Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Short Stack

     As you will notice, things were pretty quiet in Kornerland this week. The Kornerman almost cancelled out. Hopefully, our correspondents (YOU) will be more responsive prior to Wednesday.
     Old buddy Vern Modeland has called the Kornerman out again. He has to be so politically correct all the time. In the last edition, I mentioned the radio station, WMT in Fort Dodge and Vern wrote that he didn't know that station had moved from Cedar Rapids to Fort Dodge. Alright, the Kornerman goofed.........the station in Fort Dodge we were referring to is KWMT, not WMT. Really, I do appreciate it when someone corrects our material.
     Rumorville: We have mentioned before that there was a Pending Sale sign on the site just north and across the street from the south Kum and Go. Now, the For Sale signs are completely gone so that adds to the possibility something is underway there after no activity for quite a period of time.
     The rumor is that Vision Bank, across the street east from that location, has purchased the area, supposedly for employee parking.
     Now to McDonald's. We've mentioned that we were told by a reliable source that after a renovation of McDonald's in Nevada is completed, the Boone McDonald's will be demolished and rebuilt.
     Originally, it was thought that the Boone McDonald's would simply be "out of business" during the renovation time but now, we're told the "old" will still operate during that time because the "new" building will be set on a different piece of their property. By the way, most of the new McDonald's are built without a kids play area.
     A truly wonderful collegiate basketball season is now over with the Cyclone men's loss last night in the NCAA tournament. Almost all of our state teams, Iowa, Iowa State, Northern Iowa and Drake, both the men's and women's teams, had good seasons with the Iowa and Iowa State men and women having exceptional years. That kept us all excited during our long winter. Basketball season is now over, just in time for the start of baseball.
     He's been a regular in the Boone business community for over 60 years so many of you out-of-staters were probably familiar with investment guru Bob Digman before you left the area. He has retired and was honored with a nice retirement party yesterday. Congratulations to Bob.
     We have touched briefly on this subject before but have a few more details now. In the Des Moines Register, Sunday edition, March 16, in the business section, there was a huge picture of former Booneite D.L. (Hank) Harris and a big story about his business.
     A former ISU professor, Hank is now the CEO of a company that is the only one in the nation that has developed a vaccine to fight a hog virus that has infected herds in 26 states. The virus has killed an estimated five million pigs in less than a year. This virus fight is especially important to Iowa farmers since the Hawkeye state is the largest producer of pigs in the country. The company is called Harris Vaccines. Hank is the son of the late Arnie and Marie Harris. They would be proud.
    Boone Area Deaths: Ted Little, 57, Boone. Boone survivor is his wife, Tammy Craven Little........Donald Pritchard, 84, Stillwater, MN. Pilot Mound High grad. Farmed with his father and then became an elementary teacher............Larry Firnhaber, 72, Boone. BHS-59. Was a firefighter, route salesman and owner of a gutter and dry wall company. Boone area survivors include his wife, Patricia, and a daughter Judy Dowdy.
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Some Happiness, Some Sadness

      It's the way of the world I guess...........happy news, sad news. It's simply a given that most days there will be a bit of each.
     Let's mention the happy first with more details to follow a bit later. This week, the Korner heard from a pair of viewers that hadn't been in contact for quite some time. In fact, I think it's the first time we've ever heard from old KWBG co-worker Mark Campbell. Mike Harris also checked in and it's been awhile since we had heard from fact, he was in Bangkok when he first came in contact. More about this later.
     In addition to our Boone Area Deaths listing which is always a sad part of our offering, we heard of some other deaths that we were unaware of until some of our viewers informed us.
     Marlene McAlpine Lind wrote a short note to let us know that her husband, Ron, who had been battling some health issues recently, passed away Sunday evening in Nebraska. She wrote, "Ron died at 9:45 p.m., March 23, after a long struggle with vascular dementia. We will have a celebration of life at a later date."
     Ron was a teammate, a good guy and a talented Toreador athlete in the mid-50's. He made a big name for himself later as a football player at Drake University where he held several school records as a receiver and kick returner.
     Here is the Lind email (Don't forget that little "i" in there.)
