Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bits and Pieces

     To all Korner viewers, please have a happy and safe New Years Eve, New Years Day and 2015.
     To keep this funfest going, we need all of you.
     Thanks to Lou and Roger Oxenford for the New Years greeting.
     It took John Kueck, up  there in Minnesota, to inform us of the fact that a Boone event has hit You Tube. Some 1200 viewers so far.
     At 502 South State Street, there's been a very nice Christmas display featuring radio music that the lights "dance too."Viewers can sit in their car, enjoy the music and watch the lights relate to the beat of the music."
     Who remembers John Buntsma? A Boone native and, I assume, BHS grad, John is a former Orange City newspaper editor hoping to become a politician.
     State Representative Dwayne Alons passed away recently and an election has been set for January 6 to replace him in the Iowa House. The candidates seeking the position are Democrat Buntsma and Republican John Kooiker, a farmer and retired postal service employee from rural Boyden.
     More info from Boone native Jerry Manriquez who tells us that Gus LeMaster, BHS-52, has provided some more ammunition for his terrific website.
     Gus has sent Jerry a 1932 Scroll which includes Boone Junior College info for that year.
     Although his site continues to grow, Jerry is still seeking additional scrolls to add to it........1910, 1911, 1912, 1913, 1914, 1915, 1916, 1919, 1920, 1921, 1931, all of the 1970's except the year 1970, and all the 1980's and 1990's.
     Before that time slips away from us a timely and interesting tidbit provided by Larry Kelley.
     The question is, "What song was originally written for the Thanksgiving holiday but, for some reason, became viable at Christmas time?" It was "Jingle Bells" which has become one of the most popular Christmas songs ever written.
     In 1850, James Lord Pierpont was hanging out in a tavern in Medford, MA, when he was inspired by Medford's famous sleigh races to write a tune called, "One Horse Open Sleigh" for a children's Thanksgiving play. Everyone loved it so much that it became incorporated into Christmas.
     P.S. Mr Pierpont was the uncle of John Pierpont Morgan, better known as J.P.Morgan. "Jingle Bells"  was also the first song broadcast from space, in a Christmas-themed prank by Gemini 6 astronauts Tom Stafford and Wally Schirra.
     Boone Area Deaths: Tracy Knoblauch, 48, Urbandale. Boone area survivor is a brother, David Marvin of Boone..........Jim Nordholm, 89, Pilot Mound. Boxholm High-43. Farmed near Boxholm and then near Pilot............Bill Erickson, 79, Pilot Mound. Pilot High-57. Worked at the Boone County Hospital from 1967-87...........Leila Hokel, 93, Boone. Worked in Boone at J.C. Penny's and the Fareway store. One daughter, Ardonna, and two sons, Gary and Tom,  survive but no Boone area survivors.
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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Not This Time

     Sorry, the well has gone dry.
     No stories/no memories/no comments/no support.

     Maybe by Wednesday.............or Saturday.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry, Merry Christmas to All

    This week, Tom Kieffer, an Ogden buddy, wrote, "Thanks for being a long time friend. Have a great holiday season."
     Then there was Vern Modeland of the Korner language police who caught me with a no-no........."their"  rather than "there". Thanks Vern. I suppose I could say that we hadn't heard from you for such a long time the Kornerman purposely did that to see if you were still kickin' down THERE in the Ozarks. Glad to know you're O.K., even though you claim to be "weary and old."
     Another Ann Onymous appeared this week. The envelope featured the color red and huge letters addressed to Mo and Jo. The card inside was also a predominant red and, "keep up the good job you do, keeping us informed. Warm wishes and thoughts of good cheer for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year." Many thanks to whomever you are.
     The Kornerman, in the last issue, talked about all the information available on our Boonetown via  Google. Among that info we noticed a listing of some notable Booneites and one of the names we noticed was that of Francis Dale "Hap" Moran.
