Saturday, October 29, 2016


     Look, this election thing has been gnawing at the Kornerman for a long time but I've held back, telling myself, "don't get involved in politics." But heck, all the "biggies," the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Cleveland Plain-Dealer, all the big city media outlets in each state, even Iowa.....the Register, Gazette and others....... throw their opinion out. Why not another biggie...... the Korner? I've studied all the issues and know where everyone stands........why not? So, yes, the Korner is going to break precedent and endorse who we think would be the next great President of the United States. We'll make the announcement at the end of this edition (that will give us a few more minutes to determine if we still want to do this).
     P.S. No looking ahead.
     One of our faithful viewers, Loren Frazier, BHS-58, wrote, "you, occasionally, write about your appreciation of certain musicians. Charlie Daniels is not my only favorite, but he is one of my many favorites, and this article, on the achievement of his 80th birthday, really touched me. He said, "my philosophy on age is simple. I know that time and gravity will take its toll, that you move a little slower as time goes by, but that's no reason to give up doing the things you love and that you're still physically able to do. There's no reason not to have something in your life that you can still get excited about, something that can give you an excuse to get out of bed in the morning. That's about all you need to keep on keepin' on."
     Loren concluded, "I know that you keep on and this is what I also do most every day. Let's keep on doing it together. Thanks for being there twice a are special to a lot of people."
     From Ann Coe, BHS-46, "I had occasion to see David Saggau, M.D., BHS-77, whom I'd not seen for over four years. Our conversation included "catchup news" and mention of Kelley's Korner and all the neat things you share through your blog. We both appreciate your efforts. Dave is still with Wolfe Clinics and sees patients in West Des Moines, Ames, Fort Dodge, Marshalltown and Spencer so you can see he keeps very busy! Not knowing when either of us may be in Boone or run into you, he said to be sure and tell you, "hello" for him should I see you. Anyway, thought you might like to know we were thinking of you and your newsy blog. Keep up the good work! Most appreciative."
     Mark Tompkins, BHS-60, wrote, "I, too, wander YouTube and see some great music and entertainment. A really funny skit has John Wayne singing with Dean Martin. I have a copy of pal Tom Grasso's, BHS-60, resume and sometimes try to find pieces of his nearly 300 TV specials. One I know is there and you'll see Tom's name in the ending credits is the 44-43 minute "Rockin' with Rick Nelson and Fats Domino."
     Mark guided the Kornerman to that Wayne/Martin skit and it is hilarious.
     Regarding one of the recent items in the Korner, John Kueck, BHS-61, wrote, "Minneapolis has renamed Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day too. I don't agree. The thing that disturbs me is a minority can cause so many changes that the majority of our citizens do not agree with and have better things to do than fight it. A good update on history for all of us could put all this in the proper perspective without holiday name changes. There are a lot of great aspects about our generation and times. Were we so picky about such trivial things?"
     Re-responses to the recent upheaval about the Roosevelt statue incident. Janelle Henry wrote, "I was only a little upset about Dave German's words. Not nearly as much as Davi. No need to apologize to me. I was glad to respond to Dave directly and expressed my concerns with his thoughts."
     Dave, himself, wrote, "sorry you got grief on my comments. You shouldn't have to say you're sorry either. I didn't want to hurt your blog as I believe it is a gateway for many people to keep in touch. You do a great service to many, don't ever feel its not appreciated."
     By the way, Dave offered his email address and said, "if anyone is offended by my comments, they can scold me direct." The Kornerman did send his address to Janelle so they could have their discussion.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Charlotte Arrasmith Erickson, 73, Boone. BHS-62.Worked at Archway and Walmart. Boone area survivors include a daughter, Trudy Kramer, and a son-in-law, Jim Koenig, both of Boone and a sister, Dixie Wallace, of Ogden...........Steve Van Pelt, 60, Ogden...........
Leone Schmoldt, 96, Ogden. Born in Ogden. The family moved to California but returned to Ogden in the mid-30's. OHS-37. Leone worked at Ogden High School, for Boone County and for the State of Iowa. There are no area survivors.
     Worldwide Korner headquarters are located at 710 Aldrich, Boone, Iowa 50036-4703. Phone number is 515-432-1530. To email your stories/memories/comments/SUPPORT..........
     ENDORSEMENT: The Kornerman believes the individual best suited to be our next President of the United States is..............JOE MADDON, currently the manager of the Chicago Cubs baseball team.


