........Robert Currier, 98, Ogden. With his late wife, Dixie, farmed south of Ogden. Boone area survivor is a daughter, Connie Rudy, of rural Ogden..........Cifford Cazett, 74, Boone. BHS-60. Boone area survivors include his wife, Ardis, and a daughter, Mindy Buck, both of Boone.
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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Erase It, Move On

     The Kornerman has been preaching about too much me, me, me and wouldn't you know, for at least one more edition, I can't escape personal involvement. Sorry.
     The Kornerman's dad, Clinton Kelley, was the owner-operator of the Superette Grocery at 521 17th street from 1950-1967. Closing the store at 8 p.m. one evening in 1960, he backed out of the back door holding a money sack and some bottles of pop. Somebody jumped out from behind and demanded the day's receipts. Dad had always said, if he was ever robbed, he would simply hand over the money. However, on this occasion, as he turned to hand over the money sack, the robber apparently panicked, thinking he was turning to take a swing at him. Shots were fired as the two wrestled to the ground........three of them hitting Clint Kelley. The robber ran away but was eventually captured and served time in prison.
     Dr. Greco performed surgery on Clint and said one of the bullets was a "miracle miss," landing just an inch or so from a prime organ. It could have resulted in murder rather than robbery.  Dad was 49 years old at the time and the good news is, he went on to a great 45 more years. He passed away at 94 years of age in 2004.
     You've now read the introduction but here is the real story of the day.
     Bill Olson, BHS-62, called the Kornerman from Blairsville, GA. Its located 75 miles from Atlanta and Bill says the population changes from 500 to several thousand, "depending on the snowbirds we get, at times, from both the northern and southern states."In its less populated times, it can remind me of Boone," he said.
     Bill had called to tell me of this oddity.......his wife, Jean, patronized a fitness center and became acquainted with a lady that was shocked to hear that her (Jean's) husband was a native of Boone, Iowa. This lady was also a former Boone resident. That resulted in lots of Boone talk and eventually it was learned that the lady the Olson's met was a sister of the man that robbed Clint Kelley's grocery store on that night in 1960.
     A few hours after Bill's call, I received an email from that lady who started with, "never in a million years did I think I would be communicating with you." She went on, "I am so sorry this happened and put your family through this. Myself and all my siblings and parents have been horrified by this all of our lives. We were afraid to say our name at school and were looked down on and ridiculed many a time. Its still hard for my older brother and sister to talk about. My sister and I bought many a penny candy and sodas and those wonderful drumsticks from your dad's store. We were so ashamed, it was a long time before we went back, hoping your dad didn't know who we were. I was nine years old at the time and I remember when the police came and got my brother, we had no idea."
     I, the Kornerman, replied with forgiveness........that the incident was a long time ago but we eventually got over it and "your family should also." I told her I much appreciated her courageous call and "tell your entire family all is forgiven. Erase it and move on."
     She followed up with, "it was such an awkward time but we adjusted better when we moved from Boone. My brother got paroled and did very well, found God in prison, married and had two children before passing away in 1982. I felt real bad when we would go to the store and see your dad's injured hand. You are right, I did have to think a lot about pressing the email send button but I thought if I was in your shoes, I would like to hear the other side of the incident."
     Bill Olson's late stepfather was well known guardsman Col. Errol Olson. Bill's looking forward to the BHS class of 1962's 55th anniversary reunion in August.
     My, this world of ours does take crazy turns on occasion.
     EXTRA....EXTRA......With a 32-30 victory over Dallas Center-Grimes at DCG Tuesday night, the Boone High School girls basketball team earned their way into the upcoming Iowa State High School Tournament at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines. DCG was rated ninth and Boone was rated 14th in  class 4-A in  the season ending poll. Boone and seven other teams will compete for the state title in that class.
     The Boone girls (19-5) will open their state tourney play on Wednesday, March 1, at 10 a.m. when they oppose Marion (22-1). Marion is the top-rated team in class 4-A.
     Its the first time a BHS girls team has entered state tourney play since the changeover from six to five-girl play. In 1958 and again in 1989, Toreador girls teams were members of the six-on-six state tourney teams.