     The Kornerman, of course, had mentioned in an earlier edition the death of Sid Erickson. Mike Harris wrote, "I was saddened to hear of the passing of Sid. He was a huge part of the 1964 undefeated Toreador football team. I remember we were playing Tama-Toledo and between plays, one of the referees pointed at Sid and wanted to know "who that was." The ref went on to say Sid was the best tackle he'd ever seen. Sid was very strong and unbelieveably quick. I always thought I was pretty quick but in a 60-yard race, he would beat me by five yards."
     Mike added, "My wife and I moved from Bangkok to Cedar Rapids about three weeks ago and experienced a 104 degree temperature swing over 48 hours (90 in Bankok - minus 14 in Cedar Rapids). I love your blog and yes, I do read the "death" section every week."
     Then, Mark Campbell reported the deaths of two former KWBG co-workers. Jerry Sheeder passed away recently in Fort Dodge. He was a great announcer here in the mid-1960's and had been working at WMT in Fort Dodge for many recent years. Then too, according to Campbell, one of our former station managers, Dick Johnson, passed away quite some time ago while working at KWEY in Weatherford, OK.
      Eldon Schlenker was our station engineer for a period of time. Campbell reported that Eldon lives in Grimes, does engineering for Cumulus (KGGO, KJJY) and, in fact, both of those country music station towers sit on Eldon's land.
     The Campbell's lived in Boone for several years and the Kornerman asked Mark about his "real life." After leaving Boone, he worked for 31 1/2 years for the Iowa Department of Public Safety in Fairfield, Cedar Rapids and Des Moines. He said he actually retired a while ago from his state job but works as a book shelver at Iowa's busiest library, the Franklin Avenue Library. He's been married 35 years, has three kids and six grandchildren. Mark's dad, a former United Community staffmember, passed away in 1993, his mother lives in Des Moines, his sister in Kansas City and his brother in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as a member of the diplomatic corps.
     The Kornerman acknowledges the receipt of two messages from Ann Onymous. At this time of year, I always receive a pocket size Chicago Cubs baseball schedule from Mr. or Mrs or Ms Ann. Also, the Kornerman much appreciated the belated birthday wish from another MMM Ann. Thanks to both.
     Boone Area Deaths: D. Wayne Ankenbauer, 80, Ogden..........Phyliss Broadie, 84, Kansas. Boone survivor is daughter, Lisa Cook of Boone.........Larry Firnhaber, 72, Boone.........LaVerna Hannum, 101, Boone. Sales person at Bowman Shoes and also worked at the Eastern Star Home..........Charles Johnson, 73, Boone and Mesa, AZ. Born in Boone. Worked at Firestone in Des Moines. Boone area survivors include his wife, Mary, his mother, Viola Johnson and brothers Tom and Dick Johnson all of Boone...........
Ted Ridgeway, 87, Omaha. Born in Boone. Burial in Ogden...........Toby Wilber, 68, Boone. Moved to Boone in 1979. Worked in the auto industry. Owned Boone Auto Supply for three years and Boone NAPA for eight years. Boone Area Survivors include his wife, Ann, son Scott, daughters Shellie Grabau and Christina Busch all of Boone.
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Friday, March 21, 2014

Any Souvenirs?

     Regarding the recent talk of the Boone High School demolition, Vern Modeland thought maybe the school board should sell the "crumbs of demolition as souvenirs." He wrote, "you know, with a little label telling where it came from and in various sizes and pieces. It might fund something worth while." Vern was talking about the chunks of granite, those hallowed bricks and super-polished wooden floors.
     The Kornerman has no idea, what, if any, such plan may exist. Maybe they will allow some bricks to be taken as sourvenirs.
     Jude Rolfes sent a memory of the early 60's. He wrote, "One of our favorite pastimes, before we got our drivers license, was to take joy rides in our parents cars. Our gang included Tim and Jim Ferry, Ronnie Keller, Mike Loehrer, Mark Collison and me. One night, we took Ronny's dad's car while he was at work and drove it until it ran out of gas near the hospital. We were  able to siphon enough gas from nearby cars to get it started and back to Penny's about five minutes before his dad got off work. Another time, Tim and I took my dad's green Roadmaster for a nice, long ride but as we approached my garage we had an unfortunate incident, we ran into a light pole. My dad was not happy at all when he returned home and saw the damage. Most of the other thefts went without any complication."