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Kostelnick's Run Adds to Boone's History

     What eventually became Boone was platted in 1865. The community was originally named Montana. In 1866, nearby Boonesboro was chartered and in 1871, the "Montana" area was renamed Boone. Boonesboro was annexed to Boone in 1887.
      The point is.......this community has "survived" for a number of years. Through those years, there have been local citizens who have served in high government positions in Washington D.C., a state governor, several athletes of distinction.......even nationally, entertainment figures and many others who have excelled in a number of prestigious ways.
     Add to that list, 29-year old Pete Kostelnick, BHS-2005, son of Charles and Clare Kostelnick, who still reside here.
     In recent years, Pete has become known as an ultra marathon runner with numerous achievements against national and even international competitors.
     His latest success? In completing a run of  3,067 miles from San Francisco to New York City in 42 days, six hours and 30 minutes, he shattered one of the oldest ultrarunning records recognized by Guinness World Records. Averaging over 72 miles per day, he broke the old mark by FOUR DAYS. That previous record was 46 days, eight hours and 36 minutes.
     Courtesy of Loren Frazier, BHS-58, the Kornerman received an opportunity to see a great video of Pete being interviewed by Bill Hemmer of Fox News. Pete was introduced as a "Real Life Forrest Gump." In answer to a question posed by Hemmer, Pete replied that he had designed his cross country route as a "trip down memory lane," including stops in Lincoln, NE  where he resides, and his hometown of Boone, Iowa. He said, "coming through Boone was one of the highlights......just seeing some of the familiar places and faces."
     Pete also told Hemmer his sixth day of the journey was one of the most challenging due to tendonitis suffered in the Yosemite area. In fact, he took day seven completely off, but recovered quickly through massage therapy. He had lots of praise for his four-person support team.
     Pete started the jaunt on his birthday, September 12, and was happy, not only for achieving the record, but also the opportunity to  see his wife, Nikki, for the first time in six weeks. "I need a beer and my wife right now."
     Congratulations Pete. We Booneites are so proud of your accomplishments.
     Janelle Henry, BHS-70, and Davi Mondt Lowman, BHS-67, take very loud exception to Dave Germer's comment posted in the last edition.
     Germer, BHS-69, was responding to an earlier post about a Teddy Roosevelt statue dispute in New York City staged by some protestors (Oct. 19 edition). The Kornerman thought that might be of interest locally due to the well known Teddy Roosevelt statue we have in McHose Park.
      Dave was quite direct in his feelings about the subject, basically criticizing liberals for the problem, while Janelle and Davi are also direct in their response.
      Janelle wrote, "I know your column is non-political but I do wish to express my opinion in reply to Dave Germer's comments. I am one of those liberals but I do have respect for people and property. Liberals are not trying to ruin the Constitution, they are upholding it."
     Davi wrote, "to say I'm surprised you printed Dave Germer's insults toward a whole bunch of people, me included, would be an understatement. To print Germer's inflammatory words as if they are the truth is questionable journalism." Davi signed off, "rather disappointingly yours."
     The Kornerman never likes to disappoint our viewers and we're sorry if we did. We don't have that many, so we'd hate to lose any. I have a lousy excuse that probably won't be accepted by anyone. Its the fact that some times its very difficult to put a Korner together when there are few or no submissions. You'll note on that particular day, the Kornerman even had to delve into some of his personal musical favorites to fill out a column. We always seem to be begging for help and, thus,  take what's made available. I don't think in the Korner's history we have ever outright rejected any submission. Perhaps, in this case, we should have.
     To those we upset.......sorry.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Colleen Pfrimmer, 80, Boone. Worked for the telephone company and ISU prior to retirement. Boone area survivors include her sons, Dale and Jim, sister, Janet King, and brother, Larry Walters, all of Boone........Karen Matson Clabaugh, 73, Oskaloosa, formerly of Boone........Richard Eppert, 88, Madrid. Born in Boone. Luther High-45. He farmed with his wife, Helen, east of Luther. Boone area survivors include his wife, Helen, son Ron of Madrid, and son, Craig, of Luther.........Tom Dawdy, 65, Altoona. Born in Boone. BHS-69. Was an account manager for Procter and Gamble. Retired after 29 years.
     Worldwide Korner headquarters are located at 710 Aldrich, Boone, Iowa 50036-4703. Phone number is 515-432-1530. To email your stories/memories/comments/SUPPORT.......


