Saturday, February 27, 2016

Ready for Endorsement?

     Endorsement coming.
     This is not it.
     The Kornerman was interested in a recent item in the Des Moines Register that mentioned classmate Richard Longworth, BHS-53.
     It was in a column that includes "roses and thorns" for various things the Register favors or doesn't think much of. Here was that item, "a rose to civic and business leaders from Des Moines, Omaha, Kansas City and St. Louis for looking beyond lines on a map. The Midwest metros have formed the Heartland Civic Collaborative as a  way to promote issues important to the region, particularly in  the areas of federal advocacy, transportation, entrepreneurship and life sciences. "This is a global issue. Every one of us, all of our companies, cities, regions, we are all competing at a global level and we have to figure out ways to work better together," said Jay Byers, CEO of The Greater Des Moines Partnership."
     The item continues, "the idea is hardly new. Former Chicago Tribune foreign correspondent and Boone native Richard C. Longworth argued the same approach in his 2007 book "Caught in the Middle America's Heartland in the Age of Globalism." "The Midwest can thrive only if it meets global challenges on a regional basis," he wrote. "Both Midwestern  politics and Midwestern thinking are fragmented, based on states, not the region." Longworth urged state and city leaders, university officials and others to form a think tank to advance solutions to regional issues. The new collaborative is a promising first step."
     Well......Dick's thinking was only eight or nine years ahead of...............
     Oh yes! The endorsement you've been craving for. I bet you thought you were going to hear my choice for President. No way.
      You local viewers need to be aware of, if you're not already,  one of Boone's best kept secrets. Wife Jo had been there a time or two and enticed me to go with her to the Good News restaurant, located on the bottom floor of the Livery building.
      As you know, we're always looking for alternative eating establishments from a limited field of choices. We've certainly added Good News to our positive list. The sandwiches were huge (half went home for a supper meal) and delicious and the prices were reasonable.
     If you haven't given it a whirl, at least give it a thought.
     Regarding a couple other proposed eating options, Bob's Burgers have done some redecorating but no word yet on a possible opening date. The other restaurant that will, apparently, be re-opening........that will take some time while the new owners settle in from Colorado and reorganize the site.
     The annual Lenten fish feeds are well underway. We enjoyed the Boone Sacred Heart offering last night and look forward to the one at St. Malachy's in Madrid next Friday night. The two alternate Friday nights during Lent.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Dean Barrett, 83, Madrid. Raised in Luther. Worked in the printing industry, Madrid Register News and Printer Inc., for over 50 years. Boone area survivors include his wife, Corrine.............Alice Pitts Jenkins, 93, Woodward. At one time, was a teacher at Garfield Elementary in Boone........Ralph Brausey, 93, Everly. Grew up in Boone. Worked at the Boone Bowling Alley. Was an accountant for various businesses. Retired from Farmers Cooperative Elevator in Everly in 1998. Boone area survivors include two sisters, Mary Gildea and Betty Gates, both of Boone...........Rose Ann Ostrem, 85, Des Moines. Formerly of Boone...........Linda Davidson Hasstedt, 71, Boone. BHS-62. Taught music at Central Christian Church nursery. Was teacher, co-director and director of Small Miracles Pre-School at the First United Methodist Church until retirement in 2000. Boone area survivors include her husband, Bill, a daughter, Janelle Good, a brother, Albert Porter, and a sister, Lydia Jackson all of Boone.
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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Selling Boone