     Jude went on, "speaking of cars, when Tim (Stainer) Ferry turned 16, he bought a 1951 pea green chevy that was on its last legs. In order to keep it running, he kept a 10-gallon container of used oil in the trunk as we had to add oil about every 20 miles. Also, we would raid the junkyard at night to get tires because the chevy would have a flat on the average of every 40 miles. Tim would keep 4 or 5 mounted tires in the back seat and we got very good at changing tires. In time, we got the routine down so it took us less than 2 minutes to replace a tire. Tim always made sure he had a siphon tube and a can of starting ether in the car at all times. Of course, we had to park it on a hill, if possible, but it was pretty easy to jump start. Even with all of its problems, we were thrilled to have that car."
     The Kornerman has two comments: I imagine, and its a good thing, that enough time has passed that the pre-mentioned boys could no longer face any criminal charges from parents or others. Then too, another thing to think about is the fact that those "boys" probably have their own boys or maybe even girls they might keep a close watch on these days.
     My uncle Ray Morris, who, by the way, was a state high school wrestling champ at BHS, has been mentioned most favorably in recent editions. And now, Mike Loehrer and John Kueck have joined that bandwagon.
     Loehrer wrote, "What a wonderful man he was. He was my Scoutmaster and I felt terrible when he passed away." Kueck added, "I remember Ray well. I was a member of the Woodman of the World youth club. I remember learning gun safety, becoming a member of the club's rifle team, learning to tie fishing lures and going to summer camp. My memories of the great experience I had at summer camp influenced me to send my children to summer camp."
     Allow me, the Kornerman, the Korner Editor, a little space.
     1. I don't know that I had ever witnessed a flag presentation at a funeral until a week ago when I attended the service for Mike Bell. There were two U.S. Navy personnel on hand and they did a presentation of the flag with ceremonial taps. It was conducted by the U.S. Navy Funeral Honors Program. The Navy song, "Anchors Aweigh," was also a part of the ceremony which I found very impressive and emotional.
     2. The recent death of Sid Erickson reminded me of what an important member he was of Boone High's outstanding football team of 1963 or 64. He was a tough lineman, a first team all-stater on a squad that rated the third best in all of Iowa and probably rates as the best Toreador grid team ever.
     3. The state high school basketball tournaments are history but, often, at this time of year, people ask me if I miss being a part of that as a member of the Iowa Boys High School Athletic Association team. The answer is "yes," but after 30 years of "living" out of a suitcase and in the Veterans Memorial Auditorium building for a full week, I was pretty happy to eventually put that in the rear view mirror. In fact, since retiring from those duties 14 years ago, I have only been back to the tournament one time and that was for closer to a half-day than a full day. It was great while it lasted but........
     Another thing in that regard. Almost 100 percent of time, when people visit with me about that, they refer to my work at the "girls tourney." Just to set the record straight, I have never once worked at girls state events........just the boys championship events.....all of, track, baseball......everything but the boys events only.
     Boone Area Deaths: Lois Hunter, 86, Ogden. OHS-45. Was a teacher at Jordan, Boxholm, Pilot Mound. Farmed in the Beaver/Ogden area. Two area sons survive, John of Beaver and Ward of Ogden................Berniece Moore, 86. BHS-46. Worked as a legal secretary and was a 24-year Director of Volunteer Services at MHI Independence. Boone area survivors include a daughter, Susan Kruckenberg of Ogden, and a sister, Daloris Wilchek of Boone................Steven Tilley, 64, Eddyville. Survived by his wife, Gloria Jean Adreon..........Gertrude Morgan, 83, Boone............Jim Youil, 82, Sac City................Dana Chandler, 55, Boone. DMACC grad. Boone area survivors include her special friend, Keith Bass and her friend and supporter, Barb Wishman of Boone..............Ray Martin, 83, Boone. Was a licensed journeyman sheet metal man for worked for Pritchards and Duncan Plumbing. Boone area survivors include a son Denny, and daughter Pam Sargent of Boone, brothers Richard, Wallace and Bill of Boone, sister Alice Whittlesey of Boone and Hazel Peterson of Ogden.
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lots of Business News

     Spring is definitely enroute and here are some signs.
