Saturday, September 26, 2015

I Know Why

     It just came to me, the Kornerman. The reason we hit these lulls (lack of input) every now and then. It's the cost. We're charging too much for this service. The Kornerman is, of course, being disgustingly facetious.
     Actually, many blogs do have a subscription fee.......something we've never considered and won't. On the other hand, we do contend there's nothing more enjoyable than doing a good job (?) at something and being rewarded for it. That's American free enterprise at it's best.
     This leads to something I've wanted to do for a long tribute to one specific viewer. No name will be disclosed but they know who I'm referring too. This one person has, ever since we began five years ago, faithfully sent a $5 donation every single month. In many months, especially in the last year or so, it's been the only such recognition we've received. I can't help but smile in appreciation about the 20th of each month when that envelope appears. We are so thankful for that support and loyalty to our cause and just maybe it was that little nudge that gave the old Kornerman an extra incentive to move forward, despite these occasional lulls.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Joyce Lass, 78, Ogden. She and her husband, Don Lass, farmed in the Ogden area until moving to Ogden in the mid-80's. A son, Gary, of Ogden survives..........Eugene Absher, 89, Boone. Worked for the U.S. Postal Service in Boone in the early 1950's. Moved to California and continued to work for the postal serice. Later, he and his wife, Helen Gildea Absher, moved to Missouri. Boone area survivors include his sister-in-law, Lois Riker, and brother-in-law, Harold Gildea, both of Boone...........Clyde (Pete) Miller, 81, Waterloo. Was a truck driver. Services are being held in Boone today (Sat) with burial in Moingona.
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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Some Early Lessons

     After hearing it from Richard himself, the Kornerman repeated it and you, our faithful and fearless audience, were, no doubt, still skeptical.
     Here's the story. Classmate Richard Longworth, BHS-53, wrote, "you mentioned in the Korner that I had mentioned that I thought my high school years of covering sports and the city hall beat for the Boone News Republican were a better education than the Northwestern University journalism school work that came after. This may sound like a huge stretch, but I swear it's true. Two examples. I covered high school track meets, which meant listing, in detail, the results of all the races, including each heat, who placed where, and their times. One day, I got an angry call from a prominent citizen complaining that I had reported his son placing fourth in the third heat, when he'd actually placed third. Obviously, the kid hadn't come close to winning the race. But, it was a big deal to this father. I learned that day that a good reporter gets the details right, sweats the small stuff, or he'll hear about it the next day, especially in a small town where everybody knows his phone number. Journalism schools, like Northwestern, are theoretical. Newspapers are real."
     A second example from Richard, "one night big Pete Peterson, the Chief of Police, ticketed me for speeding. I went to city hall the next day to get the list of overnight arrests, a daily feature of the BNR, and there was my name among the malefactors. Since I was writing the story, I decided to leave myself out of it. Harlan Weeks, the BNR editor, caught me and gave me a loud and public lecture on journalistic ethics that has stuck with me more than any professorial finger-wagging. Sure, the News Republican was a job. But it was also an education."
     Oh yes Richard. The Kornerman says, "been there, done that."
     Here's an eye-opener. Each year, Beloit College releases it's "mind-set list" to help faculty and administration understand what a new class of freshmen have experienced and not experienced. The college class of 2019 is composed, primarily, of students who were born in 1997. It's pointed out that among those who have never been alive during those students lifetime are Princess Diana, Jacques Cousteau and Mother Teresa among others.
     My, how time does fly.
     Also, since these students have been on this planet, none have ever licked a postage stamp, the Lion King has always been on Broadway, Splenda has always been a sweet option in the U.S., Google has always been there, Email has become the new "formal" communication and if you say, "around the turn of the century," they may ask you, "which one?"
     Again, the Kornerman says, "my, how time does fly."
     Thanks to Tom Peterson, BHS-67, for providing this bit of interesting info.