     For those of you who love Boone as I, the Kornerman does, this is a real feel-good story.
     Received an email this week from a former Boone resident, Michael Boyle, who wrote, "Coach Kelley, I played for you in the Boone Babe Ruth League. I found your blog and have been reading it all weekend. Love it. So many great memories from the 14 years I lived in Boone. My parents first home in Boone was at 1240 Garst. Thank you for your coaching years ago and your blog today."
    The Kornerman says, " just to be called "coach" 60 years later is a thrill for this oldtimer. However, there's more to this story ahead and those details also provide some extra excitement."
     The Kornerman replied to Michael with some questions about the families stay in Boone and you won't believe how that all started.
     Michael answered, "my father, George, worked for I.T. Verdin of Cincinnati. The company wanted dad to move to Omaha to sell and service church bells. My parents went to Omaha in 1959. My mom was not impressed with that city. They were returning to Ohio on the old Lincoln Highway and stopped at a motel at Fourth and Story in Boone. My family enjoyed bowling and they went out to the Imperial Lanes. Paul Ward (now deceased), owner of Imperial, convinced my parents to stay the next day and he would "show them around town". My mother fell in love with Boone. They rented the house on Garst and left for Cincy. I remember them telling us about Boone and mom kept talking about McHose Park. She was amazed a small town could have such nice parks. That is how we got to Boone Iowa."
     Michael added, "I turned 13 in late September of 1963, so I think my Babe Ruth seasons were 1964, 65 and 66. Teammates were Roger Martin, Hal Lyness, Tom Dawdy and Ted Deal. I have good memories of Memorial Park days. Bobbi and I live in Spring, TX, a burb of Houston. We have retired from McDonald's Corp after 30 years. Looking forward to reading more about Boone. Thank you.
     Hey 10 minutes ago I was a star on WHO radio's Van and Bonnie morning show. Wife Jo said Van was asking if anyone listening was from LaMoille, IA. He claimed he thought he knew every town in Iowa but was unfamilar with LaMoille.
     The Kornerman had to answer that one with a call to the station. In the 1940's, the Kornerman started school in LaMoille, where my dad served as Superintendent of Schools.
     Van asked me a question or two about LaMoille, which is located in Marshall County, a few miles north off Highway 30 about midway between Marshalltown on the east and State Center on the west. There's a sign on Highway 30 pointing the way. The LaMoille area school age kids now attend school in State Center.
     Actually, Van and I have a good connection. We were both radio-mentored by Thomas A. Quinlan, Van at KDLS in Perry and I at KWBG in Boone.
     Some quick notes from John Kueck, BHS-61. He wrote that the Iowa State University Alumni Association and ISU Foundation have announced the names of their 2016 Distinguished Awards honorees and one of those to be honored is a former Toreador.
     Delbert (Hank) Harris, BHS-61, will receive a Distinguished Alumni Award at 1:30 p.m. in the Memorial Union Great Hall, April 15. Hank has received the following degrees from ISU......pre-vet med, 1963; DVM, 1967 and PhD, 1970 in vet microbiology.
     John also answered our recent mention of high school basketball referees Benny Beckerman and Jack North. John wrote, "while his first name escapes me, I am sure you may recall Mr. Quinn, who umpired Little League games and took it very, very seriously and had a serious flair to his calls. If anyone challenged him, they received "the look."
     The Kornerman says that was probably Chuck Quinn who "worked" other sports as well, especially basketball.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Joy Bartley, 77, Boone. Boone area survivor is her husband, Paul, of Boone..........Hubert Peter, 92, Boone. Born in Boone County.Was a meat cutter at Boone Super Value and operated a service station for several years. Returned to meat cutting when he owned and operated the Stanhope Locker. Boone survivor is a brother-in-law, Deane Eckley............Helen Erb,87, Luther High-47. Worked at the Boone News and was a farm wife/homemaker. Boone area survivors include her husband, Donald, sons, Steve, Bob, Dennis and Jeff and daughters, Barb Dohrman and Brenda Stanley all of Boone...........Donald Lager, 73, Moingona. Worked for the railroad for 29 years. His wife, Judy, and several children and siblings survive...........Randy Ray, 57, Bouton. Formerly of Boone and Pilot Mound. Grand H.S.-77. Was a housekeeper at the Boone County Hospital, a truck driver and delivered newspapers. Boone area survivors include daughters, Kerry Myers and Kelsey Ray of Boone, brothers  Leo of Ogden and Darwin of Boone..........Bob Peterson, 83, Boone. Moved to Boone in 1960. Owned and operated a body shop in Ogden, then was co-owner of Top and Body Repair in Boone. Later, worked as a painter at ISU. Boone area survivors include his wife, Sandra, of Boone and daughters, Rhonda Peterson of Beaver and Luanna Peterson of Boone..........Betty Callery, 94, Buffalo, MN. Formerly of Boone. Lived with her husband, Charlie, in Boone for over 50 years. Worked at KWBG and managed an apartment building complex..........Dorothee Merkle, 65, Boone. Boone area survivor is her husband, Phillip..........Norma Henrichs, 84, Boxholm. Husband, Shorty, is deceased. Norma worked at the Farmers Co-op Elevator. Boone area survivor is a sister-in-law, Dorothy Henrichs of Boxholm............Missey Sundberg, 25, Grinnell. Formerly of Boone. Attended school in Ogden and Boone Alternative High School. Boone area survivors include her children, Shaymus and Alex Sundberg, father-in-law Matt Sundberg, sisters-in-law, Jenna and Hope Sundberg all of Boone, mother-in-law, Drew Sundberg of Madrid, and grandparents, Dencil and Sharon Acuff of Boone and Dr. Steven Sundberg and Bonnie of Grinnell.
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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Enjoy Your Weekend

     With your help, we will return Wednesday.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


