Wednesday, March 30, 2016

News from Tennessee and California

     From the Nashville, TN. area, Dave Germer, BHS-69, remembers the robbery we've been writing about. He  wrote, "it was my first jolt of reality. I rode my bike from 20th and Division to your family store almost every day. Your dad always gave me an extra piece of candy or, sometimes, a free coke."
     Confession time: The Kornerman spoke in error. I had made the statement at the beginning of the NCAA basketball tourney that Iowa was the only state with three representatives, Iowa, Iowa State and UNI, in that field of 64.
     Friend Michael Loehrer, BHS-64, quickly pointed out that there were four or five teams from Texas in the tourney, Stephen Austin, Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor and Texas Tech.
     Now, Dave Germer reminds us that there were also three entrants from Tennessee, Austin Peay, UT-Chattanooga and Vanderbilt.
     Dave wrote, "I still pull for the Hawks, especially, since my daughter, Megan, graduated from Pharmacy School at Iowa. I live just north of Nashville and still have a lot of relatives in Boone but I don't get back there much. I love reading your stories and I can still hear your voice calling all the Boone High games."
     One of the Korner's California correspondent's, Max Moore, BHS-46, had some things on his mind. First, he contacted the Kornerman for some contact information on an old friend and classmate, Boone's Bob Fisher. After an exchange of emails with phone numbers etc., the two did get together for a "nice 30 minute chat and it was really great to reminisce."
     Max also had some interesting information on some other former Toreadors. He wrote, "I was talking to Skinny Anderson and he said, "do you know that Boone once had five or six hardware stores, at least five men's stores, five women's stores, at least six downtown groceries, several car dealers, drug stores, theatres and several dining places, the Chick-A-Dine, Lincoln Tavern, Bon Appetite, McCaskey's, Canakes and others." Max, of course, did remember those times and asked the Kornerman, "did Walmart take over everything?"
     Then Max added, "I had a visit with Don (Red) Houser, BHS-49, last week. He lives 20 miles from me in Tustin, CA. His grandson attends Wagner College in New York and is a star player on a LaCrosse team with scholarship in hand and also has a granddaughter who is a sophomore in high school in Anaheim, CA.. She has been honored as one of the best California LaCrosse players and has numerous collegiate scholarship offers as well."
     He went on, "Red was an outstanding Toreador running back and an Iowa State Cyclone player. Later, he did some coaching in Galesburg, IL. Our families attended the same church in Orange, CA. and Red has even ministered at that church. He recently lost his wife so he and I are in the same boat, doing our own cooking etc. etc."
     P.S. Editor's Comment: I, the Kornerman, have fond memories of attending an Iowa State University football game in the mid-50's and watching Red Houser score a Cyclone touchdown on a long, I believe, kickoff or punt return in an early season game. Since he was a former Toreador, I was thrilled to witness that and, obviously, have never forgotten it.
     Max concluded, "you're one of a kind in the journalism business, besides being a radio man and high school administrator. And, of course, you're leadership in boy's baseball excelled. Boone High, the Hawks, Cyclones and UNI forever."
     Boone Connected Deaths: Sarah Magnani, 85, Ankeny. Madrid native...........Lois Crouthamel, 86, Des Moines. Formerly of the Boone area. Grew up on a farm near Kelley. Very active in the Boone, Ames, Kelley area. Services in Boone...........Wanda Bergman, 96, Stratford.........Barbara Brown, 81, Boone. Grew up in Colorado. Was a teacher. Moved to Boone with her late husband, Dick Brown, in 2001. Boone area survivor is her son, Dr. David Brown, of Boone.
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Saturday, March 26, 2016