Saturday, October 22, 2016

A Response to the Roosevelt Statue Dispute

     Regarding the Teddie Roosevelt statue dispute in New York City, as described in the last edition, Boone native Dave Germer, BHS-69, replied, "your story has just described America's biggest problem.......the politically correct liberal mob that is trying to destroy America and ruin our constitution. The liberal mob is the reason God is no longer allowed in our schools and why many kids have zero respect for anything. Growing up in Boone and going to school there I got a very fair chance to make up my own mind. Now days, schools controlled by the liberal mob try to destroy any faith our children have in our country. All lives matter."
      World traveler Mark Tompkins, BHS-60, checks in quite often about his bike trips here and yonder and the Kornerman had mentioned that Mark, in his most recent contribution, had provided a very lengthy and completely interesting story of his travels to the European D-Day beaches. I also mentioned his very detailed account of those travels would provide some good winter reading.
     Well, I am, by no means, done with it.........but I have started taking it all in when I have some extra time. The detail he provides is staggering and highlights a lot of the history behind the sites he has viewed.
     His story, which could be a book, starts with, "It was only 20 months ago, that Larry Hershberger and I toured some of the D-Day beaches by bicycle. It was a grand experience, so much so that it needed to be reprised. Figuratively, it would be like going back for a second piece of pie. This time, we'd have Dan Reese with us also. While you might overdose on pie, I believe you could spend a lifetime on the 50 or so miles of D-Day beaches and not see it all. Likewise, you could spend a lifetime reading about Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword beaches and not read it all. It is overpowering in magnitude."
     So interesting........and I'll keep pecking away at it as time allows.
     Pete Kostelnick, BHS-2005, is completing his run across America. As of Friday, he was within 230 miles of his ultimate destination........the New York City Hall.
     Today, Pete was scheduled to complete his trip through Pennsylvania starting in Spring Hills, PA. That, after battling a storm during yesterday's run. Despite that inconvenience, he's still on a record pace.
     Some things get tiresome like the current election cycle. That's when the Kornerman tries to "get away" with some good music to enjoy courtesy of YouTube. However,  the other day while scanning that medium, I happened to come across material from some of our late, great comedians as well. I especially enjoyed watching Red Skelton perform. Remember him? and how about his famous rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance? It was so great to relive some of his hilarious material and, of course, there are many other of our greatest comedians available for "watching."
     I also enjoy music on YouTube on an almost daily basis. One of my favorite songs right now is, "Then Came the Morning" by Signature Sound. I always like Billy Joel's, "Just the Way You Are" with such great saxophone work by Mark Rivera. Love the Bee Gees, "How Deep is Your Love" and "Jerusalem" by Kim Hopper and the Hoppers, Mancini's "Mr. Lucky," featuring the organ work of Buddy Cole and also listened to some of Neil Sedaka's best hits........"Breaking Up is Hard to Do," "Laughter in the Rain" and "Love Will Keep Us Together," etc.
     Mike Sundall, BHS-68, reported the recent death of his aunt, Lois Shuey Ades, BHS-56, of Ankeny. Her husband, another Boone native, George Ades, survives. That family has lived in Ankeny for 50 years.
     Heard about another death from Roxanne Aplanalp. She has been tracing 1957 BHS/BSH grads to inform them of a class reunion next year. She discovered a telephone number for Jon Ewing's wife and called. Roxanne was informed that Jon had passed away in May of 2014 via a fall. The Ewing's lived in Virginia.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: John Tom Stark, 63, Boone..........John Sturies, 79, Ogden. Moved to Ogden in 1961. Was a mechanic for Hallett Construction. In 1965, started his own Sturies Construction. Retired in 2003. Boone area survivor is his wife, Justa, of Ogden........Glen Capps, 80, Ames. Formerly of Boone. Worked in North Platte, NE for the railroad. Returned to the Boone/Ames area after retirement. Boone area survivors include his wife, Connie Ablett Capps, of Ames, a sister, Carla Hardesty, of Boone and a sister-in-law, Gloria Capps of Pilot Mound..........Justin Jacobson, 43, formerly of Boone. Survived a bad auto accident in 1991. Boone area survivors include his dad, Mick Jacobson, and a brother, Riley Jacobson, both of Boone.
     Worldwide Korner headquarters are located at 710 Aldrich, Boone, Iowa 50036-4703. Phone number is 515-432-1530. To email your stories/memories/comments/SUPPORT.........

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Korner Reports.......You Decide