     It's somewhat ironic that, very recently, a younger friend of mine was perusing the internet and, somehow, came across the history of Moran and was "blown away" by that information.
     He questioned this oldtimer, "did you know about this guy" to which I replied that I  did. A good Toreador athlete himself and an interesting observer of Boone Iowa athletics, he was shocked that he was completely unaware. He wrote, "I wonder if he has any direct descendants in town. There should be a statue of him with a plaque in front of Goeppinger Field. I wonder why he was never mentioned when I was in high school. At that time, the history of Boone football wasn't mentioned much prior to Coach Fisher's teams in the 1930's."
     The Kornerman says that Hap Moran was certainly one of the greatest all-around athletes this community has ever observed so let me inform you of some of his feats:
     He was an all-stater and Captain of the state championship Toreador basketball team of 1920, a team that was invited to play in Chicago, representing Iowa, in a tournament that featured state title teams from other states. His play there earned him All-American high school honors.
     As if his basketball exploits weren't enough, it was football where he really made his mark. He was recruited, via a basketball scholarship, to Carnegie Tech. In football there, he played on a team that played a couple times against the fabled Knute Rockne Notre Dame Four Horsemen team.
     After one year at Carnegie, Moran returned to Iowa to finish his collegiate career at Grinnell College where he excelled in both football and basketball. As a football passer there, his favorite receiver was Morgan Taylor, who won the first Gold Medal for the United States in the 1924 Olympics in Paris as a 400-meter hurdler.
     In 1926-27, Moran joined the Frankford Yellow Jackets. His team won the NFL championship and he was the second highest scorer on the team.
     Due to his kicking skills, Moran was recruited in 1927 by the NFL Chicago Cardinals. He finished second in the league in field goals and was ninth in points after touchdowns.
     After one year in Chicago, he played for the Pottsville Maroons one year and then finished his NFL career with five years, 1928-33, with the New York Giants.
     With the Giants, he set an NFL record for the longest run from scrimmage, 91 yards, against the Green Bay Packers in 1930 and a record 114 receiving yards against the Philadelphia Eagles in 1933. 
     That 91 yard run record, which was also a N.Y. Giants club record, stood for 75 years before it was broken by Tiki Barber of the Giants in 2005.
     After his playing career ended, he did some coaching but eventually became a buyer for Western Electric, living in Sunnyside Queens, New York.
     He was a 6-1, 190-pound athlete who was born in 1901 and passed away in 1994.
     AND, he was a Boone, Iowa Toreador.
     Boone Area Deaths: Jim Duff, 74, Boone. Assistant Manager at Yegge Lumber, worked for the Iowa High School Athletic Association and the Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad. Boone area survivor is his wife, Jeanette of Boone............Gerald Browning, 81, Boone. Farmed, then owned and operated Browning Janitorial Service. Boone area survivors include his wife, Arlene, and son, Rick, both of Boone...........James Weedman, 73, Boone. Had a long career with the Chicago, Northwestern Railway. Boone survivor is his wife, Janice.........Elsie Schuett, 79, Boone............Joanne Baldus, 88, Story City. Born in Boone. Boone area survivor is her brother, Tom Matt of Boone..........Roy "Bill" Crouch, 82, Boxholm. Pilot Mound High-50. Operated service stations in Boxholm and Pilot Mound and convenience stores in the area. Spent over 44 years in the gas station business. Boone Area survivors include his wife, Doris, of Boxholm, son, Robin, of Pilot Mound and brother, Deskin "Deck" Crouch of Pilot Mound..........Adeline Eslick, 92, Dayton. She and her husband farmed in the Dayton area for 37 years before moving to town. Boone area survivors include sons Roger and Richard of Dayton and daughter, Martha Heineman of Ogden............Larry Hansen, 69, Dayton. Moved to Dayton in 1968 as a band and music instructor, although he performed many other teaching duties through the years. An excellent musician himself, he played trumpet with the Fort Dodge Symphony and the Ames Municipal Band as well as with many smaller groups. Boone area survivors include his wife, Linda, of Dayton and two daughters.