About that Robbery

     Last time we wrote about the Kornerman's grocery store folks store on 17th street and the very small neighborhood store before that, that got them started. That smaller building was eventually moved and was still a grocery, Rinehart's, but in a different part of town.
     Greg Moore, BHS-70, wrote, "My granny Moore lived at 409 Benton and it was always a thrill to go down to Rinehart's and spend a quarter for a fist full of candy and junk. Pop in glass bottles for a dime, bubble gum cigars, wax bottles, or even a Witch Whistle. Maybe all of these and more. Could a candy store survive in Boone today? Thanks Mo, keep it going."
     We also heard from Jon Welin, BHS-70, who from Seminole, FL can still savor some great memories from his Boone days. Jon wrote, "as always, I enjoy the Korner. The March 23 edition brought back some memories of the robbery that took place at the 515 17th street store. You might recall that my maternal grandmother, Maerie Welin Thompson, lived around the corner from that store at 1716 Carroll and my sister and I were often there with her. Of course, we made the trip to that store for candy and sodas when we visited her. I remember we were terribly frightened when we heard about that robbery and I will never forget when that happened. Didn't your dad lose the tip of a finger in that shooting? Can you share whether they ever caught the guy who did it and what the aftermath of that was. I'm glad you're doing well, feeling well, and most importantly, continuing to write and bring back all of the great memories of the great place I call "home.""
     Jon added, "I'd love to hear more about that robbery. I guess it was such a shock to me as a kid because Boone always seemed like such a safe place growing up. You just couldn't have guessed a holdup like that could happen. I'm sure there were burglaries and similar crimes going on but you never heard about robberies with guns involved. Please tell us the rest of the story."
     Here goes. The year was 1960 and the Kornerman had just returned from military service a year or so previous. I was attending a movie at the Rialto and got a summons to report home right away.
     My folks Superette Grocery faced 17th street and our house faced Crawford. It was probably 25 yards or less from the back door of the store to the back door of the house. Closing time was 8 p.m. and dad backed out of the back door of the store with a few items in his hands, including the day's receipt's. The robber came up behind. My dad had always said he would never contest such a happening but would simply yield. However, when he turned to hand the money bag to the guy, the robber panicked, thinking dad was turning to swing at him. That's when the shooting started.
     With no other alternative, dad wrestled with the guy, they eventually hit the ground with my dad on the bottom, the robber on top and the gun in between. To escape, the robber then pulled the trigger several times, hitting dad three times. The robber was then able to flee.
     Yes, dad was hit in a finger. One bullet skipped from one area to another in the front of the stomach  and the most serious wound went from one side to just under one arm. It traveled through much of his interior body........fortunately just missing his heart and I remember Dr. Greco saying, "we really didn't know what we were facing.......was it a knife wound, a bullet wound........we just started surgery at one end and followed the path and repaired as we went."
     The good news was that my dad eventually recovered for another 44 years of good life.
     The robber was a male neighbor who was eventually caught and charged. He did serve some time but was later paroled to the Cedar Rapids area.
     Boone Connected Deaths: June Nyman, 95, Ankeny. Former resident of Boone as her husband, Ken Nyman, operated an insurance agency here. After Ken passed, June moved to the Des Moines area. Boone area survivors include her two sons, Garrett of Cottage Grove, OR. and Mike of Ankeny, as well as daughter, Marcia of Ankeny. Garrett and Mike are BHS grads, early 60's...........Lois Crouthamel...........Joy Councilman, 76, Las Vegas. OHS-59...........Rebecca Greco, 61, Minneapolis, MN. WDM Valley grad. Worked in architecture.............Earl Hansen,85, Waterloo/Cedar Falls. Boone resident from 1964-97. Was an auto mechanic for 40 years. Served Boone in that capacity, Hansen Auto Repair, for 23 years. Spent his retirement years in Jefferson. Boone area survivor is a son, Rev. Lyle Hansen, of Boone.........Neil (Buck) Grabau, 66, Boone. His parents were Otto and Adeline Grabau. Grew up on a farm. South Hamilton High grad. Worked 40 years at 3M in Ames. Boone area survivors include his wife, Linda, son Paul, brothers Karl (Doc) and Forrest Grabau, and cousin Karla Walters all of Boone.
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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