     Lou Oxenford wrote, "I've enjoyed all the memories of our home town and one thing that hasn't been listed lately is Mrs. Fox's most wonderful pop corn!!! Remember that? I know it's been mentioned before but I don't think anyone could get her recipe. Any hopes you know of? Our Sunday night supper is popcorn and I wish we could get some more of that delicious, melt in your mouth memory!! I can "see" her popcorn stand on the corner of Ninth and Story. Anyone else remember that, and also taking her popcorn into the Rialto? Weren't those the days? Hope you can get some answers for us."
     The Kornerman says, "how could any of us, of a certain age, forget Mrs. Fox popcorn. I don't know about any recipe but I remember the heavy, dark colored grease on her popcorn machine which I don't think was ever touched (cleaned). Maybe that was the secret. Yes, at our adobe, we also feature Sunday night popcorn most of the time. I lean towards lots of butter and salt too. Jo can't resist a handful of that "good" stuff but then backs away for a much more moderate amount of butter and even less salt. I swear our Holly absolutely knows when it's Sunday night and popcorn time. She starts prowling around the kitchen late afternoon in anticipation."
     Boone Connected Deaths: Peggy DeMaris, 86, Waukee. Grew up on a family farm  near Boxholm where she concluded high school............Sally Ann Tomlinson Morlan, 80, Indianapolis, IN. Taught in Boxholm at one time..........Timothy Mickle, 63, Winterset. Born in  Boone. His mother, Evelyn Mickle, survives..........Christine Peter, 56, Nevada. Formerly of Boone and Ogden. Born in Boone. BHS-77. Worked at Archway in Boone and Clark's Grocery in Ogden. Worked in Nevada for Paragon International. Brothers James, Thomas, Joseph, John and Paul Rouse and sisters Diane Brown and Kay DeVoogd all of Boone survive...........Terry Linn, 85, Lehigh. He and his wife, Rosie, lived and worked in Boone for several years before moving to Arizona.
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Saturday, February 13, 2016


     Here's a different subject. Andy Anderson, BHS-62, wrote, "this old guy, a member of  my coffee club named the "Spit and Liars" club, is a walking encyclopedia regarding anything about telephones. I think he's about 87 years old and has detailed stories about his career in the phone industry. Oh, two rules about the club. There is no talking about politics or religion. Vic mentioned that maybe this stuff (telephones?) is "too old." But, I thought someone might be interested and I'd be happy to "hook up" that person with Vic."
     Here's the meat of the subject. Andy wrote, "while having coffee in Southern California Vic Sumner, a telephone pioneer, asked me, "how many telephones used to be in Iowa?" I quickly answered, 17, not knowing he was asking about the 1900's. The old historian produced a list of about 700 telephone companies in Iowa in that era. Vic is really into telephone history and I'm told his house is a telephone museum. Here's what he listed for the Boone area:
     Boone County Telephone Company, 1902-1905. Bought the Ogden Telephone Company in 1903 and then bought the long distance connections in Des Moines in 1904.
     Boone Telephone Company, 1900. See Dodge-Harrison and Farmer's Co-Op Telephone Company and Boone County Telephone Company.
     Dodge-Harris Telephone Company in or near Boone, 1905. See Farmers Co-Op Telephone Company in Boone.
     Grant Township Telephone Company in or near Boone, 1905. See Farmers Co-Op Telephone Company at Boone.
     Garden Township near Madrid, 1902? Incorporated, 1903?
     Jackson Telephone Company, Boone, 1903.
     Madrid Telephone Company, Madrid, 1901-1904.
     Marcy Mutual Telephone Company, Ogden, 1904-1953.
     Northwestern Bell Telephone Company. In 1921, absorbed the Iowa Telephone Company. The Bell might have come in 1921.
     Ogden Telephone Company, 1903. Sold to Boone County Telephone Company and name changed.
     Peoples Telephone Company, Madrid, 1901.
     Rumor of the week. Yes, a rumor, but remember, you heard it here first.
     A downtown restaurant that has been closed has been sold and will, reportedly, reopen in a "few weeks." This is in addition to Bob's Burgers which is also enroute to an opening soon.
     The Korner has heard from several of Roger Dutton's classmates/friends concerning his long battle with illness and the news is "good."
     In an email to them, Roger, BHS-63, explained, "in late January, I had eight stints placed in my abdominal aorta. Surgery was successful, I was let out of ICU and went home February 6. I feel tired but a "good" tired. Finally, this is the last of my aorta procedures. Its been a long haul physically and mentally but I feel great knowing I have no more planned aorta surgeries."
     Pat Ahlstrom, John Hendricks and John Hinz were among the many who got the "good report" from Roger and posted positive responses.
     An important addition to the Kornerman's recent blog concerning the successful football career of Jim Doran is the fact that, in those days, basically the 1950's, players did it "both ways".......offensively and defensively.........even in the pros. Doran was one of those who was both a standout defensive end as well as a great pass receiver offensively. Can you imagine the current NFL players going "all the way" like that? I know.....I know it's an entirely different era.
     Anyway, these very old memories also reminded me of that time,  the 40's and 50's, when, even in college basketball, there was one, wun, 1, official. Anybody but me remember Jim Enwright?  He was a famous sportswriter/basketball official from Chicago and he officiated numerous Iowa Hawkeye Big Ten basketball games by HIMSELF.
     And, back in those days, officials were different than today. Today, most of them anyway, would just as soon "hide out," forgotten,  not be seen etc. In those old days, at least some officials, were just as much a "part of the show" as the players.......with their very unique ways of pointing out fouls etc.
     That even drifted down to the high school level. Anybody else remember Benny Beckerman or Jack North who worked lots of central Iowa games (alone) and did with their own certain "flair."
     Boone Connected Deaths: Amanda Dawdy-Daily, 39, Des Moines. Her surviving parents are Debra and Tom Dawdy, BHS-69, and her grandparents, now deceased, were Irene and James Dawdy, BHS-30, of Boone. Jim Dawdy was a Boone fireman.
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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Boone Countian Caught Late TD Pass for "Super Bowl" Victory