     Seems there have always been Peppers in this area........Peppers family members that is and, a few weeks ago, I heard from one, Betty Pepper Barnard of Ames. Her dad is Ray Pepper and her mother, born and raised as Ollie, was a well known cook in the area at places like the Boone Elks and the Bon Appetite. Betty said, "she cooked a meal for Eisenhower (former President Dwight D.) in 1952."
     Betty's mother passed away about four years ago and she, Betty, had remembered that the Kornerman had mentioned her mother and that "Eisenhower meal" in one of his Korners and she was very interested in recapturing that "memory."
     The Kornerman, of course, was anxious to help and scanned back issues of the internet Korner, starting with edition one, dated March 6, 2010. No luck.
     The only thing we could suggest was that, perhaps, that mention was actually made prior to the internet Korner and was part of the Korner which had appeared in the BNR those many years ago. Those issues of the BNR Korner always appeared in the Saturday edition, which would eliminate, somewhat, a part of the tedious process, of researching. Also, it is assumed the newspaper, itself, or the Ericson Library would have back issues of the BNR available for scrutiny.
     Unfortunately, the Kornerman was not able to provide specifics but we were able to give some hints toward a possible solution.
     The Kornerman has lost his bat boy. Noticed in the Register the death of Jon Weston, who served as the bat boy for the 1962 Boone Babe Ruth All Star baseball team I managed. That team defeated Fort Dodge in the district meet, Ottumwa and Des Moines in the state meet, St. Joe, MO and the Kansas state champs in the regional and competed in the Ruth World Series in Bridgeton, NJ.
     Jon, 61, was the son of Punky and Jack Weston, both BHS-48, and spent his early years in Boone prior to moving with his family to the Des Moines metro area. Sadly, as we had reported in a recent Korner,  Jon's mom had just passed away a few weeks earlier.
     Other Boone Connected Deaths: Margaret Niemier, 80, Madrid. MHS-52. Madrid survivors include her son, Kurt Niemier, and a daughter, Susan Burton.........Anne Anderson, 69, Boone. BHS-64. Parents were James and Mary Seiler. Married Steven Anderson in Boone and after his death, she returned to Boone in 1999. Owned a dog grooming business. Boone area survivor is a son, Eric Anderson of Boone.........Frank Mitchels, 74, Boone. Born in Boone and married in Boone. Was a maintenance technician at ISU prior to retirement. Boone area survivors include his wife, Sheryl Elvert Mitchels, sons Larry, Matthew and Brandon and daughter Laura Myers all of Boone, son Bill of Ogden and son Rich of Rippey.
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Saturday, September 19, 2015

We Found Caleb Humphrey

     A few issues back, we had mentioned that classmate Richard Longworth, BHS-53, sent the Korner a New York Times article written in Boone, Iowa. That was different. Seeing a story in the world's most prestigious newspaper and Boone, Iowa in big letters looking back at us. It seemed, at this particular time, something politically had to be involved.
     The story was about presidential candidate Bernie Sanders visit here and what really furthered our interest was mention of a Caleb Humphrey, who was given great top paragraph adulation for his over and above support of Sanders. The Korner immediately wondered, "is this guy a Booneite, someone from the area or simply a Sanders tag-along from somewhere else?"
     It took a network, but we have the answer. Mike Loehrer, BHS-64, via some research, told us there were Caleb Humphrey's in Madrid and Eldora. Loren Frazier, BHS-58, thought there may also be a Caleb in Griswold and even suggested the Caleb's in Madrid and Eldora may be the same individual. Loren's real guess was that it was somebody "from the outside." Wrong!
     The twists and turns continued. Next up, the Korner received an email from Carol Humphrey of Eldora, the Kornerman's birth site. We find that Carol is the mother of Caleb who, yes, does live in Madrid. Caleb has a son, Elias, and Carol tells us that the pair came to Boone regularly last winter so Elias could participate in infant swimming at a Boone pool.