     Since our Theodore Roosevelt statue has been such an important part of the McHose Park landscape, the Kornerman couldn't help but notice seeing a pertaining New York headline without mentioning it to our viewers.
     The headline blared, "Take down racist Theodore Roosevelt statue agitators tell New York Museum." It was all connected to the recent Columbus Day holiday.
      A pair of well known groups ??.......NYC Stands with Standing Rock and Decolonize This Place ......were the organizers of the protest to "draw attention to the museum's encouragement of racist tropes, and implored New York City to rename Columbus Day.......Indigenous People's Day.
     Christopher Columbus is BELIEVED to have brutally enslaved the indigenous people upon his arrival here in October of 1492 and he SUPPOSEDLY imposed harsh punishments, including torture.
     New to the Kornerman is word that there is a growing movement to change the name of Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day. In the past year, cities in 10 different states have moved to make the change, the largest being Phoenix, AZ. One protestor commented, "it doesn't seem like this renaming is important but it is super important for oppressed  people."
     One of the organizers of the museum protest said, "it's just to echo what this is. It's really a hall of white supremacy, that's what this is." After touring the museum, activists started chanting, "Respect! Remove! Rename! while carrying signs that read, "Decolonize This Museum," "Abolish White Supremacy" and "Black Lives Matter."
     Back to the Teddy Roosevelt thing.......when the activists toured the museum, they covered the Roosevelt statue and took turns reading from a speech. Part of the speech referred to Roosevelt, "his nature was not empty wilderness. It was and is indigenous land taken through violence just like Columbus who came to enslave. To take their gold and their bodies and their souls."
     The Kornerman received a nice note from Janeann Stout who wrote, "thanks for the coverage of the Trinity Lutheran Church 150th anniversary. We had wonderful turnouts and enjoyed visiting with former members, teachers and pastors who had moved away but found the road back for the anniversary."
     Janeann reported that attendance at two services totaled 468, or double the normal attendance; some 60 or 70 were at the talent show; in the rain, 52 came for game night, 15 took part in the golf outing and the celebration dinner was enjoyed by 235 people.
     More than 200 anniversary books have been sold and church historian, Gary Mackey, was lauded for his work. Janeann said, "Gary is the "keeper" of the newspaper clippings on all the members of the Trinity. He had two huge scrapbooks on display, filled with clippings from the past 25 years.......marriages, births, anniversaries and deaths."
     Janeann concluded, "appreciate what you do, helping keep the memories and day-to-day activities of Boone alive and well."
     BITS AND PIECES: (1) The BHS/BSH class of 1957 is planning a reunion next year and has been seeking some information on "missing" classmates. Our mention of some of those classmates brought a response from Marty Dannatt, BHS-68, who provided a Florida address for one of his relatives, Larry Land. We passed the word on. Larry, a longtime employee of Polk County, has just moved to Florida fulltime. (2) East coast correspondent Rick Houser, BHS-63, sent us a DVD of an old movie, "the Long Gray Line" starring Tyrone Power and Maureen O'Hara. Rick said, "here's a movie that tops my list. I hope you haven't seen it. It'll cause a lump in your throat." (3) A couple of things about the recent reunion of the classes of  1961. First, Lori Johnson sent us an opportunity to see, via pictures, the fantastic work of Tom Burke. Tom has built a train layout and included are many familiar Boone sites.....the Rialto Theatre and other downtown locations. Then too, John Kueck of that class sent the Kornerman a copy of a movie he constructed of the reunion.......from start to finish. It was very well done in every way.......musical background etc. A very nice momento of a very enjoyable 55th reunion anniversary. (4) It appears that minus any bad luck.....injury etc.......Boone's Pete Kostelnick, BHS-2005, will set a new record for a run from San Francisco to New York City. Monday was day 36 and Pete has estimated he will end his journey seven days after. The record, which has stood since 1980, is 46 days, eight hours and 36 minutes. One observer said, "at his pace of 70.7 miles per day, Pete could break that record by two or three days."
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Mary Lindblom Rieck, 97, Ankeny. After her mother's early death, Mary and two older brothers moved to a children's home. Eventually, she moved with her dad to Boone. BHS-37. Was a telephone operator. Mary and her husband, Kenny Rieck, followed Pastor Paul Spong from her Lutheran Church in Boone to Grand View Lutheran in Des Moines in 1947.........Sandra Kay Harriman, 68, Ames. Homemaker and worked at Contemporary Designs for 15 years. Boone area survivor is a brother, Roger Temple, of Boone.........Zita Mary Powell Bucsko, 94, Boone. Moved to Boone in 2007 and moved to the Eastern Star Home in 2012. Boone area survivor is a daughter, Mary (Corky) Bucsko-Prater, of Ames.
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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Harvest Time