      This, from a very reliable source. My coffee group and many other McDonald's "users" will have to find a new place to congregate sometime in the near future. Our Boone McDonald's is being.......not remodeled.....but completely torn down and then will be built back up. The Nevada McDonald's, a member of the same business group, will be remodeled starting in the next week or two and then the Boone project will follow. The Boone project will take some time and will be, somewhat, modeled after the recent West Ames McDonald's project. Boone staffmembers will be sent to other stores to work during the time the Boone store is out of commission.
     Some other business news as well. The Kornerman noticed today that "Sale Pending" is the sign on the location just across the street north of the south Kum and Go store. That location has been for sale for quite some time.
     Locals may have noticed some temporary buildings invading the Clemons GMC display lot. Those will be used by the Clemons staffmembers, sales people and office personnel, while the main building is being expanded to the west.
     Then too, the Kornerman noticed at the northeast corner, a few blocks west of the Fareway store a new sign proclaiming that in 2014 some new office space etc. will become available for lease. We're told a strip mall will be built in that corner.
     Finally, the north wall of the 1911 Boone High School building addition is now a huge pile of rubble. The plan is to have the rubble all picked up and sorted by July so the remainder of the new building project can be completed. Eventually, the 1924 edition will be demolished. In the demolished areas a new district administration office, library/media center, cafeteria, commons area and parking areas will be built.
     The Kornerman didn't really promote my birthday in previous editions but somebody apparently leaked that out to a mailing list because I received many emails with greetings. Bob and Francis Sapp said, "thank you for keeping our memories alive and people connected," Mike Pace said a "birdie told him" and he wished me the best, John and Christi Winter wrote, "we are sending many wonderful birthday wishes from Florida," Erik Miles said, "thanks for being a source for what is happening in Boone" and there were "best wishes" from  my old ballplayer (a good one too) Ronnie Nunn, Roger Dutton, Coach Rick Davis, Al Dannatt, John Kueck, Tom Peterson and Marty and Shelli Dannatt. Also received some nice cards in the mail. Thanks to all.
     Yes, the old Kornerman will never see 79 a second time.
     More talk about wrestling at the Boone County Fairgrounds. Mike Howard wrote, "I remember my dad's story about Verne Gagne coming to Boone via the Rotary Club. My dad, Dr. C.T. Howard, was always a talkative and outspoken soul and he said something like, "I think all this wrestling is a fake."  Verne then called my dad up front and proceeded to put his famous "sleeper" hold on him, putting him to sleep in a few quick moments. Dad said, "well, I guess I was wrong" and he always said it was a learning moment in is life."
     Mike Loehrer wrote, "my grandma was crazy about Pat O'Conner. He was a "nice guy" wrestler. Sky High Lee was another one who went to the fairgrounds. Dick Musser and I hung around and got autographs."
     John Kueck said, "As I recall, wrestling was on TV late on Saturday nights. My parents had one of the first TV's circa 1949. They would invite the neighbors over to watch the wrestling. This was great for me, because, as a seven year old I got to stay up past my bedtime and watch too since we were having company."
     The Hinz kids, Liz, BHS-58, John, BHS-64 and David, BHS-67, wrote, "Verne Gagne was brought in my our father, Walter (Doc) Hinz, as a Republican fundraiser. Since my father had wrestled at Iowa State, he was forced to wrestle Gagne. Verne was a great sport as there was a tremendous crowd that had paid handsomely to watch. It lasted a few rounds, but Verne did end it with his sleeper hold. In those days, Verne was very generous in participating in fund raising events."
     Boone Area Deaths: Bradford Carswell, 81, Boone. BHS-51. Worked with his father at Carswell Motors but spent most of his life as a carpenter. Boone area survivors include his wife, Martha, sons Jeff, John and Joe all of Boone and daughter, Anne Marie of Madrid............Irene Johnson, 95, Stratford. Stratford High-46. Was a farm wife for years, then a Certified Nursing Assistant and a site manager for the Stratford Congregate Meals Program. Boone area survivor is son Marlin of Boone...............Sid Erickson, 68, Omaha. BHS-64.............Mark Anderson, 72, Boone.
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Friday, March 14, 2014

Remember the Go-Kart Races, Rasslin' at the Fairgrounds?