     Carol had received word of all this via a friend from St. Anthony who called to tell them she (the friend) had received the New York Times clipping from a Pennsylvania friend, Ellis Castle, the wife of Dr. David Castle, now deceased, who had, 31 years ago, given a sermon about Caleb and Joshua of the Old Testament. About that time, the Humphrey's named their infant child, Caleb, because, "Caleb and Joshua were willing to face giants." She added, "Caleb has always had a persevering spirit and a bold determination to make a difference, even when it means being different."
     The Times story, of course, had mentioned that Caleb, on his own, had made over 2,000 calls on Sanders behalf.
     A bit complicated but fini.........finally.
     The Kornerman was delighted to hear from former BNR co-worker, Mary Catlett, this week and it's always especially pleasurable when you learn a friend is doing so well.........and Mary is exhibiting her talents in many ways.
     Initially, Mary was wondering if there had ever been a female editor of the Boone News and the Kornerman's recollection was that  Rosemary Westphalen was editor at one time. Anyway, Mary said the Schaub's, former BNR publishers, had given her an old L.C. Smith manual typewriter that was about to be "tossed." They indicated it had belonged to the first female editor of the newspaper.
    Now living in the Des Moines metro area, Mary is licensed to sell life and health insurance via American Enterprise Group. She lauds the company she's working for, "it's growing and hiring with good pay and a commission" and she even invites anyone who may be interested to send her a resume that she would gladly pass on........mary
     In her spare time, Mary has twice been President of her condo association and is President/Chair of the Urbandale Community Theatre.
     She concluded, "I'm so glad to see you are still blogging and ecouraging everyone to share memories with good fellowship."
     That gritty pair, Bill, BHS-53, and Barbara Mondt, who have battled some health issues in the last year are, hopefully, seeing better days ahead. They've moved from their longtime home in San Diego to a retirement community. Here's the address........Willie and Barb, 1763 Royal Oaks Drive North, Unit F-111, Bradbury, CA 921010. Email is
     Celebrations, yes!! We know the Boone Sacred Heart class of 1960 and the BHS class of 1950 are having reunions this weekend in Boonetown. Then too, this coming week is the week the classes of 1958 are celebrating their 75th birthdays in Branson. That's Wednesday and Thursday, the 23rd and 24th. Looking ahead, the classes of 1952 will be meeting here, October 2-4.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Berniece Anderson, 90, Boone.........Frank Mitchels,74, Boone...............
Anne Anderson, 69, Boone........Stanley Valentine, 84, Madrid, formerly of Boone. Worked for Qwest. Survivors include his wife, Shirley, stepson Bill Lehman of Boone and stepdaughter, Pam Schmidt of Boone.
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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Things Calm Down in Boonetown

     America's Racin' Vacation is over and another edition of Pufferfilly Days has ended so things in Boonetown have quickly fallen much quieter. The week's weather was absolutely fantastic/beautiful and for that, we can be very thankful.
     Pufferbilly? Sure, there are a few failings on occasion but it's still a nice event and, after all these years, it does still rein in many former Booneites who use it as a great excuse for returning to their old home haunts.
     For example, Al Dannatt, BHS-66, wrote, "Mo, so good to see you last weekend. I've got to tell you, I had the best time I've had in years. I met up with old friends to include: Jack Rusnak, Toby Anderson, Dick Musser, Rick Houser, Ted Hora, Larry Knight, Bill Martin, Tom Matt, Dave Pestotnik, all of the Duffy boys - Dick, Mike, Tom, Big Steve, Steve Fagan, Jack Teagarden, Craig Bjorkgren, Danny McDevitt, Marty Rinehart, Marty Dannatt, Larry Land, Danny McMullan, Lonnie Tracy, Mike Bennett, Tim Meyers, Lynn Belluci, Ida Jo Cleveland, you and my old friend Donald Trump and Chuck Lovin (who chipped in for a two on #7). The weather was great, the parade was great, lots of beer. Life is good."