This Goes Waaaaaaay Back

     The Kornerman has enjoyed a good memory for the last few days. Traveling the city, I noticed a sale pending sign on the building that, many years ago, housed my folk's first grocery store.
     We moved to Boone in........I don't know 1946 or 47. The folks purchased our house at 1710 Crawford and also the small, neighborhood grocery store on the next lot south of the house for a grand total of $13,000.
     That grocery had been operated for many years by Toots Shadle. I really don't know how many years my folks operated that small store before closing it and building the larger Superette Grocery, right around the corner on the west side of the alley facing south at 515 17th Street. The Superette must have been built in the late 1950's.
     When the old Shadles Grocery was abandoned, it was sold and moved all the way across town to a Benton Street location, the northeast corner of Fifth and Benton, across, east, from the Salvation Army building.
     On Benton, that store became Rinehart's Grocery and later, a beauty shop.
     The other day I noticed it is now for sale again and has a "sale pending" sign attached.
     That has provided lots of memory for the Kornerman.........that very small grocery, the larger Superette and the time it was robbed and my dad shot by the intruder, the move of the old grocery building clear across town and my folks decision to close the Superette after 25 years of service and that buildings change from a grocery to four one/two person apartments which still operates in that fashion today. Wow! A lot of my personal "growing up" history there.
     Some quickees! Thanks for the birthday greeting from old KWBG buddy Bernie Lewiston and wife, Evelyn. After many years in the West Bend area, they now live in Ogden...........John Kueck, BHS-61, has a grandson to be proud of. Austin Kueck, a junior high school swimmer, has been nominated for Minnesota Swimming Male Senior Athlete of the Year............Bob's Burgers appears to be about ready for a grand opening.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Dr.. Donald Flynn, 84, Davenport. At age 30, he became Madrid High School's youngest Superintendent of Schools. While in Madrid, he designed and spearheaded the construction of a new elementary and high school building. He also spent 15 years as the Principal of the Perry Middle School.Services will be held in Madrid...........Richard Morrow, 87, Boone. Operated a Boone service station. Boone area survivor is a daughter, Lisa Ethington..........Lois Anderson, 83, Marshalltown.........Clara Whattoff, 94, Ames. A resident of Boone County for most of her life........... 
Lyle Moeller, 72, Boone. Stanhope H.S.-62. Grew up on a farm. Earned a degree from the State University of Iowa. Worked at West Central Coop, the DOT and then the U.S. Postal Service for 35 years prior to retirement. Boone area survivors include his wife, Nancy, of rural Boone and his children, Sara, Brian and Nathan all of Boone..........Evelyn Wirtz, 94, Boone. Stanhope H.S.-39. Worked at Randall's Grocery and Priebe Produce. Retired in 1986 and moved to Boone. Boone area survivors include sons, Robert of Stratford and Gary of Stanhope..........Elmer Bunton, 78, Boone. Worked in typography in Chicago before moving to Boone in 2009. Boone area survivors include daughter, Sandra Lebeck, and son, Steven Bunton both of Boone.........Marjorie Petty, 83, Pilot Mound. She and her husband, Bob, farmed in the Boxholm area.
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Saturday, March 19, 2016

A Joyful Time

     What a week it has been. A birthday and great NCAA basketball success.
     Hey, you viewers who live "outside" of your home state........I hope you realize that Iowa is the only state that had three basketball teams that made the NCAA field. Now, after three first round wins by, ISU, Iowa and UNI, we are still the only state with three teams "alive" in the competition. Two of the first round wins came right at ground zero but they were wins and we have more great games to watch this weekend.
     Then, of course, I had a birthday and received lots of nice greetings. An e-card from Roger and Lou Oxenford who claimed I was a young guy at 81 since they are both 89. Then too, thanks to Tom Peterson, Doug and Sheri Miller, John Kueck and classmate Carol Miller Hopkins-Pyeatt.
     John Kueck emailed from Coronado, CA and included a photo greeting written in beach sand..........a big "Happy Birthday" to me, the old Kornerman, from the sands of California.
     Speaking of John, he also sent a Little League sign he "loved." It was displayed at one of the LL parks.  It reads, "Reminders from your Child. I'm a kid. It's just a game. My coach is a volunteer. The officials are human. No college scholarships will be handed out today." That's a great message.
     Classmate Carol wrote, "please know how much I, together with many others, wish you a future of good health and happiness. Its always fun to reminisce when reading your blog. Your blog enables us to connect with those "good old days.""
     By the way, Al Roeder also emailed but, unfortunately, for some reason, I couldn't pull the message up.
     Way back........when I was sports writing for the Boone News and announcing games for KWBG, I got to know many great high school athletic fans all around the area. One of the couples I enjoyed seeing and visiting with were the Jensen's, Lawrence and Dorothy, of the Madrid area. Recently, I noticed they were celebrating their 70th anniversary and that both were in their 90's. I sent a greeting to their Leesburg, VA address and this week, received a reply. They were very appreciative to hear from the old Kornerman.
     By the way, it was their son, Dick Jensen, who had a great Madrid Tiger athletic career as a cross country runner and basketball player, that I wrote about a lot and broadcast events he was involved in. Dick went on to become a star player on a Ralph Miller coached team (late 60's) at the State University of Iowa. He was on that great team with Fred Brown, John Johnson and others that was one of the best teams ever at SUI.
     Dick's dad, Lawrence, wrote that "Dick is now 68 and retired after a great career in computer systems, seven years developing Direct TV and the first to launch satellite radio in New York City. His sister, Barb, not to be outdone, was the first ever Ph.D from Lincoln, NE. to receive a fellowship to the General Accounting office in Washington, D.C.
    It was great to hear from the Jensen's.
    Boone Connected Deaths: Charles Peterson, 87, Dayton. Stratford H.S.-46. Farmed southeast of Dayton............Virgil Fowles Sr., 84, Ames. Worked as a fireman and then had an insurance business. Boone area survivor is a brother, Darrell Fowles of Boone..........David Coe, 73, Ames. Was involved in the family business, Coe's Floral and Gifts in Ames. Was a competitive driver at the Boone Speedway for several years.
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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Skipping from Border to Border