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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Merry, Merry Christmas and Have a Great New Year

     The Kornerman knows how busy our viewers are this time of year so we are extraordinarily thankful  to those of you who have taken the time to stay in contact.
     Holiday greetings were received this week from John Kelly in Locust Grove, VA, John Kueck in Minneapolis, Roger Dutton in DeKalb, IL., Tom Quinlan in Perry, IA, and the Stark's,  Paul and Gretchen, from right here in good old Boone, IA.
     John Kelly wrote, "I always check the Korner to look for familiar names and places, and to learn more about Boone history. Be assured that your time and effort on the Korner are appreciated."
     John Kueck sent some beautiful family pictures and a resume of his family's most recent year. He wrote, "I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. I know that you spread a lot of joy to us Booneites throughout the year with your blog."
     Roger Dutton called with a greeting and it was great to hear from good old Tom Quinlan, my old KWBG radio mate back in the good old days.
     Tom was a real mentor of mine when I started in the radio game in the early 1950's. Anything I've managed to accomplish.........much of the credit goes to him and Rollie Peterson. Those guys took me under their wing and provided many good teaching moments.
     P.S. Tom turned 90 in October and if any of you out there still remember him, a birthday note still wouldn't be too late. His address is 533 12th Street, Perry 50220-1942.
     Ah yes! The old T.Q. Show.
     Hey, we talked about Boone's upcoming 150th birthday in the last edition and wondered about the official date of the community's birth. The Kornerman took time this week to Google Boone, Iowa and was somewhat surprised to find the amount of facts available. If you viewers are, at all, interested in Boone's history, take a look. The Kornerman was blown away by the volume of info available. Lots of nitty gritty.
     The fact is that, according to Google, the town was incorporated in 1849 but platted as a town in 1965. What started out as Montana became Boone in 1871 and in 1887, Boonesboro, the west side of town, was annexed to Boone in 1887. There was lots of activity from 1849-60, including the establishment of 10 townships. However, I guess that date the town was platted is the official birthday year. the midst of all the available information.......and there is a ton, I still haven't located the date of our town's establishment.......the day and month. 
    It was interesting to note that in 1880 there were 3330 residents here and in 1920, there were 12,451. That was 94 years ago and in 2013 there were 12,629........a difference of just 178 people in 94 years.
   In some spare moments, I guarantee the Kornerman will be back at that site to peruse all of the very interesting info available about Boone. There are so many different  I noted was what man's and what woman's names were the most prominent in Boone. The various breakdowns of information are fascinating. Take a look.
     Jerry Manriquez is still at that amazing project of his. At you can find out about anything you want to about BHS, Boone Sacred Heart and Boone Junior College classes of the past.
     He informs us that his latest additions to the web site are old Bumble "B's"........those from 1922-24, 1926 and from 1952-56. Those are all courtesy of Kae Nelson Schmickley, with the assistance of Ron Schmickley and Judy Brown Patterson.
     Those same folks also sent a 1954 60th class reunion directory and memorium.
     In his never ending quest for more information, Jerry is still looking for old scrolls.....1910, 1911, 1912, 1913, 1914, 1915, 1916, 1919, 1920, 1921, 1931, 1932, all the 70's except for that first year and all the 1980's and 1990's.
     Boone Area Deaths: Donald Kemmerer, 86, Boone. BHS-47. Farmed the family farm and raised sheep. Boone area survivors include his wife, Rosemary, daughters Jean Nelson, Leanne Duitsman and Deanna Stumbo all of Boone............Bob Reynolds, 77. He owned and operated an 18 Wheeler Training  School and later worked with Winifred Law Opportunity Center and Link Associates. Was a  past Exalted Ruler of the Boone Elks Lodge.