     Dan McMullan wrote, "Do you remember back in the early 60's (I think) when some of the locals raced go-karts at the Boone County Fairgrounds? It was quite a fad for a short period. I don't think it was sanctioned by any racing authority. I do remember one or two decent donnybrooks between the racers. This was shortly before the racetrack came to town. Perhaps some of your readers can shed some light on my hazy memory. I enjoy your work."
     Extra-curricular activities the Kornerman remembers from the Fairgrounds in those days and earlier was the professional wrestling that was pretty popular, probably due to the fact it was a big event on television. I'm talking about the time way before this currently popular WWE.........back when wrestling direct from Chicago was a big deal in the early days of TV.  Some of those older TV wrestling stars came right to little old Boone on occasion to perform, usually at the Fairgrounds.. I'm sure Verne Gagne was here and who was the real big guy that was so popular? I just remembered it........Yukon Eric.Was handsome Harley Race ever here? How about Antonio Rocca?
     Adding to some recent talk: Larry Kelley and Bernie Lewiston, a pair of old KWBG teammates of mine, both wrote the Korner a week ago. Refer to the last edition for their original thoughts.
     I replied to Larry and asked him for an update on his talented son, Jamie Aaron Kelley. Here was the info Larry provided. "Just released his first album of all original songs which they sell at Eckstein's. At Christmas time if you go to Lowes in Ames and see the Elvis Christmas items and hear them either sing or talk, that's Jamie. He's done that sort of thing (voiceovers) for several different companies for five years or so now. We're working on a new music show that includes his backup singers doing out front songs and members of his band doing some too. Bringing back some of the great songs of the past and the artists who made them famous. It will include his original songs as well. Did you know he has written five new Christmas songs? Also working on doing more shows in Iowa and surrounding states than we've done in the past. He would like to do two shows a year in Boone to help raise money for either a charity or the Boone High School music department. He now has his own recording studio with sound proof booth and can record people wanting to make a CD or album for family presents. So there's a lot going on with him. He's in Chicago this weekend."
     Bernie, meantime, said he and wife, Evelyn, are doing well in West Bend. "Evelyn is still pastor at West Bend United Methodist Church and Mallard United Methodist Church. We have power point presentations during the services and I do the computer and sound thing at both churches. Also spend a bit of time on my amateur radio station. I am now 71, headed for 72 this summer."
     Great to hear from those guys and relive memories of our KWBG days together.
     Until I told him later, Tony Crandell had no idea that the late Ray Morris was my mother's brother, my uncle.
     So, it was a surprise to the Kornerman when Tony paid tribute to Ray via a note to the Korner. He wrote, "I was sorting out some 60-year old memorabilia when I ran across a campaign poster for Ray Morris for Boone County Sheriff. I remember when Ray tried his best to make a Babe Ruth centerfielder out of me but, alas, I was always one step short of being in the right place at the right time. Ray finally had to break the news to me.......I was never going to make the team. Then, Ray started a Woodman of the World youth club and one night he got the boxing gloves out to see if there was a nucleus for a Golden Gloves Boxing Club. Classmate Brian Knezevich proved to me again that I should take up an activity that required less hand and brain coordination. He would punch me three times while I was just thinking about hitting him.  In short, sports were not to be my forte. Ray was a perennial candidate for Sheriff. It wasn't that he disapproved of the job Steve Beaulieu was doing, he just didn't like to see an election with only one candidate. Steve did such a good job, no one would run against him except Ray and actually, the two were good friends. Ray spent hours and hours involved with the youth of Boone. He was never flashy, but always in the background, always there, and always willing to donate whatever time it took to promote Boone's youth whether it was baseball, camping or scouts.Its folks like Ray and others than you mention on occasion that cause all of us to look back with pride at our Boone heritage."
     Boone Area Deaths: Lucille Turner, 88, Boone. Ogden High-44. Worked at Bourns and had a ceramic shop in West Boone. Boone area survivors are her son Randy Ahrens, daughters Amanda McCullough and Leann Freel and longtime friend Howard Roberts of Boone.............Wendell Carlson, 99, Boone. Born on a farm near Stratford and worked that farm. Moved to Boone in 1995................Elsie Youngren, 87, Ogden..........Harold Jagerson, 94, Madrid. Luther High-37. Farmed his entire life. Boone area survivors include his wife, Mary, daughters Shona Ringgenberg and Vicki Carlson, sister Beulah Duling, sister-in-law Helen Jagerson all of Madrid..........Geraldine Murray, 73, Nebraska. Formerly of Boone. Was a cook at Iowa State University.
