Saturday, August 22, 2015

Strike Two

     Boone Connected Deaths: Ted Walker, 86, Boone. Attended BHS. Farm worker, worked at a service station, as a custodian and then served with the U.S. Postal Service. Owned Boone Car Wash. Boone area survivors include his wife, Bonnie, of Boone and sons Kurt, Brian and Lance all of Boone..........Jim Nash, 84, Boone. Moved to Boone in 1970 to become General Manager and National Vice President for Archway until 1987. Served as a consultant for several years prior to retirement. Boone area survivors include his wife, Marilyn, and daughter, Julie Van Harris, both of Boone.........Dr. Louis Greco, 92, Boone. Started his practice in 1955, joined partners, Dr. Longworth and Dr. Wicks in 1957, then again entered private practice from 1964-88. Served as a surgeon for McFarland Clinic of Boone from 1988 to his retirement in 1991. Boone area survivors include his companion, Ruth Ingalls, sons Bob and Lou of Boone and David of Ames.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Even Shorter

     Not the type of news we like to report.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Ted Walker, 86, Boone..........Jim Nash,84, Boone.........Arlene Browning, 79, Boone. BHS-55. Parents were LeRoy and Mary Foster. Aided her husband, Gerald, in the Browning Janitorial Service. Boone survivor is a son, Rick...........Dave Cooper, 82, Ames. Dayton High grad. Operated Cooper's service station in Dayton. Survivors include his wife, Patricia Alcazar Cooper and sons, Curtis and Craig of Dayton...........Leonard Anderson, 84, Story City. Was a truck driver and police officer. Drove bus for Roland-Story school district. Boone area survivor is a son, David of Stratford.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Short and Sweet

     The Korner has been seen in Europe lately.........more, specifically, in Germany.
     Wendall (Spike) Condon, BHS-75, is back on board after "being on the road"  for a time. He wrote, "I've been gone for some time but I have you on my favorites again. We've been on the road since the last time I wrote you. We're stationed back in Germany again, maybe three to five years. It depends on how much longer the Army will be in the Ansbach area. Anyway, it will be nice to read old issues of the Korner. Hope you are doing well."
     The Kornerman says, "thanks Spike......stay safe."
     And some others we hadn't heard from for awhile. The Harvey's, Margaret Atherton Harvey, BHS-50, and Bob Harvey, BHS-50, from their home in Missouri wrote, "we were very interested in the memories of the alumni from Boyd's ice cream. The comments of being able to eat all the ice cream he wanted and to this day is not tired of it. Same here, as it is still my favorite dessert and I have never had a bad dish of ice cream. I like any and all ice cream and have to pace myself to only eat it once a week. Otherwise, I would look like the doughboy. Also, I was interested in the class of 1958 going to Branson and that they celebrate their 75th birthdays in Branson. I remember when Karen Toot, BHS-58, was  brought home from the hospital and I held her at her grandma Enich's house. My first experience with a baby. Boy, that made me feel real old. But I am sure they will have a wonderful time in of our favorite places to go for a mini-vacation. Our 1950 class will be meeting September 19th and we are hoping we will be able to make the trip. As you can see, the print is very big because I, Margaret, have lost a chunk of my eyesight. I cannot read your Korner so Bob reads it to me. Glad that you are still plugging away at it Mo. Keep it up. Warm regards, Marge Harvey.
     The Kornerman says, "great to hear from you guys again. Hope you are able to come "home" in September."
     The Kornerman had an opportunity for a nice visit with Nancy Hicks Ripley, BHS-61, this week. The Kornerman had often wondered where life had taken Nancy's sister, Betty Hicks, BHS-56. I knew former co-worker Betty from the old KWBG radio days. I remember Betty as having tremendous energy, a great knowledge of the music of the day and a gift of gab that served her well on KWBG. She had a great following. Nancy informed that Betty lives in the Colorado Springs area. Meantime, Nancy has a flare for flowers and she, along with her husband, Merwyn Ripley, displays them beautifully at her home in rural Nevada. The Kornerman knows that among others, the Boone Garden Club has visited the Ripley's home to witness their great display.