     Larry Hansen, 69, of Dayton, well known to area music enthusiasts, has passed away. Services are pending with Carson-Stapp of Dayton.
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Boonetown Becomes 150 Years Old in 2015

     Ex-Booneite Jeff Pigott and the Kornerman have exchanged emails recently and Jeff  mentioned that he planned to visit Boone next summer as the community will be celebrating it's 150th birthday.
     The Kornerman says, "thanks Jeff for answering some of my questions and adding something I was completely unaware of until you mentioned it. Yes, where is the chatter about......the planning for the communities 150th birthday? I recall working at the BNR and providing quite a bit of copy for our 100th anniversary edition and that was, I believe, in 1965. I'm sure we will be talking about this more as the time nears in 2015. This begs the question, what is the actual date of the communities birthday?"
     Jamie Kelley and his band have an "in" with KCWI-TV, channel 23 in Des Moines. They appeared on the Great Day show there to promote the recent concert that they gave in Boone in November. Now, they have again been to that studio to record three of Jamie's original Christmas songs for airing on the station on Christmas Day. Appearances are scheduled for 6:50 a.m. and again at 8:50 a.m. on that day.
     By the way, band members include Kent Weaver on piano, Hank Muzney on drums, Royce Johns on guitar and Larry Kelley on bass.
     In the last edition, we had mentioned the death of Maurice "Morry" Reid, a former Boone resident who passed away recently in Glen Ellyn,IL. He was 101 years of age, is an uncle of current Boone resident Jackye Ray and after Ilinois services, he was to be buried at Linwood here beside his late wife. Morry was a licensed Professional Engineer and had a long career with the railroad, much of that time in Boone.
     We had also mentioned that the Kornerman remembered him as quite a celebrated fast pitch softball player and this week, Tom Peterson provided some addition information in that regard. Tom wrote, "Morry played fast pitch with his brother, Clyde "Tuffy" Reid, on Boone teams. Clyde was inducted into the Iowa Fast Pitch Hall of Fame posthumously in 2007 while Morry was inducted in 1972. When we inducted Clyde, Morry told how, in the 1950's, the Boone team lost in the ASA National final game in extra innings in a game played in Chicago. I recall Morry saying most of the players took  the train to Chicago. One of the Reid brothers played shortstop and the other was a rover. They played 10 guys on defense in those days. Both Reid brothers were very quick and they positioned themselves all over the place on defense to be in position to make a play on the batter who was pitched a certain way in order to get the batter to hit in an area where they were positioned. No doubt in my mind that the competitiveness level the Reid brothers and the rest of the Boone team played with led to the reason why my Hall of Fame brothers participated in this great game of Fast Pitch Softball."
     Tom Peterson, a Boone native and BHS grad, was, of course, an outstanding Fast Pitch player himself and is a Hall of Fame member.
     Boone Area Deaths: Ardis Vale, 92, Boone.She and her husband, Lewis, lived in Boone and, over the years, owned and operated the Boone Valley Hatchery, the Holiday Lounge and the Boone Hotel. Boone area survivors include her daughter-in-law, Joleen Ferry Vale, and grandson Jason Vale both of Boone...............Betty Lorraine Smith, 84, Tama. Was a waitress and cashier, owned and operated the Toledo Recreation Center in the 1990's and for over 25 years, was a waitress and assistant manager of the Gaslight Club in Tama. Boone area survivor is a son, Michael Smith of Boone.
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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Those Were the Days!

     A lusty "Carry Out" call. That was the message many Boone area young people remember hearing when they were Fareway Grocery employees under the leadership of a very energetic Floyd "Curly" Adams, the store manager.