     Jeff Pigott wrote, "I  was in Boone last week to play golf, followed by a trip to Belluci's for pizza before heading back to West Des Moines. I noted a flyer for Pufferbilly Days which said the tone capsule from 1965 was to be opened. While I don't recall the day it was buried, I was there, sitting on top of the stone marker under which the capsule was to be placed. My grandpa, Ralph Kirk, the head of Quinn's, was there as I believe Quinn's had constructed that time capsule. I'm eager to hear your report on the capsule contents."
     The Kornerman says, "Carolyn Kirk, BHS-57, is Jeff's mom. I understand Ted Bergloff had much to do with the construction of the time capsule. It was located near the new Boone High School in the former Blair Park area and was recently dug up. As part of the Pufferbilly opening night ceremony, the capsule was opened. There were some 400 items in the capsule including a proclamation signed by all the centennial celebration committee members, a bouquet of flowers given to the centennial queen, a high-heeled shoe from Fisher's, an old license plate, several envelopes that were to be given to descendants of some of those present at the celebration. Some of the items are on display in downtown windows but for additional information pertaining to all the various items in the capsule, the Boone County Historical Society's website should be"
    The Super National auto races were as popular as ever with massive crowds every night of the week. Over 800 race cars were involved and their drivers and crews came from all over this country. We noted some from Oregon, California, Texas, North Carolina, New Mexico, New York as well as all the midwestern states. That week, with the races plus Pufferbilly our little community at least doubled in population if not more.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Marilyn Smith, 56, Randall. Boone survivor is a brother Charles Smith..........Connie Deaton, 67, Dexter. Parents were Harold Holbrook and Laura Cromwell. Attended Boone schools. Drove bus for Ogden schools. Boone survivor is a daughter, Dawn Toms...........Victoria LaFountain, 62, Boone. Boone survivor is a brother, Robert Neuendorf........Dr. Jerry Larsen, 84, Winterset. Boone area survivor is a son, David Larsen of Ogden..........Barbara Van Voorhis, 72, Ames. Boone survivor is a son, Terry Van Voorhis...........Wilma Hoffman, 92, Ogden. Born in Peoples Township, farmed with her husband, Lawrence, south of Ogden. The couple moved to Ogden and operated Hoffman DX............Keith (Skeeter) Norlin, 87, Dayton. Born in Boxholm and attended Boxholm schools. Worked at the elevator and for the city..........Geraldine Jordan, 86, Boone. Worked as a Registered Nurse at nursing homes in Boone and Story City. Helped her husband, Bernard, on the farm. They moved to Boone in retirement in 1995. Boone area survivor is a sister-in-law, Catherine Huffman of Boone...........Janel Zanker, 54, Kansas. Formerly of Boone. Her parents were Gerald and Carol Zanker.
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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Let's Take the Day Off

     It's Pufferbilly a couple hours the Kornerman will go to the parade and then downtown for awhile after........
     Iowa vs ISU football is later in the afternoon and then the Cubs play at Philly after that.
     I'm going to take the day off......thank you.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Added Information

     Last edition, the Kornerman highlighted a New York Times story following/covering presidential candidate Bernie Sanders recent visit to Boonetown. There it was, right in the midst of the so-called nation's number one newspaper, a story written in our town and with Boone identity.
     The story mentioned the dedication given to the Sanders campaign by a Caleb Humphrey.........period. No mention was made of Humphrey's residence so there could be wild guesses in that regard.......Boone guy, area guy or even a political "plant" from who knows where. We were intrigued with wonderment as was Mike Loehrer, BHS-64.
     Mike got busy, viewed Iowa white pages and responded that he could find two Caleb Humphrey's in in Madrid and one in Eldora. Your reporter scanned a telephone book and yes, there is a Caleb Humphrey listed in Madrid. So, I guess we're assuming..........
     By the way, it was classmate Richard Longworth, BHS-53, who sent us a copy of the Times article and that's what got this discussion started.
