Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Have a Great New Year's Holiday(s)...NYEve and NYDay

     With the Rose Bowl game, Stanford vs Iowa, coming and the UOI basketball team celebrating a win over number one ranked and previously unbeaten Michigan State, our state is engulfed in Hawkeye Fever as well as New Year's fever.
     The result? Everyone's busy, busy. So, we'll bide our time also.
     We'll check in on Saturday and then really get ready to burst forward to 2016 the following Wednesday.
     Be safe and enjoy.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Neat Story to Start the New Year (almost)

     The Kornerman absolutely loves this. It's one reason, above all others, to keep this party alive, being a connecting source.
     Here's the story:
     Last Wednesday at 8:30 a.m., I released our most recent blog to the internet. At 11 a.m. that morning, I received a phone call from Bill Olson, BHS-62, in Blairsville, GA telling me he had read the Korner and had already contacted Michael Morgan, BHS-77, in Kearney, NE to make arrangements for receipt of his (Bill's) late father's birth certificate information. Can it get any better than that?
     You may recall that in the last Wednesday edition we had mentioned hearing from Michael who was wondering if the Korner had any contact with the Errol Olson family. It seems while perusing some material his grandmother, Arlene Hopkins, had accumulated, he found a bill from Boone's Eleanor Moore hospital dated August 30, 1918. The bill had been sent to Albert Olsen for delivery of a baby, Errol Olsen.
     Michael could have easily overlooked that, even trashed it. Instead, he contacted the Korner with an "outside" hope a mention might draw an Olsen family members attention and it did. Michael wrote, "I'm not sure why my grandmother would have this, but I would love to pass it on to an Olson family member." Bill Olson, meantime, took a look at the Korner and was stunned to read a mention of his family.
     The Kornerman assumes the material will soon be on it's way from Nebraska to Georgia and both parties will be happy they "connected" via the Korner.
     The Kornerman had mentioned that I had recalled an Errol Olson who was connected, somehow, with the National Guard here. Bill told me, "yes, my dad was a guardsman in Boone and Des Moines and, unfortunately, he passed away at age 53  in 1972." Bill's grandfather, Albert Olson, had an upholstering shop in north Boone.
     P.S. I know.........someone is going to mention the Olsen and the Olson........and I have no answer for that. All I know is that a pair of our viewers have connected in a very positive way to the happiness of each.
     Can't ask for more than that.
     The Kornerman appreciated the very nice holiday greeting from Kathleen Wheelock and regardless of how long you've been away, you can't take the Iowa out of a true Iowan. Yes, he's been in Southern California for years but Max Moore, BHS-46, sent me a self-picture of him proudly wearing a Hawkeye sweatshirt. He's looking forward to the big Iowa-Stanford game next weekend.
     Had a nice holiday newsletter from former Booneites the Lindmark's, Larry, BHS-63, and wife Kristen. Larry, of course, grew up in fact, right here in the very house I'm sitting in on Aldrich Avenue. Kristen spent a few years here as the Youth Pastor at Augustana Lutheran church.
     Larry's quite the traveler, particularly when it involves sports activity. The newsletter mentions that Kristen joined him on one of his major league baseball bus trips.........eight west coast ball parks, 11 games in 13 days. That's livin' the life of Reilly......or Larry Lindmark.
     I suppose I've mentioned this before......but I did that type of thing many years ago.....went from Boone to Minneapolis, to Chicago (Cubs), to Milwaukee, back to Chicago (White Sox), to St. Louis, to Kansas City and back to Boone. I guess that was six different parks in a week's time.
     The Lindmark's live in Red Wing, MN..
     Along with his Christmas greeting, Mike Loehrer, BHS-64, included the news that their class members who get together annually for friendship and golf are planning a meeting in June in the Omaha area. Mike wrote, "Mike Nyman is the organizer. We're planning on a golf outing at an Army base near Omaha and we expect 15 guys to be there. It should be great fun, especially since we've all turned 70 this year or in 2016. If you mention this in the Korner, make sure you shame Jude Rolfes and John Hendricks, both Texans, into showing up for our gathering. We have wonderful memories of our Toreador coaches, Merle Harris, Larry Parr, Ralph Carroll, Noel Jones, Bill Sapp, Hal Lyness, Larry Blaker, Jim Ranglos and others. We were very fortunate, looking back, we did have so many sports accomplishments."
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Wednesday, December 23, 2015