     Harvest time in Iowa dinners.
     And, they're those good old-fashioned just like mother used to make meals highlighted by standard fare such as beef burgers, chicken and noodles, Swedish meat balls and thick soups. Then, too, its hard to imagine anything better than a variety of favorite deserts, specially prepared by the ladies of the congregations. Delicious!
     Somebody said, "you can eat out almost every night just going from one church-type dinner to another."
     Yes, the local dinner schedule has been pretty hectic and Jo and I certainly haven't "caught" them all but we were at the Marion Street United Methodist Church for their offering a couple weeks ago. Trinity Lutheran Church was celebrating its 150th anniversary with their well attended dinner last weekend.
     We attended the Harvest dinner at the Central Christian Church Thursday night and were happy for the opportunity to see lots of friends and neighbors. Looking ahead, Pilot Mound Methodist Church is offering a breakfast meal this very morning (Saturday), the Boone County Humane Society will have its annual soup supper at the First Methodist Church next Thursday (20th) and those famous Swedish meat balls will be the featured item at the Boxholm United Methodist Church November 2.
     The Kornerman is pleased to announce we have again provided some help for one of our viewers. Roxanne Rose Aplanalp, BHS-57, had contacted us seeking an address for a classmate, Nelson Tompkins, so information could be provided him regarding a class reunion scheduled for October of 2017.
     Nelson's brother, Mark Tompkins, is a regular Korner viewer and contributer. We were able to bring Roxanne and Mark together so an address for Nelson was obtained.
     Roxanne tells us there are other classmates they are still seeing addresses for. They include Larry M. Anderson, Jon Ewing, Susan Jones Dailey, Larry Land, Sandra Richmond VanMeulebrouck and Richard (Dick) Young.
     The Kornerman may have been able to guide Roxanne to a couple of those classmates. But, if any of our viewers can provide any info on any of those folks, please let us know.   
      Several Bits and Pieces: (1) At the church dinner Thursday evening, somebody asked, "Mo, are you writing for the paper anymore?" I replied, "what paper?" Its so sad, people pass away and if they don't "catch" the BNR dead?line, their passing and time of services will be gone by the time the next edition appears. A coffee friend, talking of the fact the Boone City Council has promoted Boone Police Chief/City Safely Director Bill Skare to the City Administrator position, commented, "its even hard to get a timely message via a Letter to the Editor in print anymore." (2) The Kornerman received a couple responses to last Wednesday's lament in the Korner about the Chicago Cubs late playoff games on the West Coast. Kathleen Wheelock  wrote, "Hurray for the Cubs. We miss you today but believe me, we all understand. Go Cubs. A lot of us are right there with you." Classmate Tom Canfield, BHS-53, wrote, "we're still in the ballgame." Tom also commented on our recent coverage of Pete Kostelnick's, BHS-2005, run from coast-to-coast. He wrote, "did you  run along with Peter and how far?" The Kornerman doesn't think an answer to that is required. (3) Speaking of Pete Kostelnick, we know he was in Joliet, IL Thursday after an almost 73-mile jaunt and Friday, on day 33 of his 44 day run, he was 17 miles from the Illinois/Indiana border when we checked. Pete started his run across the country in San Francisco, will end the marathon in New York City, covering the 3100 miles in an effort to break a 35-year Guinness record.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Doyle Price, 78, Boone. Construction worker. Boone area survivors include his wife, Lisa Knight Price, his  son, Brett Price, and daughter, Mindy Mills, all of Boone and Lisa's children, Randy Welch and Stephanie McAfee, of Boone............Sheryl Tam, 66, Boone. Worked at Dollar General and McDonalds in Boone........Laura Martin, 90, Boone. Boone area survivors include a son, William Martin, and daughters, Laura Jane Leland and Marilyn Jean Ellsberry, of Boone.........Sharonlee Clemons, 81, Boone. Earned an LPN degree from DMACC.  Worked at the Boone County Hospital,  Woodward State Hospital, Evangelical Free Church Home and Eastern Star Home in Boone. Boone area survivors include her husband, Larry Clemons, sons, Jeff and Mike Burma, and daughters, Shelley Macek and Jody Busch, all of Boone and Larry's children, Kent, Joel, Lee and Todd, all of Boone..........Stephen Oleson, 66...........Iris Lind Sturtz, 87, Eagle Grove. Formerly of Boone. BHS-47. Graduated from the Iowa School of Beauty..........Larry Bockenstedt, 57, Dyersville. Formerly of Ogden. Sold bowling supplies and worked in real estate. Boone area survivor is a good friend, Lora Ahrens Olerich.
     Worldwide Korner headquarters are located at 710 Aldrich, Boone, Iowa 50036-4703. Phone number is 515-432-1530. To email your stories/memories/comments/support.......


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Blame it on the CUBS

     This old Cub fan can't handle these hours.
     The Kornerman is a regular 9:30 p.m. bed resident. However, I've also been a Chicago Cubs fan FOREVER.
     The Cubs have been on the West Coast for their most recent playoff games. Monday night, their 13-inning loss got over at 1:45 a.m. central time and last night (Tuesday) their 6-5 victory was completed  at 11.30 p.m.........and.........the Kornerman was "live" on deck, for every pitch of both games.
     I'm kind of a tired puppy and now, they don't play again until Saturday, so instead of producing, editing and displaying a Korner today, I'm taking a nap.
     Back Saturday I hope.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Pete Runs Home