     Korner viewers from Arkansas to Washington State to Virginia provided ammunition for this edition. We heard from the Grosnickles, Gary, BHS-53, and Delores, BHS-52, Bella Vista home, from Ron Hopkins, BSH-59, out west and Rick Houser, BHS-63, out east.
     Gary and Delores and Rick remembered the Kornerman is getting older. Yes, Friday is number 81 and, of course, it is just a number. In fact, I've told wife Jo several times I can't remember if its 81 or 91 this time. One thing I've noticed is it seems I'm always the oldest in a crowd. Maybe that's why I enjoy our 1953 class meetings so much........move of an even keel.
     Ron Hopkins wrote from Edmonds, WA., "the recent anecdote about Jim Bridges provided some interest. I worked part-time at Redeker's during my first two years of college at ISU, 1959-61. Though I can't say I knew him well, Jim was a good co-worker and mentor. I think his dignity and level-headedness were good influences on me as a young man. I saw Jim a few times over the years in my occasional visits to Boone/ Redeker's and ran into him once, more recently, at the Dutch Oven Bakery. Redeker's was still on Keeler Street at the time of my employment. It was a couple doors south of a Coney Island and across the street from the Maid-Rite. Jim, Stan Redeker and Bill Curell were all great "bosses" and really fine people. I expect their character contributed mightily to the continuing success of the Redeker business. I have previously mentioned my "misspent" youth at the Bide-A-Wee. Sunday, I am taking the train to North Hollywood to play in the U.S. Billiard Association 2016 three-cushion billiard championship. I can't compete seriously, but participation has been on my bucket list. Thanks for the Korner. It stimulates many pleasant memories."
     The Kornerman says, "the comment about billiards immediately results in my memories of classmate and friend, Lloyd Courter, and friend Gordy Peterson, BHS-56. Lloyd, of course, spent many of his younger days at his dad, Hugh's, place of business, the Bide-A-Wee. During his college days at the State University of Iowa, he won the NCAA billiards  easy feat. Gordy, of course, has done lots of traveling and competing at similar events all over the country and with great success.....winning more than his share of top prizes."
     Boone Connected Deaths: Arlene Buechler, 95, Ankeny. Born in Boone County. Parents were Frank and Blanche Cooper. Jordan H.S.-38. Farmed with husband, Marvin, for 19 years. They eventually moved to Ames and she worked at ISU...........Ramona Fern Belden, 83, Polk City. Boone area survivors include a daughter, Gail Seeman of Woodward and a son, Rod Belden of Madrid.........
Dorothea Harris, 93, Boone. Worked as a beautician at various salons in Boone. Boone area survivor is her son, Bill Harris of Boone.
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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Boone County Pride