     Time for the Kornerman and entire crew (? ) to wish all you folks in Kornerland a very Merry Christmas and holiday season. We are so appreciative of you folks who take a few minutes a couple times a week to pay us a visit. And, of course, we're doubly appreciative of those of you who keep in touch via email, telephone or letters with your stories and memories that are the backbone of what we attempt to do. We never know what the future holds but as long as we keep hearing from you and we're still available, personally, we'll try to keep this lovefest moving forward.
     One of the Korner's many purposes is to attempt to find some answers. We had a pair of those instances this week.
     Minnesota guy John Kueck BHS-61, has a grandson who is a swimmer. In fact, he holds two of his school's current records. John was wondering if the Kornerman had access to BHS swim records so a comparison could be possible.
     The old Kornerman kept track of BHS records like that for many years right up until 1970 when I went to real work at the Iowa High School Athletic Association. I had records marks starting in 1890 as well as baseball, basketball, track etc. for all those years. In fact, I still have a smattering of some of those records in my basement.
     The bad news is that it all ended in 1970 so I'm afraid I can't provide John with much help. I assume he could contact the school, itself, and some kind person there could relay the current records to him.
     Then too, I heard from Michael Morgan, BHS-77. Michael indicated that in some of his grandparents (Arlene Hopkins) files he found a bill dated August 30, 1918. The bill was sent to Albert Olsen for delivery of a baby, Errol Olsen, at the Eleanor Moore hospital in Boone.
     Michael wrote, "I'm  not sure why my grandmother had this but I would love to give it to an Olsen family member. Did you know if you had contact with any of those family members?"
     The Kornerman replied that I would mention this in the Korner to see if any of our viewers could provide any help. I did also mention that my memory tells me there was an Errol Olsen in town at one time and that he was involved with the National Guard here.
     Michael then replied to my reply saying, "thanks, it is the man who was involved in the National Guard and his son was named Errol as well."
     We oldsters, of course, know that the Eleanor Moore hospital was the forerunner to our current Boone County Hospital.
     Michael has been the City Manager at Kearney, NE for the past 11 years.
     Anybody going from Boonetown to Denver knows that Kearney is the halfway mark to the Rockies. The Kornerman and wife Jo have stopped there many times for meals or to stay overnight.
     Enjoyed a note from the Register's former Iowa Boy, Chuck Offenburger, who wrote, "I continue to enjoy hanging out on "Kelley's Korner" from time to time, catching up on what the Kornerman is up to. Loved  your vignette the other day about how you've now come back to Christmas carols. All the best to you this holiday season."
     Also received holiday best wishes from Karen Anderson and Al Dannatt, BHS-66, who wrote from Houston, "I always get homesick this time of year. Have a very Merry Christmas and keep up the good work. Makes me proud to be an Indian." He was referring to the fact that he once played catcher on the Kornerman's Babe Ruth baseball team.......the Indians.
     Lou Oxenford sent a nice holiday ecard and I really enjoyed the Kelley's Christmas card which included a picture of Larry, BHS-64, and Toni. They looked like a pair of loving teenagers. Very nice.
     Then too, we got a first hand report from Roger Dutton, BHS-63, himself. He wrote, "I hope you and your lovely wife are enjoying the Christmas holiday season. I'm recovering from my third aorta surgery. Two more and I am done. By then, I will be a bionic ex-Toreador." Proud grandpa Roger included a video of his granddaughter singing in church. She also plays the piano. Talented like her grandpa.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Cheryl Miller, 69, BHS-64. Boone area survivors include her husband, Ed, and son Ken both of Boone...........Naomi Peterson, 85, Boone, formerly of Stratford. Boone area survivors include her husband Delbert of Boone and daughter, Gaylene, of Stratford............Thomas (Ed) McCoy, 91, Boxholm. Luther High-43. Farmed in the Boxholm area until retirement in 1985. Boone area survivors include his wife, Ilene, of Boxholm, son Kevin of Ogden and daughter, Loraine Clark of Beaver.........Sherri Dennis Benning, 45, Mason City. Services held in Boone. Boone area survivor is her mother, Connie Dennis of Boone..........Joseph Williams Sr., 58, Ogden. Boone area survivors include his wife, Linda, and son Jon both of Ogden, son Joey of Boone and daughter Amy Block, his mother, Viola Williams, and his sisters, Marcy Pennington and Ruby Wildt, all of Boone.
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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Bits and Pieces