     While we're at it, congrats also to our two Toreador wrestlers who competed in the state meet. Mason Hulse finished in seventh place in the state at class 3-A, 145 pounds, while Jacob Melton was eighth in that class at 225 pounds.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Charles (Dutch) Nelson, 91, Waterloo. BHS-44.........Norman Milledge, Pleasantville, 80. Boone area survivor is his sister, Judy Moore of Boone.........Mary Kay Barkey, 64, Madrid. U.S. Army vet. Worked for Blue Cross/Blue Shield in Des Moines. Boone area survivor is her father, Jack Toepfer, of Madrid..........Elise Sturtz Huffman, 60, Boone. BHS-75. An ISU grad. Worked 25 years at the ISU College of Vet Medicine. Boone area survivors include her husband, Dave, daughter, Ashley Purdum, son, Ryan, and mother, Bev Sturtz, of Boone. Surviving sisters include Cindy Christensen, Dee Eckley and Florilea Dennert.
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Saturday, February 18, 2017

We Goofed

     I hate to have to start with an apology BUT........what the heck, haven't you ever made a mistake?
     We had mentioned in a recent rant that a BHS wrestler, Mason Hulse, had qualified for the state meet. Actually, there was a second Boone High School wrestler who also qualified. So the Kornerman apologizes to Jacob Melton who we, unintentionally ignored.
     The state meet is well underway with the finals coming up tonight (Saturday), preceded by wrestlebacks to determine all the other final placings.
     Here's the Boone wrestlers situation. Hulse, a junior at class 3-A,  145 pounds, has an opportunity for as high as a third place finish. He won his first two matches, 6-4, and 8-6, and then lost by technical fall in 5:37.
     Melton, a senior at 220 pounds, could finish as high as seventh. He won by a fall in 1:25 and lost by a fall in 1:28.
     Here we go again. The Kornerman hates to get involved but what am I do too? This is the only contribution I have unused........and I've put off using it for two weeks. Again.....too much me, me, me when I want me completely ignored in favor of stories/memories from you, you,  you.
     Vern Modeland, BHS-40, wrote in response to the Kornerman's similar expressed feeling several editions back. He probably thought I had forgotten it. No, I just don't feel comfortable getting into it.
     He wrote, "you see, Mr. Kornerman, if it wasn't your, you, you, you, we likely wouldn't have any records of those wonderful achievements, big or little, to reminisce about. If you didn't notice, today's readers and rarer contributors don't go back very far. We had a school full of achievers, for all the right reasons. Look how many went on to achieve in other fields because of competitiveness that was drilled into them as what growing up was all about. Intelligent people. That's what you get from intelligent teachers and the back grounding growing up in Boone. You and a lot of motivated teachers, neighbors and sports-folk made us what we are 'cause we were lucky enough to grow up there, in Boone, Iowa."
     It was a lengthy response and I haven't printed all of it but should explain that Vern's comment, "full of achievers for all the right reasons" was in answer to his opinion (and mine and others) that the competitiveness mentioned was far more important than "everyone winning a medal or other award so no one was left out, without one to hang on their wall."
    Now there is a subject that could produce lots of combative discourse on a different day.
    Thanks Vern. I do feel appreciative of your complimentary note BUT again, I'd much prefer filling this space with much less me, me, and me and more of you, you, you.......your stories, memories etc. Can't do that without the help of you viewers.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Donna Bollenbaugh, 87, Ogden. OHS-47. Was a DMACC graduate. Worked at the Boone County Hospital, then for 26 years in Dr. Linder's office, and 10 years at Walmart as a pharmacist. Boone area survivor is a son, Jeff, of Ogden........Derek James Watkins-Lipscomb, 6 Ames. His mother is Audra Hand Watkins and his step-father is Dwayne Lipscomb. Abby and "Dutch" Hand, now deceased, would be Derek's grandparents. Services to be held in Napier.........Geneva Taber, 88, Des Moines. She and her husband, Harold, "loved to go camping and greatly enjoyed the years spent at their summer home near Pilot Mound." The movie, "Twister," was filmed near their property...........Catherine Ford, 63, Ames. Ballard HS. Lived most of her adult life in Hawaii. Boone area survivors include her mother, Louise Mattingly, and sister Holly Larson both of Boone........Bernadine Pepper Kalen, 96, Harlan, KY. Grew up on a Boone County farm with twin brother, Bernard, and 11 other offspring. Was a teacher and worked in the children's room of the Ericson Library..........Marjorie Henry, 90. Boone area survivors include son, John Henry, and daughter, Mary Maben, both of Boone.