     P.S. One other note: Boone wasn't mentioned but on last Sunday's edition of Meet the Press on television, noted presidential historian, Doris Kearns Goodwin, briefly referred to that New York Times story. Humphrey had been quoted in the story, "I haven't felt anything like this in the three years I have been out of the Army. I feel a part of something" and Ms. Goodwin mentioned that quote and clearly had read and recalled that Times story that had originated right here in Boonetown.
     P.S. 1: The Kornerman can't recall any previous offerings that deal with politics. We try to avoid them. But, since this had a local flavor, we couldn't let it pass. The Korner certainly doesn't endorse Mr. Sanders or any of the other numerous presidential candidates.
     Speaking of Richard, our BHS class of '53 had our monthly meeting just last night (Tuesday) and Robert Hammond had been cleaning out a desk and came across a BNR 2003 story about Longworth's retirement from his longtime Chicago Tribune position. Guess what? The story was written by a former Boone News Republican newsman, Mo Kelley.
     I scanned the story and it brought back some good in particular. Richard, who has had a most distinguished career with many important and longtime assignments overseas, is a graduate of the prestigious Northwestern School of Journalism. But, he related something to the effect that he had learned more in his four years "hands-on" and varied experiences at the BNR than he did while attending the Northwestern School of Journalism."
     Yes, I know that sounds like a "huge stretch" but Richard insisted it was his true feeling.
     He started working at the BNR as a high schooler and was involved in all facets, from sports writing to the city beat.
     Gary Hessel, BHS-50, wrote in reference to Kathleen Wheelock's remembrance of the Rialto Theatre. Gary wrote, "her comments bring back memories of my being on a tall ladder changing the lettering on the marquee. I was probably a freshman in about 1946. My "friends" enjoyed taunting me while up on the ladder. I'm looking forward to being in Boone the weekend of the 19th for my 65th class reunion."
     Former KWBG co-worker Larry Kelley, BHS-64, discovered a group called the "Microphonies" held monthly meetings in Des Moines. He recently attended one of those meetings which brings together former area media members for some reminiscing and probably a few "tall tales" about their work in radio-TV.
     Larry wrote, "met several people who either used to work in radio in the "old days" that you and I remember so fondly. A couple are still either in radio sales or advertising connected to radio in Des Moines."
     Another former KWBG co-worker, Mark Campbell, BHS-67, was there as well as some names that may be familiar to some Korner viewers..........former KIOA personality Peter McClain, John Pascuzzi, who gives those movie reviews on channel eight television in Des Moines, Tony Powers, Larry Cotlar and others.
     Larry closed with, "the luncheon lasted about two hours and about 20 people were there, many former KSO and KIOA announcers. It was just, great meeting them and renewing old memories."
     The Kornerman says, "I did attend a similar meeting a few years back and included were several well known newspaper guys as well as radio personalities. Former KRNT announcer Ford Roberts was the host and familiar newspaper fellows like Jim Flansburg and Gene Raffensberger were on hand as I remember."
     Boone Connected Deaths: Mary Weston Shaffer, 85, West Des Moines. BHS-48. Born in Boone. Parents were Tillie and Clarence Dixon. She and husband, Jack Weston, and three children, Vicki, Carla and John, lived in Boone until the early 60's. Worked as a travel agent. Boone area survivor is a brother, Clarence Dixon of Boone..........Mary Wittmer, 90, Boone. BHS-43. Parents were Carl and Lillian Bjorkman. Worked as a telephone operator and at the Boone News Republican. Boone area survivor is a son, Mike, of Ames.............Victoria LaFountain, 62.............Sheryl Porter, 71, Boone. Parents were Chantz and Alberta Davidson. Worked at Pamida. Boone area survivors include her husband, Albert, sons, Randy and Kevin, daughter, Becky Brauch, brother Ron Davidson and sister-in-laws Linda Hasstedt and Lydia Jackson all of Boone and sister-in-law Liz Staples of Story City.