     (1) Received a very nice holiday greeting, including an e-card, from Ogden buddy Tom Kiefer who wrote, "I hope you folks have a great Christmas and thanks for being a good friend." (2) Speaking of Ogden, Gary Paulsen informed that early next week there will be a meeting in Ogden of old friends that get together, on occasion, to recall the great days of the Boxholm Swede softball team and various other Boxholm/Pilot Mound area memories. The Kornerman has attended that meeting and it was great fun recalling those days past. (3) Max Moore, BHS-46, sent a list of all the various and many Hawkeye events that are being planned for the Southern California area in the coming weeks.......tailgates, a visit to the battleship Iowa etc. etc.. In case you've forgotten, Iowa plays Stanford in the New Year's Day Rose Bowl game in Pasadena. (4) Barb Fosdick, BHS-67, sent some more pictures of the recent Boone County Freedom Flight. (5) Tom Peterson, BHS-67, informed that Roger Dutton, BHS-63, recently passed another of his many surgeries very successfully but still, another one is scheduled. Peterson also remembered, "when our high school coaches wouldn't let us skate because they feared we would risk ankle or leg injuries." He included an old WHO-TV, channel 13, report by Andy Fales regarding the Boone skating pond. It had to do with the pond being ready for play but nobody showing up. Now this was several years ago and if we hadn't been reminded of that, we would know it was an old story anyway because lots of snow is shown surrounding the camera shots of the pond. That's something that isn't evident (snow) in the current pond area. By the way, the Kornerman understands there will be no ice skating at the pond this year due to various problems. In fact, word is that the problems are so significant, any future skating action may take place at a new venue.......across the road southwest in the Gutteridge area of the park. (6) Thanks so much to John, BHS-64, and Linda Hinz of Tonka Bay, MN for their Christmas greeting. Also enjoyed the info regarding their life, which includes downsizing, and the many activities and successes of their "kids." Thanks so much to John and Linda for their very positive words about the Korner and their great support of the project.
     Full disclosure. The Kornerman is happy to report that it's been a long time coming but I am again enjoying holiday music. I've even caught myself whistling or even singing along with some of the tunes we hear so often on our radios/tv's these days.
     I guarantee there are many so-called "disk jockey's" today who can't wait for the holidays to be over. Been there, done that. Sorry, but when you start playing nothing but holiday songs over and over the many hours from Thanksgiving to even beyond Christmas,  it gets very tedious. You're locked in, it's your job and you can't get away from it. I know, I did that for many years and after thousands of "I saw mommy kissin'" and even the traditional Christmas songs I was "worn away" from any possibility of enjoying that music. The good news is, "I'm back. The holiday sounds?, they're all great again."
     Boone Connected Deaths: Bill McGrane, Chicago. He was the son of Bert and Veronica McGrane, both deceased. Bert McGrane was known as one of the greatest sports writers in the nation during his time at the Des Moines Register. Son Bill started at the Register, moved to the Minneapolis Tribune and eventally made a name for himself as a member of the Minnesota Vikings organization and then the Chicago Bears organization of the NFL. Boone area survivor is a sister, Betsy Haberer of Boone...........Paul Howe, 85,  Boone. A farmer. Boone area survivors include his wife, Mary, daughter Marcia Beaman and daughter-in-law, Mary Howe all of Boone..........Cheryl Miller, 69, Boone...........Martha Larson, 84, Des Moines, formerly of Boone. Was a secretary for her late husband Dick's insurance agency. Owned Country Gallery in Ames for a time. Boone area survivor is a son, Brad, of Boone.
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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Boone Connected Deaths

     Boone Connected Deaths: Bonnie Snyder, 86, Adel. Raised quarter horses and Pekinese hogs while farming south of Ogden prior to moving to Colorado in 1965...........Angela (Angel) Wirtz, 60, Boone. Boone survivors include her husband, Jerry, and sons, Shaun and Jake, all of Boone..............
Kenny Batt, 75, Fraser. Clarion H.S.. Operated Batt's Lawn Service. Boone area survivors include Julia Edson, son Aaron Batt and daughter Rebecca Batt all of Fraser............Tom Myers, 79, Ogden. Parents were Archie and Elizabeth Myers. BHS, Boone Junior College and ISU graduate. Was a city meter reader, worked in Des Moines for a time and at Percival of Boone. Numerous cousins survive...........Jim (Tiny) Evans, 62, Boone. Boone area survivor is his wife, Margie Bahr Evans of Boone.
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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Boone Connected Deaths

     Boone Connected Deaths:  Ruth Jones, 99, Perry, formerly of Dana. Was a teacher at Boxholm and Pilot Mound, among other places, prior to her retirement in 1981...........Jim Donovan, 82, Boone. BHS-51. Truck driver for Fareway almost 40 years. Boone area survivors include his wife, Karen, and son, Daniel, both of Boone.
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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Many Thanks