     Willie was one of those employees and he does remember, "two young men were at the egg candling station with a radio playing and may not have heard the call, which took precedence over all other functions except possibly mouth to mouth resuscitation. Floyd could, in no way, suffer such dereliction of duty, grabbed the radio and threw it down the ramp. Floyd must have felt he overdid it. He picked up the unit, put the loose pieces back into place and plugged the device back in. Holy mackerel, the lights went out all over the store but the checkout still functioned, no electricity required. The total was arrived at by the use of adding machines, hand cranked no less. The process was, absolutely, faster than the latest computerized services, no discounts, no coupons, just a fair transaction. The checkers were amazing. Fast and accurate. Baggers filled strong paper bags to maximum capacity. This is where the carryout commenced. It was expected. No ifs or ands. You got help getting three bags full wedged into your arms and followed the customer out the door and maybe two blocks to the car and then you waited while the customer fumbled for their car keys. Well, it was something to do on Saturday and we got paid. I think we started at 7 a.m. and probably got out around 9:45 p.m., picked up our envelope which contained $10 cash minus 63-cents income tax. I took this job knowing what it was but there was a certain status involved. I knew about the job as a result of being a cart boy before I was old enough to pay income tax. There was a feeling of camaraderie among the workers, a a majority were athletes. I was advised that a secret cave existed in one of the basement warehouses, toilet paper boxes had been stacked to create a concealed space where an employee could possibly regain sufficient strength to continue until closing time, a banana or some cookies added to the rehabilitation effort. I visited the cave, but did not stay or return..........I needed the job."
     Editor's note: A fun remembrance........edited just a bit. Thanks for the great memory Willie.
     The Kornerman says, "hey, those 9-volt batteries just laying around can be very dangerous thanks to information, including a video, sent to us by old buddy Laverne Anderson."
     The video shows a house being completely destroyed because of old nine-volts being stored, presumably for recycling, in a paper sack. An example was given. Some steel wool came in contact with both the negative and positive ends of a nine-volt and the result was sparks and a resultant fire.
     The gist is careful where and how you store those things. Thanks Laverne.
     The Kornerman and Jo had the pleasure of attending a retirement party for Rick Wulkow last Saturday along with over 200 other folks. We had an opportunity to reacquaint with lots of Iowa High School Athletic Association friends from the past and present. Former boss Bernie Saggau was there from his winter Arizona home and it seemed like quite a Boone contingent with current IHSAA staff members and quite a few of Rick's Trinity Lutheran church family on hand.
     We had a great time. Rick concludes 10 years of being the IHSAA Executive Director in late January and Al Beste replaces him. The positive beat will go on.
     P.S. Isn't it great to have such a wonderful "opening" to our community, especially during the holiday season, via the lighted show surrounding the IHSAA headquarters. It's a simply beautiful sight and it seems there are more and more lights every year. Thanks Rick and the IHSAA for this terrific entrance to our community.
     There was an interesting note with a Boone connection in the D.M. Register the other day. As part of the Spirit of Christmas, the Register is bestowing a rose each day to a deserving individual. The rose this particular day was given to Marjorie Beaton of Waterloo, who at age 94, continues to pursue her passion for sewing to benefit children in impoverished countries. Marjorie recycles old T-shirts into diapers and has been sewing about eight hours a day since February of 2011.
    Marjorie's daughter is Boone's Linda Hora who wrote, "they began by sending the diapers to Haiti. Hard to believe but she has now lovingly sewn 11,000 diapers for children in need."
     What a terrific project.
     Boone Area Deaths: Betty Lou Koch, 84, Boone. Boone area survivors are a son Roger and sisters Mildred Smith, Helen Johnson and Jane Zanker all of Boone............Jerry Smith, 69, Boone. BHS-63. Was a truck driver. Boone area survivors include his son Jason and daughter, Kathy Musfeldt..............
Eugene "Gene" Harris, 87, West Des Moines. Boone area survivor is a son, Van Harris of Boone........