     Received word this week that 1953 classmate Willy Mondt and Barbara, after working through some health issues, have moved from their longtime San Diego home to the Pasadena area. The Kornerman wishes them well of course.
     We received a note from Barry Wills, BHS-58, this week that was sure to conjure up some great memories. Actually, Barry was sending a copy of "Words and phrases remind us of the way we word" by a Richard Lederer.
     This is much too long to send in it's entirety but here's a sample, "back in the olden days we had a lot of moxie. We'd but on our best bib and tucker and straighten up and fly right. Hubba hubba! We'd cut a rug in some juke joint and then go necking and petting and smooching and spooning and pitching woo in hot rods and jalopies in some passion pit. Heavens to Betsy! Gee whillikers! Holy moley! We were in like Flynn and living the life of Riley but even a regular guy couldn't accuse us of being a knucklehead, a nincompoop or a pill. Not for all the tea in China!"
     The Kornerman says, "well, you get the idea. It goes on and on but does rekindle some of that language of old........or does it?"
     The Kornerman has no idea why......but we seem to have had a consistent surge of interest  in our offerings. Seems like yesterday we were hoping for up to a couple hundred "looks." Then, we noticed we were closing in on 300, then 400 and 500 and now, lately, it seems we're nearing the 600 mark. I noticed we had over 400 "looks' in one single day recently." Can't imagine. I know, it's small potatoes in comparison but.........
     Boone Connected Deaths: Cleo Craven, Norwalk. Formerly of Boone. His parents were Gladys and Theodore Craven Sr.. Cleo drove a gas transport truck for 40 years.
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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Unique Celebration

     It's the time of year for class reunions. Some have already been held in and others are scheduled for the old hometown........Boone.
     However, three members of the BHS/BSH class of 1958, Jayne Clark Baugh, Loren Frazier and Karen Toot Johnson, decided a different "twist" may be worth a look see. It appears their unique plan will be a surprising success.
     The idea was to celebrate a reunion but also a 75th birthday bash since most of the class members would be reaching that milestone this year. How about a get together at Branson September 23-24? Ten, a dozen, maybe 15 would show an interest. Ha.
     Last time the Kornerman checked, 44 classmates/spouses had signed up. The aggressive trio lined up hotel accomodations at a reduced rate......with a complimentary breakfast of course. A couple of meals at local restaurants have been lined up and, of course, there is some free time for those who wish to attend some shows etc.
     Those special hotel rooms are being held until August 24 so there may be even more classmates who decide to join the fun. Jayne can be contacted at or phone 954-426-6443.
     For those interested in the "yes" roster, here's the current list: Jayne Clark Baugh and CL, Loren Frazier and Pat, Mary Sifrit Driskill and Jerry, Alan Roeder and Jill, Pat Donovan McDonald, Loren Vogler, Jerry Wright and Vickie, Anna Longhenry Nelson and Larry, John Kost and Diane, Jolene Sturtz Tate, Sue Martin Woolsoncroft and Roy, Janice Springer Mesenbrink, Joyce Springer Appenzeller and Loren, Betsy Pestotnik Behling and Leroy, Betty Lincoln Baltzley and Robert, Karen Toot Johnson, Beth Fangman Maulik and Roger, Tom Pestotnik and Carol, Jim Louk and Lynn, Gary Blumberg, Harold Blaskey and Sharon, Dave Knudson and Nola, Dick Hamilton and Susan, Barb Nelson Sheldon and Dick and Ruth Askland Bowes and Fred.
     LaVerne Anderson, BHS-54, is a smart guy. For one thing (the main thing) he married, Maxine Sturtz, one of the Kornerman's 1953 classmates.
     The Kornerman saw LaVerne recently and he said he was going to contact me with some information on bubble gum ice cream. He called one evening this week.
     LaVerne grew up under the work guidance of Jim Boyd, the long time owner/operator of the famous Boyd's Dairies, Ames and Boone. He did all the usual duties but much of his 22-years of work at Boyd's involved the making of ice cream. LaVerne said, "Jim told me I could eat all of the ice cream I wanted while at work but would be a paying customer if I walked any out the door. My mother insisted if I ate lots of the creamy delight, I would get tired and maybe even sick of it and never eat any again. WRONG!"