     Another former Boone Countian has surfaced as a national celebrity.
     A few years ago, I, the Kornerman, remember Wade Sundell as one of those outstanding Ogden High School wrestlers, always tough in state meet competition. Since then, Wade has slowly but surely made his mark, nationally, in saddle bronc riding. Talk about toughness!
      Wade, now 31 years of age and a Boxholm native, recently climbed clear to the top in his current sport. At AT&T stadium in Arlington, TX, the Coleman, OK. resident compiled 8,775 points to secure a "triple crown" in American Rodeo competition.
      Matched with the world's 10 best pros in the sport, Wade was the lone winner and the recipient of a check for $1.1 million dollars. In previous years, he had won $100,000 but this big check matched his total earnings for eight or nine years of  tough rodeo competition.
     Vern Modeland, the Korner's Ozark correspondent, wrote, "is it Spring back and Fall forward or do we have to wait until an election to learn that too?" He signed, "a confused member of the BHS class of 1950."
     Boone Connected Deaths: Russell (Dale) Smalley Jr., 76, Beaver. Born in Ogden. Grand Junction H.S.1958.Worked at the Beaver Elevator and at Grabau Construction in Boone. Boone Area survivors include his wife, Pastor Marjorie Smalley of Beaver and sister, Twyla Mackowiak of Ogden.........Shirley Boon, 83, Boone. Worked for Boone County Department of Human Services until retirement in 1992. Boone area survivors include a son, Andy Boon of Boone and sister, Beverly Rose of Ogden.........DeWayne (Curly) Teter, 81, Ogden. Moved to Ogden in the early 1970's. Worked for Hallett Construction for over 40 years. Boone area survivors include his wife, Rose, and sons, Clarence and Shane, both of Ogden.........Sharron Atkinson, 86, Centerville. Formerly of Boone. Born in Boone. Parents were Ted and Lorraine Jones. Lived most of her life in the Sheldahl area..........Carolyn Ulrick, 74, Boone. Worked at Heinrich Envelope for over 30 years. Boone area survivors include son, David Ulrick, of Stratford, daughter Mary Ulrick of Boone, brothers Chuck Ray of Pilot Mound and Keith Ray of Boone, and sister Jan Engleen of Boone........Frank Darner Sr., 91, Boone. Worked for the CNW railroad for 30 years prior to retirement in 1986. Boone area survivors include wife, Rita, of the Madrid Home and sons, Dan, Charles and Frank Jr. all of Boone...........Gregory Krug, 69, Des Moines. He and his wife, Mary, were Boone residents at one time. Mary is a Boone area survivor as is Greg's brother-in-law, Jim Schleier of Madrid..........L. Dean Ringgenberg, 86, Ames. Worked for Fareway for 46 years prior to retiring as Meat Coordinator in 1993...........Thomas Ray Granger, 92, Colo. Was married in Boone in 1940 to Berdina Elaine Dannenberger...........Dorothy Swanson,89, Madrid. Born in Madrid and was a lifetime resident of Madrid. Boone area survivors include a son, Ronald, of Madrid.
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Wednesday, March 9, 2016


     Lou Oxenford wrote, "I just finished reading the story about the high bridge. I think I have something you may be interested in. My father, Edgar McVicker, was on the Northwestern Bridge and Building crew. He was one of the last to paint the high bridge and that was in 1953. It wasn't until  a number of years after that, that dad told my mother he almost lost his life when a train came running onto the bridge and he had to swing out over the river to keep from being hit. We don't know how many other close calls he had, and I doubt if there are any men left to tell of  similar close calls either. We have a picture of dad standing on that bridge. Maybe others have some stories to tell about that high bridge."
     Speaking of bridges, Jo and I were traveling one day recently and had a good memory of our late good friend and neighbor, Jim Bridges. We traveled by Jim's favorite golf course along Highway 30 between Grand Junction and Jefferson. Jim spent many, many hours, in his later years, at that golf course.
     He happened to tell us one day about hitting a drive that came out of the sky and dropped right in the midst of a passing railroad car. That had to become one of the longest drives in golf history. Who knows where that car and golf ball completed its journey..........Chicago? New York?.......beyond?
     As a followup, Jo secured a miniature rail car one day, added a real golf ball to its top and we eventually presented that to Jim as a momento of his record breaking achievement.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Lennice Bloomquist, 77, Kimberling City, MO. BHS-56. Born in Boone. Worked in a bank and she and her husband, Harry, operated Modern Appliance for 27 years before retirement. Husband Harry survives................Kenyon Hoffman, 82, Boone. BHS-51. Was an actuary for the Iowa Insurance Commission and Life Investors in Cedar Rapids. Was also a Christmas tree farmer for over 40 years. His wife, Mary Hudson Hoffman, and a son, Paul Hoffman, both of Boone are among the survivors..........Patricia Hora, 85, Boone. Was married in 1948 in Boone. Worked at Marla's House of Fashion in Boone and was a devoted wife and mother. Boone area survivors include her husband, Ted, and sister-in-law, Pauline Hora, both of Boone and son, Charles Ted Hora II of Ogden............June Miller, 88, Ogden. Born in Boone. BHS-46. Was a waitress at the Chick-A-Dine, Black Knight, Lincoln Restaurant and then worked at the Woodward State Hospital. Boone area survivors include her husband, Dean, and a daughter, Ann Thomas, both of Ogden and a son, Jim Miller of Boone.
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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Lazy Memory Makers

     No help!! We'll see if anybody in our worldwide audience has anything to contribute by Wednesday.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Memory Makers