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Some KWBG Memories

     Unbelievable! The Kornerman hadn't heard from a pair of his old KWBG compadres for years and, alas, they both make contact in the same week.......this week.
     In last Sunday's Des Moines Register sports page, a letter the Kornerman had written appeared in print. In the letter, I had wondered why these college basketball coaches seem to think they must guide their players on the floor dribble-by-dribble. They stand and pace in front of their bench the entire game, sometimes even deterrng the work of the game officials who are forced to manuever around them.. In high school, the coaches must remain on their bench when the ball is in play and I suggested that the colleges should follow that same rule.
     Old KWBG teammate Bernie Lewiston wrote from West Bend ,IA, "Nice letter. I certainly agree. More coaches need to be like the late John Wooden. Enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work. Your old KWBG buddy from 50 years ago. Bernie."
    The Kornerman says  John Wooden at UCLA, of course, has won more national championships than anyone and he had a reputation for calmly sitting on the bench the entire game except, of course, for timeouts etc.
     Then there was a note from Larry Kelley who was doing some KWBG work while a sophomore in high school. He wrote, "Just letting you know how much I (along with a ton of other folks) enjoy your online column. A bunch of us old Boone students have been conversing about some many past Boone buildings and experiences and re-living our memories of good old Boone High as that original building is being torn down. It's sad to see but it's getting our minds to re-live some great times. Oh, and I remember when you wouldn't let me back to the on-air studio when I was working DJ by blocking my way in the hallway at KWBG on Keeler Street. I had to run out the back door and around the block to the front door and then to the studio where the record was hitting up against the end of the record. Surprised the boss didn't chew me out on that one. Still, great memories. I miss "that voice" at the girls basketball games, too, along with Dial Your Neighbor, etc."
     The Kornerman explains that I guess that incident was just a little hazing action our youngest staff member had to endure as an introduction to the "real"  working world. Yes, I guess I, the Kornerman, must admit I was just a slight bit ornery on that one lone occasion?
     There's been talk of the Lake Robbins Ballroom in recent Korners and Mark Tompkins wrote, "That made me think of the old ballrooms that were spattered all over Iowa, perhaps in hundreds of towns and cities. Some still let folks "trip the light fantastic," like the Val Air in West Des Moines and the Surf in Clear Lake. Those two, among others, were famous and drew big crowds. In the late 50's and early 60's, you could go to the Val Air on Thursdays, teen night, to dance to Jerry Lee Lewis, and on Saturdays, for a big band like Woody Herman. The Surf, of course, has become almost immortal because it is where Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and the Big Bopper last performed on February 3, 1959, before their tragic plane crash. Some from Boone, I believe, were at the Surf that night. Readers may recall other ballrooms like the Avalon in Remsen, the Cobblestone in Storm Lake, the Coliseum in Marshalltown, the Laramar in Fort Dodge, the Plantation in Whittemore and others in Carroll, and at Spring Lake near Grand Junction. Elmo Hansen, John Clymer, Ron Carter and I visited several of those when we were much younger. Others, no doubt, have tales of ballrooms not mentioned. Put on your dancin' shoes, Mo, and get stompin'."
     Boone Area Deaths: Lee MacDonald, 74, Cambridge. Born on family farm in Boone County. Attended United Community school. Worked at Donnelly's in Nevada. Boone area survivor is a brother, Lysle MacDonald of Boone............Thelma Henricks Boyd, 97, Boone. BHS-34. Returned to Boone in 1983 after living in Cedar Falls and working in real estate. Boone area survivors include a niece, Irene Lee, and a nephew, John Nelson, both of Boone............Irene Crowell, 93, Ogden. Farmed near Perry and then Beaver before moving to Ogden in 1994. Served as a school cook at Beaver, worked in an Ogden grocery store and was a nurses aide at the Boone County Hospital. Boone area survivors include daughters Martha Knight, Deloris Harshbarger and Mina Bielfelt of Boone and Beth Cleland of Ogden.............David (Morris) Rogers, 83, Riverside, CA. BHS-48. Worked as an engineer at several locations. Boone area survivors include sisters Mary Lois Corson and Faye Grems of Boone.............Michael Bell, 77, Boone. BHS-55. Worked in the family painting business. Boone area survivors include his mother, Jerry, wife Cindy and sister Carolyn all of Boone.