     LaVerne said it was not unusual for him to enjoy a double chocolate malt each morning with a hot fudge sundae in the afternoon. P.S. To this day he still enjoys the treats.
     The bubble gum ice cream, which had a tootie fruity flavor and became quite a novelty, was born out of a convention of the National Association of Retail Manufacturers. The end result was a combination of chiclets and vanilla ice cream. That item generated lots of talk. Lee Klein of WHO radio in Des Moines picked up on it and eventually, the details went all over the country and even overseas. "Darrell Lingelbach of Boone was overseas during Viet Nam and heard Boyd's and the bubble gum ice cream mentioned on media over there," Andy said.
     There were more unusual flavors to come.....the p-nutty favorites, Tin Roof, Maple Nut, Cherry Nut, Black Walnut and Butter Pecan, and how about those specials on Boone Crazy Days? Peanut Butter and Jelly, Moon Rock, Dill Pickle, Grape Nuts Cereal, Rainbow Sherbet and........even Licorice.
     LaVerne concluded, "Jim had a good memory and was a wizard at math and he was great at figuring out how different combinations would work and be economically feasable."
     Those definitely were the "good old days." LaVerne said there were 550 Iowa dairies back at that time but the list has dwindled to maybe 125 today.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Frank Eppert, 79, Stratford. Formerly of Boone. Born in Worth Township. Farmed, and then was involved in Genesis Development. Boone area survivors include his brothers, Dale of Luther and Art of Boone, sister Mary Johnson of Boone and brother-in-law Dan Houston of Madrid...........Beth Swope, 62, Boone. Was canteen manager at the Boone VFW and operated restaurants, including the Boone Maid Rite. Boone area survivors include a daughter, Melinda Brown, and her (Beth's) companion, Bob Dentlinger both of Boone..........Frances Hamman, 97, Woodward. Born in Ogden. OHS-35. Taught in Boone County rural schools for 10 years. Taught in Boone elementary schools for 13 years before retirement. She enjoyed modeling for Riekenberg's and was one of four finalists in the 1960 Mrs. Iowa contest.
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Saturday, August 8, 2015

We Thank Our Partners

     The Kornerman was so pleased to receive a pair of great contacts this week which led to, what I think, are great stories.
     Remember now, I'm basically a news guy who loves to obtain a hint of a story and follow up so I can relate the full facts of that story to other  this case, to Korner viewers. It's very satisfying. Remember, however, in many cases, it does require you partners out there in Kornerland to provide those hints.
     It goes, almost without saying, that when this old geezer can report these stories exclusively, a real "high" occurs. With help from Tom Matt and others, who heard about it on a television report, we were able to follow up on the details and relate a great story last time about former Boone resident Pete Kostelnick's great running accomplishment. You haven't read that in the Ames/Boone BNR. And, we've got a couple more items for today that will, no doubt, never earn local recognition.........except in the Korner.
     (1) The Kornerman received a phone call from Ann Henry Coe, BHS-46. Ann lives in the Urbana, IL area and has had a lifelong love of the theatre. She was very interested in knowing if there was any kind of Boone theatre group in operation. In fact, Ann said if  there were any upcoming productions, she intended to come to her old hometown to attend. The Kornerman promised I would check that out and provide the information I could find in the Korner. So here goes Ann.
     Susan Howard Herrick, BHS-67, is heavily involved in Boone's Community Theatre group and said, "sure, we have some things lined up." Here's the intended schedule: An Agatha Christie mystery, "Cards on the Table" will be presented September 18-19 and 25-26. In December, "Benefit in the Park" is scheduled for 4, 5 and 6 as well as 11 and 12. Next February, "A Diary of Adam and Eve" will play, with dinner shows 12 and 13 and other showings 14, 19 and 20. Next April "Godspell" will be the feature with dinner shows 29 and 30 and other showings May 1, 6 and 7.
     Ann expressed her appreciation for the Korner and, in an unanticipated tidbit, the Kornerman learned that "way back" Ann and I have some family ties. Yes, she has  connection with Coe's Flower Shop in Ames and I knew I did  too. As a child, I remember, in the company of my grandmother, going to Ames for a visit with her relative Hannah Coe. I remember  a Steve Coe and a Dave Coe. One of the Coe boys was quite successful as a race car driver.