     Before we pack the memories of Super Bowl 50 away, let the Kornerman remind you viewers of a local Super Bowl memory. Yes, as well advertised this year, it was the 50th edition of the Super Bowl which had its initial game in 1967. The Super Bowl, of course, matches the American Football Conference champion against the National Football Conference champion to determine the one and only National Football League champion for that year.
     HOWEVER, guess what? There were similar championship games played many years prior to 1967.................. they simply weren't called Super Bowl.
     In 1920, the Akron Pros became what was termed the first NFL champion and in 1933, two divisions were formed and the winner of each division played each other in the championship game.........much like today.
    Now, for the "kicker," the really good stuff, a local Super Bowl connection that makes (or should make) all Booneites, past and present, swell with pride. I mean anytime one of our "own" makes a special mark in any type of endeavor don't we all feel, deserved or undeserved, a small slice of that success?
    In the 1953 NFL championship game, it was a Boone County player that caught a late game, 33-yard touchdown pass from Detroit Lions quarterback Bobby Layne as the Lions defeated the Cleveland Browns, 17-16.
    That winning Super Bowl type pass catch is actually a small segment of an amazing Jim Doran story. It could and should be part of a book but the Kornerman will just hit some highlights of Doran's life and career in this small edition.
    He was born in 1927 and eventually graduated from Beaver High School, which did not have a football program. In 1947, after a brief service career, he enrolled at Buena Vista and started his exposure to football as a 185 pound defensive tackle on the Beavers "B" squad. Actually, the story was that he was basically told he should "give up the sport" due to  his lack of high school experience.
     That perception was "shot down" rather quickly when he transferred to Iowa State University. In 1948, he devoted his athletic time to track but in 1949, Jim joined the Cyclone football team and immediately became a standout pass receiver.
     He established not only numerous ISU pass receiving records but set national receiving records as well, earned all conference honors and All American honors. He, eventually, was named to the Big Eight Conference All Time team.
     Doran was drafted by the Lions of the NFL and had an 11-year professional career from the 1950's to the early 1960's with Detroit, Dallas and Denver teams. As a professional player, he earned a Most Valuable Player award from the Lions, set various pass receiving records and was named to the Pro Bowl squad as a member of the Cowboys.
     After completing his football career, Doran came home to Boone County and the family farm. He passed away at age 66 in 1994.
     A majority of his life was spent in Boone County and he spent time, of course, in Boonetown where many of his Doran family members live and have lived.
     The Kornerman has talked about the ROMEO group........retired old men eating out. Mavis Swanson informs us there is also a ROLEO group......retired old ladies eating out.
     The Kornerman asked for some outstanding concoctions or ideas for battling these winter cough/colds and we received a pair of replies.
     Vern Modeland, BHS-50, from Ozarkville wrote, "alcohol kills germs. Drink a medicinal amount of your favorite beverage. Keep it up until you feel better or don't feel anything at all." He concluded with, "I'm freezing in the Ozarks while the crocus gets ready to bloom."
     Kathleen Wheelock wrote, "we have always used "Paramount" blackberry brandy for sour throats and coughs, straight from the bottle. It burns all the way down but helps the throat. Just don't drink too much of it. Also, Hyvee brand "Cold and Flu" night time has a blue label and is really good for coughs. Thank you for all you do for us all. You are indispensable in keeping us all a connected family. We all love you for that."
     Bill Olson, BHS-62, says he's interested in seeing a picture of Tom Burke's model railroad layout. He added, "by the way, Larry Lindmark's dad, Bob, BHS-40, worked in the same office in the Lincoln Armory. So did Ted Jr., BHS-65, Hora's dad, Ted Sr., BHS-43. I joined between my junior and senior year and was a part-time janitor. Paid for my first car and date money."
     Boone Connected Deaths: Betty Lyness, 88, Boone. Moved to Boone in 1956. Worked at Lincoln Elementary and the Eastern Star Home. Boone area survivors include sons, Hal and Chris, and daughter, Becky Kelly all of Boone...........Rev. Terri Lin Elder, 66, Des Moines. Served at Boxholm and Pilot Mound cemeteries and services will be held Saturday at the Pilot Mound Methodist Church.........Gemma Robinson, infant. Boone area survivors include her parents, Justin and Corina Robinson of Stratford, sisters Charissa Haman and Marisa Garrels of Stratford, paternal grandparents Rob and Lou Ann Robinson of Boone and material grandparents Larry and Adell Fellmet of Stratford...........Gale Robert Baker, BHS-68, Boone.
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Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Cold/Cough is Bye, Bye