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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Have a Great Holiday Weekend

     It's always intriguing when our little old Boone, Iowa hits the national headlines.
     Classmate Richard Longworth, BHS-53, tipped the Kornerman off about a recent New York Times article that Jason Horowitz wrote directly from Boone Iowa.
     In this day and age, of course, it had to deal with national politics.
     We won't print the whole thing but here was the opening: BOONE, Iowa - The first person Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont met when he climbed out of a Dodge Journey here on a recent Saurday morning was Caleb Humphrey. It was for a good reason.
     "Senator, this week alone, Caleb made 2,016 calls," a campaign organizer said introducing Mr. Humphrey.
     "Oh, my God," Mr. Sanders said, looking genuinely shocked. "Thank you very much for that."
     As Mr. Sanders walked into the hall for another packed rally, Mr. Humphrey, a 30-year Army veteran, explained why he had made so many calls urging Iowans to come to the event.
     "I haven't felt anything like this in the three years I have been out of the Army," he said of Mr. Sander's unlikely and rising campaign for the Democratic nomination. "I feel a part of something."
     The Kornerman says, "we don't like to get engaged in political talk but since this had a Boone mention, nationally, we thought it was "special."
     The question that arises is "who is Caleb Humphrey?" We have no hint, from the story, whether this is actually a Boone person, an area person or even an Iowan. It may be someone from "outside" who simply has an interest in this campaign.
     Bits and Pieces: (1) In answer to a recent Korner mention of the old coal mines outside of town, Dean Hoffman, BHS-48, wrote, "the first coal mine in the county was opened in 1866."
     (2) Wendell (Spike) Condon, BHS-75, a long time military veteran, is back overseas as a Supervisory Helicopter Flight Instructor/Facility Manager. He wondered, "what happened to the Boone time capsule that was to be dug up this year? I saw it placed in the ground in 1965. With Blair Park now "gone," what happened to it?"  The Kornerman replied to Wendell, "I believe that has remained in the "old" location all these years, despite the surrounding activity. And, it will be opened next week during Pufferbilly Days as part of the 150-year community celebration."
     (3) Kathleen Wheelock posed this question, "how many people remember the old Rialto Theatre and Cy Fangman?" She added, "I used to work there when in high school at Sacred Heart. Is there anyone out there who worked for Cy? I was a cashier and then, after he retired, a bookkeeper for some time after Ina Emerson had retired. I worked there until I graduated."
     The Kornerman says, "the theatre, of course, still stands but is simply the Boone Theatre now. Who could ever forget Cy Fangman...........telling us we couldn't bring any of Mrs Fox popcorn in the theatre and, of course, telling us to behave or we were "out." Memories of Ms. Emerson are topped via her Bank Night presentations. What fun"!!!
     (4) Tom Peterson, BHS-67, tells the Korner that his classmate, Kevin Quarnstrom, a former co-worker at the University of Northern Iowa, retired the other day and is moving to South Carolina.
Kevin's mom, Millie, who was a Boone County Courthouse employee for many years and a personal favorite of the Kornerman because she put up with my antics in the "old" days when I covered the courthouse as part of my Ames/Boone BNR/KWBG news duties, still lives in Boone.
     (5) Diane Johnson informed the Korner that Ruth Helm, a very nice former Boone resident, is dealing with some health issues. Her address is 2101 South Garfield Avenue, 821B, Loveland, CO 80537. We're certain she would appreciate hearing from Boone friends. Ruth moved to Loveland to be close to her daughter, Karen Helm Danforth Keys, BHS-62. Karen's husband is Gene Keys, BHS-61, and another of Ruth's daughters, LaVonne Christensen, BHS-67, is also close by. Ruth also has a son, Mel Helm, BHS-70.