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bits and Pieces

     BITS AND PIECES: (1) Continuing the congratulations we cited in the last edition, BHS had a pair of boys relay teams that qualified for State Swim Meet competition and the Toreadors Mason Hulse, at 145 pounds in 3-A, qualified for the State Wrestling tourney. (2) Max Moore, BHS-46, said he couldn't remember the current practice of athletic teams shaking hands after games. He asked, "Is that a rule now, except for the pros?" Max said brother Larry (lefty), BHS-52, said, "Hello." Max also said he talks regularly to Bob Anderson, BHS-44, and Red Houser, BHS-49, and Bob uses a golf cart now, plays only nine holes and "uses many mulligans." (3) Oh yes, time passes whether we like it or not. Classmate Gary Grosnickle, BHS-53, wrote with a reminder that it was 60 years ago when the Kornerman was stationed in California and came home to Boone on leave to help Dee (Delores) and Gary "tie the knot." The Grosnickle's health is good, they recently met with Jim Brunner (BHS-52) and his bride for a round of golf and Gary, himself, now 82, shot a 68 in December and included was his eighth hole-in-one. (4) Fun loving Ken Zanker called the other day with a problem. Somehow, he got his phone all messed up. The final result was his long list of friends have been unable to contact him. Ken asked if the Kornerman could help. Sure, after all, we, the Korner, are very service oriented. So here goes......write it down.......Ken can be reached at 402-212-9067. In our conversation, we shared some good memories of the old Sunset Inn and the East End Cafe. Ken now lives in Cumming which he described as a "backyard." "Lots of neighborliness here, people help each other out. He had previously lived in Omaha. (5) Some  good memories were received via mail from Arizona's John Burke, the former BHS football coach. He recalled that the Kornerman had written him in 1978 with encouragement after he had guided BHS to a 2-7 record in his only season as head coach here. "I cannot thank you enough for the role you played in my career. Because of that, I made a good decision for my family and career and for that, I will be forever grateful," he wrote. John moved on to Colorado. In the early 80's, his Windsor High School team in Colorado won a state championship, one of many successful seasons he had there.  He also said his teams had always used the almost identical system he learned in Boone from talking to and watching coach Merle Harris. (6) Regarding conference basketball championships we have been talking about, Mike Loehrer, BHS-64, wrote, "how about the 57-58 team of Chuck and Bob Musser, Larry Land and Larry Meyers? For some reason, I thought they won the conference. I do know when I was in sixth grade, I always sat under the basket on the north side in the old gym. Those guys were our heroes."
     In answer to the question posed by Max Moore, the Kornerman says, "I guess the practice of shaking hands with opponents after a game applies only to high school and college sports and there's some controversy about that. Some think its an aspect of good sportsmanship while others feel there's a chance it could cause a problem after a highly intense contest. I guess there have been some instances when fights have broken out during that post-game lineup."
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Richard Riker, 67, Jewell. BHS-67. Was a driver for Land O' Lakes. Boone area survivors include his wife, Denise, of Jewell, son, Rusty, of Ames and daughter, Casey Riker, of Ankeny..........Arthur Myers, 63, Boone. Boone area survivor is a brother, Don Myers, of Pilot Mound.........Frances Keith McDevitt, 74, Boone. Boone area survivors include a son, Brian, and a daughter, Kristin Matthews, both of Boone..........Tyler Henriksen, 32, Ames. Worked at the Woodward State Hospital and as a truck driver.........Roberta Renberg, 87, Cedar Rapids. Farmed in the Boxholm area with her husband, LaVern. She was organist at the Boxholm Lutheran Church for 32 years..........Lois Jacobson Stumpf, 87, Des Moines. Born in Boone. BHS-48. Grew up on a farm north of Boone. Boone area survivor is a son, Chuck Stumpf, of Woodward.
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Saturday, February 11, 2017


     The big news in Boonetown these days has to be the success of both the BHS boys and girls basketball teams. Both have already had outstanding seasons with tournament play looming ahead.
     The boys have already been declared Raccoon River Conference champions while the girls, as this is being written, will, also, at least share an RRC championship, if not win the title outright.
     Let's hit it head-on. Toreador basketball has not been very good in most recent years. The boys last winning season was the 1995-96 campaign when they were 13-7. Its believed the last time they won a conference title was in  the 1956-57 campaign when they shared a championship with Marshalltown and Grinnell in the old Central Iowa Conference.