     (2) The Kornerman hadn't heard from the Des Moines Register's former Iowa Boy, Chuck Offenburger, for a period of time but he did email the Korner this week. He wrote, "I'm so glad I've found my way to "Kelley's Korner." I didn't know you were online until I started browsing to see if I could find your email address. I wanted to alert you that I'm still telling Jack Mustapha stories. Hope all is well with you. After our cancer battles in  2009 and 2010, Carla and I have both recovered well and are feeling very blessed and lucky. We continue to live just outside Cooper (Greene County), and ride our bikes all the time on the Raccoon River Valley Trail, just up the rise from our place. I'll check in on you sometime when I'm coming to Boone. I'd love to have a good visit."
     Regarding the Mustapha story, Chuck has always been obsessed with the baseball pitching talent of Boone's Jack Mustapha, who was one of the prime leaders of the group of Toreadors who captured the state high school baseball championship in 1965. It just so happens that Chuck Offenburger was a member of a Shenandoah High School team that lost to Mustapha and the Toreadors, 6-0, that year in a game that decided who would be a state championship game contender.
     Chuck has written a wonderful story about Mustapha, how he (Chuck) became a three-time strikeout victim of the hard-throwing Toreador and of the highs and lows of Jack's life, including several tours of military duties and subsequent serious injuries suffered during that service. It's very interesting reading and can be found at Or, you can just go to and track the story down that way.
     Great to hear from Larry Ford (Hi Larry), BHS-59, this week. He wrote, "great story last time on Grid. I really enjoy your newsletter. Thank you so much." Larry is a financial advisor in the Minneapolis area.
     Should also note that I saw Stan Redeker, BHS-44, the other day and Stan related how much he enjoys "taking a look at the Korner."
     Still, there are so many folks out there unaware of what we have to offer on a twice weekly basis. Heard reports this past week of a gathering where the Korner was mentioned but several in attendance were completely unaware of it's existence until an address was provided.
     Boone Connected Deaths: Marjorie Nutt, 94, Ogden. Formerly of Boone. Farmed with her husband, Paul, in the Luther area until Paul's death in 1991. Marjorie moved to Boone in 1993. Boone survivors include her son, Tom, and daughter, Carolyn Bass............Gladys John, 95, Boone. Graduated from county school in Marcy Township. Farmed with her husband, Vern, in Greene County near Jamaica. Boone survivor is her son, Junior John.........Mildred Paulson,95, Ogden. Worked as an Ames telephone operator for over 20 years........Ruth Swope, 62, Boone........Daniel Dyvig, 73, Arizona. Formerly of Boone..........Bob Constable, 58, Fort Dodge. Worked at C and M Sand and Gravel in Stratford for a time. Boone area survivor is a sister, Pamela Constable of Pilot Mound.
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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What An Accomplishment!!

     The Kornerman has known of previous running accomplishments of Pete Kostelnick, BHS-2005, but the son of Boone residents, Charles and Clare Kostelnick, has taken this activity to an entirely higher (much higher) level.
     The 27-year old graduate of Iowa State University and now, a resident of Lincoln, NE., recently became a national and even international star via an overwhelming victory in what is termed, "the World's Toughest Foot Race."
     That race, the 2015 Bad Water 135 Ultra Marathon, is 135 miles long and listen to what makes it "the toughest." The runners begin in Death Valley, CA., at the lowest elevation in North America, 282 feet below sea level, and finish up at the highest point in the contiguous United States, 8,300 feet, near Mount Whitney. From scorching temperatures to elevated terrain.
      This year, there were entrants from 22 states and 24 countries. Pete ran the course in 23 hours, 27 minutes and 10 seconds and blew away the competition. The second place finisher, Oswaldo Lopez of Mexico, was two hours behind.
     This is the 38th year the race has been held.
     Anyone care to take a walk around the block today?