     (6) Nancy Jo Smith Bluhm, BHS-54, wrote that she was looking through some material that brought back some memories and sent a copy to the Kornerman. I can't tell you the year but some of the names of BHS and BJC faculty members listed are familiar.........Abbott, Absher, Brookhart, Brunner, Bukoff, Devaney, Ealy, Handy, Hartley, Eck, Linderblood, Lovell, Markwalder, McLeran, Pagel, Peer, Skilling, Stutzman, Ulferts. That's not all of them.....but you get the idea. Oh yes, lots of memories there.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Mary Wittmer, 90, Boone.........Mary Conine, 76, Boone...........Mary Cravens, 73, Missouri. Her parents were Clarence and Ruth Carlson. Survivors include sisters Janice Reitz of Camdenton, MO, Delores Reynolds of Webster City and Karen Feakes of Ames...........Diana Hattermann, 68, Sioux City. BHS-65. Married in Boone. With her husband, farmed near  Germantown and she worked at nursing homes in the Paullina area. Boone area survivors include a brothers, Thomas of Ogden and a sister, Ila of Boone..........LaVern  Babbitt, 89, Boone. BHS-45. Worked in banking in both Boone and Boxholm. Played in the Boone Municipal Band. Boone area survivors include his wife, Bea, and daughter-in-law Brenda Babbitt, both of Boone...........Rodney Miller, 46, Boone. Worked at U.S. Filter in Ames and Besser/Quinn of Boone. Boone area survivors include his parents, Ed and Cheryl Miller, daughters, Felicia and Rebecca Twiselton and brother Ken Miller all of Boone...........Robert Woolsey, 81, Boone. TV repairman. Worked with KFGQ radio as a preacher for 23 years. Boone survivors include his wife, Donna, and daughter Vicki, both of Boone.........Eloise "Bobbie" Caywood, 87, formerly of Boone.
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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Kornerman and Family Are Fine

     Because we were absent last week, both Wednesday and Saturday, a few folks were concerned, wondering if there was a health issue or family problem. Kathleen Wheelock wrote, "missed seeing your blog. Hope everything is O.K.with you and your family. Thinking of you and sending prayers as well. Looking forward to the next edition. We miss you." Mark Tompkins added, "it is always a sad day when there is no Korner. Hope this finds you okay."
     Then, there was our number one supporter, Rick Houser, who called from his home out east with his concern for our absence/health. And, Ogden's Diane Johnson also called "wondering."
     The Kornerman sincerely appreciates those concerns but the truth of the matter is.........we simply didn't have sufficient material to produce a product. None of your stories, none of your memories.....or even comments and no support. That happens on occasion but the past few weeks have been more extreme in that regard. The summer blahs??
     Anyway, the simple truth is........that, in itself, is probably the reason if we come up blank on some days. It's strictly up to you whether there's a Korner or not.
     It's no secret. The Korner has been most attractive to those in the BHS/BSH 1940-70 range so it seems a bit ironic that one of our younger viewers has shown the most interest in keeping the fire burning. Greg Moore, BHS-84, wrote, "I can't let you strike out so I want to give you something to toss out to your viewers. How long has the mining remnant, commonly called Boone Mountain, been around? Longer than Boone proper? It's our 150th you know. Anyway, who hasn't looked at that noble heap of mining waste and longed to see the view from the top? I have personally seen said view, back in my "moped riding" days. My buddy Todd Harrington and I just couldn't see why we should stay off of it, so up we went. I don't know who owns it currently but I would love a one time re-do. Wouldn't that be a great city park? So, perhaps, someone else will chime in with a Boone Mountain tale. Thanks and keep up the good work."
     The Kornerman says, "thanks Greg for attempting to keep the Korner afloat." It's the second recent time he's made an effort to "help us out." It was he who pondered the question about the downtown telephone booths.........most of whom have disappeared.
     Oh, and, by the way, the Kornerman remembers many, many years ago traveling to the top of one of those mountains. It was at a relative's farm north and west of Boone, first farm west of that floral business on Division Street. At one time there were numerous such "mountains" in the area.