Vivian Maynard, 95, Boone. Boone area survivors include a son Glen, daughters Roberta Grabau and Shirley Riley and a sister Eleanor Conrad all of Boone...........Evelyn "Evie" Benshoof Surface, 83, Reinbeck, formerly of Des Moines and Boone. Born in Boone. BHS-49. A pastor's wife for 31 years. Worked on behalf of the orphans of Korea and Viet Nam for Holt International Children's Services. No Boone area survivors.
     Maurice "Morry" Reid, 101, Glen Ellyn, IL. passed away Wednesday. Morry hasn't had any Boone connection for many years but will be buried beside his wife in Linwood. He had a long career as a licensed Professional Engineer with the railroad, much of the time spent in Boone. Morry is an uncle of Jackye Ray of Boone and has visited here a couple times a year.
     This goes back a number of years but the Kornerman remembers Morry as a great fast pitch softball player on some terrific Boone teams. In 1972, he was inducted into the Iowa Fast Pitch Softball Hall of Fame.
     Jerry Smith was a pretty good pitcher on one of the Kornerman's Babe Ruth baseball teams.
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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Viewer Obtains Info From Our Area Deaths Column

     The Kornerman is happy to report our Boone Area Deaths column has again successfully provided some information that a viewer had no knowledge of via any other source.
     Boone native Ken Aldag, BHS-54, wrote from Fresno, CA, "regarding obits, your Korner seems to be our primary source of information in this regard. I found out via the Korner about Jim Obrecht's death. Judirae (Hendricks) Obrecht, is Jim's wife and her grandfather, Walt Jipp, was my mom's second husband. We sort of lost contact after mom passed, but I'll give her (Judirae) a call today. Thanks for all you do."
     Ken had written about a memory of the Lippert Building and it's elevator. He had been catching up on the Korner and had noted some talk of that building in an earlier edition. Ken wrote, "My dad, Herman Aldag, had his bookkeeping/tax service/real estate office on the second floor, the corner office facing Eighth and Story streets. I remember the elevator operator (not sure whether it was Joe or Otis) always made bottles of rhubarb wine for the tenants at Christmas time. I recall the other second floor occupants were Doc Grove, the optometrist; Paul Brogden, who had a real estate office; and Ernie Bush, CPA (they may not have all been there at the same time). I recall we had a first row, balcony seat, so to speak, back, I think in 1952 during President Eisenhower's campaign. He came to Boone and had a motorcade parade down Story Street. We were able to get a good view of him from Dad's office windows."
     The Kornerman received a very nice holiday greeting from Ann Onymous this week and we thank whoever it was that remembered us during this season. Thank you.
     The Kornerman was elated to hear from John Burke this week. For a short time in the late 70's, John was the Toreador football coach, replacing Merle Harris who bowed out after the 1976 season.  John left Boone for a  high school football coaching job in Colorado. He wrote, "I found your blog when looking up some info on former Augustana football coach Bob Reade, who was a good friend of former Toreador coach Merle Harris. I knew Bob when I was coaching and he helped me immensely. I remember our days in Boone as very good ones for myself and my wife and our daughters. However, the move to Colorado was the best move we ever made as we enjoyed a great deal of success there. We have now been in Arizona for 18 years and Shelly and I are both retired. For many years, I ran the NIKE Coach of the Year Football Clinics in Las Vegas and Denver but no longer. I am also the Executive Director of the Colorado High School Coaches Association even though we live in Arizona. As you know, in this day and age, a person can live in the U.S. and work in China!"
     John added, "We are still close to Eldon and Ann Hutcheson of Boone. They were here in Arizona last year and we met them for lunch. We are also still connected with Ken and Jane Pospisil. Ken was in Boone when Don Ringenburg was coach but left Boone and ended up in Mount Vernon where he runs a decorating business. We also continue to exchange Christmas cards with Helen Grider."