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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Some Lake Robbins Info

     Vern Modeland has provided some additional Lake Robbins talk. He wrote, "KWBG broadcast "Live from Lake Robbins" one night back around 1951 or so. Who's band might you ask?" National recording and broadcast star Orrin Tucker with his lead singer, "Wee" Bonnie Baker singing, "Oh Johnny" and other favorites. And the band, its singer and Tucker himself couldn't have been nicer. How KWBG Program Director Wayne Spangler talked him into letting us pull off that low-tech but pretty good sounding dance remote (KWBG's first, I think) we will chalk up to being young and lucky. It was a rainy Friday or Saturday night, I got a call at the restaurant many of us populated on weekends, the Bon Appetite. Spangler had guessed I'd be there with my date and was right. We drove to the studios, then out to the transmitter location, loaded up the stuff and motored on down. Lake Robbins was east of Perry, as I recall. But it was popular with the Post War set and was crammed at night. Beverly (Myers) got Tucker's autograph, first of a string of big band autographs she became pretty brave at getting through our years together. When it takes trucks loaded with equipment to do a remote program in this high-tech day, the equipment it took to record that impromptu half-hour was a Magnovox reel-to-reel tape recorder needing two suitcases and one microphone. Wayne Spanger was from Ames, by the way."
     Other than Vern, I guess you Korner viewers wanted nothing more this time than a bunch of obituaries, way too many.
Boone Area Deaths: Jack Albert, 64. Moved to Boone in 1973. Worked for Sandler-Built Homes and operated an alignment and repair center. Boone survivor is his wife, Barb............Edward Johnson, 60. Ames, formerly of Boone.BHS-73. Coached Little League and AAU teams in Boone and Ames over 25 years. Boone area survivors include his wife, Linda, of Ames and his mother Geraldine Johnson of Boone.
     Boone area sisters passed away two days apart. Marcella Lestina, 77, rural Ogden and fomerly of Boone. BHS-55. Homemaker and manager of the Boone Salvation Army Thrift Store. Boone area survivors are her husband Art of Ogden, son Todd of Stratford and sisters Nancy Grady and Cheryl Miller of Boone.
     Two days later, Marcella's sister, Nancy Grady, passed away. 73, Born in Boone. Was a Pharmacy Tech for several area pharmacies. Boone area survivors include her husband, Jerry, and a daughter Diana Vincent of Huxley.
     Bob McCormick, BHS-47, has been a great Korner supporter from day one even though he lived way out east, many miles from Boonetown. After a long absence, he called the Kornerman several weeks ago just wondering how I was getting along. He also said he had lost his contact with the Korner and needed to know the website.
     Then, again, an absence and I was concerned about him. Word just came yesterday from his classmate, Vern Moorman, via John Bowes, one of Bob's relatives, that he, Bob, had passed away.
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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lake Robbins

     One of our prominent Eastern U.S. viewers, Larry Jackson, wrote, "Writing from Richmond, VA, Capitol of the Confederacy, where it is in the process of dropping about 8 inches of snow and sleet on March 3. Oh, and did I mention that tommorrow, the low will be eight below........a record for this date. Dogwoods will bloom on or about July 4th. But, I digress from that subject. The video and discussion about Nic-O-Let Park gave pause to remember a place called Lake Robbins, near Boone, that was a dance hall where, as a teen, I was forbidden to go. Was just wondering if my memory is correct and if some of your KK readers want to fill in the very large blank I have? Thanks for keeping the Korner going strong."
     Lake Robbins is down the road a bit closer to the Woodward area but is, apparently, still going strong. They have dances on a regular schedule and I know that many Boone city folks do enjoy that entertainment.
     Tom Peterson wrote a note regarding our mention of the four-year anniversary of the Korner. I do have an ego and don't mind sharing most compliments received but his note was even more "over the top" than most so I'm going to spare our viewers a repeat of all that he said, except for a closing sentence, "Please continue with keeping us entertained and informed."
     Gretchen mailed the Kornerman an update on class reunion plans. It appears there will be a usual number of such events in 2014. The first ones listed are the classes of 1954 and 1964 who will meet in June.