     Ron Hopkins, BSH-59, had visited Boone recently and, in fact, the Kornerman was able to have a short visit with him. Now, he has written, "been home a couple weeks and still catching up with the 20 Korners we missed while traveling.We had a good trip, about 1150 miles north of Boone and then 1550 miles south before coming home. Hope we can have a longer visit next time."
     Ron lives in the state of Washington and yes, the Kornerman would definitely look forward to a more lengthy meeting next time. A pair of old northsiders with lots of memories to recall.
     We shared memories of Boyd's Dairy from LaVerne Anderson in a recent edition. LaVerne followed up with the fact he started at Boyd's in 1951 when there were 550 such dairies in Iowa. When he left Boyd's, 22 years later, there were just 125 left and today LaVerne said, "there's probably less than a dozen."
     P.S. LaVerne, BHS-54, and his bride, Maxine, BHS-53.....a classmate of the Kornerman, celebrated 60 years of marrage last month. LaVerne wrote, "when I put the ring on her finger, I thought, well now, I'm someone else's problem."
     Boone Connected Deaths: Sandra Klinger, 74, Pilot Mound, formerly of Ogden. BHS-59. Moved to Iowa in 1997, making their home in Ogden. Moved to Pilot Mound after her husband, Larry's, death. Boone area survivors include a daughter, Stacie Vazquez, brother Jerry Pharoah and sister Carolyn Thacker all of Ogden and sister Linda Carlson of Pilot Mound.............Elizabeth Ohlund, 79, Storm Lake. Boone area survivor is her daughter Barbara Ohlund and Barbara's husband Joe Monahan of Boone.........Eldon Anderson, 78, Stratford. Born in Boone. Stratford High-55. Took over the farm operation near Stratford from 1974-98. Later, worked for a time at Sunstrom-Miller Press in Boone. Boone area survivor is his son, Matthew Anderson of Stratford.........Elsie May Keeney Claring, 67, Boone. BHS-66. Worked at Boone County Hospital from 1982-90 and from 1995 on worked in accounting for the Quality Inn in Ames. A son, William Claring, and sister, Mary Diersen, both of Boone survive.......John Shunk, 91, Boone.........Tammy Fullerton, 56, Boone. Webster City High-77. Earned a nursing degree. Boone survivors include her husband, Drew, and son Marc Fullerton both of Boone........LaVern Babbitt, 89, Boone.........LaVonne Shirley Scott Lilly, 80, Boone. Attended Boone schools. Nieces and nephews survive.........John Junck, 76, Madrid, formerly of Ogden. OHS-57. Farmed south of Ogden. Had limited mobility after an accident and moved to the Madrid Home in 2010. Boone area survivors include son Alan, sister Kay Fowler and brother Roger Junck all of Ames..........Patrick Stowell, 78, Boone. Worked as a master plumber at ISU for 32 years prior to retirement in 1995. Boone area survivors include his wife, Pat, son Scott, step daughter Cindy Heldt and twin sister, Pat Lawler all of Boone...........LeRoy Richards, 85, Boone. BHS-48. Worked at Quinn's from 1949-92. Boone area survivors include his son Denny, daughters Cheryl Richards Clark and Julie Richards, brother Larry Richards and sisters Charlene Tripp and Bev Neely all of Boone............Maridith Ellsworth Larson, 77, Boone. BHS-56. Lived with husband Bill Larson in Boone, Illinois, Ohio and Kansas before returning to Boone in 2010 after Bill's death. Boone area survivor is her sister, Chloris Williams of Boone.........Mary Conine, 76, Boone.
     Erik Miles of Cedar Rapids informed the Korner of the death of Tom Long, 67, of Marion who passed away in Cedar Rapids after heart surgery. BHS-67. Tom's parents were Roy and June Long. He earned a degree from Mount Mercy College in Cedar Rapids in 1975 and was a longtime employee of Iowa Electric. Tom and his family moved to Spirit Lake in 1979 but moved back to the Cedar Rapids area in 1999. Tom was an outstanding track man (sprints) as a Toreador.
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