     Speaking of football and BHS coaches, the community lost former BHS teacher/coach Ralph Carroll this week and the tributes continue to pour in. He passed away Saturday at 92 years of age. Tom Peterson wrote, "He was a significant influence to many of us. May he rest in peace." Mike Loehrer wrote, "Ralph impacted my life immensely. I owed him from the day I transferred to BHS from Sacred Heart. He came off as hard-nosed and gruff but he was a sensitive, caring, wonderful man. I miss him already. He was an honest to goodness mentor to me. I can't express how sadly I feel about his passing."
     Ralph Carroll grew up in Sumner, Sumner grad-41. After military service, he graduated from Upper Iowa University and Drake University. He coached a short time in Oregon and then a short time at Leon, IA before coming to Boone in 1953 and teaching and coaching here until 1985. He guided his 1958 Toreador girls basketball team to the state tourney. Boone area survivors include his wife, Joyce, of Boone, daughter Jan Fuegen of West Des Moines and step son Mike Lasko of Luther.
     Boone Area Deaths: Lowell Wirtz, 94, Boone. BHS-38. Boone area survivors include his wife, Evelyn of Boone, sons Robert of Stratford and Gary of Stanhope.
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Saturday, December 6, 2014

From Virginia and North Carolina, Friends Check In

     Rick Houser, a good Korner friend, sent holiday greetings from Virginia. He sent two wonderful inserts, one from the DAV, a beautiful poem titled, "Thank You My Friend," and a second nice Chrismas poem written by a Lance Corporal. Rick apologized for not sending much info to the Korner recently but added, "I read every week and can't wait for the various topics. You are always with me and I'm always happy to be from Boone. Your Korner is wonderful."
     Thanks so much for the inspiration Rick. The old Kornerman realizes this is an especially busy time of year with the various holidays. Everyone is super busy. At the Korner, we'll just take one day at a time and provide what, if anything, we can on Wednesday's and Saturday's as usual.
     We reported classmate Jim Schmickley's death in the last issue and that prompted a reply from one of Jim's brothers, Verne, who is a PhD in Raleigh, North Carolina. Verne wrote, "thank you for mentioning Jim's death. I know Jim really enjoyed the Korner and your contribution to all of us Boone natives."
     Verne also included a bit of additional information that was of interest. He wrote, "there are only two cities in the USA named Boone. My wife's sister and her husband have a cabin which we use, just outside of Boone, NC. Although it's almost 1,000 miles southeast of "your" Boone, due to the extra 2,000 ft. of elevation, the temperatures and flora are very similar. It's really beautiful there, with small farms surrounded by mountains. Of course we love it and go there as much as possible. Over the years, Daniel Boone lived in the Western NC mountains, hunting and exploring NC and Kentucky, before moving to St. Charles County, MO. Nathan, one of Daniel's sons, surveyed land between St. Paul, MN and the Indian territory of OK. In Iowa, the Boone trail passed through Madrid, Boone and Fort Dodge."
     The Kornerman says, "I'm sure we've all seen the signs in that regard."
     Thanks Verne.
     A couple sports items. Within a three or four day period, our two major university men's basketball teams defeated highly ranked opponents........Iowa over 12th ranked North Carolina in Carolina and Iowa State over 18th ranked Arkansas at Hilton Coliseum in Ames. The Kornerman doubts if such an occurence has ever happened before. Right?
     Then, earlier this week, the Des Moines Area Community College men's basketball team was accorded the high honor of being the top-rated, that's number one, among men's CC team in the entire nation. Alas, the next day, they suffered their first loss, a one-pointer to Southwestern CC of right here in good old Iowa.
     Boone Area Deaths: Michael Herman, 73, Gower, MO, formerly of Boone. BHS grad. Managed an employment agency in West Virginia and was a shoe salesman in the area. In Nevada, he managed a Ford dealership but later returned to Boone to care for his elderly parents. While here, he attended an auctioneer school and for the last 20 years, has been an auctioneer. Brother Jack lives in Washington and sister Carolyn Spillers has resided with Mike for the last year............Jim Schmickley, 79, Cedar Rapids, formerly of Boone. BHS-53. Served in the U.S. Army for four years in Germany. Retired in 1995 from Rockwell where he worked as a Reliability Engineer for over 30 years in the defense industry. His wife, the former Kae Nelson of Boone survives. Boone area survivor is his brother Ron Schmickley.