     The Boone High School/Sacred Heart classes of 1965 held their 50th reunion last weekend and Larry Kelley, BHS-64, sent us a report. He wrote, "Great turnout! We were at Toby K's Friday night, toured the new high school building Saturday morning and had dinner at Seven Oaks Saturday night. Sadly, the class has lost over 40 members through the years. Saturday night was topped off with a Grid, like we did 50 years ago at the old Boone YMCA. Another highlight was a visit from Barry Wills, BHS-58, who I considered to be the "bouncer" at the Y when we all went there on Friday nights. I invited Barry and his wife, Judi, to the re-creation of Grid for the class. He announced a Lady's Choice dance and later, announced the last song that was played at the Y  on those nights, the Chordette's "A Teenage Goodnight," just as he did back then. His wife told me he was so excited to be invited to the reunion and as he put it to me in an email, he couldn't wait to "see the kids again." A neat story that I told that night was that many, many years ago, I was shopping in Des Moines. While walking down an aisle, this couple was passing us going the other direction. I looked at the man and when he got to the other end of the store, I told my wife, "I think that was Barry Wills." I hadn't seen Barry since I was in high school. "I'm going back to find them and ask if he is Barry Wills," I told her. I started walking back. About halfway in the middle of the store, this guy is walking toward me again. It turned out he was thinking, "I think that was Larry Kelley." We met in the middle of the store and it was just an amazing moment. Past memories hold such a special place in my heart and means so much to me that I had to relate that story to the class reunion folks. Everybody seemed to have a great time and everyone was so friendly. I even got to see Bob Carlson, BHS-65, again. Bob played bass guitar for the Tel-Stars band that I and Steve Stock, BHS-65, started while we were in high school and afterward. Barry said to say, "Hi," to you before he and Judi left that night."
     Bits and Pieces: (1) Congratulations to our 2015 Toreador baseball team. They won a game in their class in State Baseball Tournament play and finished among the top four teams in the state. (2) A television baseball announcer made this comment the other day and I certainly hadn't heard it for many, many years. Maybe you remember. He said, "No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks." (3) The Kornerman saw Laverne Anderson, BHS-54, recently. He said he was going to call me to provide some information on how he had a hand in producing Boyd's Dairy's famous Bubble Gum ice cream. LaVerne, of course, was one of many Boone young (back  then) people that worked at Boyd's locations. (4) That Iowa By the Sea Picnic in California is this weekend. (5) The Kornerman knows that the classes of 1950 will meet Sept. 19 and the classes of 1952 have scheduled their reunion for Oct. 2-4. By the way, the Pufferbilly weekend this year is Sept. 10-13. (6) Vern Modeland, BHS-50, pointed out that a great writer/Native-American activist, Vine Deloria Jr., received a bachelor of science degree from Iowa State University in 1958 and that same year, married Barbara Jeanne Nystrom. Of course there are Nystrom's in and around Boone and Vern was wondering if the mentioned Barbara would have a Boone background?
     Boone Connected Deaths: Ken Shuey, BHS-56, reported the death of Bob Harder, BHS-56, and Mary Casserly Mowrer, BHS-56, reported the passing of her sister, Coleen Casserly Donovan, BHS-52. Coleen passed away in California but had lived many years in the Omaha area and services will be held in Omaha.
     Joe Burke, BSH-47, passed away in June...........John Munson II, 67, Glenwood. BHS-66. Lived in Council Bluffs area. Parents are John Munson Jr. and Charlene Munson. ISU grad. A Land Surveyor and Civil Engineer. In addition to his parents, a Boone survivor is a sister, Chris Winter..........Michael Jacobi, 61, Des Moines. Son of former Boone residents, Dean Jacobi, BHS-53, and the late Denise Overbeck Jacobi, BHS-55...........Warren Mount, 100, Grand Junction. Boone survivor is a brother, Dale Mount..........Raymond Sundberg, 84, Madrid. Born in Madrid. MHS-grad. Social worker for the State of Iowa. Boone area survivor is a brother, Ronald Sundberg of Madrid.........James Van Dyke, Ames, 67. Boone survivor is a brother, Doug Van Dyke.........Rose Arey, 85, Stratford. Born in Boone. Her parents were Samuel and Hannah Smiley. Boone survivors include sons, Doug Bennett and Dale Arey.........Gladys John, 95, Boone.........Lettia (Letty) Hull, 84. Tyler, TX. Formerly of Boone.
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