     Dick Musser, who played on a 1963 team that earned a state tournament berth, dropped me a note this week with the comment, "what I remember about the 56-57 team is that they defeated Ames twice by one point each, but lost a triple overtime game to Marshalltown." Dick added, "keep up the good writing and story collection," and he showed great support for continuation of the Korner's effort.
      The Boone boys, of course, had a state championship team in the 1920's that went on to play in  the national high school tournament in Chicago. The 1931 team also won a state title and both the 1948 and 1963 teams were state tournament entrants.
     Marilyn Long, BHS-49, wrote, "I was reading your blog about boys conference championship teams. I was thinking about the team of 1948. I think I have a scroll here and, with a little looking, I might be able to find out about that. Always fun to read your post. The class of 1948 has a lunch on Monday at Saints Avenue. Usually, only about four people show up. I go, even though I'm younger. The numbers really drop rapidly after we hit 80."
     Sorry to say, the Kornerman can't provide much conference history for the BHS girls. We know they were a state tourney team in 1958 and 1989 but haven't been able to pinpoint a conference standing. In fact, its believed that in 1958, Boone was not conference affiliated but played as an independent. Chuck Lovin coached some good teams in the 50's, including one that started the season with 17, 18, 19(?) wins in a row. Again, I don't know about conference results at that time.
     Well, anyway, you viewers can see that it has been a long time for such success, so congratulations for these current teams are well deserved.
     If you are an Our Iowa magazine subscriber, you may have noticed that the old Kornerman authored a little story that appeared in the most recent January/February edition. It was Super Bowl time and I thought what I submitted was appropriate. My original story was heavily edited (that means some material was left out and some was changed a bit) but the main point still appeared and, I even accepted a nice check for the submission.
     Here was the gist: The Super Bowl, as we now know it, was first called the Super Bowl in 1967 and from then until now, it has featured a championship game between the Western Conference NFL winner and the Eastern Conference NFL winner. Even prior to 1967, there was an IDENTICAL NFL championship game.......the only difference was that in those earlier years, it was not called the Super Bowl.
     In 1953, 14 years before it became known as the Super Bowl, the NFL championship game was won by the Detroit Lions who defeated the Cleveland Browns, 17-16, with the winning points scored by the Lions via a 33-yard touchdown pass from Bobby Layne to Boone Counties Jim Doran. No other Iowan can make the claim that they scored the winning points in any NFL title game. That's a wow!
     Doran, now deceased, had lots of ties to Boone and, even today, he has many relatives in the Boone area.  He was raised on a Boone County farm and was a graduate of Beaver High School who did not offer the sport of football in the 1940's. However, Jim was interested in the sport, attended Iowa State University, joined the football squad and became an  All-American, establishing numerous school and even conference pass receiving records along the way.  He later earned numerous NFL honors as a member of the Lions, one year even named that team's Most Valuable Player.
     The old Kornerman thought this was an "overlooked" story insofar as the Boone/Boone County and even Iowa sports scene was concerned. I'm glad the magazine found it worthy of publication.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Rob Loudon, 68, Boone. BHS-66. Boone area survivors include his wife, Jill, and uncle, Wally Loudon, both of Boone.........Rose Marie Johnson, 90, Ogden. OHS-44. Worked at a bank and the Ogden schools. Boone area survivors are her husband, Leo, of Ogden and daughter, Maria Maffett of Ames.........Dorothy Harmon, 95, Madrid..........Yvonne Fjelland, 93, Huxley. Started and operated a well known Huxley restaurant, the Fjord, from 1954-67. .........Commodore Tunney Litchfield, 88, Ames. Worked at a lumber store and as a mail carrier. Married a Boone girl, Margaret (Peggy) Riordan in 1950. Boone area survivors include his wife, Margaret, and daughters, Linda Griffen and Julie Ann Taylor all of Ames.