     By the way, my class, the class of 1953, met last summer and agreed to another meeting in three years, rather than the more traditional five years.
     We mentioned in the last edition that the class of 1944 was planning a 70th reunion this year but no date has been set.
     For your calendar.........Pufferbilly Days this year will be held September 4-7.
     We always like to share news of Booneites doing great things.
     In the recent Missouri Valley Conference indoor track and field meet all that ex-Toreador Brogan Austin did was win two championships. He took both the 5,000 and 10,000 meter events.
     What a great career he has had at Drake University after winning state championships at BHS.
     Boone Area Deaths: Maxine Loehrer, 94, Boone. School of Nursing grad. Became Head Nurse for Boone County Hospital Obstetrics Department with over 25 years of service. Boone area survivor is daughter Judy Loehrer of Boone. Maxine is also survived by son Michael of Ohio and daughter Kathleen Lassen of Colorado and a large family  of grandchildren..............Mike Bell, 77, Boone, BHS-54, operated a painting business.............Julie Messerly, 44, Boone. DMACC Boone grad. Was an LPN. Boone area survivors include her husband, Darwin, and daughters Amanda Patterson, Rebecca and Caitlynn Messerly of Boone............Josephine Johnson, 88, Madrid Home. BHS-43. Jo and husband farmed in the Madrid area and Jo worked a long time for the Madrid school system. Boone area survivors include sons Dave and Dan of Madrid.
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Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Freedom Plane

     Believe it. There are times when the old Kornerman thinks this may be a proper time to wrap this thing up. How about after four successful years? That anniversary is less than a week away.
     But then.............I see Mary Day at a funeral and she comments, "I just read the Korner this morning;" a bit later at the gas station, Larry Madden says, "Keep that Korner thing going" and that evening at the visitation for her husband, Sue Cooper Currier is "so thankful"  for the fact we (the Korner) kept people up to date on Tom's cancer battle and urged viewers to send him encouragement.
     So.........a while longer I guess.
     Good to hear from Vern Modeland after a long absence. He wrote, "You and readers share anecdotes about the Freedom Train of the 70's. I saw it in Wichita, Ks, while busy with the "Freedom Plane." It set a new record for its class in an around-the-world trip starting and ending in Denver during the celebration of our nation's bicentennial. I was involved in complex promotion of that flight, working in a public relations role at Gates Learjet in Wichita. We also set some records of some sort in annoying the FAA, the National Park Service at Mount Rushmore and the St. Louis arch while taking pictures of the plane too. It was a handsome Learjet 35/36 with external paint scheme in red, white and blue plus 50 shining, polished aluminum stars on the vertical stabilizer. At the controls for every take off and landing was Arnold Palmer. THAT Arnold Palmer, nice guy and pilot as well as a golfer. The flight set a record that I think still stands, averaging 400-plus miles an hour, according to the FIA, who keeps the record book for such things. Now, back to hibernation until Spring comes to the Ozarks."
     The Korner understands plans are in the works for a 70th high school reunion. No date has been set but plans are being made for the BHS class of 1944 to meet sometime next summer. Good for them.
     Around Boonetown, Ray Duffee's exploits as a genuine World War II hero are well known but it was great to see in Iowa's largest newspaper, the Des Moines Register, a beautiful tribute to Ray in today's (Saturday) edition on the editorial page. Very well deserved.
     Ray passed away at 93 earlier this week. All he did, as a 20 year old, was save numerous lives on the island of Tarawa in the South Pacific. An act, actually several acts, that earned him the Navy Cross for heroism, the highest honor available, other than the Congressional Medal of Honor.
     Ray Duffee, 93, insurance executive. Boone area survivors include his wife Helen, and son Steve.............June Nelson, 85, Ogden. BHS-47. Was a beauty operator. Boone area survivors include her husband Dean of Ogden and brother H.W. Olney of Boone.........Betty Lou Peter, 86, rural Boone.............Harold Keeler, 89, Arizona. Former railroad employee.............Tom Miles, 67, Lakewood Co. BHS grad. Worked for an Arizona mining company...............Donald Boyd, 87, Arizona. Jordan grad. Farmed and operated grain elevators.........Jack Long, 82, Madrid. Luther grad. Farmed.
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