    Pete Kostelnick, BHS-2005, son of Clare and Charles Kostelnick of Boone, is coming home. Pete, you  know, is in the midst of a 44-day, 3100 mile run from San Francisco to New York in hopes of establishing a new Guinness record.
    The veteran, world class marathon runner moved into Iowa earlier this week and will be coming through Boone on old Highway 30 Sunday morning. It is anticipated he will be moving through Boone about 8 a.m.. A nice crowd of greeters are expected to meet him and his support team. In addition, other runners are expected to accompany him on, at least, a portion of the run through the central part of the state.
      As the Kornerman reported in a recent edition, the Trinity Lutheran congregation of Boone is celebrating a big event, the 150th anniversary.
     The celebration began last Sunday and special commemorative events are continuing through this  Sunday.
     Today (Saturday), there is a golf outing at Cedar Pointe and this evening, an anniversary dinner will be held at the Boone County Fairgrounds with Higher Power, a musical quartet, providing the entertainment.
     Tommorrow (Sunday), the speaker will be Rev. Dr. Steven Turner, Iowa District West President. Former Trinity Pastors, Robert Gardner, Leon Hauser and Lynn Machula, will also be part of the service. Head organist Angela Pratt has written an anniversary hymn and will be playing it on the organ, recently updated. Between services, a social time will be held with historical displays from 150 years at Trinity. Following the 10:30 a.m. service pork burgers will be part of a light lunch to be served.
     Boone native and world traveler Mark Tompkins, BHS-60, has been in Europe and has been kind enough to share some of his experiences with Korner viewers.
     He sent the Kornerman a pair of significant pictures. One was a picture of the famous General Anthony McAuliffe who told the Germans "nuts" when they asked him to surrender the U.S. forces at the Battle of the Bulge. The picture is actually of a bust of General McAuliffe that still stands in Bastogne, Belgium where the general is still revered.
     The second picture is of Mark and a granddaughter of legendary General George Patton. Mark had the good fortune of meeting Helen Patton at the 101st Airborne Museum in Bastogne. Mark wrote, "Wow! What a piece of serendipity. With over seven billion people in the world, meeting Helen Patton was truly a one in a seven billion chance."
     There's more to this story. Mark has sent the Kornerman a very lengthy "story" of some of his European travels, with lots of history about the Battle of the Bulge etc. included. Its way too lengthy to peruse at this time but will make for some good winter reading and, perhaps, some later comment.
     Anybody remember these names........Bill Mahoney, Don Knight, John Martin, Ed Yegge, Bert Wheelock, Don Lonergan, Richard Cook, Clarence Powers and Wayne DeMouth?
     Mike Loehrer, BHS-64, wrote, "I'm a pack rat of all things. I've saved my dad's (Lawrence) Sacred Heart  high school basketball scrapbook from 1938 with all the clippings of every game and a team photo. I suppose one could say their squad was the most successful in the school's history. In those days, public schools and Catholic schools had their own separate state tournament. Boone Sacred Heart won the Sioux City diocesan tourney, received a bye in the first round of the state meet but was then defeated by Dubuque in its first game."
     The Kornerman says, "yes, those mentioned names were the members of that great Sacred Heart team of 1938 coached by Bricky Johnstone with Bill Walton serving as the team manager."
     Mike wondered if Jerry Manriquez would like to receive this info for his massive web site of Boone High/Boone Sacred Heart information. I bet he would. Hopefully such a transfer can be culminated.
     Classmate Dick Longworth, BHS-53, first reported the death of classmate John Clauson, 81, who passed away in Woodbury, MN.. John's parents were Clarence and Vera Clausen. Clarence was a banker and Vera worked at the Boone schools. John received an engineering degree at ISU and then worked at the DOT as a bridge engineer for 39 years prior to retirement in 1997. John's sister, Ann Clausen Gartner, BHS-56, of Woodbury is a survivor.
     The Kornerman had reported Bob Whitaker's death in an earlier edition but Vern Modeland, BHS-50, has provided additional information.
      Bob, 89, BHS-45, was the son of Dr. Ben Whitaker, MD and Dorothy Whitaker. A service vet, he was a graduate of the University of Missouri and worked in advertising and journalism for several Iowa and Missouri newspapers. At one time he was public relations director for Iowa Blue Cross and Blue Shield,  had a public relations job with the city of Phoenix, AZ..and a public relations position with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management in Arizona. During his career he also became a nationally-known outdoor writer. His articles appeared in over 35 regional and national outdoor magazines. There are no Boone area survivors.
     The Kornerman has been told that old friend, big Dave Cottington, a Jordan High grad and outstanding basketball player, has been battling some health issues in Texas. We wish him the best and are hopeful for a recovery back to good health.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Glenn Knight, 87, Boone.........Verle Johnson, 91. Pilot Mound HS-42. Born in Pilot. Farmed with her husband, Darrel, north of Pilot before moving into town in 1953. Verle worked at a grocery in Pilot, Fareway in Boone and for the U.S. Postal Service. Grandchildren survive.
     Worldwide Korner headquarters are located at 710 Aldrich, Boone, Iowa 50036-4703. Phone number is 515-432-1530. To email your stories/memories/comments/support.......