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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Crystal Moore Yaryan, 97, St. Paul, MN. She was an educator. Moved to Boone in the 1950's with her husband, Jay. They operated the Dairy Queen located a block south and a bit east of Goeppinger Field, the area formerly occupied by Miller Door/Windows and now occupied by a car dealership.........Richard Hurst, 81, Boone. Luther HS-54. Served in the military before returning to Iowa in 1969. Worked in the insurance industry, concluding with that work for the State of Iowa prior to retirement in 2002. Boone area survivors include his wife, Sue, daughters, Sheryl Williams of Boone and Linda Hildreth of Mitchellville, and brother, Dave Hurst, of Boone.........Peggy Weber, 54, Boone. Boone area survivors include her mother, Patricia Bennett, and son, Derek Kuenster of Boone.........Betty Holmes, 88, Boone. Was a teacher and in recent years, along with her husband, Harold, hosted the annual Southern Gospel Sing at McHose Park each summer. Harold survives as well as daughters, Betty Ann and Laura, of Boone.
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Saturday, February 4, 2017

When did BHS basketball prevail?

     As I, the Kornerman,  peered through the very small print this morning (Friday), I had conflicted feelings. I  was extremely happy to note that both our Toreador girls and boys basketball teams are the league leaders in their Raccoon River Conference standings.........and, are in a strong position to capture league championships in each. Happy, happy!!
    However, such a BHS feat, a conference basketball title, is extremely rare, which highlights the sad part of the story.........twice. First, its simply sad that BHS hasn't been championship competitive in the sport in most years. Secondly, this news highlighted the fact, personally, that I, the Kornerman, sadly, is no longer "in the loop" like I was for so many years.
    Ryan Wendt, who seems to spend most of his waking hours following local sports on KWBG, called this week. He thought, "if anyone would know, Mo would." Wrong! His question was, "when was the last time the Toreador boys/girls basketball teams won conference championships?"
    At one time in my existence, I probably could have provided an almost immediate answer but not now and I find that sad. Prior to 1970, I spent numerous hours compiling a history of all Toreador sports. I had pinpointed the result of every BHS football game, every bounce of a Toreador ball, from the 1890's forward........each swimming result.......lots of basketball, baseball, track, golf, and individual results of those events through the years.
    In 1970, an opportunity arose I couldn't pass up. I attained a position with the Iowa High School Athletic Association and time previously devoted to Toreador athletic events dimmed, although I did continue to stretch my football public address announcer stint beyond the 40 year mark.
     I still have various bits and pieces of those original pre-1970 findings. Meantime, memory has, no doubt, slowed somewhat and any of my BHS historical knowledge from 1970 to present is practically bare.
     I peered  through my memory, thinking of outstanding BHS teams of the past. Coming to mind quickly were some boys teams of the 1920's, the 1931 state championship team, some good clubs of the late 40's and 50's, including the 1948 state tourney team and a Bob Powers, Paul Stark led club in the 50's that opened with eight or nine straight wins and was ranked one of the top teams in the state.Then, later, I remember an Eldon Hutcheson coached team led by the outstanding play of his sons that was very good. On the girls side, Chuck Lovin coached a team one year that started with more than a dozen (17 or 18?) straight wins, Ralph Carroll had a state tourney entrant in 1958(?) and a team in the 70's qualified for state play. BUT, unfortunately, I can't determine whether any of those were conference champions.
     I sought some help from former Toreador athletes and there was some thinking that in the1956-57 season, the Toreador boys may have tied for the conference championship with Ames and Grinnell.
     I apologize.......there's too much me, me, me in this Korner. That has never been the intention. Its supposed to be you, you, you but when the Kornerman doesn't hear from you, we feel a need to fill this hole somehow.
     Anyone out there have any knowledge to provide on this subject of the day......"When did the Toreador basketball teams last win a conference championship?"
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Kenneth Anderson, 68, Ames. Beginning in 2011, Ken was a consultant for the Central Iowa Expo site near Boone...........Mary Joan Bass Fried, 84, Des Moines. Was born in Boone..........Peggy Turner, 71, Rockwell City. Formerly of Boone. Worked for Gillespie Motors, Duffee Insurance, Don's Body Shop and Ray's Auto in Boone. Retired in 2011. Boone area survivors include her husband, Ray, of Rockwell City, son, Mike Lauritsen, and brothers, Ben, Larry and Rodney Bennett all of Boone and daughter, Candy, of Ames.
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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

As the World Turns

     Mel Murken, BHS-59, surprised me with a call from Florida this week.