     Many thanks to you Korner viewers who answered our call for 90th birthday wishes for Rose Hall. Rose called this week to thank us for the birthday mention and she said she was "overwhelmed" with the response from friends and many former students.
     A big thank you also to one of our Virginia friends, Rick Houser, BHS-63, who sent a Christmas greeting, "think of you and the home town. Keep the blog going for as long as you can."
     Despite the fact he's many miles away, he's one of his old home town's greatest supporters and, of course, he's a great Korner supporter as well.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Corwyn Klein, 72, Iowa Falls. Boone area survivor is a sister, Coleen Good of Pilot Mound........Lois Reed, 88, Boone.........Retta Soderstrum, 90, What Cheer. Taught school in Madrid and Boone. Also worked at a flower shop and bakery in Madrid. Boone area survivor is a brother Vern of rural Boone.........Maxine Silvey, 83, Stratford. Parents were Harvey and Pearl Hoshaw. Stratford High grad. Worked for the U.S. Postal Service from 1977-96. Boone area survivors include a son, Rex of Dayton and a sister, Carolyn Isles of Stratford..........Ken Patterson, 92, Covina CA. BHS-41. Born and raised in Boone. An engineer. His wife, Francis Susie Clarke, BHS-42, the daughter of a Baptist minister, was also a former Boone resident. She is also deceased. There are no Boone area survivors.
     Word has also been received of the death of Dick Solheim, Denver area, a former Boone resident. BHS-65. Wife Lynn survives.
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Saturday, December 5, 2015


     Saw United Community grad (about '57 I think) Ken Zanker this week. Unfortunately, he was in town to attend his brother Vernon's funeral. We talked about the old American Legion baseball days, the mid-50's. Ken has been a good Korner supporter and we thank him for that.
     Kit Curran, BHS-79, has been Des Moines Metro prominent. The Kornerman has seen her interviewed on TV a time or two recently. She's been hired as executive director for the Salisbury House Foundation.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Shirley Schultz Mallas, 77, Corning. Ogden High grad. Her parents were Elton and Esther Schultz, both deceased. Artistic and loved history. Survivors include her husband, Kenny, a former Boone resident and BHS-51, a son, Jeffery of Ogden, brother Donald Schultz of Ogden and brother-in-law Dale Larson of Boone..........John Mentzer, Churdan. Boone area survivor is a son, Jerry Mentzer of Boone...........Dean (Bud) Sturtz, 89, Ogden. OHS-45. Parents were Clarence and Florence Sturtz, both deceased. Boone area survivors are his wife, Viola, and a son, Rick, both of Ogden.
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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

It's Official......Christmas Season is Here

     Yes, the Korner has received it's first Christmas greeting of the year and the author is John Kueck. Included was an electronic greeting that featured his family members. Very interesting viewing and it poses the question, "are Christmas cards (you know, the paper kind) becoming a product of the past?"
     Hallmark, of course, says, "no" but.......
     John also included, for my viewing, something he gets a kick out of every year. Patrick Reusse, a Twin Cities sports writer and radio host, has an annual "Turkey of the Year" column and John thought the Kornerman might enjoy some Minneapolis sports humor. We did. The good news is that the Kornerman couldn't see any sign of any Iowans being listed.
     Thanks John.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Shirley Schultz Mallas, 78, Corning. Formerly of Ogden. OHS-56. Survivors include her husband, Kenny, a former Boone resident............Vidonne Sherri Tsamis, 66, Iowa City. Former Boone resident.  Attended Boone schools but graduated from Marshalltown High School. Her parents were former Boone residents Don and Vicky Riemenschneider, both deceased...........Bill Henderson, 85, Des Moines. Served at one time as Ogden High School band director.........Jennie Ervine, 94, Polk City. Grew up in Madrid and MHS grad. Boone area survivor is a daughter, Catherine Skalicky of Madrid..........Ivan Nelson, 94, Missouri. Jordan High-38. Parents were Lloyd and Ethel Nelson. Worked at John Deere in Ankeny and a manufacturing company in Osceola. Boone area survivor is a sister, Beatrice Babbitt of Boone........Gary Moody, BHS-65. Worked as a designer in Colorado and Oregon. Parents were James and Lois Moody, both deceased...........Jeannette Gustafson, 66, rural Ogden. BHS-67. Parents were Steve and Doris Banford, both deceased. Was a beautician. Her husband, Lyle, died in October. Boone area survivors include son Jeremy of Huxley, mother-in-law Eileen Gustafson of Boone and sister-in-law Debi Banford of Boone..........Vernon Zanker, 79, Boone. Jordan High-54. Parents were Ralph and Martha Zanker, both deceased. Farmed for many years, then drove grain trucks, read meters for Midland Power and was a salesman for Garst. Boone area survivors include his wife, Jane, of Boone, daughter Debra Shafer of Ames and sister Carol Forster of Boone............Dr. Marion Parks, 94, Boone. BHS-39. Optometrist. Boone area survivors include his wife, Muriel, and daughters Susie Keraus and Barbi Davis all of Boone...........Jacueline Momper, 85, Indiana. Born and raised in Boone County. Grand Junction High-48. Teacher. Parents were Adeline and Evert Anderson of Stratford, both deceased. No Boone area survivors.
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