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Moving Forward

     Clare Kostelnick, Pete's mother, wrote, "thanks for including the update of Pete Kostelnick in your blog. He has crossed into Nebraska so he won't have to fight the altitude any longer. We're looking for him to arrive in Boone sometime this coming weekend. This mom would love to give him and his awesome crew a bed and a meal, but Pete will make that call as far as how much time they can allow. You know Mo, I was so excited when you covered Pete's first marathon in Washington D.C. in 2008. I saved those newspapers. He runs nearly three times that distance every day now. But it is because of the support of his hometown and people like you that he had to include Boone on his route in the attempt to break the Guinness record. We sure enjoy your blog and it helps us stay connected to the community of Boone, both past and present. Keep up the good work. Thanks for all you do."
      The Kornerman says, "Clare, it isn't every day that "one of our own" accomplishes greatness on a national/international scale like Pete, BHS-2005, has. Its a great pleasure for me to follow this most current success and tell everybody else I can all about it."
     Regarding that last line.......among several other things we Booneites can brag about are the Super NATIONAL races. We're it! We are hosting national championships in several racing categories annually yet, we don't seem to get a peep out of our friends at the Des Moines Register. I couldn't find anything about the event in the DMR those days..........even results in the small print.
     The Kornerman had had enough. Yes, I wrote the DMR Sports Editor (they don't really call him that anymore.......its some fancy name that nobody understands)...........a letter complaining about this lack of coverage of this national event right here in Boone, Iowa.........900 cars involved and drivers from numerous states, including Arizona, California, New York etc.
     It certainly has to be one of the top 5, 10,  or, at least, 15 events in our state every year and it has been that way for many years but not a peep from the "News Iowa Depends Upon." Above the top banner it used to say, "The Newspaper Iowa Depends Upon." Sounds like kind of a guilt change to me.
    Anyway, as expected I guess, I've never received a reply.
    I guess I was in that kind of a mood because I also wrote the Publisher of the Ames Tribune complaining about their radical BNR changes from a daily to a three-times a week publication to a weekly edition and the lack of compassion for our community during this drastic changeover.
    Guess what? No reply to that letter either. What? These leaders don't answer their mail?
    As long as I'm on the subject. Has anyone else noticed that there are Boone stories, about Boone people, written by Whitney Sager, the editor of the BNR, appearing in the Ames Tribune BEFORE it is repeated in the BNR at a later date? Thanks a lot for, "thinking of us first."
     Then too, as part of the new BNR changeover, Boone folks are receiving copies of the Ames Tribune on weekends, Saturday and Sunday.
     It appears to the Kornerman that this is a forerunner to an even bigger change. Sometime soon, there won't even be a Boone weekly, but a smattering of Boone news will appear in the pages of the Ames Daily Tribune and Booneites will be urged to subscribe to the Tribune to receive their Boone news.
     Editor's Note: Other than coverage of Pete's great event, this edition leans heavily negative and for that, I apologize. The Kornerman doesn't like for it to be that way but I had to clear my head on a couple of things that I found bothersome and that effect my home community.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: Jerry (J.D.) Dean, 55, Decorah. Boone area suvivors are his dad, Harold (Tex) Dean and his step-mother, Nancy Dean, both of Boone........Barbara Hagge, 74, Des Moines.........Victor Thomas. His daughter, Vicki Gustafson, survives........Thomas Keenan, 69, Phoenix. OHS-65...........Raynold Johnson, 84, Woodward.........Marvin Thomas Dutton, 72, Bella Vista, Ark. Born in Boone. BHS-62. Parents were Marvin and Jean Dutton. Marvin was an electrical engineer prior to retirement in 2009 when he moved to Bella Vista. There, he became a realtor.
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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Is This Worth It?