     Mel and I go back to the 60's..........specificially 1962. That year, the Kornerman was selected as the Boone Babe Ruth Baseball League All-Star manager and I, in turn, selected Mel Murken to be my right hand man. The Kornerman was 27 and Mel was 21, neither of us were married, and we ended up that baseball summer trying to keep a group of 13, 14 and 15 year olds under control while we traveled with them to Hampton, Iowa, followed by Wellington, Kansas and finally, Bridgeton, New Jersey. Yes, that team won the Iowa championship, then the regional title, which featured seven other state championship teams. That provided the opportunity to become one of just eight Babe Ruth teams  in the world to compete in the Ruth World Series in New Jersey. Full disclosure......we lost both games in New Jersey.
     Its fun (I think) to roll back the names of some of the guys (kids?) on that team........Ted Hora, Mike Harris, Steve Crandell, John Hendricks, Marty Rinehart, Mike Culver, Les Hohanshelt, Jerry Hamil, Sandy Mahood, Jim Hitsman, R.D. Boschulte, Charley Lind, Jim Smelcer, Jack Mustapha and, surprisingly, I zipped through those names pretty quickly BUT, wouldn't you know, I'm one short. Eventually got it! Don Riker.
     Back to Mel. After playing baseball for Bill Sapp and the Toreadors, he played at Drake University and eventually became an Iowa High School Baseball Hall of Fame coach after a very successful career as the Ankeny High School coach.
     A couple years ago, Mel was back in the Boonetown area for a family reunion and we had time for a good remembrance.  He promised that another reunion will be coming up and he will again stop by to see, "the oldtimer." In the meantime, he just wondered, "how you doin,'" and we discussed our various ailments.
     A stepson and family and a daughter and family have moved to Florida much to Mel's delight and yes, he does spend some time going to major league baseball spring training games at various sites in Florida.
     It was great to hear from him.
     Remember the Lippert family? The construction firm, which began and was very successful in Boone, eventually moved to Oklahoma. Our coffee group obtained a pamphlet about the firm and included were some pictures of various projects they had been involved in through the years. One, was a picture of a Fisher Manufacturing Plant they apparently constructed in Boone in 1930. None of our group had any remembrance of Fisher Manufacturing. Among other things,  Lipperts built the original Boone swimming pool in McHose Park. Names that come to mind are Linda, Bruce and Walt Lippert. Any of our viewers have any knowledge of Fisher Manufacturing in Boone in the early 30's?
      You know and the Kornerman knows that Boone is a hotbed for auto racing. Many of our citizens are involved in some way or another. Just want to alert those interested that there was a lengthy but terrific story about your craft in the Cedar Rapids Gazette, dated January 29, 2016.
     The story banner reads, "Motorsport drivers spend more than most make in a year to compete."
     The story begins by explaining that, "the sport can provide a measure of sticker shock for the uninitiated" but that those involved are aware of that and for them, "the value is the same as spending money on fishing, hunting, boating or any other hobby a person finds."
     There are several quotes in the story from Kyle Brown of Boone, who owns and operates Harris Auto Racing here. The story really gets detailed about the costs involved in racing and the Kornerman knows the Boone area folks who participate in the sport would really enjoy reading it. The Kornerman picked it up on the Gazette website.
     As long as we're at it, here's another Kornerman recommendation.........especially for you folks who grew up in the Elvis era.......the 50's and 60's. Don't think this is just another bit of Elvis memorabilia. There's much more than that including lots of cars from that era. Its a  20 minute presentation and the collector will blow you away with the numerous and various pristine vehicles from that era that he possesses. I promise, you've never seen anything like this. or if you're really interested, contact me and I may be able to send it to you.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Janice Evelyn Kalbach, 79, Menlo. Born in Boone. Parents were Alice (Hunter) and Gilbert Bentley Sr.. Raised on a farm north of Ames and Gilbert HS-55. Attended Boone Junior College, 1955-57...........Jack Mickle, 87, Boone. Longtime professor at ISU. Boone area survivor is his wife, Kathleen.........Doris Frazier, 92, Boone. Moved with her late husband, Max, to Boone in 1955 when Max was involved with the Archway Cookie Company. Doris was a homemaker.........Dora Karwoski, 95, Boone. Boone area survivors include her husband, Marion, and son, George, both of Boone.........Jane Hanel, 87, Boone. BHS-48. Boone area survivors include her husband, Darrell, and daughter, Diane Olofson, both of Boone........Raymond (Bud) Pepper, 92. Born in Boone County and lifetime farmer in Boone County. Roland-Story HS-43.
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