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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Happy Holiday Season

     Good news with great joy. That's what we like during this holiday season so we'll tell you that the Korner has already received season greetings from John Hinz, Larry Kelley and Kathleen Wheelock. Great to hear from them and we hope to hear from many more of you in the coming days.
     The Korner hopes you're Thanksgiving holiday was all it could possibly be and we  are sure the upcoming days will also provide lots of happy and positive experiences with family and friends.
     We had  mentioned in the Korner recently the 90th birthday of Luther/United Community's Gordon Severson. We got a note from Gordon this week. He wrote, "I received over 125 cards and numerous phone calls, in addition to some "stops" and other well wishes from former students and athletes, not only from Iowa, but also from nine who reside in other states."
     He added, "other than slowing down, I don't really know what a 90-year old is supposed to feel like. I don't use a walker or cane and still drive my car, except at night. My health is still good both my wife and myself. Just a quiet individual who thoroughly enjoyed his lifetime journey. A school teacher, coach, and driver ed instructor for 27 years."
     And hey Gordon, it ain't over yet. The Korner hopes our mention of your celebration might have added a name or two to your contact list........folks who may not have known about the milestone from any other source.
     The Kornerman got a great dose of nostalgia from an unexpected source this week.
     We received a note from LouAnne Bodammer who wrote from Maryland. She wrote, "I grew up on north Crawford street in Boone and my family shopped at the Superette Grocery on 17th street. I remember your folks, who, I  believe, lived around the corner in a house on Crawford that used to house the Shadles, a small grocery store that preceded the Superette. I also remember that you had red hair and freckles and announced ball games at the local radio station. You were five or six years older than I was. My family moved to Chicago in the summer of 1958 and I graduated from the largest coed high school in Chicago in 1959. What a culture shock! I currently live in Maryland and live near D.C.. I STILL MISS BOONE."
     Wow! In review, LouAnne is certainly on target with everything except, maybe, the freckles.My family moved to Boone......what a smart the late 40's and did live at 1710 Crawford, which was north of and  right next to Shadle's grocery. Dad and mom bought the store and the house for a grand total of $13,000. A few years later, they opened the brand new Superette grocery on 17th street.
     A little known fact: That Shadle grocery store was eventually moved across town to a site right across the street from the Salvation Army building on Benton street. It is still there and is now the home of a beauty shop. That building is the old Shadle's grocery.
     Here's a holiday note to consider courtesy of Korner viewer Dean Hoffman. Dean wrote, "Holiday shopping this year? I know, I needed this reminder, since Sears isn't always my first choice. It's amazing when you think of how long the war has lasted and Sears hasn't withdrawn from their committment to our military. Could we each buy at least one thing from Sears this year?"
     Here's what this is all about. By law, Sears is required to hold their jobs open for their employees serving in the military, but nothing else is required. Oftentimes, employees in such situations take a big pay cut and lose benefits as a result of being on active duty. NOT AT SEARS. Sears is and has voluntarily paid the difference in salaries and has maintained all benefits, including medical insurance and bonus programs, for all employees who are or have served.
     The Korner and Kornerman are sorry to report the death of 1953 classmate Jim Schmickley who died of an apparent heart attack Monday. Among the survivors are his wife, Kae, the former Kae Nelson. Both Jim and Kae are Boone natives and BHS grads.
     The Korner mentioned Bonnie Howe's death the last time but we didn't mention survivors. She is survived by her husband, Bob, and three sons, Dale and Donald Howe of Boone and Dennis Howe of Madrid.
     Many, many years ago, Bonnie and I were co-workers at KWBG when the studio was located near the towers south of town.
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