     The Kornerman was hoping to make it one winter......just one winter......without the dreaded coughing cold but.........
     Cough, cough, cough, that makes for a very sore head and it held on from a Sunday to Friday.
     That's it.....I hope.
     Thanks to Lou and Roger Oxenford and Kathleen Wheelock who sent encouraging e-cards.
     If any viewers have any outstanding concoctions or ideas about how to battle a coughing cold or prevent one from starting, we'd appreciate hearing about them.
     John Kueck, BHS-61, sent some information regarding classmate Tom Burke's extensive model train layout which, in its midst, depicts many Boone buildings and other familiar sites. John wrote, "Tom has invested thousands of hours through the years making this layout."
     John added, "I, personally, would like to see it, eventually, become a part of the Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad/James H. Andrew Railroad Museum." He sent a picture of the layout to the BSVR organization with his thought. Sent the Kornerman a picture too and it is a spectacular layout.
     Mark Tompkins, BHS-60,  wondered if we had received a big snowfall recently? Yup! He indicated that in his area, the Missouri River's east bank, they received some 10 inches. Mark wrote, "I think we were heartier, braver, or more reckless back in the "dark ages" pre-1960. School never got closed and we just plowed ahead (pun intended). Country kids who missed school because the buses couldn't run just had to make it up."
     Quick notes: (1) The Kornerman was surprised with all the recent theatre talk that we hadn't heard from Tony Crandell, BHS-59, who survived work experiences at both KWBG and the Rialto. (2) Scott Linn, BHS-74, sent one of those Boone postcards that shows the Rialto sign and also the big Boone sign that hung over Story Street in the railroad track area. By the way, what ever happened to that effort to, somehow, restore that epic "Welcome to Boone" sign?
     Boone Connected Deaths: Bonnie Klatt, 80, Madrid. Was a waitress and worked at Woodward State Hospital. Boone area survivors include a son, Allen, of Madrid and Mark of Boone.......Edward Rethman, 79, West Des Moines. Boone area survivor is a daughter, Kirsten McGrauth of Boone.........Delores Holz, 97, Des Moines. Boone area survivor is a granddaughter, Kim Johnson of Boone........Ardis Heidebrink, 75, Madrid............Jean Kellogg, Mitchellville. In 1948, Jean and her husband, Virgil, moved to Madrid where Virgil was school principal and, eventually, the school suprintendent...........Harold (Bill) Jensen Jr., 88, Ankeny. Formerly of Boone. Had a long railroad career prior to retirement...........William Troche, 84, Boone........Joseph Lentsch, 59, Boone. Worked for Walters Sanitary before retirement. Boone area survivors include his wife, Brenda, daughter, Brendalee, and sister Bonnie Patten.........George Sears, 74, Boone. Boone area survivors include a sister, Kathy Harrington of Ogden............Roger Hubby, 67, Boone. BHS-67. Worked in the family business, Mid-States Steel, until retirement in 2000. Boone area survivors include his wife, Rose, and sister, Claudia Ferry, both of Boone.
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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Looking Ahead

     The old Kornerman has been sidelined by a bad cold for a few days and I'm still battling so we'll ask for a day off this time and hope to be fully recovered by Saturday.