    Maybe some of you have this same feeling regarding a project. Every once in a while, the Kornerman finds himself wondering if anything worthwhile is being accomplished by continuation of the Korner. Yes, we do have our bright spots but also, on occasion, some dull spots. Especially during those dull spots, it makes me wonder whether its worth it. Just can't help that feeling.
     But then, oftentimes, something will occur that prompts the urge to "keep on truckin." That's been the case the last week or so.
     First, received a phone call from former Boone resident, Roxanne Rose Aplanalp, BHS-57, now living out west, Utah, I believe. Roxanne indicated plans were being made for a BHS class reunion, she knew Mark Tompkins was a Korner "regular" and wondered if Mark might be able to provide some info/address etc. for his brother, Morgan Tompkins, BHS-57.
     Mission accomplished! The Kornerman was able to connect Mark and Roxanne for the needed information.
     Then, in a recent edition, courtesy of Loren Frazier, BHS-58, we were able to report the passing of Karen Toot Dix-Johnson's son, John. That's Karen Toot, BHS-58.
     From Arizona, Mary Jane Vignovich McConnell, BHS-59, noted that death message in the Korner and wrote, "do you have an address for Karen? My family and I would like to send her a card. Karen's mother married my uncle George back in 1964 and Karen has attended our cousin reunions but it seems none of us can find her address. Maybe Loren Frazier would have it but I don't have his  email address. I just flew home from visiting in Ohio and looked you (the Korner) up to see what is new in Boone. Keep up the good work. We former Booneites appreciate you."
     The Kornerman eventually brought Loren and Mary Jane together and she wrote, "thank you so much for helping me get Karen's address. After getting Loren's email address from you, I contacted him and he was able to answer back with an address for Karen and even an obituary for her son, John."
     Voila! Of the various things we try to provide via the Korner, there is nothing more satisfying than helping our viewers connect for any one of numerous reasons.
     Yes, we'll "keep on truckin'" for at least another week or two, if not longer.
     Here's an update on Boone's world class marathon runner, Pete Kostelnick, BHS-2005, son of Boone's Charles and Clare Kostelnick.  
     You viewers will recall that Pete left the San Francisco City Hall on August 12, with an attempt to break a 35-year old Guinness record of running 3100 miles in 44 days, ending at the New York City City Hall.
     Pete has already conquered California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado. Thursday, his 18th day, he ran 72.9 miles in 12 hours and 58 minutes to bring his grand mileage total to 1,235.6 miles. Today (Friday) he has moved into Nebraska and will soon be seeing Kearney, Grand Island, Lincoln and Omaha. He expects to be in Iowa, at Missouri Valley, next Thursday.
     Lincoln, his current residence, is expected to have a nice greeting for him and Pete is looking forward to passing through Boone, his home town, and Ames, the home of his alma mater, Iowa State University, later in October.
     Bits and Pieces: (1) Lila Kruse wrote, "noticed the info on Miles-Lee Park. Daryl and I "adopted" the park last year, painted all the picnic tables and benches and we check each week for trash and vandalism. It is also where we have our traditional Easter egg hunt and get some great family pictures. Keep up the great work." Kornerman says, "you guys are the ones doing the "great" work. Those are wonderful contributions to our city. (2) Thanks to Sandy Crandell, BHS-61, who sent the Korner some outstanding pictures taken during the '61 class reunion last weekend. They were great. (3) Speaking of that reunion, which the Kornerman had the opportunity to attend, in my review of the event last edition I left out Doug Gustafson. Had a few moments to visit with him. The Kornerman remembered one Toreador basketball game I broadcast that Doug was playing in. In fact, he was fouled right at the end of an even game and had a free throw or two (?) after time had expired and a successful free throw won the game for BHS. Don't remember, but his teammates probably carried the big guy off the floor.
(4) Along that same line, you might notice the passing of John Adamson, BHS-50. The Kornerman was 15 in 1950 but I seem to recall John as a great kicker and, in fact, it seemed to me he won a game for BHS with a late field goal. I also recall a 14-14 tie (no tiebreakers in  those days) with Ames and, perhaps, he had something to do with that? Can't get all the cobwebs out this morn. Maybe someone out there in Kornerland remembers more details.
     BOONE CONNECTED DEATHS: John Adamson, 84, Boone. BHS-50. Korean war vet. Worked at John Deere in Ankeny, 1963-92, prior to retirement. Boone area survivors include a sister, Mildred Chapman, and a niece, Dominie Irvine, both of Boone.........Dorlis Good Smith, 81, Boone. OHS-54. Worked at McCaskey's Restaurant, Bournes, Pilot Mound school and the Boone County Hospital. Had a lifelong love of horses. No Boone area survivors.........David Linstrom, 77, Boone. Navy vet. Worked at ISU from 1978-95. Moved to Boone in 1975 to work as a recruiter in Ames. Boone area survivor is his wife, Arlene, and two sons........Rita Aspengren, 87, Boone. BSH-47. Worked at Bournes and Page school. Boone area survivors include sons, Tim, Richard and Brian, and daughter, Deborah Mitchell, all of Boone and daughters, Sandra Niester and Patricia Lewis, both of Ames..........Eldon Boone, 72, Madrid. MHS grad. U.S. Navy vet. Worked at John Deere in Ankeny prior to retirement in 1992. Boone area survivor is a brother, Dan Boone, of Madrid.
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