     Some great memories from Dorothy Clifton, BHS-48, and Mike Loehrer, BHS-64, this time.
     Dorothy sent me an action picture of her late husband, Bob (Pinky) Clifton, BHS-48. She was very surprised to see a picture of Pinky, an Iowa Hawkeye basketball star in the early 50's, on television during halftime of this season's Iowa-Iowa State basketball game. Yes, it was Pinky driving around a defender. Boone residents Ray Gragg, BHS-58, and Kenny Shuey, BHS-56, verified it, as did the Clifton's daughter.
     Ray Gragg played for Clifton when he returned to Boone after his college days to coach the Toreadors and noticed the shot of his old coach while watching the game live on TV. The Clifton's daughter, an ISU grad, had watched and taped that game and was able to make a copy of the picture and Shuey, a neighbor of Dorothy's, took that copy and made some extra copies for Dorothy. The Kornerman received one of the copies.
     Pinky Clifton is one of Boone High's greatest basketball players ever. He led his 1948 Toreador team to a state tourney berth, then became an outstanding Iowa Hawkeye player who won numerous honors, including recognition as an All-American on a team chosen by Look magazine, a popular publication of the day.
     Actually, all this about the picture was but a small part of the note Dorothy sent the Kornerman. Her main reason for writing was to ask if I had any advice as to what she should do with Pinky's BHS letter sweater, which she has kept all these years. Truthfully, the Kornerman hasn't got a clue. As mentioned before, I, myself, have lots of facts and figures about BHS sports history that I don't know what to do with.
     Dorothy concluded, "thanks for all your news about Boone and Boone folks. Very enjoyable reading."
     Mike Loehrer sent a couple of items. One, a famous picture you've all seen of a train passing over the old high bridge west of Boone. I've seen it a zillion times but it always demands a second or third look. Then too, he sent a video, "North Platte Canteen," which was very interesting and which very much reminded me of what could have been called the "Boone Canteen." Although I was young at the time, in the 1940's, I remember when the troop trains would make a quick stop in Boone (remember the stand at that house, northwest corner of Ninth and Greene?) and patronize a canteen set up along the railroad tracks.
     Hot coffee, cold drinks, real food etc. was available and, perhaps even more important, good wishes, hugs and prayers were numerous. It was just what the doctor ordered for the young soldiers. Most were in their 20's, if that,  cramped in a train for two, three, four days while moving across the country, eating K rations and, no doubt, scared to death about what they may face in their future.
     Most were in a place they were unfamiliar with, seeing people they had never met but still enjoying just 10 or 15 minutes of time they would never forget.
     Vern Modeland, "watching Spring coming down here in the Ozarks" wrote in reply to my recent note about the Good News restaurant. I had endorsed the restaurant with the comment, "if you haven't given it a whirl, at least give it a thought."
     Vern replied, "how about giving it a taste instead?  You need nourishment after all that spinning and thinking."
     P.S. The Kornerman noted the other day that a U-Haul was sitting in front of Bob's Burger's and taking material inside. Perhaps that's a sign that the restaurant will soon be opening. A sign on the window  still says, "opening soon."
     Oh boy, remember the good old days of Central Iowa Conference competition.......Ames, Osky, Grinnell, Marshalltown, Newton?
     Here are the 2016 BHS football opponents: Creston/Orient-Macksburg; Bondurant-Farrar; Iowa Falls-Alden; Perry; Gilbert; Greene County; Ballard; Dallas Center-Grimes and Webster City. That schedule for next fall was just released.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Donald Josephson, Wheaton, IL, BHS-59. Was a math professor at Wheaton College.........Roseann Ostrem, 85, Des Moines. Formerly of Boone. BHS-49. Her parents were Cole and Ruby Franklin. No Boone area relatives............Merlin (Mick) Oetker, 84, Marshalltown. Formerly of Boone. Worked over 40 years for Iowa Light and Power.............Bruce Johnson Jr., 67, Akron, CO. Formerly of Boone. BHS-67. Worked  at George Rolfes Company here, moved to Nebraska and had an auto parts business. Worked at a business that restored antique autos and then started his own heating/cooling business. Boone area survivors include his mother, Geraldine Johnson, and Kelli Moore and husband, Greg, all of Boone..........Margaret Grassley, 85, Boone. Taught at Garfield, Lincoln and Page schools from 1960 until retirement in 1990. Boone area survivor is a son, James Grassley, of Boone.........Lester Campbell, 83, Ames. Formed Campbell Oil Company. Boone area survivor is daughter, Jean Carlson, of Ogden..........Pearl Meier, 96, Ames. Boone area survivor is a son, Gilbert Meier, of Boone.
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